Friday, 1 October 2010

Smooooooth Operator

I have no IDEA why that's been in my head today :o

also, loveing, 'what part of forever' by cee lo green...apparently, it was used for the credits in the latest twilight film.
How dare they take something I love so much and take a whizz on it. grrrrr.
I've seen the first two twilight films and they're ok but i honestly don't understand the excitement they cause. yes, taylor lautner does look good with his shirt off. *don't tell hattie i said that, she'd be too happy that i agree.* but honestly, objectifying men? a lil primitive perhaps?
oh and how anyone can find rob pattinson good looking when he is supposed to be DEAD i will NEVER understand. grrrrr. he looked good in the goblet of fire :P
so, what happened today? what did happen actually? :S erm...OOH, ange's birthday and he opened his presents before school today so me 'n' mart were only just on time. BUT THAT'S FINE!! *didn't damage my 100% attendance-lilvictory* Angie dearest bought 'the boat the rocked' today so we're going to watch it tonight. has rhys ifans in it. *and numerous other people from whom awesomosity exudes* love rhys ifans, is he not a divine speciman of man? xD mwa ha ha ha and what did i just say about objectifying men? ahem, he's a great actor too, very, er...talented. :P

so, today, i've been a door. and a whore.
ahahahaha...i made a rhyme *smug*
GUFFAW, 'mummy, what's fucking?' ahaha, tommy, you cheeky bitch!

it sucks when awesome people get such lil recognition

i love brett dennen. he does loads for the mosaic project 'n' everything...what a lovvie.

i feel like i'm forgetting something-somehow.

make the most of this life :P
work tomorrow, and jenny's *jenny B* starting :)

oooh, EVERYBODY i had Tea and Toast last night ;) i realised that despite the name of my blog, i'd never eaten tea and toast together...I thought,' this must be remedied.' indeed. 'twas good :)
satori...what i get on a daily basis. sudden enlightenment xD of course, it's specific to Zen Buddhism but maybe, just maybe I am a Zen Buddhist. I'm not, of course. but how can you be so sure? ooooooooooooooooh.

I wrote LOADS yesterday and nobody commented. woe is me. nah, not for reals or anything...i'm only kidding, pulling yer leggy 'n' all that.

oooh, JAMIE! I finished Fight Club on wednesday evening. the single most disturbing thing I've EVER read. you must feel proud for freaking me out xD hmm, i wasn't bored at all throughout it which make a change from some of my girly authors who 'take forever to say nothing' *nicked that from the simpsons-lilvictory* Very well written, liked it a lot but made me feel ill a couple times. O.o

looking forward to frightnight..dunno if it's even happening for definite but could be good, yes? sooo fun last year! i think i'll dress warmer this time though...proper coat not just some silly jacket. maybe ma DM's. love them so much :P

ANTI-PROM, Summer Jasmine Jackson, you WONDERFUL creation!! xD *i know you don't like your middle name but middle-naming people is fabby anyways and yours is especially fanny since it's aliteration with yer surname :]*

Feeling much better today :P i reckon i've pretty much shaken this cold :D *yay-lilvictory*

feck load of h/w to do tonight....NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

and sunday:P

seeing matt on sunday! should be good:P haven't seen him in eons since our youth group's off now :/
gosh, i've rambled a lot today...sorry to waste your time like that, i feel a lil guilty now :/

anyhooble, have a good weekend darlings!
Peace and love
p.s Hattie gave me a beard today...i looked so fine :P

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