Saturday, 29 October 2011

I feel so crap right now

Well, work was busy and boring and full of ungrateful bastards who think that they can order you around like a slave just because you're an employee. the customer may always be right but would it kill them to say please and thank you?

So afterwork, i was really looking forward to adam coming around and being able to chill out and forget about it all. but he couldn't come over because his mom wants him to do homework.

and i texted my mum to tell her that he couldn't make it but of course she didn't check because she just can't be fecking bothered so when i got in on my own, she presumed something was wrong and wouldn't shut up.

i'm so pissed off, i would say that i can't wait for today to be over but honestly tomorrow won't be any better because i've got ALL of my homework to do.

what the actual fuck is the point?

Peace and love

Friday, 28 October 2011

Vampire bunny?

...except i couldn't get my fangs to stick in :s so I was a kinda beaten up 'n' battered zombie bunny...but you can't really wiggle all that much before your tail falls off...and have you ever tried head banging with bunny-ears on? So, bunny costume ditched and fang-failure, I ended up at simon's halloween party as a dead slut.

ever worn a corset for more than an hour? dude, i couldn't do it, i gave up and borrowed a shirt from simon xD Such a good night last night but had to get up at 8 this morning and walk home to get ready for work :( maow. which was really fun btw -_-'

Hopefully there'll be pics up on fb of the party soon :) hope everyone's having a good day :P

Peace and love

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I need that calming and the comfort :)

So here's the deal:

Friday rocked my world big style, don't think i've felt so many emotions in one day...ever. hmmm.

There ain't nothing like your smile.

laughed more than i ever have.

I'm all yours.

Work was shite. Busiest day :O and i was outside clearing tables all day! my arms ache majorly. BUT awesome news: managed to swappsie my hours with Frankie *too lovely for words* so now I can go to Thorpe Park tomorrow, so happy :D yayze.

Bought a couple of cute tops yesterday in the epicness which is the H&M sale....swear i'm not advertising... and today i got a Topshop scarf reduced from £16 to....


purple words on a grey background.

Also got a cute lil corsetty-type-top alla Ted Baker :D

I have yet to find a better video for this beautiful song....not sure if i've put it up on here before...fell in love with it a couple years ago so chances are i have but give it a listen a anyways :)

ah, adam came round yesterday afterwork :) we finished real late so didn't end up going to the cinema but we watched The Other Guys at mine and chilled out :)

what have i done today?

Cut dad's hair and then martin's too....i didn't realiise the hair would stick to my tights so looked like I had furry feet :( maow.

gonna do some t-shirt doctoring if i has time later :) gosh, just love being able to wear something that i can guarantee no one else has :D *smug hipster*

why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?
to get to the same side. bazinga.

I too can borrow jokes from The Big Bang Theory :D

I suppose i've enlightened you enough today, hope your holiday is marvelous :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Not quite sure...

...why i love this song so much but here we go...

not sure why there's all that silence on the end...

Today was tiring. I'm so, so, so very ready for half term already :)

Welcome to my new followers, it's nice to see some new friends, tell your friends, i'm here all week...and the next...and the one after...seriously, i haven't got a lot else on...

Can't wait to immerse myself in some painting 'n' shite which i will inevitably end up bombarding into your faces via the medium of das interwebs...'n' such.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It could be worse...

...You could be a cat with no face....

Check this out?!?

^^SatanSporn's blog :) he's only got one post thusfar *yes i said 'thusfar' WHAT OF IT?!?!?!* but i quite enjoyed Italian verb conjugations anyways...

I was ninjacked today *that's an amalgamation of ninja and hijacked*

that is all.

ZUMBA xD So many guys today....such a laugh :P I don't think they were really expecting to have a proper workout, i reckon they thought that for us girlies, exercise comprises of skipping around, hands held, with flowers in our hair....

sorry, day dream :)

How wrong they were :P

i really ought to get back to Italian...i only came on here to look up how to conjugate 'fare' - 'to do' because it's irregular and pisses me off with it's non-conformity. how dare it be different, how very fecking *deal with the fact i use the word fecking...for feck's sake* dare it?!?! GARGH.

Peace and love

Monday, 17 October 2011

Laughing because...

otherwise I'd be crying...

I've been so busy, knackered and hungry today. and the best part?

It's only Monday. I have four more days like this.

And more?

There's something kinda big on my mind at the moment. Praying it'll go away if i just ignore it.

I sound miserable but it wasn't so bad, things'll work has a funny way of doing's not perfect, never perfect but it'll work out ok in the end...maybe for the best. who know? ah, i'm so confused? anyone ever had to make a decision? i'm way ahead of myself....can't even know for sure, it's probably nothing. flip a coin. tell me what to do.

but seriously, life's great, it'll be ok...right?

Peace and love

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Avoiding English h/w...

...that's due in tomorrow....awwwwww :/
this is going to take ages and it's my own fault for putting it off for so long :S
and tomorrow's going to be a busy evening as well...fabulous.


today was rather marvy, thanks for asking :P Spent the afternoon and prevening with tommy :D we watched The Other Guys and also copious amounts of The Big Bang Theory...yay!

and i may have yoinked a couple polos...*sneaky face*

ah, today was good *smug face*

anyways, i actually sould start starting on my work kinda soon...

Peace and love

Friday, 14 October 2011


Today was so good :D

English language presentation actually looking as though we might just about pull it off now...since i think i actually might be beginning to understand phonetics and phonology :) yay!

Chilled 5th period, sunny field and crinkly grass, burnished halos and weightlessness. oh, this life i love :) the little things....

Peace and love

Thursday, 13 October 2011

vesuvian \vuh-SOO-vee-uhn\ , adjective; 1. Volcanic; of, pertaining to, or resembling Mount Vesuvius. noun: 1. A type of match formerly used for light


Succeeding in making myself feel foolish....two syllable letters....oh dear. Oh cruel phonetics and phonology, for what do you allude my comprehension?!?! I shall hound mr. houghton about it all tomorrow...and he can patch up my mere existance.


new Tales of Mere Existance episode, great deal of love for this:

Peace and love

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

mav·er·ick/ˈmav(ə)rik/ Noun: An unorthodox or independent-minded person.


Much love for...

right now :P

Zumba was good today :D

Summer, don't you agree it's a shame that the boys missed out on Heidi in her hotpants and crop top ;)?? aha

Wish me luck for tomorrow, i feel taxed with all the maxxing 'n' sometimes iss gett heavy fir all the times wen we cant.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Oh Glorious Weekend


I'm so glad to be living my life really is quite awesome when I don't over-analyse, worry and go and ruin it.

My party went better than I could ever really have dreamed, right up until it began, I'd convinced myself that everything would go wrong but i hope I'm right in saying that everybody had a brilliant night :) Thank you xxx

Okay, for some reason, this song holds some kind of resonance with me and i can't quite get over how much love i have for it right now but anyways...i shall stop rambling and start sharing so that you can make your own mind up about it, eh?

Hope you like it :P

Currently * well not literally currently but around about this time... * doctoring a pair of jeans...the plan was to mash up a t-shirt but i couldn't find the one i wanted to change :s it's just a big ol' white one which i never wear so i though there'd be no missing it if i cocked up big time...

argh, fecking halifax. anyone who's read this for a while knows that i've had a difficult relationship with them but i'm really bugged now....:@ my card's just noy working...there's money on it and the pin's anyways, they're sending me a new one....soon...i hope.

anyways, The One Show beckons...oh the life i live...wouldn't have it any other way

Peace and love

Friday, 7 October 2011


This party's happening people :D


To be fair, with all the work that everyone's put into this, how could we not have this party??

SO yeah, it's happening, it's awesome and it's nothing to do with ange. i'm not even pissed that he's not doing it, i'm upset that he let me should be able to rely upon your family if no one else :s


gonna be a busy evening preparing for tomorrow but it's gonna be good :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I feel like screaming...i'm so glad i have my own little corner of cyberspace to rock back and forth in...

Everything's gone tits up with my party right now...because of one person's selfish u-turn...BUT NEVERMIND

argh. depserately trying to find someone else :s so much stress :s everyone's being totally supportive and awesome though, i love you guys xxx

Peace and love

Monday, 3 October 2011


and i haven't even monetised my blog...

just have so much love for that...

Today was a very long day...five periods and a lunch session. dang...i don't think i'd have made it without the sun shining today, i swear I'm solar powered :P aw, missing Zumba on wednesday for the sake of helping lower school kids with their target grades...-_-'

ah wells.

Peace and love

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Had a genuinely brilliant day...

For the first time in a lil while :) Got up around half nine, spent a while listening to radio, chilling as i woke up...washed my hair, finished an english essay *oh YES, i said i'd do it and i did: THAT'S FOLLOWTHROUGH BITCHEZ...and i used a Z because inside, i'm a total effing badass* Nipped into town :) Bought a couple of things in primark...tell you more tomorrow if you ask...don't really wanna spread it into cyberspace but something made me REALLY happy xD

Then i cycled to Tommy's :D Gorgeous weather but it is bloody hot today...i must have looked so attractive when I turned up xD We watched Easy of the films he got me for my birthday and then Submarine which I've been dying to see for about a year-SO GOOD. Just look it up, please, i recommend this so strongly! Then we got ice cream. oh yes, ice cream in October....but this ain't any ordinary October, oh noes, this is something altogether a lil more fabulous *camp* than that.
Then we got back in and watched some big bang theory :) Tommy made me tea and in return, i yoinked his pasta...i'm such a good friend.

Cycling back was lovely, it was a lot cooler...and down hillier xD The sky was all burnished sanguine and looked like the back drop from a mills and boon inspired fantasy...not that i'd know or anything *ahem*...
There was a smell of burnt toast down one street and i had an awesome nostalgia-attack *a term which i now realise doesn't really reflect the nature of the memory...ah wells...* Good times.

So yeah, I'm feeling...fulfilled.
Roll on Monday
Peace and love

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ange's Birthday :D

...and i was working...-_-'

He opened all his presents this morning before I left though :P He opened mine and kinda mumble-grumbled in that mannish way of his...'awesome'

So happy I got him something he really genuinely likes! I got him an Opeth hoodie btw...that's pretty much his favourite band. I was worried that it might be a lil too big but i know he likes baggy clothes-anyways, it's perfect and i'm so pleased!! Making someone happy and getting it right is such a great feeling. Like when i got Katie JLS condoms with Aston on the box *he's her favourite and she loves the band* so it was a joke but also thoughtful! :P
ahhh, rambling :) Such fun. Work was rather quiet today and i was ever so tired so i was drifting in and out of reality all day...i proabbaly only blinked around 3 three times today...I did a lot of that vacant-gazing lark xD
Going to Tommy's tomorrow, but not before I finish my English essay...I shall be studious and organised, i will i will i will.



Gorgeous weather, please last, I don't want to be walking to my party in the rain next week.
Summer, could i maybe give you some things for the party on friday for you to put up on saturday, it's just, i'm not sure how long i'm going to have to help set up on saturday after work and getting ready....and there's a limit on lateness before it becomes unfashionable xD I'll be there as soon as i can though and i'll make sure it's not just you setting up cuz that'd be really unfair.

ooh, Mr. Houghton *top bloke* came into the café today :) so much love for him!! it's so sweet how he always has time for everyone.

ah, i need sleep.

I want to be comfortable and stop caring.

Peace and love