Friday, 22 October 2010

I heard a buzzing from my bag...

My mobile's on vibrate for work so as it doesn't interrupt anything and I got two texts I checked them when i got home *busy but awesome lunchtime*
One from 'Steve' and one from Simon.

I say,' Steve' as I highly doubt he wrote this xD
okay this is what the text says:
Hey babe how about later i have a go on thoe big ol tities. bring the toys i saw in ur room. Btw i hav erectile dysfunction and a really small dick. Hope u dont mind. infact please have my child. Lots and lost of love steve
marry me please i hav issues i need sorting and by that i mean aids i perv on u at night

wow. so yeah, that wasn't steve xD boys are odd...

and Simon asked:
Is jamie gd in bed?

Seeing as neither text me that often and they both came on the same day I thought they might be a joke on each other but then...Simon's came a couple hours later and he's actually asked me that before so I'm thinking that probably was Simon :s I don't know who Steve would have been hanging out with on his lunch break... xD

Needless to say, but i will anyways, I replied to neither. -_-'


Today was my last day and i'm actually really sad that it's over but Sheila says that she'll email me an invite for a coffee at christmas :D that will be very nice, indeed :P I'm going to miss her.

I'd rather work there everyday than do school to be honest. I thought after the success of my first day, 'gosh, will i be tired of this after fiev days?' but i'm not at all because every day is different. There are routines but something new always crops up. I'm not saying that every second of the day was tremendously exciting but I had a truly wonderful time and I met some of the most inspiring people I've ever had the pleasure to come across. If everybody gave as much time and effort, without a hint of resentment, to the people they come into contact with throughout their working days, as Sheila and all of the other staff I've worked with do then the world would be so much happier. That's what she always told me though, her job is to keep people happy. It's not a glamorous job but it's rewarding and she told me that if she can make just one person's day a little better then her job each day has been worth while. Isn't that lovely? to the machine tomorrow...:P Should be good! 10-6 so I can have a lie-in :D

Peace and love

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  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed Work Experience. So you'd think you'd like to do that sort of thing in the future?