Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Okay, change is good...

...If i can just keep telling myself that!

Within the next month I am turning 19 (I'm not ready) I'm starting Uni (I'm not ready) and I'm starting a new job as cook and barista in Jo Clarks (Sort of ready)

It's a lot to take in!! I'm not having to move away like a lot of people I know  but this is all happening really rather quickly, so yeah, despite still being at home, I'm quite nervous.

Let's start with my new job! I've had a trial day which I loved so I'm pretty excited to be starting working there on 5th October! Everyone is really lovely, supportive and respectful; people just pitch in with whatever needs doing. I've been at The Continental CafĂ© for the past 3 years and I feel it's time to move on, I don't really get any satisfaction from working there anymore and for the amount of money I'm paid per hour, I find the work is just too much. Also, when I started giving CVs out, I was offered jobs from two places within the same day, so I was overwhelmed by that sense of full-on positivety  and it feels really nice for someone to say, "hey, you seem to know what you're on about, you seem to be worth while, you're a good person".

So yeah, I was unhappy in my job, I took the pro-active steps of writing a CV, giving it out and having a trial work day and I'm proud to say that my work has paid off! Independent lady, making things happen :D

Uni!! I covered this mostly in my last post, still nervous but feeling ok, I guess I'll just take it as it comes, you know?


My 19th birthday on 26th September!! I'm excited, of course, but another year's come and gone and I hardly saw it! And most scarily of year, i'm not going to be a teenager anymore!

Just...Change... It's big. and it's all at once. and I am a little scared, that's not a shameful thing, is it?

Good  luck with all the changes you've got coming up!

Peace and love