Wednesday, 27 January 2010

i like it

it's true though.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Did I scare you? xD

Anyhooble 'n' all that jazz, this is a post to thank the mattyiful matty matt for subscirbing to join us in dining in the realm of Tea and Toast :D
17 followers....very proud o' meeeselfy on that one. what was good aobut DIDN'T rain :O *smacked gob and ghast flabbered all over again oo-er*

:O caroline's being admired from afar...secret like...but not so secret no more? actually...everyone knew before he admitted's odd how secrets always reveal themselves like that, ain't it?

UUUUUUUUUUUUUURRGH bradford business something or other tomorrow. oh joy. oh rapture. i. can. not. wait. *ma-hoo-sive eye roll* we have to dress "smart"??!! jeans and tea shirt for me, tah

It's so very pecualir, i'm actually really liking chemistry atm and i'm learning a lot...the stuff's going into my head and sticking like :P and i was looking forward to having the teacher that i have because i once had her as a sub in year seven but she's actually real nice...i guess everyone has their offdays, though, eh?

My head really hurts.
Peace and love

Monday, 25 January 2010


My brother is a massive douche-headed-dumdum.
i like him really i'm just being petty about him writing a novel.
as soon as i get some headway and breathing space on my novel he suddenly wants to start writing one. grrrrrr.
in our family, he's the musical one and i'm into writing. that's the way it is and now he's totally trampling my rainbow. grrrrrrrr
i'm a huffed up and peed off little missus, ain't i?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

ah feck.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I'm feeling like one lone leaf, fallen from its life source, its well spring, drifting ever further towards the inevitable.

nah, not really, i'm feeling about the same as ever. I feel kinda gross and have doen for about the past month. I've been shovelling copious amounts of junk food into my mouth and i just feel disgusting; i'm tired and sluggish, thirsty and awful. my skin feels as though it doesn't fit quite right and i need to do something about it before I stop liking any part of me; like before. I'd gotten over it and through it and I began to think...she's not too bad but now it's like, who are you, what are you doing?? why are you like this it's horrible, just stop it before i stop you. i have to fix me. it's vulgar. and whilst i love the word, i'd rather not describe myself so. becauise i know i don't have to be this way, it's my own darned choosing so stop complaining.

I watched a great film last night; it's called the cell and it was a psychological thriller about the mind of a serial killer. It was brilliantly made but possibly one of the single most disturbing things i've ever seen. It had jennfier lopez and vince vaugn in. they're both pretty UNserious actors so i was suprised at the casting director's choice but i think it actually worked quite well; they gave believable performances so kudos 'n' all that jazz. BUT i had to listen to mt iPod all night; afraid that if i stopped thinking about scott mills then my mind would float back to The Cell.

Peace and love

Friday, 15 January 2010

oh gosh.

I have no idea what I want to do before I die :(
other than...get married and have kids....
do something *ANYTHING* that people will remember me for.
and...stop feeling insecure about every stupid little thing...well, i'm working on that anyway and my friends sure are a confidence and self esteem boost :D love love love.
errrrrrrrrm, i'll tell you more when it comes to me.

Peace and love

Friday, 8 January 2010

All i'm feeling





tell me it'll be easier.

no we're falling apart.

make me feel better.

all i'm feeling it gone.

argh. goodness. gosh. Every part of me. forgive me, forget me.

i just need time. good things it's snowing then, eh?


Peace and love

Monday, 4 January 2010

Something Constructive xD

Yuppety Yup yup!! today was GOOD. I did something GOOD and WORTHWHILE xD
Three hourse worth of goodness, and i'm proud &hazaaaaaaaaar*
Got some homework finished off today....finally lol :) actually didn't take as long as i though it would...shouldn't really have put it off for so long but it's out of the way now. in on time. all is well. well....not all. still need to sort out martin's appointment...well I don't per se but it's on the to do list in our house and it's stypid that they want him all the way up in london when the weather's crap and he always goes to the royal surrey. i'm sure dr. obi 'n' doctor sinhar will be able to sort it out, they're cool...they wear gucci ties...which automatically makes them uber shallow i am. nosh nosh. i know that's eaating but still..nosh nosh...feels good to say :)
reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally wanna show peoples my latin homework...spent AGES on it and it starrs a grey blobby-bloke named Roger. great name. roger. lol.
today was goooooood and i'm seeing everyone tomorrow which is even goooooooooood-er..*ahem..better* :S

bye then, doll
Peace and love

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hey there!!

It's been...two Two whole days!!! would you adam 'n' eve it?!

sooooooo....Town was rather good today :D We had a big ol' group o' peoples and the weather wasn't bad at all...lil chilly but it's winter in britain and there wasn't any rain so i'm not complaining. yeeeeeeeeee.
Right...there was me *way to go state the obvious there kate!* and Summer * Whose house i'm at right now :D*, Hattie, Caroline, Louise, Jacob, Adam, Steve, Tommy and Simon. Gosh. I think that's everyone but if I've gone and forgotten anyone, I'm reeaaaaaaaaaally sorry, love you really :) I just sorta touched on there, I'm with SUMMER! xD jaaaaaaaaa! We've walked her doggie and just had dinner which was a fondue thingy which i've never done before so that was pretty darned cool actually :) jaaaaaaaa and now i'm here :) we're gonna watch chessey christmas movies late ron and gi9rlie pampering type stuffs laters but as for the moment, vegetating with our freshly developed food babies is cool :) *Food baby is when you've had a big meal and your tummy goes kinda sticky outy* Fooooooooooooooood Baaaaaaaaaaaaaby xD

I'm off now, sorry to drag your evening out like this but I shall have to be a-loving and a-leaving you right about now-ish a-doodle 'n' all that is jazziful.

I think i'll go with that cuz it's quite good.
but i'm gonna have to alter it cuz i've just had a good idea.
The control freak of the school (who is not a teacher) is whining at is to, "please go in". *eye roll*

oooh that's better. walls don't give much
i said "wall's don't give much"

*natter on about tim michin*
I know loads of random musicians who perform bare-foot...never really understood why. I spent most of yesterday pinning up art work in here because it looked so bare.

*random dream talk*
*random talk about houses*

I'm actually off this more scribing for me and summer xD

Peace and love