Sunday, 24 October 2010

I forgot how much i love this song...

Cowgirl in the sand
It's originally by Neil Young but that is the City and Colour cover. I absolutely love it.

I went and did a tidbit of retail therapy this morning/early afternoon. I headed out with my folks for a wander down by the riverside at about 10.30 this morning and then i went to town and browsed around a million and one shops without an particular want or need in mind :) i like shopping when i don't have to shop. I ended up getting a tube of face mask *so as I can use it a bunch of's more environmetally + economically friendly that way...* and some 'tinted lip conditioner' basically lip balm with a fancy name :P it's in a shade claled Electro-peach which i just think sounds fantastic. ja? it tastes like vanilla and it has spf which is always nice. i got back about 2.20ish

after yesterday's rush i decided that today was kaytei-time so i read my book this morning...something by isabel wolff...i can't remember what it's called now :/ it's really good and i could give you a synopsis but i can't for the life of me think what's it's called...hang on, i'll check- rescuing rose. This is the first book i've read by's pretty good :P I woke up at 7 this morning *pissed off-planned to lie-in and ended up waking up earlier than school time!!* but i couldn't get back to sleep so i read my book...then i had breakfast and went out *as described above* then i had soup and fruit salad *i had a chocolate bat from hotel chocolat in town...mmmmmmm* and a lil waffle thing that ange bought...all cinnamon-ish and delicious then i painted raspberry mudd on my faaaaaaaaaaaaace and continued with my book dad made me laugh a i cracked the mask. argh xD really weird feeling, not being able to move your face...i can't see the attraction of botox...

ok, now onto another awesome song
Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley...i hadn't heard this one in a while either.

okay, something a lil more recent:
ChamPain by Cee Lo Green *who is too fantastic to verbalise...*

doesn't have a proper vid...sorry :/ but brilliant song nonetheless.

I <3 Paije Richardson *he's on x-factor..i know, i know...don't burn me xD* amazing voice...i wuite liked katie waissel who i caught last night...boop-eee-doo

Electro-peach...I'm just thinking of soft fruit in punky wigs xD

anyways, much the geek i am...i'm off to read some more of my book :P chilling...time to breathe :D

Peace and love


  1. Wait, I'm an idiot, you've mentioned it in the post. Never mind.

  2. yeah jamie, go hang your head in shame.