Saturday, 23 October 2010

just a quickie

don't start! you know i didn't mean that!!
anyhoo...i hate my head, it hurts liek hell...or so i'd imagine...

broke a tea cup at work and spilt the contents on a man's jacket. i cried. only a little but honestly, it's pathetic, how wimpy i am... picked up after that though, it went well :D people actually tipped me for the first time ever xD i got £2.20 whic is almost a 1/2 hour's worth for me!!"

had a toffee crisp bar...ebst thing ever..

^^please excuse crap spelling and grammar...i know...i's bad :/ gosh, why do i have no time? it's the holihday and i'm soooo fekcing busy. gonna lie-in tomorrow. no shops will be open until 11 anywaay so i'm not missing muhc,,,

caught matt cardle on x-factor, he's my fave. love him xD

oh gosh, i know i'm forgetting something. jamie, i think i had something to tell you but i hjaven't a clue now... :/

Peace and love

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