Thursday, 31 March 2011

hhmmm, i feel like talking about stuff but i actually can't think of anything intelligent or amusing to write....

drama techie rehearsal went quite well...practised lighting. god, i love jez, he's a million times better and more reliable than the people we had last time, i need to say a Ma-hoosive thanks to him. gonna be interesting doing makeup tomorrow.

Wow, I just watched's awesome. I mean it's brilliant actually

Peace and love

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

How do you cover a blood stain??!


Lots of grey paint.

You'll see on Friday. I look fecking terrifying.

i can't remember what mom said was for dinner but it smells goooooooood...

eurgh, learning my lines isn't going as well as it should be and i'm very scared. :'(

i don't think this is offensive....i mean, in stereotyping EVERYONE...isn't that preaching inclusion and acceptance? ...maybe??
HELL, who cares, it's fecking catchey xD

Peace and love

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I think I've posted this before...

but I'm gong to post it again anyway :)


hang on, i need to change the design...


I wanted something fresh and bright for Spring :)

mmmm, today was soooo lovely. I walked to Elin's and we sat by the pond and talked about nothing...attempted to feed to ducks but they weren't interested :/ so good to catch up :)

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lazy Post


this weekend's gonna be soooo good :d

Tomorrow's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday!!

So sleepy right now :/

Peace and love

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Preparing for national no make-up day tomorrow...

So, how do you prepare for wearing no make-up??
Take down and put out of sight: all mirrors, spoons, and vaguely reflective things so that you don't have to bear seeing yourself looking utterly hideous :P *ultra smooth double thumbs up*

Peace and love

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

mmm, i love anais anais

When I was little it was the only pefume mom used to she wears lots of different ones but this one smells like myy childhood....and i just love it.

as promised, christian rock...not even really rock...pop/rock...but it's quite good!


I like Ty bongo beanie buddies.


Peace and love

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The deal with the moon...

I told some guys this at club on friday and they were distinctly disinterested but i think this is uber cool:
Basically, it's the time in the moon's orbit when it's closest to Earth *there's a special name for it which I can't remember :S* So at the moment, it looks bigger and brighter than it does at any other time of the year and it is simply stunning.

i just checked my card cash account online and my balance was £13 but when I tried to take out a tenner in town it wouldn't let me because it said i online had £5 balance. majorly confused. sorta worried.
TG majority of ma savings are locked up in an ISA :D wahey. very safe.


Peace and love

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I will never understand...

how people manage to make so much fecking mess when they're eating. Do they purposefully smear strawberry fecking jam over the table or are they really too stupid not to know any better?!?!

and WHY do parents let their kids throw food ALL OVER the floor?!?!? I doubt they let them do that at home!!!

Weather was lovely today, hope it is again tomorrow too :P

I wish the library was open on a sunday :/ i haven't been in ages:s it was always so quiet...


i could really go for a soft boiled egg and marmite soldiers right now :P

watched that on thursday night. so much love for that film. it was on film4. i don't ever remember seeing a trailer for it when it came out in 2009 :s
recommend it so strongly...i want someone to see it so that i can talk to them about it!!

Peace and love

Monday, 14 March 2011

Shake me down

Dang 'n' heck.

My everything aches. i can only blame myself and for the record: totally worth it.

Can I just ask, are we dressing up this friday??
I heard it's beginning with S? :s confused...O.o

...i totally didn't buy a sheep mask today...*shifty eyes*

Louise showed me this:

love :P

also...eloise drew a fish and whale for me SO CUTE :)

will be less tired tomorrow.

I knocked over books with my bum climbing out of bed this morning. feck it. sunshine but not so warm today...they lied...said it would be toasty.

this post is majorly incoherent, sorry about that darlings, better another time, promise :P

Peace and love

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Her 16th was the fecking bestest ever :P That was an insane night of slight inebriation, crazy dance moves and lack of sleep :D

Always good.

Most people were drunk enough to let go but not so out of it that there's any loss of memory, nor was there chundering or unconsciousness either :D

Didn't get to sleep until after 5am...gotta love that :P

DANG DANG DANG. Can't BELIEVE I have to do work tomorrow!!! :'(

My legs actually ache a lil from all of the much fun though, for reals, i LOVE to dance :) Summer was properly awesome, i just sort of jigged about a bit :P

On an unrelated note, recently fell in love with this song:

cute, eh?

gosh, how we whipped our hair back and forth :D and of course, macerena and cha cha slide :P They are obligatory party songs.

Also....MY HUMPS. that is soooo my jam *ftr, I just love the phrase 'my jam'....thought i'd share cuz i'm generous*

So much to little time...

Cherry cherry boom boom :P gotta love that


Peace and love

Friday, 11 March 2011


And stop fondling my yolk :P

Had to dress as food today...for some strange reason...

I'm actually rather fond of my egg costume, i made martin into baked beans...

And I managed to get my h/w done last night!!! GET ME :P

ahahahahahahahaha CLUB tonight....PANCAKES and then Summer's tomorrow!! can't wait :D

I'm so going to be a fried egg for club :) Summer's still going to be candyfloss and hattie will still be haribo smurfs so it's fine....:D

Peace and love

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Who's a fish?!?

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D *sans the green lips*

..yes...that's fish's interpretative DEAL!!

Went back to see Dr. Savundra in all of m fishy glory today :D

He didn't recognise me.

There was a problem with my prescription so i wanted him to give me something else instead :P

Again, the looks...i'm not pregnant. On telling the receptionist that i was there i was asked whether i was seeing the soctor or the midwife...omgosh.

ok, i'm 16 and my folks weren't there with me but seriously....I'm a total nun!! how, how could i be pregant?!?!

omgosh!!! Latin was fantastic xD ...i swear I'm not the fist person ever to shiver though...
jenny's skillage with the wig...that was epic :D

ahh, today was good :)

Peace and love

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

...even on a cloudy day...

Got a place at County 6th form *i really don't care who insults it, i love this school and life is what you make of it, if you don't get good grades you can only blame so much of it on the teaching, sooner or later we all have to accept responsibility for our own actions*

fish costume is sorted :D BOOYA!!



gosh, today was gorgeous :) sunshine, blue skies, air to breathe :P

CURRY!! I've wanted curry all day and mama has made it for dinner; i'm one lucky gal!

Peace and love

Monday, 7 March 2011

...I'm pregnant...




No, it's just that whenever I go to the surgery on my own, I feel as though people are looking at me and silently judging that by my age and lack of accompanying parents I must be seeing the Doc to request emergency contraception or consider an abortion or something...

Paranoid much? :P

Just had to go and ask for more acne treatment stuff *fun times*


English was crap.

Is that the first time I've ever written those words? I feel like a traitor for writing it but honestly, today's lesson was soooo shite. I was looking forward to hearing the last two remaining speeches and then doing some poetry revision *well...I wasn't looking forward to the poetry stuff but there's a lot of notes i need to make so it would have been an important lesson.*

So what did spend period 5 doing then?

Practice essay.

FECK THAT :( mine's trash. I honestly think I'd have done better had i just sneezed on the paper.

I had a headache in the lesson :( although, i probably did bring it on myself...drank very little water throughout the day :/ dang.


Did 6012m rowing in PE Hell to the YEAH!!

^^ loving this song right now...there's also a cover by Birdy that I think's pretty good :P

^^this one too!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What Makes Life Worthwhile?

When trying to answer this question, it’s easy to get side-tracked with the obvious things...

· Friends who don’t mind a 4am phone call

· A mum who’ll help you dye your hair

· Brothers who wind you up to the point of snapping, but whom you love nonetheless.

· A dad that thinks the world of you...honestly, I do a half-decent painting and he reckons I’m the next Van Gogh... hopefully not meaning the part about his break-down though...hmmm

It’s easy to get side-tracked with these obvious things because they make you smile. Being able to smile; being truly, blissfully happy, that’s what makes life worthwhile.

Sydney J. Harris, an American author and journalist once said,

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”

A journey.

Not a destination.

So, what makes a great journey great then?!

For me, it’s the view along the way. It’s the Sun’s smiling face beaming down at you from his water-colour blue blanket. Now, just for the sake of being really Disney, let’s say there’s a couple wisps of cloud up there with him...and they’re in the shape of an msn-style smiley face *colon, close bracket*.

Now, what I’m really trying to convey here, amidst my teenage-ramblings, is that really, loving that journey rather than just looking past it to where you’re headed is what’s going to get you grinning. In that sense, happiness is about enjoying the here and now.

· Living in the moment

· Embracing those little impulses that creep upon us from nowhere

Something that encapsulates that sentiment is this quote from William W. Purkey:

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth." like there’s nobody watching...

What a brilliant line.

I love that [line] because no matter how lacking your sense of rhythm is; everyone can dance because, after all , dance is just an expression of what we feel, it’s living and loving in the moment and the emotion, letting go of your inhibitions and laughing in the face of embarrassment: just going for it. I recently read a magazine article stating that people are 76% less likely to develop Dementia if they dance 3 or 4 times a must be something good about dancing!

That last part though, live like it’s heaven on earth...

Nobody knows for sure whether there even is a heaven or a hell or infact anything after our portion of Earthly time but we all have our own ideas about heaven but whatever form it may take, it’s a place for bliss. So, if believing in a heaven makes us feel happier, why not?

Belief Is a Powerful Thing

Regardless of what it is that you believe having faith in something brings comfort to so many people when times get hard. Be it a god or Karma or any number of different things, faith can hold us together when we’d otherwise be falling a safety pin holding the strap of your dress up...of course that’s a trivial example but the concept remains the same, when everything else is gone and you’re at the bottom, one little thing; faith, or indeed a safety-pin, can lift you up again.

Of course, belief in yourself is pretty darned important too. Being able to look past your flaws and see what others see.

"Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?"

I’m so much more comfortable with the way I look now, than I was before. I’ve still got issues with my body, I don’t like my legs...

But they work.

I can walk and run and skip and dance. For that, I’m really lucky and so grateful.

Besides, they’re the only pair I’m ever going to hating them would be an almighty waste of time!

Be comfortable with who you are and stop worrying about what other people want you to be.

Now, to summarise, What Makes Life Worthwhile:


· Being able to appreciate all of the wonderfully unfathomable intricacies in the world around us

· Living in the here and now and making the most of it

· Having the courage to believe in something, no matter who tries to disprove your faith

· And finally loving yourself.

That, in my opinion, makes life worthwhile.

Well, there you go!! that's my speech for English :D I wrote it Sunday afternoon and then spent sunday night, monday night and tuesday night learning it :D literally in the nights, I found that in bed was the only time i could properly chill without other people around to hear me practice. and then i practiced to martin on the way to school this morning too:P and again in tutor *ears blocked and eyes closed...must have looked a lil it through a couple of times as well*

anyways, it went well. I think i was shaking but i tried to keep calm and carry on xD and i did well and got a good mark and i'm so flaming happy. i'm also reeeeeee-aaaaaally glad that it's over and done with now :D

mmm mum's making roast pork for dinner :) smells soooooooo good!!

anything good on the telly box tonight?? i feel like vedging :D
actually...i think mom's watching downton abbey or something...oh and then she wante to see the dream school with jamie oliver.
hmmm :P

i set fire to the rain
watch it pour...

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Welcome March!!

I always get confused over the seasons but since February's now over, I reckon I'm going to say it's Spring last :D
Might just get some sunshine, who knows? Anything could happen :P



I think I'm going to have to do my speech tomorrow...sort of not dreading it...but I'm not very confident in front of peeps...I'm just gonna try to breathe and speak all slow like 'n' stuff :D

heard some more awesome speeches today :P LOVED Harvey's and Tom's...gosh, Giles went and did why lara croft was the ideal woman but it was actually brilliant xD I thought it'd be relaly offensive to women but somehow he made it very pro-women and it was fantastic xD what a great delivery as well :P
My speech isn't like anyone elses...I hope i don't have to answer questions...

btw jamie, rachel thinks you're the reason she won't go to know cuz you asked her a difficult question about her speech? :) guffaw.

I'm not entirely sure what questions could be brought up though tbh...i mean, my whole speech is just my opinion so i don't really know how people could passionately question it :s

Quiche for tea :D

Peace and love
p.s I really liked Friday Night Dinner...don't know who else *other than jacob* has seen it but I reckon i'll be watching it again for the super happy fun times.