Friday, 26 February 2010

wap wa-oooooooooooh

i'm in the bestest mood right night; i don't know why but why question something so lovely, eh??!
i'm now 8st. 10lb and 6oz.
wap wa-ooooooooooooh
and i'm feee-eeeeling gooooood.
ooooh, and Odeon have agreed to show the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland which has Johnny Depp in it. I was SO angry when I heard that they wouldn't show it!!! I've been loooking forward to it since LAST YEAR! :o
I danced with Danny today. hmmm. more like he held me in place and swung me around.
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring
oh. i see.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

my daddy dreamed a dream

he dreamed that a teeny grey cat walked up to him all cute 'n' cuddley and dad gave him a stroke. as the cat walked away it looked up at him and said, "i just stood in poo."
odd dream.
i had a dream about a cat the other night...i can't remember much. He was tiny and ginger and left to me by an elderly relative when she passed away...anyhooble...I cuddled this cat a lot and his name was Apple Pie. mmmmmmmm. pie.

ergle. i did real bad in my chemistry practice paper today and i only have eight days to get it together.
some random lesbian asked me to webcam with her on MSN. i deleted her. i didn't mean to accept her in the first place since she's RANDOM as in I DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS. hate it when that happens.
shucka shucka feel good.
ooooh, what was i going to say?? :S
oooh yes!
SO in the past two months i've gained 9lb and on saturday night i weighed 9stone *eeeek* so since then I've been cutting out snackage and exercising a tidbit and all that jazz I'm now weighing 8st 11lb and 2oz. i like imperial measures. i haven't got a clue what that is in kg. I think i'm about 55 or something :S i dunno.
blahablahblahblah. I'm thinking I quite like my hair now. It's not quite as dark as it was when I first dyed *?* it. really light and really dark hair makes my skin look oddly ill and so mid-brown works bets on me :)
I have to go and do stuff soon. practice papers. wash my hair. that kind of junk. and change out of these fecking clothes. I look really bleurgh! my hair all messy 'n' trackies on and jumper around me. bleurgh.
Peaceful Loving or hot sweaty passion xD

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I've never seen chocolate this coluor before!

It's sort of a reddish black as opposed to the brown i was hoping for but i think i kind of like it :S all i know for certain right now is that i can't be bothered to dye my hair again so this is it now, like it or lump it :S
:O stacey killed archie!! and bradley died when he was evading the police. he feel off of the roof. he'd only just married stacey. awwwwwwww. well, i'm not gonna watching eastenders again for a while. the acting isn't all that great. i appreciate that it was live but the one playing jack really fluffed his lines :S
i has long pink socks and long stripey white black and pink socks :D
i LOVE socks xD!!

I need to research skeptics' views on climate change now so see you when i see you.

Friday, 19 February 2010

My mommy jusy helped me to dye my hair :)

right now it looks VERY dark :S it's supposed to be chocolate brown, however, it is still wet so it might not look so bad once it's dry :D
woop woop. i'm no longer blonde! i'm back to my brunette roots. ahhhhhh. that feels so much better. change is good but it's always nice to come home.
i love my Mumin dearest for helping me with it but when she was skirting the stuff through my hair she called me poo-head. meanie. xD
town with caroline was goooooood and i have tiger socks!!! TIGER SOCKS!!!
I never watch eastenders but it's live and i want to know who killed Archie Mitchel so I'm off.



Tuesday, 16 February 2010

i just went sick

i was laughing with a gobful of water and then i choked and choked and choked until my gut came up through my mouth.
life's a wonderful fucking thing ain't it?
fuck this.

P&L -_-'

Friday, 12 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

3 days until chaos collides with miscomprehension

Valentine's day.
ah feck.
it's so commercialised and sell-out-y and an upturn in sales of flowers, chocolates and useless items of anything and everything as loing as they're addorned with pink and red and hearts and roses and cute little cartoons of fluffy creatures giving their hearts to one another.

"is god godzilla?"
i swear that's the cutest thing i've ever heard. aw bless :)
i cannotbelieveiwentandforgotaboutitbutnowitismarkedinmydiaryforeverandevereverever xD
sha sha
zzub zzub
confusion lies at the end of a lane entitled, "self satisfaction" and as you approach, you can just decipher the outline of a mirage of yourself being happy but then you turn the corner and you find the beginning of a whole new road and you've got to repack and begin all over again.

Peace and love, doll

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


'n' stuffle. It's certainly been an eventful month thusfar but I can't help but look forward to it being over and being past the dreaded valentines day...feckin' 'ell 'n' all that. I really wan to get out of this flaming country before I lose my head to naively selfish bastards who think that it's all well and good to twist your beliefs into submission of their own true righteousness.

^^that's what my mum just called me. see, madness is inherent...or something like that.
I was toying with the notion of telling the TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH all of the time and now i think that i really might give it a real go...or you honestly care?

I can't breathe. so take me to the cleaners?

I fixed my bikini, the top was too loose around me so I snipped at the part before the clasp, tugged it through further and then sewed it up again, now it fits rather well. so i have the shoes, i have the bikini and i have an okay-ness with water that means that swimming in the river during the summer holiday is more obtainable than last year but...i still need the body. i've ballooned *honestly, my tummy looks like a ballon irght now* since christmas but this means I have a good five months or so before the summer...i think.

I'm really not where I want to be right now but when I try to think about the future in any real depth it's dark and blurry and i find myself running to the hills. RUN TO THE HILLS. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.
three more days to endure before half term.

i wish i could lie in a silent field in the middle of nowhere and scream until the tension disapears.

i wish that dreams weren't so fleeting.

Peace and love

Monday, 1 February 2010

I'm sorry I burst the bubble

Can you just imagine what it was like to keep that bubble intact though?