Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh my gosh

I actually can't believe that I did that. I'm reeling in shock. I never tell people things like that. I try my best to be nice. I said some awful, awful things.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Anyone out there?

I feel lost,
The map's been torn and burnt and some fool scattered the ashes,
I just don't know who to turn to.
I'm so confused about everything.
I'm hollow but not empty,
There's a shattered heart inside my chest,
Where can I turn now??
I know I ask a lot but please help.please.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Trudging through dust where green grass once grew,
Smiling at strangers you know you once knew,
Change may morph our planet's face,
Change will knock you from this place,
Embrace what could one day make you great,
Overcome the obstacles thrown in your way

When all else is gone, you're not alone,
Someone's waiting with kind words on the phone.

This is my shot at something that half resembles happiness...I'm not great at venting positive emotions without making a superficial and cheesey mess which shares similarities with many Disney cartoons, however, I reckon that through the harsh realism, there's woven a thread of hope and when you look really closely, you can see it :D

I know someone who is suffering from awful mood swings at the moment because of PMT (pre menstrual tension), I think that he should go to the chemist to get a pill for it or something and yes, I honestly do mean, "HE"!!!

Peace and love babydoll

Monday, 27 April 2009

Quote of the day

"I was thinking about sex, on fire."
He was talking about the song, however, his pacing made it sound as though he meant it in the literal sense....
I'm not allowed to put a name to this quote, but please, feel free to take a guess!!

Peace and love

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Neglecting Math Homework *bliss*

Howdy there!
I suck at math (I forget a lot of things, however, I actually managed to get a fairly decent grade in our last assessment...HOOOOOOOOOP A LOOOOO-OOOOOOOP!) and I don't really enjot it at all. We're covering trigonometry atm, and it's one of the few things which I actually, "get", however, this does not mean that I actually like it any more than the ever so tedious and elusive algebra....grrrrrrr. So today, I chose to avoid this hideous piece of homework and instead opted for a couple of hours at church, a little wander around the shops in town and then a long, long, long while sat upon a sun-drenched bench in my back garden reading, "The other side of the story" by Marian Keyes. 'tis a fabulous book! It's 608 pages long and when you read as slowly as I do, you'll understand the daunting task of long books, however, this book is such a laugh that I'm 335 pages through it :D
At one point, one of the characters; Lily, is annoyed at some people and proceeds to refer to them as, "f***ers" repeatedly. She's accompanied by baby Ema in her pram who rather happily joins in, "f***ers". At this very moment, Lily does not stress the lewdity of such a word to her daughter, nor does she forbid her from saying it again...she kneels down so as she's at Ema's height and says, "That's right; 'f***-ers', " with great emphasis on those two sylabols (sorry i can't spell that word). When Ema chose to repeat her newly-aquired first word, Lily pipes in with, "You said it babe!"
I read that little exert to my mommy and she laughed just as much as i had!! Marian Keyes is an excellent author and I can't wait to get to the end of this book just so as I can buy another by her :D

I do realise that I just devoted a large portion of my blog to a book, however, if you try and class me as a geek or anything else (i don't like being categorized) i shall hunt you down and....and...I'll...tell your mum that you've been calling me there!

Peace and love

Friday, 24 April 2009

I wish I could stop dreaming

I woke up at four in the morning, tears all over my pillow, and down my face.
It doesn't exactly matter what it was about but I hope I don't ever dream like that again.

I have really long, straight brown hair and I got bored of it last night so I put it up in curlers...I let it out this morning and I looked as though I'd stepped straight out of the 80's :o
I like the 80's but as Elin so kindly reminded me; the 80's were left in the 80's for a reason :(
A bunch of people did compliment me though...*so smug*...well, they were very kind anyways :D
Some of my friends are really going through hell at the moment but like someone very special keeps reminding me; hang in there.
If you need a little reassurance, try having a listen to "Open arms" by Gary Go...'tis a lovely song and he's got a superb's a little strange but ah well...

Try and have a nice weekend now doll

Peace and love

Thursday, 23 April 2009

This is actually part of a song I'm writing for music but just this section is entitled; "Burden"

Green leaves bleed into red and brown,
Light depletes, misery reflects in your frown,
Grey clouds weigh heavy upon your shoulders,
Heavy as the oppression of our world holds us,
Bury fears, masquerade with a smile,
Hope is yours, at least for this mile,
Absorb the hatred which we make
When scars are spreading, how long 'til we break?

Don't give in, though it's more than you can bare,
Hold on tight, cling onto what is still there.

I know that this is kind of depressing but just to clarify, today's been a pretty nice day. The sun's shining, there were pringles (love you elin!!! xD) and many people made me laugh :D

Peace and love

p.s I write my poetry from real life experiences and things that I see around me but there's something about the chaos of our music class that makes me zone out and write things like this....don't worry, it was actually what I was meant to be doing!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sometimes I find myself thinking, "I want..." but I can never seem to finish that sentence.

According to ancient teachings, "want" or "desire" is the foundation of all unhappiness. See, it leads us to the feeling of inadequacy; that we are missing something valuable and vital to our survival. Even by wanting happiness, we are effectively making ourselves less happy.
In order to smile more often, we have to renounce that urge to be, "happy" and instead find comfort in contentment. We must appreciate the here and now, treasure every moment of our lives and rejoice in the cheer we can bring to the lives of others... when we stop looking inwards on our own feelings and focus on the state of the world and the people around us then we will find happiness.

Someone gave me a call today...i love you, thanks.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

i really hope that all the best things are the most hard work cuz this is so tough

aw geez, the whole point of starting this blog was to escape the depression of the last one, but it looks as though it's gone and chased me...ah well.
See, it's difficult just to get out of bed, to eat, to speak. I should be enjoying the sun *probably the best that England can expect this year* but instead I'm torturing myself with pathetic thoughts.
I've been listening to "be my escape" by "relient k" on a loop since I got home from the land of nod and now I just want to cry.
I don't want to drag everyone down, I'm sorry everyone, please don't worry about me. Life sucks right now but things always get better. They have to.

Peace and love
p.s to tommy, there was a book published a little while ago called...the dictionary...duh!
nah, i'm kidding, i'm on a word a day email subscription thing :D
at least i have my new hat to keep me company.

Monday, 20 April 2009

A moment of epic crisis

Well, today certainly took my mind off of everything else that's been going on but maybe not for the right reasons.
I mentioned the orange sand bank in one of my previous posts and I returned to this haven today with, Adam, Caz, Elin, Jacob, Louise, Simon, and Tommy. We climbed in a tree, played truth or dare, wrote poetry, giggled about not much and then Elin fell.
Not quite like that but I thought I'd kindly spare you the the prelude, we weren't sure of where she even was but after a few minutes, Simon found her lying on her back, in great pain and feeling really dazed. After some vital negotiation, Adam and Simon carried her down the hill under Jacob's instruction. Tommy gathered everyone's things, I rang Elin's sister who then called her dad to pick her up after cleaning Elin's muddy arms and legs. Caz and Louise ran to give directions to Elin's dad. Simon lent us his phone for these key calls btw. Elin was alright, she could move her ankles and her arms so we don't think that anything's likely to be broken but we reckon there could be a sprain to her left ankle since Elin was unable to put any weight onto it. When Elin's dad arrived, we carried Elin up to her car together. Jacob lead Elin's rescue team and I really can't bare imagining what may have happened if he hadn't been there.

Times like these either push people apart or pull them together, seeing how amazing everyone was to help Elin made me realise that no Ex-bf of mine is gonna get me down when I have such great people all around me.

Peace and love

p.s to everyone who has complimented my poetry...thanks :)

"The Break Up"

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve,
I wore mine on my shoe,
I foolishly trusted everyone,
I put my faith in you,
And now my heart's worn out,
With my sole,
On my shoe,
On my shoe,
I've given up on me,
And now I'm giving up on you,
On you.

One moment to decide,
My choice: live or die,
And the funniest thing is,
The funniest thing is,
That I just can't make up my mind.

I've got so much left to give,
But so much more to lose,
And when it hurts as much as this,
There's just nowhere left ot bruise.

Sorry that everything I seem to write is depressing but I think that venting through poetry is a whole lot more constructive than cutting myself, right? I wasn't exactly emo but I've worn the scars they bare in the past and I've promised my friends and myself, never again.

I'm seeing friends later today and I can't wait, I so need a hug right now.

Peace and love

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Someday, the little things won't trouble me,
Someday, I might find out who I want to be,
Someday, I'll stop living in false hope,
Someday, I'll be able to climb up as well as down a slope,
Someday, I'll learn what, "love" really means,
Someday, my family and I will stop existing like machines,

I guess all I can really hope is that Someday is One day soon.

Not the best poem you've ever read, right? This is what's going on in my head right now; a whole lot of clichés, sad song lyrics and a bunch of cruddy poetry.

Peace and love

Heart break and Chocolate cake

Hey doll,
...I just broke up with my boyfriend and I want to cry my way through an entire chocolate cake all to myself...
I'm giving up on relationships, the pain just isn't worth it. They hurt too much when they come to an end.
I'm seeing friends tomorrow, thank God. I'm not exactly Christian but at times like this; it's nice to think that someone's truly looking over you, ya know??

Peace and love

Saturday, 18 April 2009

My matey mate Christel and her matey mate Jess

So, today, I caught up with an old mate that I haven't seen in months and it was just like old times! I love seeing people again. Hopefully she's going to come to town with us on monday but who knows?
Sorry I'm not writing a great deal but I'm afraid that I have things that need doing...:S

Peace and love, doll

Friday, 17 April 2009

Haylio and Kaytio's ground-breaking, earth shaking shopping trip!!

Woop woop hooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooop!
I met up with my friend Hayley from forever ago!! We were best friends way back when I had fluffy blonde hair and thought that, "knickers" was a swear word!!
We lost touch whe she moved all over the world with her family *Singapore, New Zealand, etc.* She's now living fairly close by so we planned a a shopping trip today!! I thought that everything between us would probably be a little awkward and stilted since, sad as this is to admit, we don't really know each other anymore, however, this was thankfully not the case!!
We reminisced over old times and then moved onto our fave music and films and all things awesome :D
When I said goodbye to her at the age of seven, I honestly thought that I'd never see her again but today, it was as though we'd never said goodbye! I can even remember how we became friends, it was in the first week of reception; we were colouring and she passed me the crayons; symbolism for the passing over of an almighty friendship, I think you'll agree. Well...perhaps I'm looking a little too deeply into this but there you go...I'm an odd kind of person...not in a particularly bad way...but you'll never meet anyone else like me...I promise.
I was worried about what I should wear to meet her and in the end I wore one of my fave purple tops, my fave Karen Millen jeans and ugg boots (fake of course, I'd never spend £200 on such ugly things) and I carried with me, my blue and white, stripey beach bag and Hayley was dressed really similarly!! Thank goodness! I just didn't want to look like a scruffy so'n'so...I worry about stupid things like that...
Anyway, today just kind of affirmed for me that great friendships may fade with age but they also strengthen and improve along the way.

Peace and love
p.s I watched a Japanese anime film by Studio Ghible last night called, "Tales from Earthsea" and my fave line was, "Life is but a wave on the sea"...really got to me.
p.p.s Have you heard, "Not fair" byt Lily Allen?? I heard it on the radio this morning and I've been humming it all day. The tune's uber catchy but have you listened to the lyrics?! I only just paid attention to them a minute ago :S rude...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

One of the best days

I'm happier now than I have been in I can't remember how long!!!
I had the most fantastic day with Abbie, Jacob, Katie, Louise and Matt!! Matt had to leave pretty early on cuz his mommy wanted him home but us remaining cool, cool, cooooool people ate brownies and sat in a garden in the gorgeous sunshine! Louise climbed a tree and then I climbed a tree...and got stuck so Louise had to help me down :S *glows with embarrassment and thanks louise very much so*
Then we went walkies along the River Wey up to the orange sand-bank; trés cool!! I even managed to make it up to the top and Jacob was right, it looked like another world, it was so beautiful! I climbed a tidbit further and reached St. Catherine's Ruins and I was stunned and amazed...I had never in my life seen it before :O It was so amazing :D At times like these, when I'm still kind of glowing from a happy day, I'm unable to find the right words to give a worthy description of this wonderful, fabulous time! Words are rich and powerful things but not even words are strong enough to efficiently bare the emotions and memories which I have from today! I brought back a teeny stone and a little flower from the river, just as a couple of momentos! I'm sad like that!
I was fine *just about* getting up the bank but coming down was a little more challenging, I'm afraid! I took off my shoes and socks and sunk my toes into the cool, golden sand. Jacob pointed out all of the sharp rocks and helped me down the banck *what a sweetie!*. Louise chucked my socks into the river...grrrr but I still loves ya!!
Today was wonderful, I can't think of many things that could possibly have improved it :) I hope that many more days like today are on my horizon...speaking of horizons, from the top of the bank, you could see the divide between heaven and Earth; breath-taking!
Tommy you lame, lame, lame person for bailing on us, you could have had the best day of your life but you traded it all for some bloke whom you once shared a love with *sorry, I'm only messing with ya!!*
Shame you couldn't make it though, we'd have had a laugh...maybe another time :)
I shan't keep you too much longer as I, myself, have tasks that have yet to be completed as I'm sure you do also :)

Peace and love

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Towning with Caz, Elin and Jono :D

At around the hour of 1, I received a phone call requesting that I come to town in an hour. One hour. I ate lunch, applied make-up and carefully tied back my hair; amazing, simply stunning, don't you think?
I met them at the magic circle and then we wandered up to the castle, I sat next to Jono and opposite to Caz and Elin whom I was sure had actually had piercings done!! Once caz and Elin had devoured pizza crisps (which taste immense btw) we opened up a couple of bottles...of water which tasted of apple and peach. So after around 20 minutes maybe, I was rather sozzled, as were caz and elin and Jono, our designated driver, was sober as he'd refused to drink anything *boring* :D
I can only imagine what he thought of having a wreckless, feckless drunken fool for a girlfriend!!
I have great friends :D
I be one lucky idiot if ever there was one.
When I said goodbye to Jono we were so close, I could feel his heart beating by mine and.... *well, stop being nosey now!! i hadn't seen him in a while and it was nice*

Peace and love

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Friend circle!!

Woop woop, hoooooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooop
Once Steve and Simon had deserted Jacob, Tommy and I *traitors!!* our remaining circle of friends decided to share what we really thought of Steve and Simon with one another. After an hour or so of fierce debating, we arrived at the conclusion that Steve was a superficial, narcicistic dum dum and Simon was simply too tall to hug....well....those were my conclusions anyway...
I'm only kidding of course, Simon and Steve are two very lovely people that I'm lucky to have as my friends!
Anyway, once they were gone, we three *kings of orient are...* literally just talked and laughed and merry-made for well over an hour...'twas brillig *and the slithey toaves...*
Whenever people say things, I think of lyrics or lines from poems...that's what between the **!
I had such a great chat with them, it's really easy to talk to them, we discussed all kinds of deep shiz and then some not so deep shiz...most of the less deep things curtesy of I (for which I'm immensly proud!) -_-'
Anyway, I'm fortunate for many things and I don't say thank you enough but seriously, thanks :)

Peace and love

p.s I saw two of my most favouritest teachers ever!! mr. taylor and mr. harris were having lunch together and they said, "hi, Kayei!" to me so i said, "hi" back....a momentus occasion, I think you'll agree! But seriously, 'twas nice to see them :D

Monday, 13 April 2009

"Breathe in and breathe out"

Breathe in and breathe out,

It just hurts too much to even try and explain,

The hopes, the triumph all encompassed by pain,
It starts at your throat and spreads to your eyes,
The anguish and terror, the tears that you cry,
All purity has fled now, left is disgrace,
Too broken down, torn up; this faith-shattered face,
The one light of love and promise has dimmed,
Emptiness, hollow; for you let them win.

Breathe in and breathe out.

In just one blink the bubble is burst,
Your rainbow unweaved all happiness cursed,
And who is it on that you focus the blame?
The man in the mirror, the face with no name?
Familiarity has become a stranger,
Recognition is lost, not a chance of saviour,
Your being beshamed has agony embrace,
As you turn your back and tumble from place.

Breathe in and breathe out.

This is about a dream that I had last night.

I've said enough.

Peace and love

Sunday, 12 April 2009


...ahem, yeah!
Well, as you have probably already guessed, I've been informed from many, many *three* people that my blog has begun to frighten people due to my spectacularly eccentric writing style. I guess I'm just having a laugh since I got christened, "Miss Mink" I love that nick-name and then the idea of an evil yet fantastically intellectual and, sexy (?) villain came to mind and I just wanted to write as her. She was fun but perhaps someone new should be introduced?
How's about Minky? Those of you that are close to me have already made her aquaintence and you have been sworn to secrecy about her so....hush now! But, what about a shy but cheeky little kid named Minky that's far too innocent to understand why adults don't always say what they mean and who doesn't really know or care about the horrors of real life?
...I write escape..
Did anyone catch Dr. Who last night? 'twas amazing, yes? I'm going to miss David as The Doctor but I guess a new leading man will shake things up a tad. Oh and was I the only person who didn't have a clue that Lee Evana was going to be in it? I thought he was fabulous as Malcolm btw. I wasn't too keen on Lady Christina de Souza, however, Michelle Ryan did play her excellently, didn't she?? I would love so much to be The Doctor's assisstant one day; that's the dream! I have a friend who'd be the perfet Doctor as well...but I shan't say who, I'll keep you guessing instead; 'tis far more fun this way, yes?
My nine minutes are drawing to a close, my final moments dwindling, light fading, everything just swimming away, away, away from my unconscious mind...

Peace and love

p.s for those of you who haven't guessed, i'm not dying, there's a film that a want to watch starting in a minute so farewell and all that jazz :)
hooooooooooop a looooooooooo-oooooooooooooop now children! Happy Easter!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Magic lemon juicey-stuffs

Drink up now and let your worries wash away with your memory and inhibitions. You may not feel it yet but if you wait just a moment or two-zy you'll soon feel light-headed and woooozy. I made a rhyme, you see??? You wanna know more about zeee magical stuffs dat makes me shiver-iful and giggle very much so...ask my lovely friends Elinimoomundoot and Cazerino for it be them dat I blames XD

Peaceful Loving!!!

Before we converse...

...there is something which you should know...
Our dear, and much loved companion and resident story-teller; Dr. Evil; Master Thomas, has been abducted by, "The Northerners". They came by night, cloaked only by the sky's black oppression and their own devious cunning. Poor Thomas shrieked like a four year old girl and clung on to his teddy, "Mr. Ted" as the shadow standing at the end of his bed loomed closer. Mr. Ted was embarrassed by silly, Thomas's actions and decided to jump free from Thomas's grip, he ran fiercely on his teeny teddy toes to the dark entity within the room and bit its shin. Screams of curse words, which I'd rather not utter, rang around Tommy's house. Light switches were switched and so the room was illuminated. Tommy hid his face in shame as realisation dawned on him....the Northerners were his own family. He'd near on wet-the-bed because his family had come to visit...EPIC FAIL!!

...Sorry Tommy, our lovely and much appreciated blogging pal is going up North to stay with some relatives for a tidbit...whatever will we do without him??

I'll tell you what!! I shall sit upon Tommy's vacant throne as story-teller during his absence and you, mine Stalker Squirrel, minions dearest shall bring cakes and pastriesd to me by the wheel-barrow-ful...and if you fail such a task?? Your soul will be mine. However, as I've already divulged to you, I am infact a Pacifist *NO FIGHTING* so I shall destroy you with one of my notorious, almightily devastating diatribes. For those of you who lack the basic cognitive capacity to comprehend what a diatribe is, I shall inform you. OPEN YOUR EARS AND LISTEN, a diatribe is, in very simple terms; a ruddy good telling-off. So there. If you get on the wrong side of Miss Mink you now know what you're dealing with, my cruel and viscious tongue. MWA HA HA!!
Now class, today's lesson is upon the matter of English mustard; far superior in every respect than its French cousin..."French Mustard" and along these lines-

YOU, at the back, yes you, with the silly hair, how dare you, HOW VERY DARE YOU interrupt me??!

I'm sorry Miss Mink, I had no intention to interrupt I just-


No Miss Mink, sorry Miss Mink.

Enough, come up to the front of the class. Class? Now that this fooool feels that he can teach better than I, the wondrous and majestic, Miss Mink, he shall take the lesson or become the subject to the latest of my literary sensations in diatribes, understand?

Yes Miss Mink.

Erm, class, I erm er, er, will today be erm, taking your lesson...and I um, well, will be teaching you about er English Mustard. Erm..DO YOU NOT WHAT, i'M DONE WITH THIS S**T, LET'S REBEL EVERYONE!! THAT COW; MISS MINK RECKONS SHE RULES THE WORLD, LETS TEACH HER A LESSON TODAY!


NOOOOOOOO!!! Right, you have had fair warning, now feel the wrath of mine diatribe, devilish!
I hereby banish you to the pits of Hades you heinous beasts!!!

Ahem, Peace and love and all the jazz!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Lucky Knickers!!

Has you got lucky knickers?? hmmmmmmmmmnnnn??
Am I being too nosey-ful for your liking? I do apoloagise.
Maybe you would feel at ease if I were to, myself, divulge a little secret of my own....
...I love poetry.

I'm not sure of how much of a secret that is exactly. Some people see poetry is kind of, "geeky" but I adore it. Even when I don't quite grasp its concept, I simply love the ebb and flow of the woven words. I'm a great fan of words. There's something powerful about them, a string of letters which somehow means so much, amazing, eh?

I wish I had a this very moment in time, I appear to have a frizz monster comfort-making itself upon my head. I've struck at it with a hairbrush and fumegated the darned thing with hairspray by the can full yet it remains insisting that my head shall now forever be its place of sanctuary. I'm at my wits end...if the wit was ever there to begin with...what a though, eh? Have I lost my sanity? Or was I amongst the insane to begin with?

Pretty pink pantiloooooonies: lucky knickers! mwa ha ha

Time's ticking; tocking past us all,
Through highest rise and darkest fall,
The human heart beats so many times,
Not rehearsing yet still read our lines,
Written on arrival, so many moons ago,
Everything's scripted to let us already know,

It's all changing, everything's gone,
Everything's changing, it's all gone wrong.

Before we ever open our eyes,
Life will soon be passing us by,
The sun's making its final show,
So where now, where will we go?
Just what shall we do?
Look the other way and deny what we all know is true?

It's falling apart and naivety can't be our saviour forever,
Our Earth's dying, your hand in mine, we killed it together.

Peace and love
p.s and don't foget, hoooooooooooooooooop a loooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooop

Greetings Minions

The clouds fell,
Fell from above,
Above now, really?
Really, anyone there?
There, there and everything will be better,
Better as we strive to be,
Be what exactly are we?

Hi, 'tis I, who else? I be zeeee only person with zeeeeees password...well...not the ONLY person but why would anyone choose to masqerade as I, Miss Mink the superior being of higher intellect when, instead, you; mine minions dearest are able to fall to your knees in praise of me??!

You may bring gifts of poetry and fine art to my presence...I say you may, however, you should really feel this to be an obligation if you're a true Stalker Squirrel, yes?

Peace out Stalker Squirrel minions!

..seriously, though, Peace and love
p.s hooooooooooooooooooop a loooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooop

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bon soir, c'est moi!

...I'm, sorry, that was a lie...well, this is me, however, it is not the evening :S The time currently stands at 28 minutes past the hour of 12 :O
I just went into a bakery type place in town and they want my CV :D Hopefully, this will actually lead to me becoming a member of the busy world of business...a Saturday job.
I be sitting in le bibliotheque atm and I'm in the children's section cuz the big scary adult section gives me the heeeebie jeeeeeebies :S

Hoooooooooooooooooop a looooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooop

^'tis ma new catchphrase, what do you reckon of it? Does it cast the looming presence of fear into your very being? Cause icy adrenalin to pound through your veins?
aww, that's a pity, I was going to employ it as a new battle-cry. Not a physical battle cry of course as I stride the noble and righteous path of a Pacifist, however, bug me and you will feel the consequences....grrrrrrr......

I'm yawniful, I shouldn't be though as I'm a lazy so 'n' so who didn't get up until eleven this morning...*eleven, you say? The shock, the horror, the downright ruddy rudeness of it all*

I apoloagise for causing you any alarm or distress; *I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry...*

These blogspot blogs are great, i can change everything :D...mwa haha, what fool gave such power to I; The Mistress of Mystery and Chaos, Miss Mink??? YOU shall fall to your knees, trembling at my very presence as I throw a death-ridden shadow of oppression over your soul.

*ahem*, I beg of you, excuse my previous statements, I do wish to gain your trust and faith again. I couldn't possibly tell you what came over me just then. Ever so sorry, don't you know?

I babble I great deal, do I not??

I shall leave you now, places to go, people to see and all that jazz, posh as I am and all.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I only have 7 minutes to write a masterpiece of biblical proportions, whatever shall I dooooo?

I shall take 8 deep breaths whilst counting to ten and back down to zero in order to calm my stress-laden mind.
*deeeeeeeep breaths*
And relax....RELAXED!!
Now, let us begin, first of all, you may address me as The Superior and Supremely Superlative Miss Kaytei....just Kaytei will be fine if you are unable to remember the rest! And now, 'tis your turn to introduce yourself...well, go on, say something!! that way, see if i care.
I do care, very much, you've gone and made me all upset now so I shall bid you farwell dear sweet Mystery Person.

Peace and love

p.s Not really mad or sad just to clarify but hush now, 'tis a secret!!