Saturday, 31 July 2010

Honey, I'm home!


It feels pretty good to be back in Guildford but i really miss my grandparents :/

Happy Birthday Tommy! I'll call you in a minute :P

Ha, I remember when Chacaron came out...i can believe it got to number 20 though...i mean, if a frog can get to number 1 anything's possible, right?

I've got that So Hard song by Rihanna stuck in my head.
omgosh, i actually LOVE 'love the way you lie' by Eminem and Rihanna :D

My grandparents have Sky so I've been watching bunches of telly including loads of the cartoons i watche dwhen i was little...i really used to love Sylvester and Tweety mystery and Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerrie xD
oh and more recently...Fairly Odd Parents xD I really like the theme tune.
aw man, the other day I got the ad theme from Uno Extreme stuck in my head....I HAVE NO IDEA HOW!!!
everybody Uno...everybody play,
Uno Extreme, cards are flying every single way,
thinking your safe now, well just wait,
You might get no cards, you might get eight.

xD I think we still have that in our attic somewhere...

Chocolate melted in my bag...not cool :/ it went all over everything! it's like the time my lipgloss exploded in my blazer pocket. actually that was worse cuz it didn't even taste good. hrumph xD

I love old cartoons. I really liked TopCat when I was younger...and Catch the Pidgeon, MUTLEY ROCKS!!

everybody secretly loves this song...

mwa ha ha

Right...I reckon i've said everything of interest...

my journey wasn't bad...m25 wasn't entirely dreadful...caught up a couple times....sat uncomfortably but it could have been much worse really :P

Peace and love
p.s i won the audi tt game...i got 17 xD
p.p.s Abundant is plenty

Friday, 30 July 2010

I just read Tommy's blog...

I feel that whatever i have to write shall pale into insignificance. that was deep reflection there, old pal :P

Orange bacardi breezer tastes like orange squash sprinkled with nutmeg...

I'm really into trivia and I was looking it up last night on google * i mean seriously, does ANYONE use Bing? i'm avoiding it purely in protest against the abysmal adverts* are some of the ones that i picked out and sent to Zaros...

Kissing is healthier than shaking hands
Ants never sleep
If you are right handed, you will tend to chew food on your right side. If you are left handed, you're likely to chew food on your left side
Humans and bonobo monkeys (pygmy chimpanzee) are the only species who have face-to-face sex
Women blink nearly twice as much as men *i've never noticed*
Studies have proven that it is harder to tell a convincing lie to someone you find sexually attractive *that's pretty interesting...i suppose that people naturally feel less inclined to lying to people that they're attracted to as on a subconconcious level they're trying to make themselves appear honest and so suitable to procreate with...*
If you put a raisin in a fresh glass of champagne, it will rise and fall continuously
2,520 can be divided by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 without having a fractional leftover
Human eye detects 10 million colors
In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her cheating adulterous husband but she may only do so with her bare hands *bloody brilliant*
Earthworms have five hearts
A Playboy magazine survey found more women talk dirty during sex than men * they can't exactly monitor that though can they xD?*
The number of people alive on earth right now is higher than the number of all the people that have died. Ever.
There are only four words in the English language which end in '-dous': tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous

I really have no idea about how believable they are but they're blooming brilliant, aren't they??

Another one that stuck in my mind was:
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321

Brilliant, right? xD

oh and apparently 2/3 people tilt their heads to the right when kissing...i'm in the minority *get me!! xD*

Ooh, I keep forgetting to tell you, i finished my book a couple days ago! It was, 'It's not you, it's me' by Helen Dunne. I hated the title from the beginning but was a little more forgiving by the end. It's not a literary breakthrough but it was good to try something by an author i haven't read before. It was pretty predictable but i enjoyed it and it was nice and short so i can move onto reading jane eyre and lord of the flies when i get home sometime...although tbh, i have two more books from the library and three that my grandma's lending me to get through as well so i'm not too keen to get on with the prescribed reading material...
actually one of the books that my grandma's lending me is Alan Titchmarsh's autobiography....never have i shown an interest in Mister Ticthmarsh. I do like autobiographies though...
I think it's just cuz i'm nosey.

ooooh, i know i'm being morbid again but just so as you know, i've decided that when i die i want the last three entries from my private diary to be published up here from whatever time it is that i leave...just so as everyone knows what's going on in my mind...right, morbidity over...

I LOVE demetri martin...i think i've already told you about him but just so as you know for sure, he is fabulously funny and ever so clever, i really enjoyed watching his telly programme last night...he said this one thing that i loved...'if you snap a pencil you have two pencils, if you snap a pen you have no pens...think about it' i love him so much. i couldn't find that clip on the tube but there are loads and this one has some brilliant quotes :

another quote that i like from a different show by him is, " when someone asks me, 'do you have a poncho?' i say, '...not yet.' because i have a rug and a pair of scissors so at any moment i am but 2 minutes from having one"
he is just so brilliant.

I'm fairly certain that i've told at least some of you this before but incase i haven't....i can tie my hair in a bow, it doesn't look great but the important thing is that i can. I just felt that you should know that.

cuz, you know, i'm generous and stuff...

i should probably grab a man, six HOURS in the car tomorrow :'( i'm not big on travelling like this :s

My grandpa took some links outta my bracelet so it fits properly now :) my grandpa rocks

I relaly ought to get going

oooh, if you read this in time i'm watching the IT crowd tonight so i'll be a bit late Zaros :/

Peace and love
"Helping others to feel better will help you feel better about yourself" LZ

Thursday, 29 July 2010



You know i said that I got a harsh slap from the sea in yesterday's jump? my legs are really badly bruised now and it kills...I was looking up quick healing methods for bruises yesterday and amongst some surprising thigns there was a fairly obvious recommendation to avoid putting pressure on the bruise...well...that's just a tad difficult when you're SITTING ON IT!! :( i'm gonna put up a pic sometime just so as you can appreciate how horrid it is. it's so fecking ugly, it's purple and blue and pink :(
sorry, i'm gonna stop grumbling...literally...I heard aboutt his from a youtuber and he said about an anti-complain bracelet wear it for three weeks without grumbling...but if you grumble you have to switch wrists and start the three weeks's supposed to get you into the right mind frame for positivity and adjust your thinking patterns...makes sense and it can't hurt to give it a try, right?

We went round Caernarfon today :D very nice! We had many chips :D

We ate them in the kinda main-square-center-courtyard place in front of a water fountain and there were loads of lil kids running through trying to avoid the squirts as they went up and down and alternated sides 'n' such. There was one little boy who made me laugh so hard, he just had such a look of severe concentration on his face, it was hilarious xD It seemed as though, to him, this water fountain was a life or death matter...awww, how cute :P
oooh, thanks for the chat last night richard, i had a right laugh :P i'll probs be fine for the same time tonight but yeah,, still not certain :/ I just re-read over last night's convo...i never noticed how terrible i am at typing :s

oooh, tommy!!! SO looking forward to this sunday :P i'll try and remember candles *you still need to remind me though* and will i be able to use matches or whatevvs at yours or will i have to discreetly bring a lighter? hmmm.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Listen to me. Are you listening?

I SAID LISTEN!!! Stop chastising my dear friend, Thomas...*although tommy, seriously, why did you ask that question?...i don't think it had anything to do with my post...*

and also, i can't get onto dollar jam's newest post...just saying...i'll try again tomorrow

sorry, that was awfully rude of me.

RIGHT! onto me, this is my bloggy-space after all :D

Went around St. Cybi's church this morning...Mom though it was innappropriatefor me to go on the's not like i'd have said anything bad into the microphone...well, nothing really bad. naughty naughty!

Errrrrm, then this afternoon we went to Porth Dafarch, ate sandwiches and wandered over some rocky-hilly places that made mom have a heart attack when dad kept walking up to the edge...I picked a pretty pink flower and i'm pressing it in my diary to preserve it and remind me of today :)

oooh, we got back here at about 4 in the afternoon and from where we parked opposite grandma and grandpa's i could see Mackenzie Jetty...and lads were jumping!! It was a calling!
I'd bought a new bikini when i was out as well *i love the colour, it's a really BRIGHT blue!!* so I thought I should christen it in the sea...


last year when jumped the tide was in but this year it was out so the drop was HUGE...standing up on the wall was terrifying and i was there for a few minutes trying to get myself together...I was so close to just climbing back down...but then i wouldn't have anything to tell you guys! I think i do this '...' far too often...
ANYWAY!!! I jumped and didn't scream cuz i needed to save my breath, i was under the water for ages, well, it felt like ages anyways :/ The guys around were so sweet...actually, i should have written this first BUT when i was walking up to the jetty i heard one boy saying 'hey, look at the hot girl' i was the only one there so it must hav been me. i know i should be livid at his objectifying me but tbh, i was just sort of flattered!
ANYWAY! the boys were really supportive cuz they could see that i was utterly petrified :) teenagers have a bad reputation, the few ruin it for the many methinks.

Hitting the water really slapped my thighs though *ouch* :/ my bikini top stayed safe though!!! i need to have a shower in a minute, get all this salt out of my hair and off my skin.
watermelon bacardi breezer makes my tongue really pink.

irn bru!!!! bestest, sweetest thing EVER to be created, i swear it's sweeter than sugar xD LOVE IT!!!

oooh, no video of the jump this year, just a pic! I'll post it up here when i get back but we don't have the deely for our camera with us so i can't do it now. sorry.

that's probably about everything and i REALLY need the loo so i better get going :P

Peace and love

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I just posted a comment on Mg's *i won't do that joke again -_-'* blog and the password thingy was 'racounmi'...sounds like 'racoon me'...what is this world coming to? naughty naughty.
I'm so into saying Naughty Naughty now xD

OMGOSH!!!!! TOMMMY!!!!! *three M's xD* to go with our THREE hours!! Before the holiday is out, we will manage four!!! pat on the back for us though, eh? xD I had to creep back upstairs afterwards...well nervous about waking everyone up :o

Errrrrmmmm....I've been out ALL day and i've done nothing...isn't that just how holidays go though?? I ask loads of tag questions, don't i? xD apparently it's a common girly thing to do...

We went to Penrhos nature reserve today...pretty nice...the woods smelt like leaves and rain...mmmmmmmmmm
We went past a little ruined gun turret thang or summat...anyways...with the overhanging tree branches and the green leafy haze i jus thought it'd be the perfect set for a pic of me for my facebook profile so i asked my mammy to take a pic of of course, naturally, my brothers and dad leapt into the shot...boys suck. grrrrrrr xD we got some nice pics though...

aw, my poor mam...she's got shortened nerves or summat and it's giving her real problems with her feet and walking so i dunno whether we'll be able to go up the mountain this year :/
i'm trying to persuade Ange to take me through town tomorrow but he hates taking me shopping...tbh i really don't blame him...i taker forever to maek up my mind which is why i don't do you know, proper *Richard's right, italics feel great to write in*, shopping when i'm out with friends!!

Sorry, i'm a noisy drinker, Tommy... :/ but that hot chocolate was GOOD xD

are you feeling any better today? go have a lemsip...or as my oh so caring big brother might say...'walk it off'...-_-' not helpful...

ERRRRMMM...."i thought that you were that." smooth.

Have you heard 'let me hear you scream' by ozzy osbourne? it's farily recent and pretty good...crap video's just sort of embarrassing...

Hey, Staples, if you're reading this...when are you heading of to...Colorado *?* ?
and i know that you're going somewhere remote since you felt the need to tell me that you'd be relieving yourself in vegetation along the way but if you were able to fetch me a paper i'd really appreciate it...i'll actually have room to put them up in my new room...i wanna plaster the focal wall in my bedroom with newspaper cuttings, in a border or something...that's if i'm allowed to do my own decorating...i should be allowed too...and tommy, i'd love you to come around...i migt be able to pester my parents but there is NOT A CHANCE that you're getting anywhere near a SUCK at painting...ahem...not offence... :P

Ange just handed me a glass of watermelon bacardi breezer so i'm off...
Hope everyone and every little thing is gooooood :D

Peace and love
p.s <3>

Monday, 26 July 2010

300th POST!!!

...and nothing groundbreaking...yet...

So, I've been keeping this one blog, fairly attentively for around a year and a half now, opening up to all of you guys and gals aout my deepest and darkest *not really...gee....* secrets.
You marvellous friends of mine have supported me with every trivial and not so trivial matter that has preseneted itself over these 18-ish months... thank you :)

OOOOooooh, guess what!!!!!

Ryan Stiles on Two and a Half Men!!

The thing abotu Sky is that there are LOADS of channels but they always show so much of the same things...

I've eaten so much food that I have grown a food baby....thing is...that with this false pregnancy you don't have the "eating for two" excuse :/
I ate the most ENORMOUS slice of pizza last night and today i've had chips nad a burger and icecream....but...I have since eaten a peach...and as the laws of women and food go...eating something healthy immediately after something unhealthy balances out the bad calories xD!!

OOOh, get this....apparently guys find it attractive when girls can multitask...I DON'T THINK SO!!! I mean seriously....have you ever heard ANYONE ever saying "my god that girl is beautiful..and the way that she can multitask...dang..." ?!?!?!?!?! My big brother somehow found it appropriate to suggest to his baby sister that if a girl was multitasking in a sexual situation then it would be understandable to find it attractive....hmmmmmmmm.

OOOOOH and get this, also...apparently women are twice as attracted to a guy of more than 5ft 10" (national average) than they are to someone of average height....and if said guy is two inches above the doubled attractiveness height then his attractiveness doubles again?!?!?!? I suppose that in a very primitive way, height is attractive because women are conditioned to fall for strong guys who are going to be appropriate to procreate with...and also so that said strong bloke can provide for woman and offspring...BUT REALLY, in the 21st century I can honestly say that as a woman i DON'T CARE how tall some bloke is!!! If he's a laugh, gives good conversation, is interested in me, kind, caring, a good hugger and gives me butterflies then that's everything...

What's my age again?!?!?! Blink 182 on Kerrang xP they really like getting nekkid don't they? :)

I will say this one thing regarding height....generally...girls like their guys to be taller than them....but that's common anyway.

I've been listening to Eminem a lot recently :s thought i'd share cuz i'm gernous...he's a fairly awesome lyricist and his tunes can be catchey..of course some of his work has been shite but then again...there's a lot worse out there....
I CAN'T STAND TINIE TEMPAH!!! is that even how you spell it??!?!?! grrrrrrrrr.

Oh...went to Bangor today...

what's the weather like in England right now?

oooh, does anyone know....if i take a gap year after a levels and move to scotland, can i get free university tuition after that year??!?!? that would be COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I'd still have to pay for accomodation though...
if i went to Bangor uni then i could stay with my grandparents and just pay for my tuition....

so what's more expensive, tuition or accomodation???!?! hmmmmmmmm

p.s thanks for everyone who's still reading this after 300 fecking posts!! i can't believe you're not bored of me yet :D or maybe you are and you're just being polite...well....still thanks for your good manners anyway... :P

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hey y'all

Hey, Mundooteh, I would have replied to your comment on the post but i wanted to just get rid of it, anyways, fancy meeting up when i get back sometime? :D it'd be great to see you again :P
Mr. Staples, no worries about misunderstandings :)

I've not really got anything I want to share with you about today. sorry.

I might go jumping around 3.30 was quite toasty today so we'll see, eh?

It's good to be here in Wales but I miss Guildford and all you guys :/ i'm 300 miles away...i know it's not worlds apart but it might as well be.

I have been knackered for so long now...

oooh, elin, you know when i sleep over at yours we sometimes do yoga?!?!? I found the channel on my grandpa's telly-space last night xD Oh yeah.

Peace and love

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cymru!! Mark Three!!


from The Land of...mud, daffodils, leeks and last but not least...



Thank you so much for finding the creepy badger for me Tommy!! I remember watching Woody the Woopecker when I got home from school on like CITV or CBBC or something...good times...

So, our journey up here took about 6 hours...would have been faster but it was a bit stop/start on the motor ways for part of it :/
I didn't download enough podcasts for the whole journey because two which I though would be maybe 40 minutes each were 14 minutes and 26 minutes each...-_-' sucks...

I want to jump off Mackenzie Jetty again *packed my cozzie 'n' all* but it looks frightfully grey and right now, i just can't see that happening! maybe later in the week?

Ange has plans to pester Grandpa into taking us cockling and also to collect muscles :) haven't done that properly in years!! grandma made ice cream muffins....

6 scoops vanilla ice cream
6 tbsp self raising flour


Seive and stir the flour into the ice cream until runny....

spoon into muffin cases (should make between 6 and 8)

bake for 10-12 minutes at gas mark four.


they're pretty nice!! and is that not the quickest recipe ever?!?!? but when you think about it, ice cream IS cake mix without the flour!!

just thought i'd share cuz i'm generous :D

I'm gonna delete the post from yesterday cuz it's horrid and i made people feel unecessarily guilty *inception guys, i swear it wasn't to do with you!!!* and i'm nearing 300 posts and i don't want to count that among them.... of yet...i've really not done much...
i do however have TWO new watches from my grandparents xD they're real nice but i have a sneaking suspician that they don't think much of my time-keeping skills thus far. hmmm.

Summer, I love you :)

More tomorrow...or later if i'm bored....

Peace and love
p.s RICHARD! you rock for introducing me to pina colada xD me 'n' ange have some of the carribean twist stuff and it is tasssssssssssty :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Toy Story 3, you wonderful creation!

Well...Today was the last day in school before Summer :/
I'm glad that I have a holiday but I'm actually really sad that the year's over! This always happens. I complain my way through each term about homework and lessons and revision that needs to be done and then at the end of it, I just feel as though it's all fled past in a bit of a blur. Of course, Mr. Barnes-Mathews won't be there when we go back :( no more west country morning welcomes...I'll miss how he said my name.

that sounded a lil odd

He really was a great teacher and a lovely man though.

In the next term I'll be reaching the first of the major milestones in age and of course, with that i'll have work experience and more exams and it's all getting a little...real. You get to a certain age and you start to become aware that you won't always be able to get away with doing childish things...because you're not really a child anymore. You find that you're not so much rebelling against the voice telling you to grow up as you are realising that every day your voice sounds more like that. Adult. Suddenly, life's not a game anymore, there's more to think about than what you're wearing or what the boy or girl you like thinks of you...Life becomes feel almost obliged to try and find more meaning in it than there appears to be upon the surface. Because you start to realise that life won't always be there.

Life is too short for regrets, I just need to remind myself that I need to appreciate the little things in the here and now like when my mum wears Anais Anais and it reminds me of when i was a lot younger. I need to revel in those sweet moments without trying to make too much out of the big picture. Step back once in a while to check out how that big picture's looking but not become obsessed with it...


Onto today....

I have been soaked to the skin, toasted in the sun and picked up and carried twice! seriously, i've gone pretty much my whole life without being carried like that and then two in the same day xD
i feel compelled to mention buses but they probably come along just a tad more often than twice every decade...

mmm hmmm, tommy fulfilled his promise *in the process making me panty-flash -_-'* and Simon planned on throwing me in the river FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH!! He was epic failing at climbing up a teeny weeny wall...which turned out to be not so teeny when you actually got down there *ahem*

Anyways, we saw Toy Story 3 as our end of term cinema tradition and it really was amazing...the pixar short animation before it was really sweet as well....I love Andy :/ he was a really great kid.

Gosh. there are probably a million more things that i should be writing but i sure as rain is wet can't think of them right now.

I'm heading up to Wales on saturday and i always says that i'm not sure if i'll be able to write but in grandpa's computer is always on and he lets me use it whenever i want cuz he's really sweet :) so i'll probably be able to keep you up to date :)

The end of an era.

I won't be seeing any of my friends for a while :s i'll really miss you. like, a lot. you know who you are :P

just remember, whilst i'm gone,
"who's a fish?"

Peace and love
^^that felt halfhearted :/ i'll be better tomorrow but i'm not sure how you'd describe this feeling right now...i really am sounds completely ridiculous but i don't want to grow up. as annoying as it is to admit, i'm frightened of change.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sorry about that...


Well, Senior House Public Speaking went swimmingly and Tudor's team was pretty strong!
It consisted of me as Chairperson, the Wonderful Finn as Questioner and the Mighty Jamie as Speaker.

He wrote a feck-awesome and feck-funny speach about hypocrisy....

"...and !BANG!...I could have smacked my head on the tarmac."

*teeters of laughter from the audience*

"You sick people."


^^loved that!! It was improvised as well...I read through the speech...there was no mention of our audience being anything but lovely in it...asides from those in York house of should have SEEN the look on Jack's face when you mentioned York, Jamie, 'twas hilarious! xD

Jack's actually an alright kinda guy :P he gets a lot of stick but some teachers' *not mentioning any names for the fear of being sued for slander* favouritism isn't really his fault :)


Harvey did a grand job as Questioner and Lloyd gave a very memorable performance as speaker...VERY FUNNY xD


"I really love f**k-"
Said by one Benjamin James Beresford.

That's right, i just middle named you biatch! that's a big deal.

Caz found her art folder *yayayayyay* so relieved for you, i know the stress of losing stuff!

...i lost my comb.
that's right, third one this year!!! THIRD!
I'm so annoyed!

I'm having to use that nice one that I got frm the Body Shop and if I lose that i might just cry....seriously, HOW do i do a one-eyebrow-raised-smiley??!?!?


My math teacher is leaving!! *praise the lord! xD* that's so cruel and again, no names for legal reasons but here's a clue about his identity...there was one a speech given in my English class in which he was likened to a hedgehog...and his initials are S and D and the last syllabol *that was a mistake; trying to write a word i can't spell...* of his last name is -ton....

He shook my hand at the end of our lesson.

he shook my hand.

the swine.


Eloise keeps trying to make it sound dodgy!! :(



Tudor actually won something and i was part of it, i can't tell you how happy i feel to have actually been helpful and although i was more than a tad tense before we stepped up, i'm so glad i put my name down for it.

Jamie, fancy doing it again come 6th form? :D


Peace and love

p.s it has begun.
p.p.s just re-read this and realised how sinister that sounds xD
p.p.p.s i can not express in savoury terms just how much greif my shoes were giving me by the end of today. and not being able to move your legs more than a foot is NOT fun. Boys, try having YOUR legs bound together in a pencil skirt!!!
p.p.p.p.s The lady selling No. 127 has found a flat, our new house has been vacated and so we should be able to moved in by the end of the holiday!!!!!!!!!!!
today has SO been 10/10 dix sur dix
p.p.p.p.p.s Minor, Major, Magic Mombles won quiz in chemistry yesterday and minor, major, magic and metallic mombles won today xD we are AMAZING...and modest, too!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

"So, is everyone okay for formal-dress tomorrow?"



ARGH!!! It was only AFTER I'd told Mrs. Doar that I was absolutely fine with dressing well for tomorrow's public speaking thang that I remembered...actually...No, I do not have anything suitable.
I have a blouse and a couple of waistcoats and an actual trouser suit but the only formal skirt is ankle length so I look lke Morticia of The Adams' Family and tomorrow's going to be far too hot for trousers. DANG.

So what did i do?

you mean asides from panic my ASS off *that's right, i used an Americanism, deal with it* xD ??!!??!?!?

I went shopping.

That sounds silly and girly but trust me, finding a skirt to fit MY figure is NOT FECKING EASY!!! I have a skinny waist and a more than generously proportioned posterior *that's just an eloquent way of expressing the size of one's BUM*.

Anyways..I found a skirt...after RUNNING around town getting rather hot and uncomfortable *lovely*
So, I'm wearing that with my white blouse, my mum's *well it's mine now, she gave it to's like 21 years old of something...i love old stuff :P* belt and the waistcoat that Summer gave to me...I was going to wear my black one but it clashed withthe skirt *uhuh...different shades of'* so it's better to go different completely than clash...besides, this waistcoat is grey/silver speckled and it has black lapels so that works. I'm wearing that with my black heals with the golden buckles.

I really hope that I look grown up and not just a girl playing dress-up in mummy's wardrobe :/

Rehearsal went well, Jamie's speech ROCKED and hopefully I'll be able to deliver tomorrow to an audience of more than...6...or 7...

Anyways, i'm off for cheesecake *love it!*

Peace and love

it. will. happen.

p.p.s Eloise helped me go through what i was going to say for my speechy bit *love her so much!* we built an amazing tower in math...but alas...BOYS SUCK. you know who you are >:{
p.p.p.s Rob still has hairy legs...still true....he still does...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Track of the week....


Right, I too have a Dr. Who related song to share...I first heard this on the Scott Mills Podcast maybe a month ago...'tis really good! And dang catchy with it!


Creativity day my ARSE!!! WHAT is creative about an ISA and IT catchup?!? That's rhetorical and just for the sake of my rant if you try to answer, looking in depth at how you could argue that both things are actually very creative, i will not be ammused. In fact, I will be so very UNammused that I shall find a large stcik and beat you with it. Hear me?!?!?
...I'm actually a little pleased with how much IT I got done...shhhh...

ooooh...I remember getting this in my head a while a back but i didn't know who it was's catchy, not actually an amazing song but it's pretty good and i really like this video + the lead singer looks constantly stoned. naughty naughty.
i'm ready to owe you anything *great line*

oooh goodness, time for dinner!
I'm off darlings!

Peace and love
p.s AND CYBERTOAST...i will make that catch'll see....
p.p.s watched The Wedding Singer last night!! SO GOOOOD!! but WHY can't adam sandler kiss me like he kissed drew barrymore?! life is so unfair.

p.p.p.s The World Needs One of Me xD

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Smells like haggis...

I spent about an hour making a card earlier and i still have another one to make. oh yes. sprawled across the living room floor with felt tip pens and paints and coloured pencils. GOOD THING.
I've got bunches of arty stuff but i barely ever use my charcoal pencils or graphite favourite thing is probably my felt-tips which were ridiculously cheap on sale from sainsbury's. it's a set of 24 but i took them to school once and lost my favourite shade of blue so now there are only 23 and i never take them to school anymore...
Anyways, I just finished making a big card for Mr. Home-Cook to say thanks and i need to make a Good-Luck one for Mr. Barnes-Mathews cuz he's taking a new teaching job in spain. SPAIN. I didn't even know he could speak Spanish. None of our tutors have ever kept us. I feel so rejected. woe is me. nah, he's a cool bloke but he's gotta so whatever he thinks is right to do with his life and i wish him all the best.
My new lipgloss is supposed to taste of raspberry but it doesn't but that's okay because it's still quite pretty.
OH and like i told tommy on the phone yesterday, i got some new nailvarnish so i did my nails, then my mum's nails and i was really bored so then i did my dad'd as well xD he was pink and white flowers now, just like mine and mum's xD He seemed rather shocked when they didn't wash off...I don't think he realised that nail varnish lasts quite a while...

yup, still smells like haggis.

errrrm...HA two hours on the phone last night!! OOH TOMMMYYYY, i didn't hang up or slap the phone, I swear it! The battery died. soz, babes. :P
catch up with the last episode of the IT crowd...'twas goood

not looking forward to tomorrow. ISA and IT...great...
stilll, tuesday will be fine, wednesday will be better and then thursday's bound to be great...friday's gonna be busy and saturday will be vair biring for the most part.

almost finished reading "twenties girl" by sophie kinsella, i wanna finish it today so that i can give it back to hattie tomorrow...It's a pretty sweet story, sorta predictable but it's just a nice, light summer read :)
gosh i feel tired.
my next door neighbours leave their kids out to play in the garden really early and they play really loudly.
^^angry moustache-y-ode man

hmmm...OOOH, you know i said i was making cards? well, to make the cards i had to by BIG card from Rymans and they rolled it up for me....which was very helpful and i appreciate it BUT i was expecting them to put a laccy band around it so i could fit it into my canvas bag but then they put it into a REEEEAAAALLY LONG poly-bag! now, a) i didn't want to have to use a poly-bag and b) it was really long so i couldn't carry it around properly. I'm only 5ft. 4" and a qaurter *that quarter's very important to me!!* but it meant that if i were to carry the bag comfortably it would be dragging on the floor so i had to hoist it around in a most unlady-like manner. in hindsight it ouwld have been the last thing i'd have bought.

Rant over.

now, onto a new rant. I had to get a new comb too cuz i lost my blue comb in school :( this is my third comb this year so if i lose it i will be very upset. it's just like the blue one but orange...I preferred the blue one. i rather like blue.

smells rather strongly of haggis.

see, haggis tastes really good but thinking about what's in it is rather off-putting so i tend to try to put it out of my mind :/

i should probably get going soon. OH CRAP. I just remembered i need to plan out what i'm going to say as chairperson.

just remembered somethign else i need to do.... :(

Peace and love

Saturday, 17 July 2010

I tried doing this yesterday just through blogger but it wouldn't let me...

Anyways...I just go around to uploading it to youtube so now i can embed it here...It's basically me messing about in front of a camera to some whatever you like from it :P

Peace and love

Word of the Day for Saturday, July 17, 2010

palladian \puh-LEY-dee-uhn\, adjective:

1. Pertaining to wisdom, knowledge, or study.
2. Of or pertaining to the goddess Athena.
3. Pertaining to, introduced by, or in the architectural style of Andrea Palladio.

p.p.s what would you think if my new catchphrase was "LOVE and CYBERTOAST" i love saying cybertoast...feels good:P
p.p.p.s i've had the house music song stuck in my head all day!!!! ARGH!!!

Friday, 16 July 2010


I hate it when I get the giggles on stage :/
Although, having said that draaaaama was a laugh :D
Me and Tom make a kick-ass couple xD
Kaytei gald he can't read this. THAT would be embarrassing.

Right, I should really start keeping my heart somewhere else because carrying it around on my sleeve all the time is getting painful.

Do you know what the funniest thing i ever overheard someone saying??

"'s like a condom but better...."

You're a supernova.....
right at you......
aiming right at you...

You know when something goes wrong and you have someone right there to make you think of...pineapples? That's the friend who will always be there.

You know the friend who says, "I love you" and offers their shoulder as a place to cry? Yeah, they're a keeper.

The friend who gives you vanilla-scented hugs to hold you together? :) thank you
That friend who texts you to say, "i'll beat up anyone who hurts you if you want me to..." They're a great friend.

You know all of the, "are you okay?"s that you get from people you're not that close to? they let you know that people care.

That friend who offers the comfort of 'normality' in silly conversation? thank you.

For the hugs, the sweet words and everyone who was there, thank you.

and some people who didn't even notice. it's not the end of the world, eh?

god my foot aches...i've been sitting in this position for too long and now it's NUMB.
BUT I am wearing funky stripey socks so at least it loooks ok. gosh, i love stripey socks.
honestly you have no clue how much i love stripey socks.

dang, i was gonn say something.....:o


FECK!!! I'm chairing for house public speaking. How the FECK did that happen?!?!?!? I HATE public speaking, WHY did I put my name down? why oh why oh why??
I'm gonna have to get up in front of all the people i know and humiliate myself whilst trying to keep calm and not end up shaking and saying the wrong thing. foot really is numb...i just kicked the printer trying to move it ooop.

triple science was a fail. we did NOTHING.

oooh, i sang in drama. :o forgot about that...

Peace and love
p.s hope everyone who's going to guilfest has fun
p.p.s and everyone who's not does too :)

Monday, 12 July 2010

My Original Writing

Readers are noted that the following content is copyrighted material under the Academic Use Clause of the data protection act 1998, Chapter 29 item 12. Unlicensed copying, public distribution or broadcasting of the following article may result in a fine of £20 or more. Use of the article for any academic purposes may result in permanent suspension from the course.

You guys all know that I wasn't really too sure about this piece that I've written because i didn't think that it was coherent enough or very personal *even though it was inspired by a terrifyingly vivid dream* but I got an A* so I thought that I should post it up since Jamie said about doing so a while ago.

Ty to robert for the copyright thingy :) goes...tell me what you brutally honest...but no that brutal...i'm hormonal :/ xD

Original Writing:


Breathe in and breathe out.

It just hurts too much to even try to explain,

The hopes; my triumphs, all encompassed by pain.

As I remind myself to breathe for the fifth time today I look down at the ink pen bleeding its heart across the paper in my hands. I say, “today”’s 4.12am. I shake my head at how willing I now find myself to ridicule what I acknowledge to be normality for me now. There’s nothing left for me to do but write. Try, again, to write.

Dear Michael,

You should be here.

I wish you could have understood. I wish you could have taken a little more time to listen to me. I wish that you’d have meant it when you said, “I love you.”

You need to know that you killed me when you ended this... ended us. I’ll never let you close enough to hurt me again. I’m keeping my baby and we’re going to build a future together without you.


My palms sting against the scratches from the cool crumpled letter that lay motionless in my clenched fists. Two halves torn apart from each other, the venom and furious life that I’d poured from my pen lost to the shreds that now remained of the paper. Sure, Michael was a swine but i couldn’t even stand to delete his number form my mobile, so much for writing a letter to him. How was I supposed to stand up to him and say, “I don’t need you.” when I couldn’t muster the nerve to believe it myself?

It starts at your throat and spreads to your eyes,
The anguish and terror, the tears that you cry,

Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m sorry that I can’t be Dianna. Sorry for being such a massive disappointment. I know how precious I was to you, how much you wanted for me to be just like Dianna. Of course, I’m far too selfish to fulfil your wishes, I did this on purpose. I wanted to get pregnant at sixteen and wreck my life. You were right to disown me, I only have myself to blame.

One day, when you’re both as anonymous as a single blade of grass to my baby, your grandchild, every inch of you will be riddled with the sickness of regret. When that day comes, I’ll be there for you, just like you’re standing with me today.

Do I sound bitter? Remember, you made me this way.


Sometimes I wish I could just go back to being their little girl. Be just like pretty, popular, perfect big-sister Dianna. Not everyone gets a happy ending though, so what’s the point of wishing, eh? Eight weeks ago, I had nothing more to worry about than GCSE’s. To think, I used to lay awake at night for the stress of exams. Now, I’d give anything to shut my eyes against the outside and flee from this tragedy in which I’m the starring role, if only for the sake of one night’s dreams. Of course my mind won’t let me do that though, oh no, I’m not allowed to trade my reality for a more favourable fantasy. I would if I could... the Lord knows how I would love so dearly to give wing to my imaginings and just fly away.

Away. If only.

All the flipside of day offers to me is the crying. Sometimes it’s the cries from the other women staying in this hostel but most nights I find that they’re my own tears that I can hear crashing against the cotton of my pillow. My old life seems so sweet to me now, I could laugh at the preposterous simplicity. I could laugh, save for the chokehold my hurt locks me into. I might have sent this letter to beloved Mummy and Daddy; it’s the sixth draft after all, if the ink wasn’t dribbling down the page in a blue and salted stain; taking the place of my pillow tonight.

All purity has fled now, left is disgrace,
Too broken down, torn up; this faith-shattered face,

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Egerton Road

19th November 2009

Dear Dr. Sinha,

I’m writing to request an appointment for a sonogram. I’m currently in the eighth week of gestation and have been advised by the nurses in the support group I’m living with to have an early ultrasound. I understand that at this point during the pregnancy you’ll be able to confirm whether I can expect single or multiple births and I look forward to seeing the first grainy images of my baby!

I have no arrangements made for the next few weeks so I think that we should be able to find a suitable date fairly easily.

You can contact me on 07726326109

Yours sincerely,

Miss K. Schulte

This one needs to be sent. I’ve made some mistakes in my life but I can’t let my selfishness ruin my child’s life too.

“Baby,” I whisper softly to my barely swollen tummy “The nurses here told me that it’s impossible to tell whether you’re a boy or a girl yet but I think I can tell. You feel like a crazy little boy just dying to get out and start kicking a ball around. I’d call you Michael - but I can’t seem to force my lips into murmuring that name without a shiver quivering across my chest. No, you feel like an Edward to me, my gorgeous, handsome little Eddie. I won’t let you down.”

I uncrossed my fingers. I couldn’t promise Eddie a thing, nothing that he needed anyway. Who needs a hormonal teen’s tears? Apart from manipulative therapists who charge you for crying by the hour; but that’s neither here nor there.

I know that Eddie’s resting his head right here inside of me but I’ve never felt more empty. The single heart beat drumming through my chest only serves to remind me that I’m doing this alone.


My parents aren’t here.


Michael doesn’t want to know.


My friends? Can I even call them that anymore?

I like to think that I’m doing this for Eddie. I coax myself into truly believing that I’m strong, I’m so very brave for keeping him despite everything- almost – I just about believe my own mind’s nervous ramblings about how much courage I must have. Then the nights come. They hazily creep, cloaked in fuchsias, violets and burnt marigolds before cruelly hurling dark ooze across the Sun’s hopeful face. The black smothers the bright, burning chance and opportunity that Sun offers and in its place leaves Silence. Hollow. Cold. It seeps from the sky, down through the clouds to find me and bind me in its harsh embrace. Every night, the same, the desolate broken echoes of my shattering heart flood around me. I try so hard, so damn hard to convince myself that I’m fearless to carry on for the both of us but I know the truth. I’m scared, I’m lost and I have nobody, no warm hands to hold mine and not a single face I recognise to whisper a reassuring, “Everything will be okay,” to me. I’m just a kid. I’m nothing but some horribly frightened little girl being held together by an infant soul growing within, Eddie holding me together from the inside out.

In just one blink the bubble is burst,
your rainbow unweaved all happiness cursed.

Breathe in and breathe out.

so? any good? :)

btw, does anyone recognise the shreads of poetry in there? I wrote that over a year ago, isn't that mad that time's flown by so quickly?
We were supposed to write between 600 and 800 words and in the end i think i wrote about 1200...hang on, i'll have a look...1253.

oh come on. how could i write to that kind of word limit?! I digress about dinner, how can i limit myself when i'm actually writing about something important?

Today wasn't bad but I've had tummy cramps since abou lunch which are really painful. I usually don't get them and they're feeling a tad better now so i can't really complain...

that's all folks *rock on for loony tunes!*

I love this pic, it was taken on cazza's blackberry yesterday...and check out my bleached jacket!!! xD

Peace and love

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is 'such' an abbreviation of the words 'so' and 'much'?


In other news...

Thanks so much to Simon, Horatio, George, Tom, Steve, Harvey, Daniel, Caroline, Hattie, Summer and Louise!!!
You are amazing people!!

We got to go on every ride we wanted...however...the queue for Collossus was...collossal...xD
We were lining up for about an hour and 1/2 which wasn't too heinous but i actually got so bored that i resorted to eating tree bark at one point...tasted kinds good actually :D

my feet ache so much from standing up all day :/

errrrrm....I lost my top in tidal wave...well not on it *although that would certainly have made for an interesting shot, eh?* it feel out of caz's bag when we put them in the cubby-hole thingies ...i just wore my bikini top :) thanks so much for coming with me to find my top summer :D love you!!

after all of the ridings and the park was closed, me, hattie, louise and summer waited for our lift in the car park...literally...we lay-lied-lie in a parking space xD it was really nice actually cuz the morning was freezing and soggy and the midday was ba-hoiling!! but by 6/7 it was comfortably toasty...

The world cup final's on right i care? not really...

i want spain to win.

just so that Paul the octopus goes down in history xD

I'm sorry this is rushed but i'm tired and there is food waiting for me * love my mum!! * FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD :)

oooh, hattie, thanks for lending me your top for rush, i'll get it washed, dried and ironed and backed to you as soon as i can :)

wore my *new* jacket...i hacked the sleeves off of an old denim thing and then bleached it all afternoon yesterday. it still smelt like bleach this morning. ah wells. such is life xD

right i'm off, see you on the morrow *****OHHHHHH i'm getting back my original writing tomorrow!!**********

Final thanks to the Birthday Boy, Simon, for inviting me!!


Peace and love

Saturday, 10 July 2010

There are people running all over the highstreet....

They have maps * i think * and they're going in all kinds of directions and they're not all together in a group...I'm so tempted to jog beside one and ask what's going on but these shorts i'm wearing are very short and somehow i don't think that running in short shorts is the best idea i've ever had...however, i've had crazier ideas and carried them through aswell so...maybe xD

ooh, for thosse of you who i have yet to tell...i got stuck on a roof.

I can't be bothered to explain + i think it's funny to leave you wondering...HOW?! xD

Someone asked me what i was doing up there...i ate pasta.

Me and Elin were up there before her ACM thing *which btw was AWESOME!!* and we met up with Cazzimaroo too xD

who was that song "charity" by? actually dw...i'll just google the lyrics and see what happens :)

I've been looking forward to thorpe park for so long and i'm going TOMORROW!! xD feels sorta weird...I've got this awful feeling that cuz i'm feeling so good about it, something bad might happen there. but that's just me being silly.

I need to make pasta tonight...for my lunch tomorrow :P i bought pringles too. gotta love pringles.
Omgosh, i've walked up and down town so many times *in the library right now* but that's no bad thing because i ate SO much junk yesterday. The plan was to eat healthily up until thorpe park but i gave up after like the first week :/ i felt so bad goingto bed last night cuz i'd eaten 5 cookies, a hotdog, a burger, 2 icecreams, dinner, chocolate and stuff... :(
anyways, gonna try and do a 24 hour detox sesh today so i'm hoping mum's just making a really light lunch *which i should probably get going for soon*
dang that was odd, my folks literally just came into say hi!! xD i guess they're stalking me...or not...they are my folks after all.

OOOh, i can't embed this one but i urge you to check this out, i LOVE this song:
Take a chance by the magic numbers

the lead singer's called Romeo, how cool is that?

forever lost's a good one too!

I've been meaning to listen to them for ages and now i'm loving it!!

okay, that's about it...remember me!

Peace and love
p.s i'm loving jamiroqua
p.p.s i got myself a five mile smile!

Friday, 9 July 2010

I wish you could know how happy you make me.

hey caz, I know you like this song and i thought that this was a great cover + i love his other music too....

Anyways...onto me, this is after all my personal space xD even though it's on public domain...hmmm.

Right...I've had a really fabulous day. Someone made me very happy :)

Simon called me fat >:[ not cool. In fact he didn't call me fat, he merely described at great length how he would be crushed beneath my weight is he were to give me a piggy-back. Swine.

piggyback, swine? geddit? eh?

*sigh my jokes suck*

I'M NOT AFRAID!!! love that song by eminem...sehr gut, ja?

Drama was such a laugh!

this is a really bad post but it's really hot and so i'm struggling to form interesting, coherent sentences :S

we're having a bbq and water fight at our youth group tonight, really looking forward to it actually :D


dang this one's good too

errm...i think i was gonna say something but i can't think what :s
i really am lovestruck

yeah, i'm real sleepy now, but contented with what i've got and i'm positive about the future.

I might go and have a nap.

Peace and love
yeah, real lovestruck :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Did you know that we're over half way through the year?

If you made one, how are you doing with your new years resolutions?

So, I had my TIE *theatre in education* assessment in drama today :s I think it went pretty well but i'm not getting back my grade until Friday....two WHOLE days *the agony*

I was thinking about Jamie's track of the week of a couple of weeks ago...Clint Eastwood...did you know that that came out in 2001 or something??! I remember dancing to it in the school hall with my class when I was 6! that was over half my lifetime ago. little odd to think of it like that.

Eloise invented the Momble in math and then we wrote up a family of Mombles for ourselves...she's Major Momble...I'm Minor Momble, Caz, you're Magic Momble, Tommy's Mahoosive Momble, Summer's Mystic Momble,Robert's Mouldy Momble *he asked!!* Jamie's Mighty Momble...My mum's Mama child of the future is Mini Momble.....
that's just some off of the top of my head cuz there's a two page list in ma GWB which unbelievably, i still have after a fecking year!! no one else seems to have theirs.

Gosh, robert, your hair looked fabby in english xD You looked like one of the who's from The Grinch Stole Christmas xD so cool.

Oooh, I'm listening to Magic by Ben Folds Five...first time i've heard it but I'm rather liking it!!!

They've disbanded but Ben Folds has been pretty successful in his solo career.

aw, i'm gutted i haven't got back my original writing yet...I suppose we may get them next monday...but i dunno. mrs gibbs might have had time to do the marking by then but who knows?!
It's supposed to be gorgeous weather this weekend. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THORPE PARK!!! :D

Peace and love

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Of course it's months until completion and stuff but we got 127 henley bank! I told you ten was my lucky number...1+2+7= 10!
sorry, i do that far too much!

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

Had a really good rehearsal after school today, got bunches done so i'm really hoping it pays off tomorrow. I think it'll be fun once we get into it but i'm still really quite nervous about it...might wear my lucky necklace *silly, i know but i makes me chill so back off, eh?...sorry, that's aimed at someone in particular who doesn't even read this who's really quite hurtful actually*

oooh! I write loads yesterday but I forgot to tell you, i got new trainers and my mum pronounced Nike as Nee-kay...thought it was funny. I love my mummy.

here's something amazing cuz i'm generous:

wasn't that fabby?
really deep, some epic piano skillage and also feck-funny xD

erm, that really is pretty much all...
oh, sorry for sorta playing a part in nicking yer shoe, there, dear James :/ that was so hilarious!
Eloise made me hug Jack before she'd give me back the lid for my spongebob lip balm. gosh, she's evil xD
reeaally hoping that i'll get back my owiginal witing tomowwow. just wanna see how i did really :s don't think it was my best to be honest but i still wanna know how i did.

Peace and love

Monday, 5 July 2010

Be Mine

That's a demand xD
Just downloaded Peacock tail under MG's instruction...had to go back and edit that cuz i wrote Mg...and although I'm not completely sure, I am in fact fairly certain that Jamie won't burn with a bright, white light. Maybe we'll have to test it. Sorry, goodness i'm evil today...

Can't remember whether I told anyone this...actually i probably did...ANYWAY, I got a book on yoga at Christmas and I finally have suitable music on my iPod for it so maybe i'll make time for doing nothing *yoga* and try out some hideously embarrassing moves xD Maybe i should youtube it...actually no...that's too mortifying for comprehension.
oooh, btw when i meant suitable music i was referring to BoC...I've got some random meditation music on CD up in my room but tbh, i just cbb to go up there and then wait for itunes to sort through's so much easier to just download. Now that the weather's nice i can take my exercise matt out into the garden and have a go.
Yes I like sunsets, Eloise, deal with it. >:[
She doodled over three pages in my planner, mocking my love of the sun's burning iridescence as it says "see you later" to the clouds and heads off to bed...

I have a cow. His name was Mr. Moo Derek Face cuz I was foolish enough to ask Talitha, Louise, Cazzi, Hattie and Zoe what I should name him...I've decided to rename him Gerri xD
Gerri the cow. mooooooooooooooo. xD
Does everyone here know You Grew On Me by Tim Minchin? Great song. Thing about tim minchin is that he's really talented at song writing, singing and composing *as well as actually playing*...btw he's done the music for that Matilda play that's heading for the west end...but he's also feck-funny! seriously, he's such a great comedian. I love him and Demetri Martin too. I adore Demetri Martin's style but's more his name than anything *not really but you know, I just LOVE the name Demetri*

Omgosh...Anne Hatheway by Carol Anne's explicit but in a romantic way...It's sort of sweet and it's a great poem but it was so wrong when we were analysing it...I mean honestly, Mrs. Gibbs, lovely, sweet, kind and mumsy Mrs. Gibbs talking about sex...just wrong. so wrong.

According to Horatio I love hardcore ****jobs....-_-'
I disappeared at break to wash it off of my arm...yeah, that didn't look weird at all.

I had my hair so messy today and I got loads of compliments! I was just trying to make it anythign other than flat and lifeless.

OOOhhh, Hope everyone's french went well today, i know that some people were freaking out over it :/

Oooh, btw, my first born child *regardless of gender* will be named Samosa...xD

that's probably everythign now...

OOOH...finally rehearsed in our drama rehearsal! tomorrow after school too :D still nervous about wednesday. ah feckk, gotta take all the props for tomorrow :/ yeah, i'm not gonna look odd hiking cushions up to school...course not.
apparently katy perry's california girls is still number one. meh.

Oh how I'd love to be Tim Minchin's sister...from another mum and mister...but still, his sister! I want to be a Minchin and he's awesome and great but regrettably he's married so i can't see him that i'll settle for being his sister...I can have the backcombed hair and kooky guyliner but i suppose on me you'd just call it eyeliner and i'll even turn my back on Britain and call myself an Aussie, i'll even work on the accent...but it won't be that good. but i'll try my best so hopefully it'll come together with the rest cuz i really wanna be his sister. even though i've got two brother's I could always use another...'specially if his name's Tim Minchin...cuz I wanna be his sister....YEAH! *jazz hands*

Goodness, that was long and I swear I said that i'd said it all about a year ago. ah wells.

Peace and love

Sunday, 4 July 2010

"Must i dream and always see your face?"

Don't ask why, just live and die.

where are we?
what the hell, is going on?
the dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet.
sinking feeling.

spin my round again,
and rub my eyes,
this can't be happening.
when busy streets, a mess people would stop to hold their heads heavy

hide and seek.
trains and sewing machines.
all those years,
they were here first.

Oily marks appear on walls,
where pleasure moments hung before,
the takeover, the sweeping insensitvity,
of this still life.

hide and seek.
trains and sewing machines,
blood and tears (hearts)
they were here first.

mmm whatcha say?
mmm, that you only meant well?
well of course you did,
mmm whatcha say?
mmm that it's all for the best,
of course it is.
mmm whatcha say?
that it's just what we need
and you decided this,
mmm whatcha say?
mmm what did she say?
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth,
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs

(hide and seek)
speak no feeling no i don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a (you don't care a) bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
oh no, you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit

^^that's the song that we're doing in acappella for house music.
going to talitha's today :)
i've spent something like 2 flaming hours drawing out letters and then painting them and i don't have a very steady hand so you can imagine how it's going. i'm only half way through the phrase "fire academy" -_-'

Peace and love