Thursday, 21 October 2010

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it...


Life is what we make of it. Happiness is a perception. And Heaven? Hell? Come out of our own choices here on Earth. In this lifetime we can live our own little heaven, or indeed our slice of hell.

ANd where on Earth did that come from then, Missy?? I haven't a clue really...blame Tommy...haven't spoken to him since Sunday but it's his fault, everything's his fault. In a good way, sweetie, a good way ---->check my halo-----> 0:D You were in my dream last night *which you btw, have no right for!!* it was weird, Maria and Jacob were there too...infact, there were LOADS of people cuz Maria was having a party but i didn't recognise lots of them and it wasn't her house, it was a big old rickety house...but was like a gran's cottage on the inside but there were about 5 storeys and it swayed from side to side like it was a set, not real at all...

and everyone was hiding at a point...and Jacob was upset with me and Maria was worried...Tommy you were pretty ordinary in all of that actually.

So odd, I've been dreaming rather vididly and remembering them, recently *get me! i do like remembering my dreams though!!*

The other night...i think the night before last...I was in yr 6 with all of the friends i have at the moment and we were the same age as we are now...but we were in yr 6. Everyone was there, I only really remember Simon and Jamie though, the teacher said something about going to thorpe park but we had to learn to dive first *??!* so i was hiding under the pool...i was in my blue bikini :P very strange...

Jamie, i've read your email but i need to get to what's it called...parents i'll be heading off soon...

Anyways...that's all folks!

Peace and love
p.s Tommy: shall call you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:D

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