Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cod Echo

Happy Halloween :D that's me trying to be scary :P oh yeah. caz had lots of fake blood all over her xD town was really good today, we did a gathering and we haven't done one in eons!! so, let's have a think and hope i haven't forgotten anyone! there was ME, summer, Hattie, LZ, Tommy, Simon, Caz, Daniel, George and Ben. This is the order that they turned up in...well...summer should go first but only cuz she came early!! xD hair's got really long...or was that cuz i was bending forward slightly to form my menacing, 'run before i eat you' pose...

can't believe my folks didn't even buy a pumpkin this year. i'm actually gutted...

I have a practice essay to write for english. for tomorrow. goody.
I've had 1/2 a cheese scone...a mars bar and a marshmallow today...i'm really quite hungry.

i really want to see paranormal activety...the first one...appaz the second one's a bit sort of does the same as the first but it's not as shocking cuz it's the sequel...and it has a different director and i'm always a bit doubtful about how good a film is if the original director doesn't want to stick with it...

OH. Cod Echo because that's what i had to write to publish my comment on jamie's blog :P really good story btw, if you have yet to check it out...yeah...make sure you do


skip the 1st's just an intro :/ such a catchy song :D!!


watch armstrong and miller last night?!?! so good xD i <3 alexander armstrong
i like the dancing... i need to learn that intro xD

omgosh, i watched some of elton john last night on the beeb :P he did this song which i just love :P

such a gorgeous song :D don't judge me!! i can just imagaine eloise's disapproving glare now xD

i also really like maggie may by rod there...

Peace and love
p.s boo

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Okay, seriously, is this a joke?!?!

People keep asking whether i've lost weight and quite clearly, i have not. i have gained weight. are people just saying this to PISS ME OFF?!?!?! grrrr

man i keep yawning. dang.

I hate walking home in the dark...and since the clocks go back tonight it'll be even darker soon...I always think that i'm going to get attacke or something. You know Rosemary Alley? *where the houses almost touch?* it's really dark and the steps are wet and i was scared that if someone wanted to they could push me down the steps or mug me and then i'd have broken legs and i'd have to call for help...

i'm a cheerful gal, ain't i??

i've barely seen anyone this holiday :( still...return to the land of nod come monday. and DAMN double pe first thing. i'm so lucky, aren't i? i hate pe so much...

hm...i mioght do a spinning class this sunday :) that honestly is a Mahoosive might's from 10am til 11am...and it £5.60...i've done a spinning class once before and i'm not gonna lie...i was completely cream crackered...and i'd have to walk there and back again :s

there's not much else in the way of classes running on a sunday...i could go swimming again...i dunno...i might not do anything...might be bogged down in h/w :/

hmm...i'm gonna stop thinking about exercise and go eat cake xD

Peace and love
p.s i had a bounty and orange juiceon break one and then a monte carlo wrap and rock road and apple juice on my second break.

Friday, 29 October 2010

You never say, 'hey' or remember my name...

and it's probably cuz you think you're cooler than me...

I've heard that song in a million and one shops and I reeeeeeeaaaaally like it at the mo :P I downloaded it last night and i've listened to it so many times xD i'm gonna get sick of it, ain't i?
It's Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner.


omgosh, i have got to stop drinking lipton ice tea...there's sooooo much fecking sugar in it!! there are 34.6grams in does that much even dissolve in 500ml?!?!?! jayze.

my tattoo's gone :( i knew it might not last forever but i had hurt loads and it took ages to do so there's no way i can be bothered to try it again...i shall wait til i'm 18 and get it done properly methinks..

I URGE you to write a mission statement. I've told Tommy and Jamie about this and i just thought that it would be a right laugh to compare them someday when we're old and grey...welll maybe not old and's about 30?!? :P

omgosh, Sean, the assistant manager at the café has been working there for as long as i've been alive :O oh my.

hm...oooh: today i had a cookie, a toffee crisp bar *omgosh-amazing!!* and a monte carlo wrap *that's peppers, onion, mozzerella cheese, mushrooms and sweetcorn-but i had mine without sweetcorn...i only like corn when it's on the cob...or popped...* and apple juice and an ice tea.

i don't know why i feel the need to tell you this...but i like you to know what i've eaten...i guess i'm just generous *halo glow*

my new bag for school ROCKS!! did i tel you that its front pocket has a key?!?! i just think that that is the coolest thing EVER!!! i like keys. some eejit left their car keys at the café today...oop. and two rather foolish ladies left their scarves behind. tut tut.

i wanna watch a movie. i feel like chilling. I need to wash my hair actually...i got work again tomorrow...QUIFF


Peace and love

Thursday, 28 October 2010

So gutted i didn't mention this yesterday :/

Yesterday was day 300 of our year and so today there are 57 days til CHRISTMAS...yaaaaaaaaayy!

i know, i know, it's never as big or amazing as the hype surrounding it but it's an excuse to listen to cheesey songs, watch cheesey movies and for some reason eat lots of cheese and crackers. and no one's allowed to judge. vair looking forward to that. uh huuuuuuuuuuuh

also...i put a plastic spider in my hair the other day and then really frightened myself when i caught sight of it in the mirrow since i'd forgotten about it...clever.

KVETCH<------real word.

adjective meaning, 'habitually complaining' likey simply cuz it doesn't sound like a real word.

i'm off to get music. i need it for my ear space.

then i need to do shopping *for katie!! it's her birthday 8th November* then i should take a look at the h/w i've been set...then i'll have a cry and ignore it a bit longer...then i'll possibly make a start before finishing my book..

aww, Rose Costelloe has finally ended it with her on again, off again bastard husband Ed and admitted her feelings for Theo Sheen *he's the one* but then they had a row and she told him to fuck right off for ever...and he sort of has...but there are about 50 pages left so my guess is that things will be just fine...

Peace and love

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Actually, Yes :P Yes, swimming :P
I feel very positive that I actually made the choice to go swimming...I only decided this morning and I didn't go very far and it wasn't spectacular but it felt good to just GO. you know??

i just looked up A 100 Things to do Before You Die:

Here's the first twenty:
  1. Attend at least one major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the U.S. Open.
  2. Throw a huge party and invite every one of your friends.
  3. Swim with a dolphin.
  4. Skydive.
  5. Have your portrait painted.
  6. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it.
  7. Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the South of France.
  8. Watch the launch of the space shuttle.
  9. Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty.
  10. Be an extra in a film.
  11. Tell someone the story of your life, sparing no details.
  12. Make love on a forest floor.
  13. Make love on a train.
  14. Learn to rollerblade.
  15. Own a room with a view.
  16. Brew your own beer.
  17. Learn how to take a compliment.
  18. Buy a round-the-world air ticket and a rucksack, and run away.
  19. Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month.
  20. Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her.
i can't physically do 19 -_-' grrrrrr. five and eighteen and ten sounds do some others ;)

ACTUALLY: If i took hormones...then i could grow a beard...but frankly i don't think i'd enjoy that. I really want to do 14...but I'm not sure about 3 or 1...i'm not sure i'd enjoy those.

hmmm...It would be rather grand to do all that before you die though. A life lived.

Do you know what? some of these things are inspiring: Look At The Whole List

There must be loads of different lists across the internet but that's the firts one i found on google!

showering in a water fall sounds pretty cool...

I reckon i might write my own mission statement...

I'm in one of those moods, you know??? Where i could do...anything...I feel that I could do what i really wanted tonight and not regret it, even if i got it wrong. I won't! Of course I won't, i've more sense than that but the feeling remains the same...

omgosh you know how much i'd love to do this...

Peace and love
p.s remember, i love you

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I was sort of bored a couple nights ago...

The boredom remark refers to my eight fantastic in a sleeping bag is in a sleeping bag... okay, i tell a lie, it was me discovering that you can unzip it from the bottom and therefore walk a sleeping bag...whilst looking a lil like a caterpilla. that was over a month ago now, gee how time flies.

I hate Halifax. I am 16. I can get married. I can have kids. I can leave school. And home. But i can't withdraw money from my own fecking bank account without my parents' signature. WHAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?! That is very frustrating and it really slowed me down this morning. grrrrr. I hate it when I can't just GO!!
aw, another grating issue. Do i honestly look 14??!?!? SERIOUSLY??!?! Me and summer weren't allowed to see Easy A because we didn't have photo ID. Fecking Feck them the fecking FECKERS. and Summer did end up having a good time anyway though....BUT MY POINT REMAINS: AGE RESTRICTIONS ARE STUPID. FEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCKKK. >:[

We went to TKMaxx and Debenhams and all over really and we tried on a LOT of dresses :P There was one purple one which i might keep an eye on...but then again, i might not. I want something really unique :P
ahhahahah Summer!!! "It doesn't feel's all floppy..." mwa ha ha ha

omgosh, I quiffed my hair today :P AND despite the wind and rain it stayed quiffy :P good hairspray!! i'm telling you, it's all cuz of the hairspray!!

Watched Year One last night :D pretty good! i'd give it about 3*. I enjoyed it but it's not timeless or a of the funniest parts was in the outtakes...:/ Michael Cera is VERY cute in it and he gives a good performance...i'm not completely shallow! I love that line from Juno where Ellen Page's character describes Michael Cera's character...and how he likes orange tic-tacs...and when she kissed him, 'his mouth tasted all tangy and delicious' i love that line :)
I also watched Surf's Up the other night :P Really enjoyed that!! I'm a big fan of cartoon films and i thought the plot was sweet and Shia LeBeuf gave a great voice to Cody and it had a lovely happy ending and it's documentary style was really clever!

Bought a new bag today. It's for school!! I needed it!! I took my science book into town to check that it would be big enough...must have looked a lil strange but ah wells, eh?

It had to be done.

^^that sounds really ominous. ah wells. I'm off to have a toasted tea-cake. omgosh!! I had pizza today *YUMMY* gosh.

might buy some trackies...or might not...who knows?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

who does know??

yeah, i'm bored of me too.

Peace and love

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I forgot how much i love this song...

Cowgirl in the sand
It's originally by Neil Young but that is the City and Colour cover. I absolutely love it.

I went and did a tidbit of retail therapy this morning/early afternoon. I headed out with my folks for a wander down by the riverside at about 10.30 this morning and then i went to town and browsed around a million and one shops without an particular want or need in mind :) i like shopping when i don't have to shop. I ended up getting a tube of face mask *so as I can use it a bunch of's more environmetally + economically friendly that way...* and some 'tinted lip conditioner' basically lip balm with a fancy name :P it's in a shade claled Electro-peach which i just think sounds fantastic. ja? it tastes like vanilla and it has spf which is always nice. i got back about 2.20ish

after yesterday's rush i decided that today was kaytei-time so i read my book this morning...something by isabel wolff...i can't remember what it's called now :/ it's really good and i could give you a synopsis but i can't for the life of me think what's it's called...hang on, i'll check- rescuing rose. This is the first book i've read by's pretty good :P I woke up at 7 this morning *pissed off-planned to lie-in and ended up waking up earlier than school time!!* but i couldn't get back to sleep so i read my book...then i had breakfast and went out *as described above* then i had soup and fruit salad *i had a chocolate bat from hotel chocolat in town...mmmmmmm* and a lil waffle thing that ange bought...all cinnamon-ish and delicious then i painted raspberry mudd on my faaaaaaaaaaaaace and continued with my book dad made me laugh a i cracked the mask. argh xD really weird feeling, not being able to move your face...i can't see the attraction of botox...

ok, now onto another awesome song
Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley...i hadn't heard this one in a while either.

okay, something a lil more recent:
ChamPain by Cee Lo Green *who is too fantastic to verbalise...*

doesn't have a proper vid...sorry :/ but brilliant song nonetheless.

I <3 Paije Richardson *he's on x-factor..i know, i know...don't burn me xD* amazing voice...i wuite liked katie waissel who i caught last night...boop-eee-doo

Electro-peach...I'm just thinking of soft fruit in punky wigs xD

anyways, much the geek i am...i'm off to read some more of my book :P chilling...time to breathe :D

Peace and love

Saturday, 23 October 2010

just a quickie

don't start! you know i didn't mean that!!
anyhoo...i hate my head, it hurts liek hell...or so i'd imagine...

broke a tea cup at work and spilt the contents on a man's jacket. i cried. only a little but honestly, it's pathetic, how wimpy i am... picked up after that though, it went well :D people actually tipped me for the first time ever xD i got £2.20 whic is almost a 1/2 hour's worth for me!!"

had a toffee crisp bar...ebst thing ever..

^^please excuse crap spelling and grammar...i know...i's bad :/ gosh, why do i have no time? it's the holihday and i'm soooo fekcing busy. gonna lie-in tomorrow. no shops will be open until 11 anywaay so i'm not missing muhc,,,

caught matt cardle on x-factor, he's my fave. love him xD

oh gosh, i know i'm forgetting something. jamie, i think i had something to tell you but i hjaven't a clue now... :/

Peace and love

Friday, 22 October 2010

I heard a buzzing from my bag...

My mobile's on vibrate for work so as it doesn't interrupt anything and I got two texts I checked them when i got home *busy but awesome lunchtime*
One from 'Steve' and one from Simon.

I say,' Steve' as I highly doubt he wrote this xD
okay this is what the text says:
Hey babe how about later i have a go on thoe big ol tities. bring the toys i saw in ur room. Btw i hav erectile dysfunction and a really small dick. Hope u dont mind. infact please have my child. Lots and lost of love steve
marry me please i hav issues i need sorting and by that i mean aids i perv on u at night

wow. so yeah, that wasn't steve xD boys are odd...

and Simon asked:
Is jamie gd in bed?

Seeing as neither text me that often and they both came on the same day I thought they might be a joke on each other but then...Simon's came a couple hours later and he's actually asked me that before so I'm thinking that probably was Simon :s I don't know who Steve would have been hanging out with on his lunch break... xD

Needless to say, but i will anyways, I replied to neither. -_-'


Today was my last day and i'm actually really sad that it's over but Sheila says that she'll email me an invite for a coffee at christmas :D that will be very nice, indeed :P I'm going to miss her.

I'd rather work there everyday than do school to be honest. I thought after the success of my first day, 'gosh, will i be tired of this after fiev days?' but i'm not at all because every day is different. There are routines but something new always crops up. I'm not saying that every second of the day was tremendously exciting but I had a truly wonderful time and I met some of the most inspiring people I've ever had the pleasure to come across. If everybody gave as much time and effort, without a hint of resentment, to the people they come into contact with throughout their working days, as Sheila and all of the other staff I've worked with do then the world would be so much happier. That's what she always told me though, her job is to keep people happy. It's not a glamorous job but it's rewarding and she told me that if she can make just one person's day a little better then her job each day has been worth while. Isn't that lovely? to the machine tomorrow...:P Should be good! 10-6 so I can have a lie-in :D

Peace and love

Thursday, 21 October 2010

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it...


Life is what we make of it. Happiness is a perception. And Heaven? Hell? Come out of our own choices here on Earth. In this lifetime we can live our own little heaven, or indeed our slice of hell.

ANd where on Earth did that come from then, Missy?? I haven't a clue really...blame Tommy...haven't spoken to him since Sunday but it's his fault, everything's his fault. In a good way, sweetie, a good way ---->check my halo-----> 0:D You were in my dream last night *which you btw, have no right for!!* it was weird, Maria and Jacob were there too...infact, there were LOADS of people cuz Maria was having a party but i didn't recognise lots of them and it wasn't her house, it was a big old rickety house...but was like a gran's cottage on the inside but there were about 5 storeys and it swayed from side to side like it was a set, not real at all...

and everyone was hiding at a point...and Jacob was upset with me and Maria was worried...Tommy you were pretty ordinary in all of that actually.

So odd, I've been dreaming rather vididly and remembering them, recently *get me! i do like remembering my dreams though!!*

The other night...i think the night before last...I was in yr 6 with all of the friends i have at the moment and we were the same age as we are now...but we were in yr 6. Everyone was there, I only really remember Simon and Jamie though, the teacher said something about going to thorpe park but we had to learn to dive first *??!* so i was hiding under the pool...i was in my blue bikini :P very strange...

Jamie, i've read your email but i need to get to what's it called...parents i'll be heading off soon...

Anyways...that's all folks!

Peace and love
p.s Tommy: shall call you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:D

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good Evening...Katie on Site KVT 201010


my hands are CHILLY!!

omgosh, i don't know whether i mentioned this way back when but i was meaning to buy some new jammies? that was in AUGUST and i finally got some after work today!! i got home at 5.15 which was really, yesterday we were held up at the office til 5.30 and then we were stuck in traffic so i only got back about 6.00...

i'm gonna go watch simpsons and microwave my feet are really cold :( DANG sister.

OOOOH apprentice on tonight :DDDD!!! YAY!!

'if you can't do a good turn, don't do a bad one'

Peace and love

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I got Carrot Cake and you didn't...that's the important thing...

wow, that sounds cow-ish!!

omgosh i need the loo...i haven't been for 7 i/2 hours :'( and i forgot about it until just now!!
i'm one of those people who always nips to the loo at break and lunch and this is just really annoying!!!

in my 5 weeks at work, i still haven't used the's through a teeny little...part...i mean you can't call it a's a door and then another door and the customers use it too and i'd hate to get in everyone's way. PLUS we get 1/2 hour on each break and i like to eat in my breaks and it takes the cooks time to cook and then i need to eat and i like to have a lil read of whatever magazines are lying around too so going to the loo would waste too much time.

^^cuz i'm generous :D

RIGHT. I'll stop giving you more information than you could ever want about me and my loo habits...onto something lovely:

I saw a rainbow on my way home! and the sky was a collision between vibrant blues and oranges as a moody storm raged above....waxing lyrical...

You know, 'big shoes to fill'- the expression? it comes from Tudor Britain *i think it was during the Tudor reign...think* when your status was shown off by the length and pointiness of your shoes-how very peculiar :P <----fun fact!! Did you know? The shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

and i dunno about this next one...had anyone seen Pulp Fiction?

All of the clocks in the movie "Pulp Fiction" are stuck
on 4:20.

hmmm...i like random facts...

OOH, catch The Inbetweeners last night?
I thought it was disgusting and almighty xD VERY funny!! I really wanna have a go at the texting game xD

awwww and Simone and Carly!!! Simon was my fabourite...i'm glad things turned out okay for him...although it's sorta heartbreaking that things only came together for him when he was about to up and leave and start all over again. ah wells...i'm sure things'll be fine...

I feel I should leave you with something really deep and meaningful....

...i'll get back to you on that one...

Peace and love

p.s the curse of copy and paste...i'm stuck in this font now :P
p.p.s I think i'll go to the loo now...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tommy i can't comment on your blog for some reason but i think he should have played twister with her...

but you can't know anything about it....


in all seriousness, due to confidentiality laws i literally can't tell you anything but i had a really good time with lovely people :D can't wait til tomorrow! hope everyone's had a good first day!


Peace and love
p.s we stand shoulder to shoulder, we stand side by side....:D HA HA now it's in your HEAD!!!! xD

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tommy dipped his leopard in paint.

I was going to say that i intend on having an early night but the new series of desperate housewives begins tonight...that's not happening :P ah wells, i'll mask tomorrow's inevitable *i ALWAYS forgot that word...i once spent an entire week trying to remember it* tiredness with make-up, us women can do that, you know? ha ha smelly boys. *don't you find it funny that sexism towards men is absolutely fine?*
I bought a new blusher's quite's in a shade called pixie pink which i thought was quite cute...i want to buy some new gloves but doubt i'll have time til next sunday!! ah wells, at least it's almost half term!
thinking about next sunday...dunno :s hmm....
i'm not keen on salons...bit nervous...i mean, how would i even ask?

Tommy had a fish called Tony, a dog called Alan and as of last night, a cat called Larry.
Larry the cat...hahahahahaha...that still makes me laugh...
larry the cat!!!

got a bit of a head-ache. i blame a good way, you know, as a friend i'm saying that everything bad in the world is your fault. i stress, in a good way...:D love ya really xD

Again, I have a monkey on my head. How do you do?

Peace and love
p.s gotta get up early tomorrow...if you need me i'll be sat in the corner...crying...xD

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I've been working for 5 weeks now!! can't believe how qiuickly it's gone :P
i've grown accustomed to my hands smellings like coffee and cream when i come home...could be worse!!
i'm cream crackered *and i will never grow bored of that expession!*
gonna chill tomorrow...i need a rest!
I don't think my WEX is gonna be as bad as some people's cuz i'm not going to have a boss per se...Sheila Buntin is going to be looking after me and i'm gonna be working with her...and she's really lovely :)

mmmm, had potato wedges on my first break and then in my second break i had macaroni cheese and then a piece of rocky road *it's not as good as Summer's* :P i had apple juice and a lemon ice tea. 'twas good.

i need eggs!! EGGS!! i have a craving for eeeeeeeeeggggggggggggsssssssss :D

I'm just wasting mine and your time now...
Hope Thorpe Park's the bestest everyone :D love you all

Peace and love
p.s AGAIN, this week a boy of about three said to his sister of about five, 'look, the statue has a willy' snigger.
p.p.s i've got to admit, every time i walk past the statue i do feel a lil's thing is right at my eye-level!! xD

Friday, 15 October 2010


I know I've only had a three day week but i'm righteously cream -crackered. indeed.
Hattie and worked in my dream but i dunno...a lot of things worl in my dreams...I was underneath a giant skate board with a sail with a REALLY cute guy who smelt like lemons...he was wearing grey and someone was pissed off cuz i was with him and then i was hiding in a restaurant kitchen with a butter prying the door open with a crow-bar :O
Smack to the GOB

my hand aches...i must hold my pen wrong or something cuz my hand kills after writing loads...
omgosh, my handwriting by the end of that essay :/ ridiculously bad!!

hey summer, i reckon this would be perfect for a girlie outing...i think it's coming out 22nd october or summat...i don't know what day that is but it could be good:

that trailer looks quite funny :D

i like non-taxing films, so JUDGE me.

The social network looks really good....i'd quite like to see that...

gonna say something but can't remember...

Thorpe Park Lot!! Think of me when you scream ;P

Peace and love
p.s adam told steve in science: 'by 16 you'll be desperate for sex'
er...WHAT?!?! excuse me?!?!? O.o

Thursday, 14 October 2010

When I'm Dreaming of You....

Didn't know that was by the coral :P Love it!! i'm just burning the CD cuz i need to give it back to Eloise tomorrow...she leant it to me like a week ago or something...dang... anyhooble....

3/4 through history...HAZAAAAR<---LOVE that :P I was so freaking stressed about it but now i'm pretty chilled...i don't actually care what i get...well, actually, yes i do care, a lot. esp. since we can't exactly retake it :s i'm stressed again. GREAT, i juts talked myself into being stressed.

So, I'm a tad nervous about Work Experience next week, I'm going to be looking after people with Dementia and Schizophrenia and a history of alcohol abuse...pretty intense O.o should be interesting though...certainly more so than triple sciene and the likes. I had WRL just before lunch and we were discussing how we need to approach work experience...:

Open Mind-positive attitude
Dress Code-ensure it's appropriae to your work place
Confident-hand shake :P
PUNCTUALITY-5-10 minutes early (kinda goes without saying really)
Know what's expected of you

OOOH, erm...hang on, what was i going to say??

OH YEAH! we did a role play exercise about monday morning on work experience * as in, getting started on your first day* which was probably more nerve wracking than actually meeting my people *i've taken to calling the people organising my work experience, 'my people'*since EVERYONE was watching in class...and i had to shake mrs. marchant's hand....:/ plus, my hands were freezing and i feel a bit self-conscious about touching people with my freakishly cold hands *honestly, it's like i'm dead, they're THAT cold*

I think that I might start signing off from emails 'n' such with:
Barbra Streisand.

It's an AMAZING SONG. crap, granted but amazing nonetheless :P like dragosta din tei by ozone, rather awful but beloved all the same.

everything is going wrong
but we're so happy :P

if you'll be my body guard i will be your long lost pal... :P GUESS what i just downloaded tommy!!!! :D <------SMUG

I didn't get a beak or lunch today :'( history stuffle at break 'n' latin at lunch. ooo-hoo-hoo.

forgot how much i love that song :D shame i couldn't embed the proper video... :/

anyways...stuff to do...

Peace and love
p.s Barbra Streisand.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I guess you're right Summer, Interpretive Dance is everywhere :D

*Just watched the 16th miner come up :D awesome.* <----that was from earlier...

I wore loads of make-up today to mask my strange grey hue from being ill O.o
I went upstairs to retrieve my black pen and when I got up there I started listening to the radio, I came down again and sat at the table...and THEN i remembered that my pen was still on my to my crystal ball. YES I have a crystal ball, JAYZ. I don't gaze into's just pretty :P


Gotta admit you're a lil impressed :P
It's really bad but also quite amazing, i've found :D

I so want to be on the duck register!! If they do it by text again i'm SO texting but they did it by twitter and they said that tomorrow they're going to do it on facebook :/ i can't compute in mornings!!

Barbra Streisand.

Ha...Jamie as a bandit :P

Feckity, history on the morrow. NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo


after tomorrow all i'll have left to do this week is drama...although i do have a practice essay for english over half term. DRAT AND BLAST. <-----coolest phrase EVER

omgosh, word association isn't fun!! Harvey now equals Jesus *and thanks to Louise Jesus has an erection...hang on that's not quite right...she just said somethig dodgey!!!* and whenever i look at Jack I imagine him naked...again, that's Louise's fault.

I can't believe that summation is actually a word. Jack used it in English and it sounds so wrong!! although, google just told me that Summational is also a word :P like that! summational, sounds like it was made up by a five year old.

crap, i told emily that i'd google something and now i can't remember what :s

did some work in IT today...get me...didn't enjoy it.

no test in math :D

24/30 in chemistry class test. meh, i'm alright with that...i need to revise anyways.


what's the first thing that came to mind when i said that?



Barbra Streisand.

I might just start saying that at random intervals throughout the day...or not, it could get weird...

oh yeah, thanks for the message on my answer phone ROBERT ¬_¬ I'd like to take you to a gay bar too. hmmm...
sucks i missed that lesson. sounds like it was fun. how come you were up in B10?
OOOH latin tomorrow. FECK latin h/w for tomorrow..

NEED TO DO HISTORY *think i might just go and have a little cry in the corner right about now...*

Peace and love
p.s i need to stop blogging, it takes so much time and it's so distracting...but then...i'd miss it so much, i love rambling on here...'tis fabby.

Monday, 11 October 2010


my tummy hurts so much :'( and i missed double english :( and i've still got loads of h/w to do and i can't do it cuz i keep going sick. i don't know what's wrong with me. i haven't slept properly since 2am. i just want to be better.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

On my fecking scooter

Came home after work, washed my hair, changed out of my uniform and went to hattie's :D watched too many films and embarrassed myself across the internet...feck...that pic's still on facebook, isn't it?
omgosh, Hattie talked to Simon on FacebookChat *on the subject of facebook...i watched the trailer for The Social Network and I reckon it looks pretty good...* as me so you can imagine how that went down. oh lordi. bad images...i'll never be able to look at a tea-cup in the same way ever again. thing is, he didn't believe her at first but then she managed to convince him :/ downhill from there really. there were explicit references. and then i bumped into him today. On my fecking scooter.

I rode my scooter to hattie's last night cuz it's faster than walking and i'm not very good at cycling. We briefly went shopping this afternoon and coming out of TKMaxx *i carried my scooter around all the shops :D* i though 'meh, might as well have a lil ride.' and it was at that point that we see Horatio, Simon, George and Tom. -_-' Worst timing ever? AND then i remembered all of the facebook stuff and cringed even more.
my life...I wouldn't have it any other way...

So, we watched...SawII, Eclipse, Merlin *i fell asleep before the end :(...'twas 4am...* and HeartBreakers *again...i fell asleep...* and then this morning we watched an old fave, Just Like Heaven. Has Jon Heder in it...still got a bit of a thing for him :P RIGHTEOUS.

Hope the sunshine lasts. It looks gorgeous :P

I don't want to do homework. I want a cuddle :(
ooh, i broke my first glass yesterday. well disappointed...i didn't even drop it...a bottle rolled into it on my tray and shattered the edge.

I'm really pleased with my turned out just like i wanted it to and it doesn't even really hurt anymore. does a little if i put pressure on it so i can't sit with my feet under me really :/ vishka.
oh feck...simon's gonna be in school tomorrow, ain't he? perfect :/ ew...hattie just kept telling him that i want him inside me. D:!!! ¬_¬

I think I've maybe put this up before but it's just so fantastic:

I'm not really into Kelly Rowland but this performance was so flawless. and she's gorgeous :P

This man is a god:

:D I so would xD

Peace and love

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hushed, but intense...

How I love Gospel Choir :P flexing my vocal chords :D Always good. always.

I'll be there to comfort you, build my world of dreams around you, i'm so glad i found you.

mwa ha ha.

Smells like toast...

You know that Nirvana song, 'smells like teen spirit'? apparently Teen Spirit was a deodourant that was around at the time of the song xD GUFFAW.

Harvey star-jumped at me!!! grrrrr. xDHOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN?!
I don't know why lloyd was loitering on my path home...little disconcerting...i don't think i've seen him walk my way before...i have the awful feeling i'm not safe to be at home now...

am i taking this too far?


BLURGH. not looking forwad to resitting B1a :/ we did that LAST YEAR and i'm gonna have to re-learn it all...gosh i hate science. but i got 38 on it :/ wanna get an A or hopefully an A*...should start revision soon.

Work tomorrow. THEN SLEEPOVER :D me 'n' hattie are gonan watch SawII *the one that opens with the Venus Fly Trap...oh yes.* but then we'll balance it out with Eclipse *from the Twighlight Saga...don't judge me xD* so that we can get to sleep :P
I've got quite a bit of h/w to get i looking forward to starting? not in the slightest. but will i get it done? of course. I am a geek after all.


Need to buy new pj's tomorrow...

ha...i made rachel make this face------> O.o in afternoon registration today...mmm hmm, her face literally grew a capital O, a full stop and a lower case o....:D

I've been pesci for almost 2 weeks *go me* i like shortening Pescitarian *which i still can't spell btw* to Pesci cuz it sounds just like Pesky...i like that word :P it's playfully annoying :D

I get the feeling i may have hampered Lloyd and Tommy rehearsing...Harvey and Danny also...
i'm really hungry. i shouldn't be...i ate about 15 biscuits last night *not literally....*

aw man, Summer, i promise i will NEVER give you peanut butter. EVER. I'm really sorry :'(

i'm gonna have a lie-in tomorrow :P get up about hour to get ready for work is plenty methinks. Methinks is an AMAZING word. i don't care who doesn't like it...

aw, jamie, i looked at Will's pics of you...gutted...xD what on earth possessed him?!?!

hey tommy, 'are you a twat?" xD GUFFAW.

Reckon i'm gonna go apply a second coat of varnish now...GRRRREEEEEEEEEEN...

ha, just call me Kaytei Green...seems Emily and I are married being tired..never a good combination xD

I've got married a lot recently.

Peace and love
p.s Jamie, I got him again!! that chuck bloke xD i put in my post from 6/10/09...just re-reading old stuff...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Will you take me away?

I love Hello Helicopter by Motion City Soundtrack :)

my ankle hurts...i wonder why...DOING!!

Missed half of 1st latin *yay* fell asleep in history *nay* IT was a dossing doss and last latin wasn't any better. I don't really like Thursdays. as a rule. sometimes there are exceptions :P

For anyone who didn't gather yesterday, i've tattooed myself. yup. ftr, i don't recommend it...feck painful. if you're serious about a tattoo get it done professionally xD
I'm quite pleased with it though :P i went over it for the third time this hurts more every time :'(
Hope it wasn't a mistake xD

I feel like yelling and jumping around but i can't think of anything to say :( what a pity.

i read that it'll take 2 weeks to heal completely, during which time i'm not allowed to submerge it but must keep it very, very clean. cleansing 3x daily. it's all pretty obvious really.

yeah, that's pretty much everything from me...

Peace and love

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


One new idea,
Ink, needle and too much time,
Quite a big mistake.

Ouch. So, if something hurts the first time, you know it's probably gonna hurt worse the second time. Was it worth it? not sure.

Anyway, how are you?

My mouth tastes like chilli and strawberry jam. hmm.

I went to look at another tab and you have no idea how long i just took to fund this again...maybe i should have read them rather than clicking randomly.

Jamie I read through your updated script and i can't believe you used this word:

Word of the Day for Monday, October 4, 2010

nympholepsy \NIM-fuh-lep-see\, noun:

1. A frenzy of emotion, as for something unattainable.
2. An ecstasy supposed by the ancients to be inspired by nymphs.

so weird. i only got that a couple days ago.


My ankle, it hurts,

I know it's only my fault,

Still, I need to blame.

Ah wells, could be worse and then some. omgosh, george ruined the emily i made in english :( i did it a couple weeks ago and she kept it and then george doodled all over it so she ripped it up :'( sucks.

hope i have choir tomorrow. feel like a good old sing-song, i do ;P

I'm so properly gutted that i can't come to fright night :( i was really looking forward to that. ah wells, maybe another time.

no use crying over spilt milk...although i spill milk all the time at work so i wouldn't cry about it anyway...where the heck am i going with this? hmmm.

I'm...yeah, i dunno xD this post started incoherently and there's no reason to end it any differently, eh?

Peace and love


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rob's Golden Eyebrows

WHOA!!! :O i swear they literally blew my mind xD

What is Love? Does it even exist? Just a couple of things covered in school today xD

I reckon that 'being in love' can feel different every time you fall...and sometimes with hindsight you can find that you were mistaken about falling at all. I don't think you can really know when you're in love, you just know when something feels right...or wrong :/ hmmm...i guess what you really need is patience.

I've been so tired today :( think i'll have an early night actually. oooh!! New Apprentice starting tomorrow *yay*. xD

Anyone see the inbetweeners last night? xD out of the four of them i think simon's like 'the ordinary one' cuz jay's a 'player' Neil's a bit dumb and Will's a complete pratt. In this series Simon's just been embarrassed so much. honestly, watching last night's episode was REALLY cringe-worthy.

Probably ought to get going.


Peace and love

Monday, 4 October 2010


Really rather pleased with how i did on my english essay :D Ha, Ange told me that i didn't really need to read all of Jane Eyre...and I didn't and I did pretty darn good :D *hammy grammar*
perfect weather to fly

I don't really like leaving books's like leaving a cupboard a-jar...feels wrong, you know?

SO, i have to do math h/w for tomorrow, i only have one question left but it looks REALLY hard :/
I also need to do the history sheet which i have yet to even look at. go me. ¬_¬

The Inbetweeners is on tonight :) i'm not a fan of reeeeeeeaaally crude comedy but i reckon that this has teen angst and awkward-ness down to a t. *i've never understood that expression* One of my fave moments in this series was when Simon had a massive hissy fit at his parents who watched him practicing his model walk xD

I properly love that song now:) there's nothing that i wouldn't do to make you feel my love.
I really love Cold Shoulder by Adele as line 'whenever you look at me, i wish i was her...' yeah, that gets me :P

Hey summer, i think i sort of get the fish tail plait...sort of :o
i do it with two pieces and then take a section from one side to the other, sorta like a french plait...

I put my hair in two fish-tail plaits last night *which btw took FECK-ages!! the curse of long hair...* so when i took them out this morning my hair was so frizzy xD not helped by the rain either. GUFFAW.

goodness, i can't stand the rain.

I properly love this song:

Makes me smile a lot :D
it's the kinda song you can just sorta bob along to :P

Ange isn't home from work yet :/ blurgh. i haven't seen him all day and i barely saw him yesterday. it's really gonan suck when he buggers off to uni next year. actually, he might not end up going...he says that it's just not really for him. Thing is, I get that but Ange is really clever and if he just worked at getting a degree then he could chill out and do other stuff and have some decent qualification to fall back on.

I don't like science.

i wasnt to do english lit and language
psychology and summat else at A-level but i haven't a clue what i could do with that.

I chose triple science and then realised somewhere along the line that actually, I REALLY don't like it. very foolish.

one line i like from a song by katy're so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal xD

LOVE that song

Sorry, I should really stop putting so many vids in these why i've started doing that recently actually.

i oughta get going really....

Peace and love

Sunday, 3 October 2010

my head reeeaaaa-lly hurts :(

I'm going out now

i of two town visitations today. i'm shopping, then coming home for lunch the going out again after noon to meet my friend matt who i've not seen in absolutely bloody ages!! and THEN i will do homework. i get the feeling that it would probably have been wise to have done some during the week. ah wells, too late now.

i'm off. BYE.

Peace and love
p.s is anyone else bored of x-factor already?
p.p.s have you heard joe mcelderry's new single? meh. it's listenable but honestly, what is with the fecking autotune that EVERYONE seems to be so into? seriously, he could actually sing really well but instead he uses technology to make himself sounds like everyone else. wow.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

When's the world supposed to be ending?

something of december 2012? or something?
i dunno...just some stuff i wanna do first. i think that if the world's ending at least we'll all go together...i'd hate to grow really, really old and have to watch everyone i've ever loved die around me.


i'm feck-tired. yes, that's a word, hyphonated but still a word. feck-tired. i hope i get an excuse to write that in an exam xD

i've written, 'saucey wench' in english coursework before *smug*

dang, work was hard today :( doesn't help when everyone else is shirking their duties. right, i actually hate myself for just saying that since it makes me sound so utterly pretentious and up myself.
kevin made me clean the table legs!! the table-legs. jayz. it was almost the end of the day and there weren't many customers out in the dining area so we were just getting everything clean but honestly, i was on my hands and knees scrubbing. i'd been working since 10 *it's about 5.15 by this time* and i'm made to clean the table legs! who even LOOKS at the table legs?!?!? no one's going to eat off the table legs!!! argh. right, i'm gonna starts breathing again now. and not being so hett-up and crazy-mad. dang, loads o' h/w tomorrow. nooooooooooooo.

omgosh, i don't know whether it was my mind playing tricks on me cuz i was so tired but i swear that every other man eating at the café today sounded just like mr. bean. GUFFAW.

so, h/w tomorrow, plus wanna buy summat and meeting matt at 1. i should manage to get everything done with time to spare. if on monday morning you see me pulling out my hair you'll know that i didn't manage to get anything done.

i hope i get my english essay back on monday :) i handed it in a week early so i thought that i'd gte it back a week early...unfortunately this was not the case. it was the jane eyre one btw...hope i've done alright...i think i found this one the hardest. although the prep that mrs. gibbs did with us was really good.
I miss having mrs. doar but i love mrs. gibbs too :P i think that the english department at county's really good, seriously, we have great teachers!!

awwwwww, cutest kids at the café today :P one little blonde boy who had the cutest curls and a lil ginger girl with chubby cheeks and chocolate sauce around her mouth xD

even though i'm just doing my job, it means a lot when people say 'thank you' HOWEVER when men say, 'thankyou, darling'...lil uncomfortable. >:[ i'm not their 'darling' grrr.

SO, i watched The Boat That Rocked last night. fecking AWESOME film with SOOOOOOOo many brilliant people in it...recommended :D
and then i watched The Bucket List which starrs two of my favey actors for they are pure brilliance, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman :D i liked this film...sort of fell asleep through a bit in the middle *i was tired!!!* but i'd liek to see it again, very good :D

I feel like i'm forgetting something that might be important. hmmmm....

anyways, I reckon i'm gonna go and finish my dinner now :P oooh, Merlin's on in twenty minutes.

i hope the world doesn't end too soon, it's just getting to the good bit :)

Peace and love
p.s rob really reminds me of the lead singer of The Wombats...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Smooooooth Operator

I have no IDEA why that's been in my head today :o

also, loveing, 'what part of forever' by cee lo green...apparently, it was used for the credits in the latest twilight film.
How dare they take something I love so much and take a whizz on it. grrrrr.
I've seen the first two twilight films and they're ok but i honestly don't understand the excitement they cause. yes, taylor lautner does look good with his shirt off. *don't tell hattie i said that, she'd be too happy that i agree.* but honestly, objectifying men? a lil primitive perhaps?
oh and how anyone can find rob pattinson good looking when he is supposed to be DEAD i will NEVER understand. grrrrr. he looked good in the goblet of fire :P
so, what happened today? what did happen actually? :S erm...OOH, ange's birthday and he opened his presents before school today so me 'n' mart were only just on time. BUT THAT'S FINE!! *didn't damage my 100% attendance-lilvictory* Angie dearest bought 'the boat the rocked' today so we're going to watch it tonight. has rhys ifans in it. *and numerous other people from whom awesomosity exudes* love rhys ifans, is he not a divine speciman of man? xD mwa ha ha ha and what did i just say about objectifying men? ahem, he's a great actor too, very, er...talented. :P

so, today, i've been a door. and a whore.
ahahahaha...i made a rhyme *smug*
GUFFAW, 'mummy, what's fucking?' ahaha, tommy, you cheeky bitch!

it sucks when awesome people get such lil recognition

i love brett dennen. he does loads for the mosaic project 'n' everything...what a lovvie.

i feel like i'm forgetting something-somehow.

make the most of this life :P
work tomorrow, and jenny's *jenny B* starting :)

oooh, EVERYBODY i had Tea and Toast last night ;) i realised that despite the name of my blog, i'd never eaten tea and toast together...I thought,' this must be remedied.' indeed. 'twas good :)
satori...what i get on a daily basis. sudden enlightenment xD of course, it's specific to Zen Buddhism but maybe, just maybe I am a Zen Buddhist. I'm not, of course. but how can you be so sure? ooooooooooooooooh.

I wrote LOADS yesterday and nobody commented. woe is me. nah, not for reals or anything...i'm only kidding, pulling yer leggy 'n' all that.

oooh, JAMIE! I finished Fight Club on wednesday evening. the single most disturbing thing I've EVER read. you must feel proud for freaking me out xD hmm, i wasn't bored at all throughout it which make a change from some of my girly authors who 'take forever to say nothing' *nicked that from the simpsons-lilvictory* Very well written, liked it a lot but made me feel ill a couple times. O.o

looking forward to frightnight..dunno if it's even happening for definite but could be good, yes? sooo fun last year! i think i'll dress warmer this time though...proper coat not just some silly jacket. maybe ma DM's. love them so much :P

ANTI-PROM, Summer Jasmine Jackson, you WONDERFUL creation!! xD *i know you don't like your middle name but middle-naming people is fabby anyways and yours is especially fanny since it's aliteration with yer surname :]*

Feeling much better today :P i reckon i've pretty much shaken this cold :D *yay-lilvictory*

feck load of h/w to do tonight....NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

and sunday:P

seeing matt on sunday! should be good:P haven't seen him in eons since our youth group's off now :/
gosh, i've rambled a lot today...sorry to waste your time like that, i feel a lil guilty now :/

anyhooble, have a good weekend darlings!
Peace and love
p.s Hattie gave me a beard today...i looked so fine :P