Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I'm loving this song so much right now!!

I think it's reminiscent of The Police and it's about the best thing that's been in the chart for a while. Something mainstrean that isn't about Da Club or whatever other shallow crap they often come up with...anyways, i really like this song, like a freaking lot :P It's not often that music genuinely excites me and i find something I love :D

Ooooh and this is a really great video for the first song from I'm With You by he Red Hot Chili Peppers...so much love :D but please anthony, shave the tash???

or not, still gorgeous :D

Peace and love
p.s pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase snow!! i know it's inconvenient but i LOVE snow so much...

Friday, 27 January 2012

I think this is the mp3/4 player i wanna get....

LinkThis One!!

I thought that was vital stuffs for sharing :P

I got new knickers, shaving foam, cleansing wipes, shorts and a skirt today :D That's the most i've bought for myself in one go for a while!!

Summer, I got the skirt that i hoisted up under my dress the other day xD and those cute black short shorts :D and i got the primark wipes so i'll tell you how good/bad they are when i get around to trying 'em out :)



It's the weeeeeeekkkkkkeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnndddddd
and i have work tomorrow... feck. actually, it'll be ok, i'll just sneak hot chocolates whilst i'm working again...heheheh

Peace and love
p.s at least it's not raining!

Monday, 23 January 2012


"I hate it when all i hear is you hanging up"


So yeah, today happened...it began, there was a middle and at some point later it will end...

I have not done my coursework...I'm a procratinating fool.

BUT good news...

I now do SOMETHING in Guys and Dolls...it's not exactly a line but in the middle of one of the songs, i kind of gasp and fake faint xD *yeah* you have no idea how pleased i am...honestly, simple things, simple minds 'n' all that jazzful stuff.

So glad italian isn't on tuesdays anymore, you have no idea!! a whole extra hour to do stuff...just stuff! that's awesome :D

my mittens were really nice to wear today btw :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Going home soon...

Today's been a really good day, it's pretty sad that it actually has to end :/ regret for something that's still yet to happen...hmmm.

i bought new mittens today, i will be shoving them in your face tomorrow...they are the warmest, snuggest thing ever *smug face*

Town Dwharf...i would say "i'll explain" but i hve no intention.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

There ain't nothing like your smile

I feel like i'm repeating myself, but there you go.

I agree with Summer, being ill sucks :( i feel tired and headachey and my throat hurts. GIVE ME SYMPATHY GODDAMMITT

trying and failing to do italian work which has been put off for about a month already...lord loves procrastination :P

I love DMCs with my gal pal :)

Peace and love

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dear Summer,

I hope you feel better soon, I missed you today :/ Lit was boring without you and tutor felt empty....apart from all the guys yelling 'chode' :P you didn't really miss anything major though so you don't have to worry about that, just focus on getting better so i can have a hug soon :D *selfishness* miss you xxxx

today was tiring. 6 lessons and quite a bit of writing...i'm so sleepy. urgh, guys and dolls lunch and after school tomorrow :O that's gonna be fun....hmmm

i reckon i'm going to go and rest my eyelids for a sec, not sleep...you know, just a rest :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Avec mon beau


Chez Adam :P I am currently stealing his electricity and interwebs in order to reach my adoring public via das blog, ja?

French, english and German, I'm one multi-lingual mother hubbard xD

We've been chilling and atcually got some h/w done too, that's right, i can multi task, screw you society!!!
So yeah, today's been a pretty darn good day, i enjoyed cycling here and i do't really wanna leave but i got a good feeling about tonight seeing as my h/ws done and i'm very content. things is, this is actually working, we motivate each other more than we distract each other, we've acualy got work done *smug face*

called tommy this morning :) just a lil chat but it's always good to catch up :P i caught him in the middle of making a bagel :P

gotta get going :)
from a very happy kaytei,
Peace and love
p.s went jogging on friday for 40 minutes, felt awesome!!! :D

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Say Hello...

Like the make over?

Well tough because i do so it's staying :D I think they're sequins but it looks sorta like streetlights shining through rain on a wind screen when you're stuck in a traffic jamb at night...not to be overly specific or anything :P

I was dressed in Zumba-attire today although it wasn't on...i'm not complaining, i got to wear trackies 'n' trainers and then spent 5th chatting with peoples, vair productive :)

i've done some psychology today and i'll get on with my history essay soon :( i've put it off until the last minute, it can be avoided no longer...

Adam came round this morning and he was really early too...i really appreciate that :P we chatted and napped and it was a lovely lazy start to the day...reminded me of this song:

cheesey, i know...but i love it

well, roll on real return to school tomorrow when i have more than one lesson xD

Peace and love
p.s a while aog i asked for idea for a new sign out but i never got any suggestions and now it's been too long to change it...ah wells.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Okay so pretentious resolution here i come:

Make things happen.

I know it's vague, deliberately so...but i figured that i have 363 days left in which i can work on stopping waiting and starting making things happen instead. there's one thing i really want this year but i can't say because i don't want to jinx it. I'll tell you if it happens!!
I know if it's worth being a resolution maybe i should be doing it already but sometimes it's hard to get motivated and this is a nice excuse so don't be too cynical, eh? :P
Also, this year I'll be 18 *christ that's scary...i barely feel out of primary*
Oh and also the rapture's coming...you might wanna pick up a brolly, gonna be stormy! :P
In closer 2012 news, we're all back at school come wednesday and i've still got lots of work to do...it's my own fault but really, i think it's worth it. Last holiday I felt knackered and shite when i got back to school because i was busy busy every day but this time round i've rested and taken some me time. I did another painting! I got an easel for christmas and set it up on boxing day! I hadn't a clue what I was going to paint but i had a blank canvas and remembered Rolf Harris saying to kill the white with colour, just get rid of all the blankness and work from there :P I'm actually really pleased with it :)

btw, have you ever thought of the honesty of a sneeze? most of the time people are in one way or another hiding parts of themselves but you can't really control a sneeze...you can't hid that. it's just this explosion of a kind of child-like vulnerability...you'd never believe something so beautifully fragile could be found in a sneeze.

or maybe you think that's BS but whatever...

hmmm, looks like I just made a plan, see, i'm making things happen already! *smug face*

Peace and love