Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cod Echo

Happy Halloween :D that's me trying to be scary :P oh yeah. caz had lots of fake blood all over her xD town was really good today, we did a gathering and we haven't done one in eons!! so, let's have a think and hope i haven't forgotten anyone! there was ME, summer, Hattie, LZ, Tommy, Simon, Caz, Daniel, George and Ben. This is the order that they turned up in...well...summer should go first but only cuz she came early!! xD hair's got really long...or was that cuz i was bending forward slightly to form my menacing, 'run before i eat you' pose...

can't believe my folks didn't even buy a pumpkin this year. i'm actually gutted...

I have a practice essay to write for english. for tomorrow. goody.
I've had 1/2 a cheese scone...a mars bar and a marshmallow today...i'm really quite hungry.

i really want to see paranormal activety...the first one...appaz the second one's a bit sort of does the same as the first but it's not as shocking cuz it's the sequel...and it has a different director and i'm always a bit doubtful about how good a film is if the original director doesn't want to stick with it...

OH. Cod Echo because that's what i had to write to publish my comment on jamie's blog :P really good story btw, if you have yet to check it out...yeah...make sure you do


skip the 1st's just an intro :/ such a catchy song :D!!


watch armstrong and miller last night?!?! so good xD i <3 alexander armstrong
i like the dancing... i need to learn that intro xD

omgosh, i watched some of elton john last night on the beeb :P he did this song which i just love :P

such a gorgeous song :D don't judge me!! i can just imagaine eloise's disapproving glare now xD

i also really like maggie may by rod there...

Peace and love
p.s boo

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