Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Can't i just go to sleep?

....that's pretty much it...

Peace and love

Monday, 28 November 2011

What's green and has wheels?


I was lying about the wheels....mwa ha ha.

Been a while Blogisphere, i see that a rather serious debate over gender has arisen in my absence.

Well, just to stick my oar in:
I hate girls because:
1. They wear too much make up.
2. They worry too much.

I hate guys because:
1. They complain when girls don't wear make up and maintain a 'perfect' appearance.
2. They make girls worry too much.

ok...i could carry on with that, or i could complain about the fact that i have a cold....hmmmm....

what's worse is EVERYONE has one so my school is just a breeding ground for disease and eventually know it's true!....kinda...*shifty eyes*

urgh, continuation exam tomorrow :( i'm very tired of examination on the matter of continuing....hmmm. i'm pretty tired in general, no shakespearian wonderment from me today i'm afraid :s

I shall see you upon the morrow, or maybe later :P

Peace and love

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Okayzeys, for real this time...

I reckon i'll be in school tomorrow. I'm not perfect but i wasn't to begin with so i guess i can survive school. Besides, I really can't stand another day of sitting around the house doing nothing. i'm not kidding, i'm so fracking bored. I've read 1 1/2 books in two days because i have nothing else to do. I haven't washed my hair since Thursday *which is when my mum washed it for me anyway* because i've been too tired. whenever i'm not moving from lesson to lesson i'll be sitting down and resting. I am so tired.
I went to the doctor on Friday and all they could say is that i might *FREAKING MIGHT!!!* have a viral infection but they can't really say for sure, all they told me to do was rest and drink water and eat simple food like bread, cereal and pasta. and they gave me some ibuprofen gel to rub on my back.

I haven't taken any pain killers today so far and none yesterday, after the first couple of days, i was completely dosed up and it's just not healthy to be dependent on pills so i'm trying real hard to go without. i'm a lot less dizzy than i've been anyways so i don't need em too much* my appetite's quite a bit better too :) over the first two days i barely scraped 1000 calories...which is about a quarter of what i should have had for two days....:(

anyways, enough moaning and moping and feeling bad for myself, i can't wait to see you again, i expect hugs from EVERYONE, i've really missed you, i've been fecking lonely at home!!!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thinking I should be back tomorrow

but if i'm not talkative don't blame me...
ok, i'm not really into self indulgent whinging but humour me, please?
my head aches, my tummy aches, my back is KILLING me. I have like no appetite and i'm so thirsty but water doesn't fit...if that makes any sense??

i want a hug :(

Peace and love

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Oh wow.

Haven't really considered the mortality of myself or that of my friends and family in that much depth for a while. I cried through the whole thing.
I don't care if this sounds cheesey, deal with it, i don't know whta i'd do without any of you, i love you.

Peace and love

Monday, 7 November 2011

English in a maths classroom...

like raping Shakespeare.

See, i told you it was massively innappropriate and not all that funny....still, smug face!

i put a peg on it so it doesn't go soft....*smug face*
i was talking about cereal though, i swear...i mean, just for a second, imagine the implications if i was being you can stop imagining...and for the nightmares? YOU'RE WELCOME.

sense much?


currently avoiding all h/w. not too taxing, i just can't get motivated...
today's been a pretty long day, that's all i'm saying. i know a lot of other people were in the same boat with 5 periods but i had a lunch lesson too!! granted, it only lasted say ten minutes, if that but still, i had to walk all the way to A37...effort.
adam came by after school though :D mmm, his cuddles just make the days so much better. come on, today was long and hard *!* and sometimes you just really, really need a hug.
ok, ought to start being Celie right about now....
btw, parents have reserved telly and are getting it tomorrow....yay, we're FINALLY getting a new telly!!! hd, lcd, built in freeview and 42"!!! i'm so happy! please let everything work out, don't get my hopes up then let me down. i want a new telly.
define: dildo

Peace and love

Sunday, 6 November 2011


i'm so freaking pissed. my phone is NOT working right and this is NOT fair and what is most annoying is that the nokia shop in town has closed so i don't know what the feck i'm actually going to do. this always happens. whenever i get something nice it gets wrecked. i don't know why the feck i fecking bother. why try to get a nice phone when i just fucks itself?!? this is so frustrating. i now have one day in which to fix this, do all my homework and get christmas presents. i hate how life gets in the way of living.

Peace and love


My phone's been sent away to the carphone warehouse help centre and for the fortnight's meantime in which it's being fixed, i'm using my spluttery ol' samsung -_-' frustration....

bought mum's christmas present though :P v pleased with it!
ahoy there

apologies for the abundance of vulgarity in my language...i was rather vexed earlier :s xxx

Friday, 4 November 2011

You can't sob and suck simultaneously

I'll let you think about that one.

Today was eventful, found myself praying a lil more than in at all.

Thanks everyone.

i hurt. it's...

i all of it.

Peace and love

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Deal with it.

Summer :P

aaah, today was alright, pretty busy, hence the current avoidance of homework...
Should do some soon, not much on telly tonight so i might it then....maybe *eyes narrow*

mmm, not actually a lot to say, sorry about this :S
breathe out, so i can breathe you in.

I know that everyone reading this blog is into completely different music from me, but i love this song and it needs more people to hear it:

I remember when this was massive! haven't heard it in a while...xD


Peace and love

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

as long as you're trying, i'm staying.

think i heard that in a song a way back...i think it just means quite a lot in the way that things aren't ever really perfect in anything in this life because it isn't a perfect world, in fact it's hideously flawed but the beautiful things are worth waking up for...

not sure where i'm really going with that tbh...


they sell lil cuddly elmos in the entertainer :) not that i browse around the entertainer...or want a cuddly elmo or anything...*shifty eyes*

ah, elmo makes me smile :) spent first period busting moves around my you do....summer jackson, you secret ninja and all around awesome person, i love my CDs :D thank you xxx

rupert, you're beplaited form was a major improvement and i'm personally offended that you disagree. *wish there was an emoticon to say nya nya nya nya nya in a childish-mock....*

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

shrewd/SHro͞od/ Adjective: 1. Having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

You're Welcome :)

Alright my lover??

so, bought cheap halloween sweets post halloween *win* i love haribo :P

didn't totally feck up in I-talian today...always nice to not mortify yourself!

Carved my first ever pumpkin with martin yesterday :) we made it look like Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas and I was rather please with it, and then we toasted marshmallows in him *yeah* flaming sugar makes me happy.

omgosh, mr. bond smushed a poor, defenseless leaf-bug in history today; further cementing my dislike for him :( me and jenny had name him jeremy...just before he was crushed before our very eyes :'( i'll miss that lil guy, he had pluck, i'll tell you that much for free!

it's hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.

house rowing was fail but i loved it anyways :P bad dance music and competition...glorious.

anyways, i shall bid you farewell you beautiful creatures!

Peace and love