Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cymru Mark 4

Hello from Wales :D
And there is sunshine!! Don't know how long it'll last so I'll just tske whatever they give me right now :P
It feels good to be home, y'all. I have said this so many times before but until it stops being true, I'll keep saying it; I feel an incredible affinity with Wales and Holyhead in particular, an immense feeling of peace just swells in my chest and everything else melts away. Work and college and results day *eep* all kinda melt away .

We arrived at about 1/2 4 this afternoon and I've been chilling with the GrandFolks :P

Read an interesting article about the 'surrendering wife' -_-'
To  be a housewife instead of persuing one's own career is not to 'surrender' it is a bloody choice and i wish women would stop hating on other women for this particular choice.This article implied that to support one's husbadn in his persuits was somehow regressive. Frankly, I find it a lil regressive for womankind for women to be launching such an attack on other women. This isn't feminism this is anti-feminism. Woman are entitled a choice, the same as everyone else and whatever is done with such choice ought to be respected.

Sorry, got a lil caught up there...anyways, then I had some dinner, visited Nan and then took a lovely long bath :) I washed my hair, shaved my legs, exfoliated and then painted my toe nails. I feel lovely and pampered and relaxed. All is well.

As of yet there are no concrete plans for tomorrow but I think that for as long as the weather is nice we should really make the most of it and that means BEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAACH! and finally an excuse to christen my new bikini :) I bought it on sale in January and have been dying for an excise to wear it xD

Spent a lovely last night in England with Adam :) Just  chilled, watched telly and giggled together :) <3

I've been to my first ever festival. Not all of Refest was amazing but what was great was bloody fricking great so it's all in the balance really I suppose :)
Also, RuFest was pretty cool :D Apparently i like to cook when i've been drinking but no one was complaining xD

Speak soon <3

Peace and love

Friday, 20 July 2012

Gave Blood!! :O

hello all :D feeling a lil faint still :/ i'm not allowed to donate again for a year because i got quite faint this time- they said it was because i'm 'petite'...very nicely phrased :) i feel good that i've done it but yeah...lil ill feeling :s lying down, drinking water and eating plenty. avoiding heavy lifting, walking around and standing too long. That sounds almost like the 'likes/dislikes' of a dating add...
but hey, i got free crisps xD

They're sending me a blood donor card in about 2 weeks so that's when i'll find out what blood type i am :) the two most common are O+ and A+_ so chances are i'll be one of those...but you never know :P

apparently there'll be bruising because they had to adjust my needle and knowing how easily i bruise, it may just look pretty darn horrific...

I got 2 stickers....welljel...:D  *smugface*

Peace and love

Thursday, 19 July 2012

So it's pretty much the Summer...

Not entirely sure how i got from last year to where I am. How exactly did i do 4 As and then the exams and get to here so freaking quickly? and just why will i be doing it all again so soon?

But before then is a weekend of raving with my best friends. can't wait :)

ooh and I'm giving blood tomorrow, please wish me luck, i'm actually relaly quite scared but then also in a place of calm naivity because i'm not quite sure of what to really expect.

Anger is like a hot stone-holding onto it will only burn your own throw it at someone instead :D

also, it's not about time, it's just the timing. FUCKING TIMING. when have you ever been on my side?

I love you xxx

Peace and love

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I swear..

self diagnosis things online always just tell me I'm dying :(
it's kinda mean frankly, i'd never say that to them...

bought some medicines yesterday...I have a weird spray for my throat with a nozzle that actually goes right down my throat and a syrup which tastes like sweet nail varnish remover :[ it's foul.

'life is far too short to be ill.' tell that to my fucking throat. i get coughing fits that keep me up all night and make me wheezy and i take medicine which makes me drowsey.

i don't actually know how i made it through work yesterday.
it's looking less and less likelyt hat i'll be better for tuesday though...don't think i'll be able to do house sports :/ i was almost looking forward to it as well.

you always break the kindest hearts

I'm watching ryan gosling...he helps make me feel better :) blue valentine still makes me cry.

Peace and love

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Drown out the noise

I found a little piece of perfect,
It was beauty to behold.
But the fragment isn't mine
And it's wrong, or so I'm told,
I'll wait on the shore
Just incase you come back
With something so perfect,
I can't return to what I lack.
Waves are calling and crashing.
Right now I should be home.
Somehow I keep on walking.
All that was precious is all that is gone.

I found a siren with such grace and poise,
A beautiful siren's screaming to drown out the noise.

Peace and love
p.s yes, i really did just write a sonnet. deal with.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

:( just downloaded a virus. seriously praying i can fix it up, feel quite stressed and sick about it. don't ever do anything to do with 'pc optimizer pro' :'(
please don't die laptop...please.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Student Council

Is going fine i spose.
urg. Just ran down to get the post hoping there'd be something for me...but one cares :O maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That's about it for my lovely lil life right now

Peace and love