Thursday, 29 March 2012

I feel offended that i should have to prove i'm not a robot....just saying...

I feel like a better person just because i watched that Blake Bliss video Summer :) xx

I wrote an essay on sunday, monday, yesterday and again today....-_-' huuuuuuuuuuuffffff

'School seems to get in the way of life' - something said offhand to mr. bramwells that has actually found itself into my report xD ahahaha
So, I gotta make some coursework edits tonight, wrote a crappy history 5th period and did peer evaluation in englishes...but do you knwo what? none of that matters. i got in from school, had some oreos *rupert, they're only 49p in tesco :D* and some coffee and rewatched the episode of napoleon dynamite that i'd seen this tuesday....toomuchcool

I really like that song although the ending's really lazy...

Also, so much love right now for:

and seriously, self-hatred for liking this one :(


:D okayze, have probably bombarded you with as much cheesey chart stuffs as you can take right now, i promise you arty, abstracty stuff to make it up at some point in the future :D

btw, if you think i'm teemy, i've grown :D 5ft 5" hellz yeah...not my fault if you're freakishly tall...

Peace and love
p.s if you get time give a listen to The Wonder Villains :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

I'm fragging tired of writing essays :(

Got in from school today to find there wasn't a dot of sunshine in my back garden :( so i headed down to the river instead...i took my history work so i don't feel too lazy. I even read on in the text book just to spite mr. bond, can't wait to never see him again. *forrealsface*
Gosh I loe the sunshine, it's like everything's kinda...better...
You know that gnoring, tight-dread feeling that clings around your heart and chokes you from your core? Sunshine melts it away. I'm feeling good for the first time in a week but it's still not the same. I can smile and be happy and life is...good but i still don't feel comfortable and effortless like i did before and i can't help but feel like i'm just not going to for quite a while. but it's okay because i can see an end to this. and one day it'll be alright. it'll never be quite perfect again. it'll never be a fairytale again. maybe it never was to begin with but i believed it and now it's gone. and that hurts. but when something is truly destroyed you can either let the rubble fester away, scarring the landscape with a memory that'll never quite fade into the sepia tone of sweet nostalgia OR you can begin rebuilding. you can create something more beautiful and better than was ever there before. and with the sunshine it will grow and blossom and you will feel better.

well, that's the hope anyway.
wow, i feel as though i've been mute all this time and am finally finding my tongue, just now after tears of veritable silence.
A toast to tomorrow.

Peace and love
p.s Congratulations Rupert ;)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Everything I knew was fake.
Everything I trusted was a lie.
Everything's in these pills I take.
Counting the hours til I die.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ah, today was freaking sweet :D

RAG week: Your favourite fictional character...

Lady Dracula :P

Hellz Yair

We looked so badass, c'mon Corpse Bride, Two Face, Sweeny Todd and RupertInASuit.

I love dressing up, i'm not gonna lie, it's one of my all time favourite things :P we need more charity days at school :)

I'm not really sure what we'll end up doing exactly but i really want a lady gaga theme for my 18th b'day party :) i'm thinking full on costumes, loads of her music and a dance routine *Summer you're in charge of that!!* i think telephone has a really great routine and it'd be cool to do a take on that methinks but you're official choreographer

wooo, i think my dinner's finally done :D wahey!! i'm so fragging hungry, i could eat an entire....mcdonald's...bricks, employees, window panes...oh and the food too :D
could actually seriously go for burger...might take martin on sunday, makes me feel less guilty about pigging out if i make it a hanging out with mart thing :P

This weekend, i need to do homework, fix coursework and FILE MY FREAKING PAPERS!!! gargh.

Peace and love

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Summer already knows

about my horrible dream last night :/ i woke up crying and for a good five minutes, i didn't realise it was a dream. i was completely distraught. so today i just really wanted a cuddle.

today was a good day, chilled 'n' comfy...pj's need to be more acceptable in public, they're the absolute best.

today really was a good day...

Peace and love

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I hate history

:( i feel so alienated from school, i just can't get on with it right now at all :s i'm not progressing with mr. bond at all, i just get the same freaking mark every single time i write an essay for him and it's no good, i do everything he tells me to do and my mark stays the same. and he says it's a good essay so how the fuck am i losing 1/3 of the marks...i just feel crap. sorry. i'm more annoyed about not improving than the actual mark itself because i convince myself that i've done a good job and that maybe this time it'll be better but it's just as shite as ever.
i'm so tired...physically but also just in general really...i just need a break from every little nothing. friday, saturday and sunday were feck-awesom and this week has just been the biggest crash ever.
i have an essay for lit tomorrow...urgh...i don't wanna....

i'm in a really dumb miserable mood, ignore me, please, i'm spouting utter rubbish to use emotion-focused coping strategy: venting. it makes me feel momentarily better but considering what i have to do i still feel a bit crap and should proabably do something useful at some point in the near future...

Peace and love

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Birthday Summer :)

Hope you had a really lovely day babes :P

I found the song i like from easy a :) can't believe it's by natasha bedingfield!!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Major Love For This Song

Peace and love
p.s Hampton Court was awesome yesterday :P

Thursday, 1 March 2012

useful site

has commentary on every poem in skirrid hill :)

Peace and love