Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well, i'm in a FANTASTIC mood :)
Frozen hands and frozen feet...and a frozen nose when i got home today but we broke up at 2.30 :P *yayyayayayayayayay*
There is snow, and is it not the prettiest sight?? rooftops sprinkled with icing sugar :P love it so much.
I'm hoping school will be on tomorrow...if it is, i'm wearing DM's :) how cool, ja??
me 'n' ange and martin are gonna make mini iglus tonight and put candles in them...they look amazing!! all glowing and gorgeous when they're done!
mmmm, wouldn't be fabulouse for just one night to sleep under the stars in the snow? vair cold but wouldn't it just be marvellous?

I need to eat now.
oooh, i forgot, i bought a cake in the cake sale and saved it for when i get home...*score*

nice spare :P
...no one's gonna get that...i don't think.

Peace and love

Monday, 29 November 2010

My friendship with Eloise

What a peculiar thing.
It seems to be a series of her various ways of assaulting me held together by me complaining about them and us laughing til we can't speak or do anything else...
Let's start from the beginning of today par exemple:
She made me row 4000m in PE....
She spent the first of two english lessons writing this joke:
Why do snails always come in groups of 6.02x10...to the power of 23? *i don't know how to write that properly*

Because they are mole-uscs!

What a nerdy joke...pretty good but very nerdy nonetheless.

At lunch I was sat next to her on a table doing an awful impression of her saying, 'i'm gonna change the world with my comedy and be a mind blowing comedienne....'etc.
To which she responded by shoving me OFF the desk...I didn't topple, i actually SLID off the desk because she pushed me so hard ...hurting my bottom in the process.

From time to time she also tries to push me down flights of stairs...
She's put me in a headlock *without prior warning or in fact any suggestion what so ever that this was her intention*
She KNEED me in the CROTCH *fo trying to give her a hug!!!!!* and then to add insult to injury she asked me, 'did it hurt?'

She is infuriating, incapable of friendly gestures of affection and very stubborn *she once tried to convince me that insuperior is actually a word ¬_¬*
but she's hilarious and kind and clever and d'you know what?? I wouldn't have her any other way :P

sucks that she's going elsewhere for 6th form :/

In other, non-Eloise-related news:

Steve loved his b'day present from me and Summer :D
I t was actually his b'day yesterday but we didn't see him cuz it was a sunday...we were gonna do it on friday but then Summer was in Aachen.

It was a very thoughtful present :D full of good judgment and taste....

a poster of five naked ladies :)

Harvey's present arrived this morning!!! I ordered it online and was vair worried it wouldn't arrive in time for wednesday...but it has!! *yay*

This is probably the best post i've done in a while...certainly the longest anyway...

Peace and love

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Harvey is the king of cool :P


so last night was just a little bit
had an awesome night of jumping and screeching and laughing my head off xD SO great to chillax after work!!

offf out to wander 'round town...as is the norm...then to my youth group :) hope elin's in this week, haven't seen her in EONS...y'know, YONKS!! donkeys' years...all that jazz.


raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways :P


*it's on the radio right now!!! *

wap wah oooooooh

who else loved rob's last post?? he was just him :)



where is the moment you need it the most?


Peace and love
p.s LOVE my new hat...'tis blue.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Crazy and Neurotic

Hey y'all!
That's apparently a compliment so i'll take that :D

Drama was majorly awesome today...see, when i chose drama, this is what i was expecting...script work...i LOVE scripted stuff...it's the other stuff i'm not mad about..

I think that nice lady's name was Miss Lebowitz...although i really do stress that i'm not sure, i as trying to read her tag thingy subtley...as in so that it didn't look as thoughi was staring at her chest.

Going to watch The Simpsons...

Peace and love

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Why so much junk mail all of a sudden?

I don't belong to HSBC
I don't any Viagra
I'm not interested in having a Thai bride
And I didn't enter any lotteries!!


my hands are chilly :/ hard to type when you can't move your fingers...just saying...

I really don't have much to say!

I'm majorly looking forward to harvey's this saturday though...gonna be fabby...abby fabby...

my toes are cold too...

I actually contributed to my latin lesson this afternoon...usually i'm pretty passive...i'll listen attentively but i hate talking...even though there's only six of us...it's so QUIET!!! what's really disconcerting is when i can hear jenny's watch ticking...even though i can't hear mine. hmmm.

yup...my hands are actually painfully cold.
ooh. big bang theory's on tonight :P
hopefully i won't get muhc h/w tomorrow! then i can focus on revision and PARTYING...and shopping :P
i actually do need some more tights and then other stuff i have to buy are presents...

ohhh, i should get time for my youth group as well :D


Peace and love
p.s hands are still cold.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010


A number is just a number.

I was born 16.16 years ago. Is that just a number?

What about my experiences? My days of laughing? Hours of crying? What about the things I've seen, heard, tasted, felt? Surely a number isn't just a number. Surely.

I'm not just a statistic am i?

Jamie! It was a full moon when you were born!! that's cool.

To mark my 400th post...my favourite song of right now...

It's a cover of a song by Feist but it's very different...vair chilled :P james actually recorded it in his bedroom...as he did with the whole album actually xD

So, let's think...I've owned this blog for almost four years but i've only really been using it for 2 years. That's mainly because i forgot how to log in...
I think i accidentally made myself a different blog whilst i was trying to log on here...it's still out there in cyberspace somewhere...can't remember what it was called though :P it was made years and years ago though so i doubt there's anything worth noting on there really anyway.

I guess that over 400 posts...my followers here probably have a better grasp than most people of who i am...but then...I wrote these posts and i'm still not sure i get me so maybe not...I've shared some pretty dark stuff...but you've also seen some of my happiest moments...that's pretty special, right there, ain't it? Where do you think i'll be in my next 400 posts?? by then i should be done with gcse's and well into a-levels...i wonder if my hair will be brown again by then...

BTW...Bronde *midway between brunnette and blonde is apparently the in colour for hair right now...so yeah...xD

ooh and also...i brused my teeth left handed last night...and got toothpaste all over my face...i was in rush this morning so i just used my right hand :P
you're welcome.

aw, jenny's a right sweetie...:D she told me that i'm too harsh on myself and that i'm a really good person...it was a bit random but she actually meant it...almost made me cry xD

i hugged everyone on my table before english :D


Peace and love

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Best magazine ever.

First proper magazine *ie...one that wasn't free or out of a newspaper* that i've read in about two and a half years!!

also really expensive :/ £6...but that's cuz it doesn't have any adverts all the way through...and the adverts are the things which really piss me off...

anyways, it's poems by mostly unknown poets alongside visual representations of the poems by mostly uknown illustrators as well as interviews with more famous poets and illustrators... all in all, different from most things I read and very enjoyable...it's fairly new, it's out seasonally and this edition was only the fourth or something...it's A/W and it's the 'This is Modern Living' issue :P

what's more interesting is that you can submit your own work...might have a go at that....but they're not taking anything new until Harvey's birthday...that's just a coincidence btw...they're not waiting for Harvey to turn 16...although...
No...they're not...:P

no out of pure laziness i'm going to write out the shortest poem of the whole lot...it's by Darrel Mager

This is what happens in between emails:

I worry that you've been hit
by the fuselage from a
falling plane

and that I will never see
or hear from you


i gotta admit, i have these irrational panic moments all the time...

like when i was walking to the cathedral last saturday in the rainy dark on my own...it was only 6.40 or something but i was a bit scared. well, i say a 'bit'...i was considering how i could turn to use my brolly in one swift movement as a ninja device to knock out an attacker...
that's not really the same as the poem though, is it?? the poem's saying that people have become so dependent upon and impatient with their technology that being parted from anything other than an instantaneous response is unbearable.

well...i reckon that's all from me for now...off to have some dinner :)

then h/w. oh joy. oh rapture.

Peace and love
p.s any typos? i don't want to know...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Just finished reading The Haunted House
...er...what?? O.o

that mildly confused the hell out of me...

just call me gary btw... :P

aposttrophe is a stupid name for a sandwich bar. it just is. and it makes me angry,.

theatre tonight :P must dress myself...

i made a mistake :s...it's really bad and i don't know what to do....my hair...

off...must go...elsewhere....and such...

blinded by the fog.

Peace and love

Saturday, 13 November 2010

We found...

A wind up dinosaur in the bush...:D


I got to flatten cardboard today. *yay*.
is it really sad to get excited about a £1.20 tip? xD

i did not want to get up today.

beans on toast + strawberry ribena *strawberry ribena is, ftr, an AMAZING drink*
prawn and avocado salad +water.
and then a cookie....

you look like a muffin

and sandwiches

and table....


this was a rubbish post, sorry about that :P

Peace and love

i knwo i don't eat very healthily at work but i am on my feet, lifting and carrying and bending and wiping...and stuff...all day...so i reckon i deserve it. and if not? ah wells...

Friday, 12 November 2010

The only thing i learnt at school today...

...I am not a very good ninja...darn it.

need to wash my hair and change ready for awards evening...I looking forward to it but i'm so vair tired...would like much slepp. <---believe it or not slepp was a purposeful typo because i like the way it sounds...slepp...:P

ooh, the drama rewritten essay i thought i'd done real bad on...i didn't :D i improved rather a lot and am rather pleased!!

i'm cold and i got rained on walking home :/ i really must wash my hair ready for tonight...it must shine beneath the cathedral lights and dazzle...people...and such...

I talk a LOT of utter crap.

my hands are cold.

i'm wearing trackies and a hoodie...plus vest top...over the hoodie...no...that would be silly...hoodie over vest top....:D


Pie and lava
Peace and love
p.s tommy just sent me this....love it:


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bowwwwww Bowwwwwww DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY

Best. Song. Ever

now, prepare yourselves for some major culture...poetry...in Latin...oh yes...I mocked its shortness but then felt hypocrytical ...and i actually quite like it now that i've read it...okay, here it is:

odi et amo. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?
nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

okay, this is not a literal translation but we're told to translate with the english in mind and how it will work...'n' such...anyways, this is what we came up with:

I hate and I love. Perhaps you wonder why I should do that?
I do no know, but I feel it happening and it torchers me.

I like that.

It's by some bloke called Catullus and he didn't name his poems, just numbered them, like Shakespeare and his sonnets...this is number 85.

got everything i needed to for the christmas box :D hope rach brings the other half tomorrow...she will, she's vair reliable :P I got stickers, toothpaste and toothbrush and soap and flannel and bunny and book.

Ok...i did b1a today...i can't bear to ever retake it again so i better do okay this rime around. i mean, i didn't do badly last time, i just thinki can do better. Ben seems to think i'm dumb since i'm retaking though..what i think is dumb is not caring about making the effort to improve when you feel you can. so, screw ben and his cynicism which gets old very, very quickly.

ooooh, Big Bang Theory's on tonight...larrrv it :P
i'm liking the teacher's tashes for Movember, however, i think that as it's a charity thing, raising awareness for prostate cancer, i think that more male teachers should be participating (esp. since 1 in ten guys will get this...that's kinda scary...) and i also think that the female teachers should show will and support the men in school by wearing fake tashes. (i'm well aware that moustache ends in -tache but i like to write tash...since...well...i just do...deal with it)

A moment's silence for remembrance day.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I can't believe i forgot to tell you!!!

Like, two days ago...('like' because i'm not sure) over in the neutral, mountainous, chocolate-bearing country of Switzerland, they got the large hadron collider to do what they wanted it too!!! :O wee all know it failed first time around but this time they've manage to make a mini big bang..wha-wha-wha?!?!? THAT'S AWESOME!!!!! i don't know too much about science but this is fascinating. it's burning with more heat than the core of the sun. wow much?!?! if they can harness the fecking energy...wowzers...plus, if they've made a mini big bang does htat mean that a mini universe is in the process of being made?? or can they see whether we're wrong and there's actually a multiverse....

yeah, i dunno...i've surprisingly not heard that much about it...i think i've probably heard more about x-factor tbh...i still don't believe that katie waissel did porn ftr.

wow, from science to porn, what a diversity of topic my blog presents! *smug*

Harvey as Kitty was major looliage xD

how psyched am i for the mocks?!?!

...i feel like crying -_-' they're in 3 weeks and i feel majorly underprepared!! Far too much to learn and revise plus ordinary h/w. plus, when will teachers realise that SOME of us have a life outside of school...i'm still very much of the opinion that teachers sleep in sleeping bags on the desks at the back of the classroom...:D

I've done a couple of B1a past papers...31/36 on one...32/36 on other...:/
frustratingly, what i'm finding hardest is the female hormone mumbo-jumbo...frustrating because that's basically my biology i'm being tested on and i don't know it!! If it was about testosterone then i'd have the excuse that i don't have testes...


Apprentice tonight...love it...i want stuart out but then again, he might do well in this week's challenge...who knows??

omgosh, Rob Brydon's tiny angry man in a box...

^^btw, that's a link but i fiddled about with the colours so it's hard to tell...

so, i reckon i did worse in drama this time around than last...hmmmmmmm...if i ever have to look at that particular extract of My Sister In This House again....i will cry. that's a threat.

have i directed you to any of this guy's videos before??

he's so funny....
hey if you smush the words so and funny together you get sunny :P

Peace and love
p.s hats off for my latest blog design? :P i'm thinking of changing it seasonally...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What do you think of the pic reel above?? :P

I told Fei-Fei that i was going sight-seeing with jamie this sunday...she misheard me...but honestly, how does 'sight-seeing' sound like 'have sex'. jayze.

Peace and love

Monday, 8 November 2010

...it's 46 days til christmas

and i have a cold :( it know i have a cold because i keep sneezing and i never usually sneeze...:P

ha, today was katie's birthday :) she laughed so much at what i got her!! and jamie, you said i had a strange sense of humour *gasp*. i put in a lot of care into choosing them...this box had aston's face on it...he's her favourite JLS guy. 'twas so funny. her and evan read out the instructions xD and mrs. whitehead came to see what was going on...oh lordi...
i got katie camp rock perfume too...for some reason, which i doubt i'll ever understand, she has a thing about those disney things *hannah montanna, High school musical and camp rock....*



summer, please remember to bring some tops for me to try :s i went to town after school today and couldn't find any that yelled, 'elegant but coool' at me. dang.

...got martin to carry my hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy when we went round town :P i love it!
i've only read the first page...'tis good though.

the corners are battered and the spine's all sticky-taped but it was 50p and awesome so who really cares? anyone? nope? thought not...

omgeebles, the trip is on tonight :D 'twas good last week.

steve coogan and rob brydon. legends. leg ends. looliage. i hat myself for saying'lol' and lollage so instead i say loola and looliage.

omgosh, horatio is piggy in the lord of the flies...i think rob found it xD

Peace and love

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Blog on your face

I bought a new dress today :P from H&M...it's a sorta dusky pink with ruffleyness...but not ruffleyness that would make me look like a pudding...nope...just ruffleyness-nuff to look cooool:) cooool with four o's nonetheless.

I had a feck-weird dream last night...:/

haven't done as much as i needed to...got feeling that i'm gonna fail my retake...basically dreading waking up tomorrow. wow, that sounds cheerful :P
nah-bles, things ain't so bad :D i'm just a miserable so'n' so, ain't i?

why on earth am i talking like that??!?! how very peculiar.

omgosh, it's near on seven already, dang, thought i had loads of time...

need to wash my haaair and bathe before x-factor...yes, i'm gonna watch x-factor, get over it.

latin is teeny, drama can be done on tuesday...history not so big and triple...i'll try and get those done at nine. i hate doing h/w after dinner but alas, it must be done. AH WELLS. life goes on and all that mumbo jumbo.

right, i'm gonna stop rambling, this is really disjointed, even for my standards...

Hasta Luego

Peace and love
p.s mwa ha ha, bugged i yoinked your new signature, jamie?? :P nah, you can have it...i don't even know what it means...yet.

oh...apparently it means just, 'bye'...aw, i hoped it'd be something risqué 'n' vogue xD

Saturday, 6 November 2010

POST 390

it's 48 days til christmas...ebay says it's 49 but they're either counting today as well or christmas day as well...i'm not...i'm doing it right...so there...nya.

omgosh. ten posts from 400...maybe i should do something big...maybe i'll just complain about lack of sleep...

I got to sleep at about midnight last night and woke up at 6.35 this morning....WHY?!?!? dear lord, WHYYYYYYYYY?!? :O

i had to clean the doors today...-_-' the doors.. meh...i actually sorta enjoyed it...although i did slightly cut my thumb...though i'm not quite sure i know how i managed that...tbh...

did you know that the average person types 56% of stuff with his/her left hand??!? hmmm...i didn't know that...
i'm thinking i'm probably one of the ...44% who don't.
i took up pen twiddling *i took it up...makes it sounds like a worthwhile hobby...* to increase dexterity but i'm only any good at it with my right hand...and i'm already plenty dextrous with my right. I can twiddle lefty but not very welll......Laaaaaalalalalalaaaaaaa.

ooooh, have you heard of Never Shout Never?!?! I found them on youtube and feel in love...well, i say them cuz it sounds like the name of a band, right? but i swear it's actually just one person...kinda like florence and the machine or summat...

anyways! Never Shout Never is really good...as in, the songs are catchy and cute-lyriced...technically not amazingly musically skilled but i'm not grading them so what does it matter to me?? plus the guy's voice is sorta whiney...and he sings in a very overtly american accent...
ANYWAY...they are good....give them a listen...i likey this song:

and it's uber cute video :P 'live this life to the fullest'

have you heard, Can't Stand It by Never Shout Never?!?! actually...probs not...

'everything you do is super f**king cute,
and i can't stand it'

omgeebles...O.o AGOG. Merlin's on in 40 minutes ish...i shall wash my hair space and then do some revision in my couch space before amusing my brain space with telly box.
telly box.

larry the cat.

not looking

^^i just started that sentence and then left the page to look at something else...i can't remember what i wasn't looking at now...oh dear.

so today i pigged:
panini *neapolitan-sun dried tomatoes, basil and mozzerella*
milk chocolate chip cookie

oh yes.

i reckon that that is my day in a nutshell...a very large, cyber, nutshell.

Peace and love
p.s you know in anchorman when he reads the autocue and he's like' go f**k yourselves San Diego'?? yeah, can you imagine if one day i just ended my post like that...well...maybe that day will come...at some point...in the distand future...or not...i'll probably forget...actually, i really don't like not ending posts with peace and love and four x's...like mild ocd or summat

Friday, 5 November 2010


I reckon my life would make for decent fiction...

you know what i'm talking about.

when from time to time...(vair rarey) things just go right. TG.

*in trackies and hoodie...:D so very comfy.*
I've made a start on english but take a deep breath, this is what i have left:

^^that's reverse order...get me :P
FECK so much FECKING latin vocab...i'm gonna go cry...in the corner..into a plate of tuna pasta...

actually, i am pretty hungry so i might just go and have dinner right about now...

Peace and love

Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's okay to say that you love me...

This isn't the official video...it's the official lyric video as the song hasn't been released yet but i actually really like the lyric videos and it's clever that they come out before the song because then everyone knows the words quite well and can sing along...that's always fun :P

I got an A on my controlled assessment...i'm pretty pleased with that but it's not the official grade so if i go down to a D I'm gonna be eating a lot of cake...

apparently it's impossible to eat and cry at the same time...

have i said that before??
i suppose it's logical what with the gutteral choking sobs and shortness of breath and such...you'd end up choking yourself...hmmmm.

I watched The Witches on Sunday xD I had the audiobook when i was really little...three maybe? and i listened to it alllll the time! i loved it...there was one part where luke is in his tree house and a witch tries to lure him down with chocolate...and a snake...and that part always terrified me...
The film was made in '89 and i'd seen it a few times before but i'd never realised how old fashioned it seemed :P ah wells, i still enjoyed it.

new series of The Big Bang Theory tonight :D awesome!! it is vair funny. and i have a small crush on Leonard...so small that i haven't bothered to learn the actor's name 0:)


mmm, i did latin h/w/ library work at lunch today but i was with Tommy and Jacob so we had a laugh.

Matt bullies me in Latin. He threw my pen lid under a book shelf...bastard...and as tommy pointed out, it was only tuesday when i was calling him my new favourite person...xD


i hated myself for saying lol...ANGE MADE ME!!! so now i say loola...which almost sounds like a childish word for something naughty :P

Senior choir was good :D even though it is exhausting to sing those really high, really long notes!!
i'm finally getting some h/w done. i've done triple and i'm almost done on chemistry and then i'll do some physics revision followed by biology revision and then the plan is to do the rest of my h/w tomorrow and revise on saturday and sunday and do some practice B1a papers....
i'm so not looking forward to resitting.
bla bla bla

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :D

Peace and love

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


To my new blog!! i couldn't do everything that i wanted to but i felt that it was looking a little tired...furthermore, in this time of grey skies and bare trees, I felt that a flash of colour would be appreciated.
House Rowing today! that was a laugh xD i went twice..get me...
Simon was yelling at Daniel and it was HI-Lar-I-OuS...'harder, harder, faster, faster....get angry...' idk...:P
he yelled annoying things at me too...grrrrrr
ah wells.

man, shouldn't have worn DM's today...with the height on them, they don't give me much ankle leverage...which is sort of useful when negotiating stairs...and there are rather a few staircases in school, you know?? hmmmm...i can only blame myself :P

H/W tonight....i can't put it off any longer :/ BUT wallace and gromit!! i completely forgot about that until you told me on the way home, tommy :P btw, thanks for the piggy back yesterday even though i looked like an eejit xD--->i needed that!

oooh-h0oo-hoo, i likey that apprentice too. ooh ja, me likey vair much..

i'm still trying to get over the fact that jamie thinks i sous, i'm fairly sure that's not the first time i've been told that. looola.


Ralph is immediately set aside from any firther characters to be introduced in the first chapter of Lord of the Flies, 'The fair haired boy...' Without knowing about the possible existence of any other characters, being described as 'the fair haired boy' gives the implication that Ralph is special in some way. Furthermore, the reference to having fair-hair could be linked to the Aryan league of Germans which were favoured by Hitler during the second world war. As this novel was written in 1954, only nine years after the end of the second world war, it is possible that Golding had the inclination to remark upon the conflict within his novel. Having formed a link between this character and the Nazi regime, it could be said that Golding wanted to highlight that although Hitler committed awful crimes and was a deeply troubled man Germany saw him as a great leader as they had just come out of a depression and were in need for someone to take charge, reflecting this, despite Ralph's flaws, any other islanders need some kind of authority to lead them.

dun Dun DUN.

awwww...tomorrow's just an ordinary day...how disappointing.

although...i am going to find out how i've done in my history controlled assessment. aw heck. shucks a plenty, etc, etc and all that jazz.

Harvey told me that this had a great video...i gotta agree :P

it's a nice change to see katy perry keeping her clothes on...xD

Peace and love
p.s i just wanted to share this really funny video :

p.p.s don't you think he looks just a bit like simon? xD

Monday, 1 November 2010

Just because my dick's detachable...

yeah, i don't really have a lot to say :/ school's already grinding me what with revision, h/w and upcoming exams...
grinding...that reminds me...there are auditions being held for dancers for the lion's den at that club in town if anyone's interested...xD
if daniel, simon and rob did that it would make my year.
is that saying something?

sorry, i'm just in one of those moods...tired and dizzy and wondering why i bothered getting up today. meh. i'm fine.

loola...GCS's new motto,' yeah? FIGHT ME.' George Proudman, you legend...xD

i am a fish
i am a hot gay fish

we did hip-hop aerobics in pe without audio...and i getting whacked...in the face...with a rowing machine...only lightly and i don't think there's a mark now but i was a bit pink for a while :s

my hair is just a fail-there are times like now when *for reals* all i wanna do is shave it off..but then i know that i'd regret it :/ my head would get really cold...

i could wear a hat i suppose...

i think i'm watching that telly programme with steve coogan and rob brydon tonight. i would marry rob brydon in a second if he asked me. :P

i want a sheep hat...

there's no music on my iPod that i want to listen too....
there's nothing nothing.
was something i could say?

Peace and love
p.s i hate the weather