Monday, 31 January 2011


I haven't had anything to read in THREE days...that's an age!! :O

move that body xD gotta love a bit of nelly :P i like all that se-duc-tionnnnn
aha xD

today was...fine...burnt some calories in PE...did 4537m on the rowing machine aha. KATE DID OVER 7000!!!! wowzars!!! I'm so doing that next time xD

Peace and love

Sunday, 30 January 2011

I had a nosebleed this morning...

at 5.51am.
i didn't feel faint this time though...well only a lil but i thought about other things instead.
It's the second one in the space of about a month :s i told mom i was a lil worried because i never used to get them...she told me that i really wasn't bleeding enough to be worried about it...:P
then i went to sleep.
then i got up about 9.40.
Had a bath.
Ate a cheese scone *covered in peanut butter xD*
did my hair, got dressed, hair etc.

we watched toy story on VHS, are we not too cool?! xD then we made omelettes :) then we watched calvin harris storm x factor...with a pineapple...ahem...
then monster house.

...and then Orphan.

oh dear lordi....

Ok, I admitt, it FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT. there were some majorly MESSED up events, and that's not exaggerating..
BUT it's not the best horrow movie ever. and there were some seriously implausible parts of the plot. having said that, it was a movie, it's not supposed to represent reality, it's all about the what if. so, if you allow yourself to just believe the story and not question it too much it's enjoyable.

i say 'enjoyable' i was almost crying it so bad.

i mean, jessica's flowers!!! jamie, wasn't that horrible??? :O
anyways, i had such an awesome day :) xxxx

I'm going for dinner

Peace and love

Friday, 28 January 2011

Gosh wow

I just listened to all of Adele's live lounge special. Most amazing thing I've ever heard.
If you never listen to another of my recommendations, please watch it

Drama was pretty good today :P had fun doing dramatic things. arrrrrrrgh

got very happy today...friday feeling :P sang cheesey stuff in gospel...

my feet are still numb.

I know I promised a decent post but i'm not quite with it :s right properly when i get myself together.

I polished my boots :D actually...I started polishing them and i should go finish them...I put all the polish on and then i left it soak it, now i ought to go and buff it out and make them al shiney :D I've been meaning to polish them since last year!! glad i've finally got around to it. mmmm, dinner smells good :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I miss everything I used to know

And I mourn for what I know I'll lose.

AND BACK TO NORMALITY *Or there abouts anyways...:P*

wellsa, Caucasian Chalk Circle was a lot better than I thought it would be...actually rather amusing...although I swear I was asleep on my feet afterward...
Not quite too tired for cake though aha.

Today was ...fine...

Got a kick out of imagining Tommy and Mrs. Neil-Smith's one on one meeting...oo-er...
were you amazed to see her in something other than her fave pinky-red cardi?
feel bad that Matt and Jenny missed her different jumper today.

Ange has bought himself a pair of DM's :P I swear I've said this before but his main goal in life is to be me. He grows his hair long, works in the same place as me and generally tries everything he can to emulate my excellence.


dinner soon...I'm feck hungry...and a little pissed off that I need to write drama essays later :'(

I'm listening to a lot of bad music :D i've been conditioned from listening to radio one for too long. who cares if it's not completely original or technicallky fantastic. music's about a feeling and i love having something that I can dance *debatable*to :P rant over.

gosh, another rant...

the point of a joke is to make someone laugh...
Racism isn't funny.
How are racist jokes funny?
I see no sense in spreading the word of racism by ever repeating some of the horrible things i've heard. I enjoyed RE up until that point.

rant over.

going for dinner!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guess who finally got her bank card??


And I just made my first purchase with it.
Gosh, whenever I asked Ange to but things for me with his card he made SUCH a sng and dance about it. It's honestly the easiest thing EVER to do!! :P

Eloise drew a snail smoking a cigar. was supposed to be holding a telescope...

So anyways, today was moderatly uneventful.

I hate John Rutter.

I'm going to see a play that I don't really know anything about...

just looked it up, not sure if i'll actually like it :s

ah wells.

we're coming back at 11...

urgh...i feel like crap...

i hate being a teenager.

most likely, there is nothing happening on the 31st.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fei-Fei showed me this at her house last night...

and i sort of love it...

i think the video's fantastic and it's all wistful and lovely...

mmm, had a good day today :)

i need a brown leotard...¬_¬ that's gonna be fun to hunt for... and i'm going to look so cool -_-'

oh yeah, viral sarcasm.

GOSH i won at cards twice today xD vair pleased with that!!
...didn't do much else.
i love choir.

looking forward to sundayxxx

Peace and love

Monday, 24 January 2011

when's the 31st january?

...i swear to some kind of higher power that if someone says 'the 31st of january'
...i will do something unpleasant...

gosh, i swore a lot today :/ i never usually do...what can i say? card games bring out the worst in me :P

went to fei-fei's today :D had such an awesome time!!! :) gosh, my nails look insane!! :P and she did my hair all lovely like :)

my mouth's dry. i've been doing those blowing exercises...trying to do different pitches...i was doing it at george in english today...mwa ha ha.

should go to bed really...i'm quite tired.




hang on, so it's 24th 31st one week away?? :s hmmmm.gosh. i'm awfully impatient.
almost wrote impotent. hmmm
freudian slip, much? ^^

aha, martin had a great day today JAAAAAAA

should go to bed

these posts have been awful lately. i promise i'll write properly soon!!

Peace and love

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I'm never gona be perfect, oh no...

But working on it's worth it, i know :)

Gosh, found a gorgeous prom dress today. £50 from Ordri.
It was on sale...only one...




hmmmm, best keep looking

^^love it!!

Peace and love

Friday, 21 January 2011

How have i never heard this?!?!

Just fell in love with Getting Grown by Cee Lo Green...
awesome song

gosh!! i need to download this guy's back catalogue!! had no idea he's been around so long! dang dang dang. he's so amazing. i just love this soooooooooouuuuuuund

this week's gone so quickly!!

gosh, can't believe the next drama thing is on april fool's day :P gosh. big group...should be interesting at least...hmmmmmm

gosh, emailed Popshot...hmmmm

Peace and love

Thursday, 20 January 2011

My phone arrived!!!

But as of yet i don't know how to set up facebook, twitter or go on wifi....and i have no credit....and it's on i'll have to get credit and then unlock it at some point...probably tomorrow....and then ask ange about wifi....


Peace and love

my dad has bought a trumpet -_-

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Under Rachel's Instruction...

I've looked up Garth Merneghi's Dark Place :P
From the 3 or so minutes I watched It looks like my sorta thing...

just watched the rest of it...
VERY GOOD :) RECOMMEND. how haven't i heard of it before?!?!? :s it's from 2004!! It has richard ayaode and matt berry and other awesome people too :P

gosh, really enjoyed that.

Watched Knocked Up on the telly box...I really enjoyed it!! It wasn't your average rom-com it was far better and i fell a lil bit in love with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan :P

EDIT for yesterday: Eloise DIDN'T break down...she had a slight panic...xD

Peace and love

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Yayzors!! :P Finally found out how I've done on my B1a retake!! Last time around I got B with a 38...this time I got 48 and A* :D I don't ever want to retake ever again!!! gosh, famous last words :/ got P2 tomorrow. FECK.
I really feel for everyone that's doing P2 and P3 tomorrow :( poor eloise almost had a break down...although, i don't think me making her jump in math helped....much :P It was sooooooo feckign funny though xD she was all concentrating-like and i sidled near her ear and went 'chaaaa' in as deep a voice as i can was HILARIOUS.

lesson well spent.

actually, Eloise helped me loads in math, we were going over the mock papers and she showed me how to do some things...she's a way better teacher than mrs. ewins.

ha, wowzars, just watching the video for One Way by Levellers ...xD

Peace and love

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hang on one cotton-picking minute...

I swear i wrote on here yesterday...

gosh. SO pissed off today.

got SOAKED on the way to school- three *fecking three* cars splashed me...the last one was treated to the w**ker sign---> :D mwa ha ha

then had a chemistry exam.

which i think went moderately ok-ish I hate having to wait for the results!! I'm ever so impatient!!
and yes, i'm completely serious about wanting sympathy for being impatient!! gaaaarrrrrgggghh :O

just watched a ridiculously long video on y'tube :P

gosh, jenny and i went to see mr taylor about the latin thing after school today- sounds AWESOME :D really looking forward to it...gotta remember to give my money in though...dang.

physics on wednesday, could be worse...oh wait, no it couldn't. :'(


MEME Monday :P A day for self-betterment...pass it on....

gosh, need to get my painting back tomorrow...DANG. texted michael asked him to cut it down...if he doesn't tomorrow then i will literally jump with scissors...that sounds like a health and safety nightmare....probably because it is :D go me.

listening to the acoustic version of Disappear by Motion City Soundtrack :P larrrv it!

hmmm....might have just won a bid on ebay without telling anyone that i was actually bidding on it...ahem...

gosh, i'm worried now. oops. i- oh gosh. hmmmm

Peace and love

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

NO more painting for a while :D

Hmmmmm, not sure I enjoyed the last one since i had to finish it all in one day :/ yikes. however, I'm very glad it's done and all that jazz :P
The first side of the kandinsky's best but i'm pretty pleased with it :)

gosh, lloyd was his usual frustrating self today....xD i was stoic

and that was after my jab as well...what a meanie :)

yes, my jab, listen up...or not, i don't mind...

got weighed...and measured...:s not sure why....then had my jab :P
it didn't bleed or hurt much but she offered me a plaster so i had it :) i mean, i got a jab!! i wanted something to show for it!! gosh.

tommy, we still need to talk about that book properly...

ha, tommy, just watched asdfmovie3...the 'buy me more jewellery' wife sounds like harvey :P


english went well :)

Peace and love

Monday, 10 January 2011

I have my leavers hoodie :P

Do you remember me freaking out about 2011 but then resolving that none of the things i was worrying about would be that bad because after all i was going to get my leavers hoodie?
well, i did :P

It's a medium and it's mahoosive but whatever, it's snuggy and warm and it has 'kt' on the back :P
gotta put it in writing though, massive respect to the parsons!! 118 118 you guys ROCK :D
please grow moustaches when you can, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?

oooh, also, social update from now on you must refer to eloise as PC *Psychic Crumpet*
she'll know what you mean.

Gosh, i'm hungry :s so far today i've eaten a short bread biscuit *homemade of course ;)* and a tuna sandwich :D can't wait for dinner...some kind of's gonna be fantastic :P my mom makes great pies....wish i could cook like her, i'm not bad at cooking but i'm hardly great either. I really miss food tech, i don't really get much chance to try out new recipes any more :/ I loved making spring rolls and chicken chow mein...although i think i had to get rob stephens to cut my chicken for made my head go all funny :/ he did it the first time anyway...i might have been ok after that...can't remember...

gosh, in drama miss lebowitz told harvey to give his character a fidget-thing, you know? something that he always does??
like, eloise clicks her pen on her forehead on class...

so today, i asked him, 'so, harvey, have you given much thought to your...thing?'
i didn't intend for it to sounds like that but then he shot me his pointed *oh really?!?* look...that was funny.

ROLL ON KANDINSKY...with less enthusiasm than previously employed...side one WILL be completed today and side two SHALL be started....

ooh, this is the phone i'm planning on getting some point...maybe this weekend??

I woke up with that dreadful feeling of 'oh god, what a shite day and so much rubbish to get through'
actually ended up having a pretty good day :P

Peace and love

Saturday, 8 January 2011

'Your smile is enough!'

Could have been sweet, had it not been said by sme 60 year old sleaze D: eurgh.
working at the café meet all kinda of people!

gosh, got to take out orders today, taking them to tables and yelling out order numbers :)

i hate 509...they weren't bloody listening. yelled and yelled their blinking number and they wouldn't stick their hands up. bastards.
sean had it do it.

ah wells

tired...need to wash hair....

Peace and love

Friday, 7 January 2011

One down, Three to go.

I've spent roughly 24 hours painting it but the Cezanne is done!!
It's not amazing but I'm quite please with it :)
That pic's just from web cam so the quality's not amazing but yeah....that's it...:)

Roll on Kandinsky.



I don't even know. It's ten and i haven't washed my hair yet :/ work tomorrow, up at 8.30....grrr....might have a BLT for lunch tomorrow. i do love the food in work but the café is generally overpriced!

anyways...gotta get going...

Peace and love

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Recaps on yesterday

So, having had such an eventful day, yesterday's post was a bit of a let down, wasn't it? :/
anyways, i jus wanted to say the rehearsal after school yesterday felt great and mrs. punter is so awesome, it's so fantastic to finally have some proper feedback rather than last year's
'yup, yup, that's great. yeah, but have you thought about putting in a song? just improv it. actually no, just watch me play piano and listen as i sing in austrian'


what. a. twat.

today, today today...what did i even do today?? i have no idea.
ooh, i made a multicoloured name badge for myself and considerately spelt my name in the ordinary *socially acceptable* way so as the auditionee teacher could read it clearly :D BING, ain't i wonderful??

my dad is so ridiculous. not in a mean way, it's just that he genuinely thinks i could be anything which although i guess is quite flattering, can also be annoying. when we watched the apprentice he kept telling me i could be a top business woman *i know NOTHING about business, what business does he think i'd be in charge of anyway?!?!?* when i jig about the house like a numpty he thinks i could be a dance....-_-' and now that i'm painting for drama he reckons i'm going to be an artist.


i don't even know....

i just watched that on y'tube :D i love lev, he's brilliant, isn't he?

Peace and love

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

'Are you any good at stripping?'

Well, yes, Eloise, I reckon I must be...Mr. Thomspon did say it was perfect after all.

Great first day back but I'm ever so hungry so I'll bid you farewell.

Peace and love
p.s for any dirty minded fools the opening to this post is a reference to Physics. Honestly. I'm embarrassed for the both of us.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

To welcome you into the new year...

It's a much better video than the first one i posted and i like the ending!

Well, it's four days late but Happy New Year:D I'm going to try and make this year spectacular....but hey, i'd settle for good :P I like to think that you reap what you sew *i hope i've spelt that properly* so I'm gonna put everything into this year and go for it.

Peace and love