Friday, 23 November 2012

George Ezra - It's Just My Skin

George Ezra - It's Just My Skin

Stunning song, please give it a listen :)

Peace and love
p.s i'm just your boulder, can you swim?
p.p.s this is post number 666! :P

Thursday, 16 August 2012

So results day has come and gone...

I'm very pleased, how can i not be? :P I reckon more than anything I'm just pretty relieved though...
Expectations are a horrible pressure...although people mean well I wasn't sure how well i'd do and constantly hearing it'd be fine wasn't very helpful. but i worked really freaking hard so i'm bloody happy it paid off!

now i can clear away the umpteen mind-maps i made :P

Peace and love

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

So far this holiday...

I've got three new dresses


Hoping it's sunny for thursday; with the worry of results day looming as it is, nice weather would mean one less thing to frett over...which could be good, you know?

I've had a lovely sleepover with Summer after a day of culture *don' you know?* and caught up with my beau :D Adam was really pleased with his presents!! bit of panic when the rockband keyboard wasn't working but it was just a dudd battery...adam's mom to the rescue :D

Peace and love

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I have red hair :D

decided to be spontaneous

That's all folks!

Peace and love

Thursday, 2 August 2012


We took a drive over away from Holyhead to Aberfraw in Anglsey. It's a long, long stretch of white sand curving around acres of dunes. We wandered across there for a couple of hours before our picnic and then drove to the next village, Rhosneigr *not sure if that's actually spelt right :s*. This was more of a touristy spot of beach but it was quite stunning :) I've done so much walking recently but a whole lot of eating as well to compensate.

The weather was quite ncie today but the shoreline's always windy so I don't know if I'll be venturing into the sea any time soon :s If the sun beats down tomorrow we may head over to Bae Trearddur again for a proper lil trip. Whatever we end up doing, I am going into town because I still have yet to do that and we only have a couple more days now :(

I thought that I'd have plenty of time to read and mabe do some homework but we've been out all day everyday. It's really been non-stop :D

I love falling asleep on the phone.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I have so much time to think...

...and reflect upon life and life's little matters :)

I can't believe how quiet it is here...I see maybe 20 people in a day out and about.
Apart from today, we went across to Bangor and that's about the biggest city here in Anglesy so there were LOTS around :D good to see peoples again...I like the peace but being accustomed to town as I am, it's nice to have real human contact :P Also, after trudging through mud/sand/puddles/rocks it's really good to get into shops, all clean and bright and nice-smelling :P I finally bought new cocoa butter body butter and bb cream from a lil boutique here in Holyhead. Today I bought an LBD *for a fashion outsider, that's a lil black dress :)* I tried it on and when i took it to the til, the shop assisstant told me I looked fab in it :P so sweet.

I think it's safe to write on here *because he know longer reads it* that this dress is bought with Adam's birthday in mind, it'll be the first time in 2 weeks that I'll be seeing him so that's a double celebration :D

I've already got him a couple of presents but I intend to order a couple lil extra things this friday when I get paid...and I worked Thursday as well as Saturday so I'll have a nice lil extra bit. always good :P wahey.

I'm gonna end up walkign there on Friday...if I take my bike I'll have to take it to work the next day which'd be awkwards :/

Peace and love

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cymru Mark 4

Hello from Wales :D
And there is sunshine!! Don't know how long it'll last so I'll just tske whatever they give me right now :P
It feels good to be home, y'all. I have said this so many times before but until it stops being true, I'll keep saying it; I feel an incredible affinity with Wales and Holyhead in particular, an immense feeling of peace just swells in my chest and everything else melts away. Work and college and results day *eep* all kinda melt away .

We arrived at about 1/2 4 this afternoon and I've been chilling with the GrandFolks :P

Read an interesting article about the 'surrendering wife' -_-'
To  be a housewife instead of persuing one's own career is not to 'surrender' it is a bloody choice and i wish women would stop hating on other women for this particular choice.This article implied that to support one's husbadn in his persuits was somehow regressive. Frankly, I find it a lil regressive for womankind for women to be launching such an attack on other women. This isn't feminism this is anti-feminism. Woman are entitled a choice, the same as everyone else and whatever is done with such choice ought to be respected.

Sorry, got a lil caught up there...anyways, then I had some dinner, visited Nan and then took a lovely long bath :) I washed my hair, shaved my legs, exfoliated and then painted my toe nails. I feel lovely and pampered and relaxed. All is well.

As of yet there are no concrete plans for tomorrow but I think that for as long as the weather is nice we should really make the most of it and that means BEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAACH! and finally an excuse to christen my new bikini :) I bought it on sale in January and have been dying for an excise to wear it xD

Spent a lovely last night in England with Adam :) Just  chilled, watched telly and giggled together :) <3

I've been to my first ever festival. Not all of Refest was amazing but what was great was bloody fricking great so it's all in the balance really I suppose :)
Also, RuFest was pretty cool :D Apparently i like to cook when i've been drinking but no one was complaining xD

Speak soon <3

Peace and love

Friday, 20 July 2012

Gave Blood!! :O

hello all :D feeling a lil faint still :/ i'm not allowed to donate again for a year because i got quite faint this time- they said it was because i'm 'petite'...very nicely phrased :) i feel good that i've done it but yeah...lil ill feeling :s lying down, drinking water and eating plenty. avoiding heavy lifting, walking around and standing too long. That sounds almost like the 'likes/dislikes' of a dating add...
but hey, i got free crisps xD

They're sending me a blood donor card in about 2 weeks so that's when i'll find out what blood type i am :) the two most common are O+ and A+_ so chances are i'll be one of those...but you never know :P

apparently there'll be bruising because they had to adjust my needle and knowing how easily i bruise, it may just look pretty darn horrific...

I got 2 stickers....welljel...:D  *smugface*

Peace and love

Thursday, 19 July 2012

So it's pretty much the Summer...

Not entirely sure how i got from last year to where I am. How exactly did i do 4 As and then the exams and get to here so freaking quickly? and just why will i be doing it all again so soon?

But before then is a weekend of raving with my best friends. can't wait :)

ooh and I'm giving blood tomorrow, please wish me luck, i'm actually relaly quite scared but then also in a place of calm naivity because i'm not quite sure of what to really expect.

Anger is like a hot stone-holding onto it will only burn your own throw it at someone instead :D

also, it's not about time, it's just the timing. FUCKING TIMING. when have you ever been on my side?

I love you xxx

Peace and love

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I swear..

self diagnosis things online always just tell me I'm dying :(
it's kinda mean frankly, i'd never say that to them...

bought some medicines yesterday...I have a weird spray for my throat with a nozzle that actually goes right down my throat and a syrup which tastes like sweet nail varnish remover :[ it's foul.

'life is far too short to be ill.' tell that to my fucking throat. i get coughing fits that keep me up all night and make me wheezy and i take medicine which makes me drowsey.

i don't actually know how i made it through work yesterday.
it's looking less and less likelyt hat i'll be better for tuesday though...don't think i'll be able to do house sports :/ i was almost looking forward to it as well.

you always break the kindest hearts

I'm watching ryan gosling...he helps make me feel better :) blue valentine still makes me cry.

Peace and love

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Drown out the noise

I found a little piece of perfect,
It was beauty to behold.
But the fragment isn't mine
And it's wrong, or so I'm told,
I'll wait on the shore
Just incase you come back
With something so perfect,
I can't return to what I lack.
Waves are calling and crashing.
Right now I should be home.
Somehow I keep on walking.
All that was precious is all that is gone.

I found a siren with such grace and poise,
A beautiful siren's screaming to drown out the noise.

Peace and love
p.s yes, i really did just write a sonnet. deal with.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

:( just downloaded a virus. seriously praying i can fix it up, feel quite stressed and sick about it. don't ever do anything to do with 'pc optimizer pro' :'(
please don't die laptop...please.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Student Council

Is going fine i spose.
urg. Just ran down to get the post hoping there'd be something for me...but one cares :O maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That's about it for my lovely lil life right now

Peace and love

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why did the 30-something builder cross the road?

to creep me out apparently.

ok, i'm not gonna go into a feminist rant or anything and sometimes a whistle or beep or something can kind of boost your confidence-i take that as a compliment...but when a guy (a lot older than you) crosses (quite a busy) road to come and hit on you, it's a bit much.
*hint* if you have to ask a girl how old she means she's probably too young for you...

ok, that's done :P i know that all of my two readers have alrady heard that story in hd 4d but there you are again. You're welcome.

dang, i'm really pretty hungry :s

btw, apparently it's TAU day...math's's double Pi....and pi is wrong...that's what i've learned today.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gosh, i haven't written for a while...

sorry about that :/

I amd now Chairperson of the Student Voice...probably sounds a lot grander than it really is but it does mean an earlier start than normal on thursday for an 8.15am meeting with mr. thompson...
why did i sign up for this again? xD nah, i'm actually kinda looking forward to it, see, i really quite like having responsibility and it means dad's got something to brag about to his sister whose daughter amy appears to have been born a genius or something... :/

Hmmm, i did have plans for friday but dad seems to have other ideas. great.

Seeing Dave Gorman at the G-Live this Saturday night after work. I really love him so it should be a good night :P and i've been wanting to see some live comedy for yeah...

Liking the past few sunny days...hoping for a couple more :)

Peace and love

Friday, 1 June 2012

I'm so tired

And today doesn't end for at least another 11 hours -.-

Today will be superfrickingawesomecool...'n'ting BUT i want sleeeeeeeeep :O maow.

Got some body oil, love that :)
and some vodka liquer chocs for mom *as well as fantastic mr. fox* for her birthday :D it's next wednesday!! my mooma's gonna be 45...and she will kill me for saying that. ah wells, i haven't got many plans this year anyways.

Gonna go have lunch right about now :) just spent 1/2 hour watching random youtube things i don't really care about, such is the life of someone with no more exams :D

Peace and love
p.s yesterday with hayley was brilliant :P it had been so long but it seemed like only a week had passed!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Seeing Hayley

I'm seeing my old friend Hayley today and I've gotta say, I am mighty nervous :/ I always get like this when I'm seeing someone I haven't sseen for a while. It always ends up being great but I ALWAYS panic nonetheless because it's been almost a year AGAIN since I last saw her. :( She's probably my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with. It's not all the time but it's good to know that we can. things always seem pretty comfortable which is amazing considering we don't know a lot to talk about concerning each of our everyday lives. ah wells. It will be good to catch up and I need to stop worrying.

Just in general.

When everything's great I find something  to worry about, not a fun nature to have but I will sort it eventually.

I want to make a top.

That's all folks!

Peace and love

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Last exam today

Pretty nervous.

I have revised loads but i still don't feel prepared :/ I think I'll just be really glad when it's all done with tbh :P

remind me to take a couple pain killers before i come to school, my tummy's giving me hell :'(

Sun Cream arrived today :D it smells like aftershave...guess that's what you get for buying men's suncream aha xD uhuh, gender specific UV protection...who'd have thunk it?

How do i keep being distracted by Facebook....grrr

So, 4 hours exactly til psychology, I've done an hour more revision today, may do some more in a bit but right now i just feel like being a lazy ho :D smugness.

Bought hair mousse yesterday, super bargain xD gotta love that. I'm just kinda rambling crap right now, i haven't got a lot to talk about. I'm looking forward to seeing Summer and her awesome purple hair *since i have yet to see it!!!! :O* so that's something good about going in for an exam anyway ;)

Right, i'll stop wasting your time!

Peace and love

Monday, 28 May 2012

I just bought new suncream...

And the sun's gone and disappeared :O

where is the justice?


Ok, i have mind mapped Stress and Social Influence but i have to do Abnormality today AND I'M TIRED. gargh.

Surprised adam yesterday, decided to go and visit, we did some revision, watched Futurama and Shaun of the dead :P had a bbq  and chilled out :)  I left mine at 20 past 9 and got there and twenty to ten :) pretty good eh? it's the same amount of time as the bus because the bus goes all around everywhere which is really annoying... i asked him to cycle home with me because i didn't wanna go alone. i was only really kidding but he said yes! :) It was a lovely evening for a cycle as well because it was warm but kinda cool with the sun's head lolling to sleep over the trees. good day.

Watched Desperate housewives last night when i got home :) can't believe it's the last season EVER.

anyways, i might watch a lil tv or summat then begin revising, adios amigos *btw, there's a spannish guy at the café now and his name is José...coolest. name. ever.*

Have a great day, One exam left!!!

Peace and love

Friday, 25 May 2012

Running low on battery...

Not in a deep way, just laptop dying on me so this is just a quickie *teehee*

Had an early start and revised, tidied my room AND hoovered :) now i'm relaxing...all i need is a glass of wine :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yo dawg, heard you like sunshine :)

Had a lie-in til ten...although i was awoken by a fly buzzing over my head :/
Made myself scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and then headed off to school for a revision session for psychology; it was pretty good, we went over a past paper together and that was pretty reassuring if nothing else because i got the majority of it which was nice :) Apparently anyone with a phone in their bag in the gym yesterday is being reviewed as they may have to have their papers cancelled which is pretty scary but tbh, everyone knows not to have their phone in there. even though they weren't in their pockets or anything, the main thing that everyone drones on about in the exam period is NOT to have your phone in there.  Hopefully nothing too serious will come of it because really it's just an accident but anyways; there's an update :)
Then I wandered back, lazy in the sunshine dressed very blue-ly *shoes, dress and belt all blue...hmmm* hopefully with a grey bag and brown sunnies i didn't look too uniform, eh? had some lunch and now i'm here :) I plan on catching up with some russel howard, having a wander in town and doing a spot more revision. I love days like this where I can organise my own time and it isn't manipulated by school, deadlines or bad weather....freedom.


Peace and love

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One exam left!!

wa hoo :) FIVE DONE one to go, that's a nice feeling. I reckon today was alright (1st psychology) apart from someone's freaking phone, all the desks being dragged around (?) and mr selley coming in and out about a million times GARGH >:(
Usually I have plenty time left over in psychology but this time I had to use all that because of all thedistractions. and i did the 2nd question wrong, i'd outlined a paragraph's worth of the multi store model before realising it was supposed to be working memory :O gargh....

anyways, today is a gorgeous sunny day so forgive me for leaving so early but i don't want to waste the warmth indoors on my laptop :)

Peace and love

Monday, 21 May 2012

So yeah...

got to sleep at 5 this you do.
worried sick about exam tomorrow.

i'm just not feeling great in general as is reflected in how i look right now: trackie bottoms, slippers, oversized t shirt, oversized hoodie, hair pulled up (unwashed) and yesterday's mascara smudges.
I sure is one sexy mutha-fucker.
I think that my mood is reflected by how much or how little of myself i'm showing, if i'm wearing something skimpy i'm generally happy but if i'm hiding in clothes that could fit two or three of me, chances are: things aren't great.

i can't wait for this year to be over, 2012 has sucked. and i don't wanna sound unpatriotic but i couldn't care less about the jubilee or the olympics. the great british 2012 really isn't so freaking great.

Having said all of this, there's sunshine and on wednesday it's supposed to be 25 degrees. that is something at least.

Peace and love

Friday, 18 May 2012

Living for yesterday :)

Such a sweet day.
Went to see avengers assemble...actually amazing xD i freaking love robert downey jr. possibly the smoothest guy in hollywood? then got some food from the bamboo basket and had it al fresco at the castle :) went home and opened our presents :D i got adam pokemon cards, lego starwars and a new guitar strap :) he got me a dress, a monkey and a dvd. :) we chilled eating cookies and watching southpark/ricky gervais, 'twas really nice.

and all of that made me realise something that should have been way more obvious to me: exams can go sodomise themselves. i really don't care. life will go on regardless of how these go.


Peace and love

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woop woop

I've finally managed to get this right:

Dear Miss Katherine Thomas Thank you very much for contacting us to book an appointment. We can confirm the details as: GUILDFORD, UNITED REFORMED CHURCH HALL 83 PORTSMOUTH ROAD, GUILDFORD, SURREY. GU2 4BS 20 July 2012 10:50

ahahaha :D

i booked plenty in advance to make sure there were places and selected 'any time' and now i'm gonna be giving blood in a couple months' time. tis cool, i have plenty to go around :D they're gonna have to measure and weigh me and stuff...GARGH xD make sure i have enough blood...i'm pretty sure i'm fine.
definitely dragging adam along to keep me distracted though xD then i'll keep the blood-donation-member card in my purse...that's the only reason i'm doing....another card to fill up my purse aha :)

Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Peace and love

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One Down Five To Go

:D wahooo!! so, Italy/Germany's out of the way :) just fiev more to go...
hmmm, today was alright i s'pose... it's done anywyas, no point worrying now.....
The fenix will rize again. oh yes.

gotta do some hardcore lit revisions later. gonna re-read sheers and go pver my wider reading logs 'n' ting, you know the score :D

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I've written 4 essays in the past 2 days :/ more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...
I know everyone's in the same boat but complaining about it makes me feel better :)
I got my mark for the italy/germany mock i did last week...A! :D JUST. i was only one mark over but this has given me the confidence to revise and hopefully that improved knowledge will be enough to edge up my grade and make it secure.  I'm so happy with it, I really thought i'd done really yeah, that's a thing :D just a psychology mock to try not to die in tomorrow...ugh.

hmmm, i really like some songs by lana del rey but i'm debating whether or not to buy the album because i really don't like some of the others...ah wells.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have written 4 essays in the past 3 days...if i have to write another tomorrow i will cry. i know i have to do one on thursday.... :/ first period :s
anyways, got my one of my history mocks out of the way today, if it's a pile of shite then that's a shame but at least it's done...i mean, obviously i hope it's not but i can't change it now :s
so, i still have lit and italian to do today...:'(

Summer, just listened to that song....maow :( you know, i still have ginger snaps and easter remnants if you fancy a girly dmc sometime? :P

anyways, should probably so all the work i'm always complaining about doing....

ooh, guess what i just realised, next tuesday i'm writing 3 essays in one day and getting my monthly *fuckyoubitch* :D yay for me

Peace and love

Monday, 23 April 2012

All you have to do is breathe. Everything else is optional.

Useful history site

i dunno about anyone else but i find the textbooks really hard to follow and this site has some helpful summaries on things...there's some irrelevant things because it's european history but it shows how italy and germany crossover which i'm finding pretty yeah :P

have fun revising!

Peace and love
p.s surprise essays aren't fun.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Currently installing McAfee

I feel guilty for cheating on Norton.
BUT my 60 day free trial with Norton runs out tomorrow so this is pretty important, I don't want my lovely laptop getting ill *dang I love it so much!!* the webcam and mic are awesome and it's purple and it has intelcore-i 5....and 6gb ram :D *love*
Language revision session was pretty handy today although i was very nearly falling asleep, not boredom at all, i was just completely knackered.
Also, Italian is happening next thursday so I have a week to learn it...lil less scared now :P
mcafee is installed and norton in deleted...dude, i'm a pro at this...totally didn't take me 20 minutes to find the product key or anything.
thou shalt not drink from the waterbottle of thine friend. :(
I want to BE Dira Von Teese
that is all.
Peace and love

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fulfilling The Female Stereotype


Really starting to worry about Italian now :s maow.


<3 jenna marbles so much :D she is awesome!!
also, in jjb sport Shake weight is £25, online less than a tenner!! no wonder there's highstreet deckine when they just wanna rip everyone off!! gargh.
actually quite tempted to get one...also looked at strobe lights....and pasta makers....procrastination....oops.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's Avoid Work Together :D

To be honest, I think i do deserve a lil break :P i had work at the café from 9-6 and on my breaks i did history revision. HARDCORE.

So, tonight I have to do some history, probably should do some italian and some english lit wouldn't go amiss either...but How much do I feel like doing this? *grumbligruntersnortlefaffan*

Lying calmly in a road as headlights grow before me...I've never felt so alive as I do tonight.

can't avoid work forever...unfortunately.

I wish I could lay down beside you when the day is done and wake up to your face against the morning sun

Peace and love

Friday, 13 April 2012

Okay, sorry about yesterday :s

After logging off yesterday I ended up finishing a book for English Lit. doing a lil revision and organising 3 1/2 months worth of notes into their respective folders :D I always feel better once I've done something productive/helpful/anythingthatisn'tatotalwasteoftime but it takes forever to get around to :s

Woke up, had breakfast, washed hair/bathed, doused myself in moisturiser-perfume-pretty stuff, got dressed, went out for a lil bit, bought a pair of BLUE SUEDE SHOES, came home and did some hard core history revision. Found a useful website which summarises the different topics of Crown and Authority section of history exam:

i looked at the foreign policy parts, the four thomas's, the dissolution of the monasteries....stuff like that, anyways, Tommy, Rupert, thought you might find this useful, if not, you only wasted a click of mouse, eh? :)

I am feeling positive.

Peace and love

Thursday, 12 April 2012

We sure are cute for two ugly people

Fuck, I'm bored. There's things i need to do but i really don't want to. i wish this year was already over, i really can't stand college. I don't want to got to uni. all i want to do is paint. i wanna drop out and give up sleeping and just freaking paint all the time. but i can't and i never will and i'll never end up moving away or doing what i want in life. this whole thing is so freaking dull, each day's just another shade of grey and i'm sick of it.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Just made a youtube vid for the first time in ages :D

Peace and love

I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else

Ah, it's been a long time since watching Juno :P I really like the soundtrack, so many sweet songs that just get overloooked...ah wells...
I feel like chilling and watching girly films...

Got up at half 7 cuz i thought there was a history revision sesh today but it's tomorrow GARGH, at least i haven't missed it though. my eyes ache with tirednessnitudeifulity...'n' ting.

watched a good movie the other night: The Gentlemen Broncos

You kinda have to see it to understand it but basically, this guy has his story stolen by his idol and there are snippets of the story all the way through....random AS but i love it :P

Peace and love

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter...sorta

Bit late but it's still the Easter Bank there :)

Had an easter egg hunt yesterday with adam and his family cus WE'RE JUST WAY TOO FREAKING AWESOME.

deal with.

neglecting revision faw teh wyn

where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart? <3

sometimes i miss where i used to be, but holding onto a past that never really existed isn't the wisest idea...and honestly, this could be better than that ever really was...thoughts.jpg
rubbing eyeliner off the sofa so that mom won't stop me sleeping on the sofa...falling asleep in front of the telly is one of my favourite things...ange has a collection of photos of me from christmas where i've fallen asleep in my sofa spot every night :D always curled up and tiny and painfully ungraceful....:D

I'm in love:

i really wanna get that album...she's incredible and she's 15!!

my hair is soggy and smells of various fruits...there's no way it'll still be black for school though :/ i've only washed it 3 times and most of the colour's gone, it's sposed to last 24 washes...ah wells, i looked kickass for steel panther and that's what counts :D

had a cream egg for

Peace and love

Monday, 2 April 2012

I wish i had something deep and poetic to say

but i can't think of anything so i'll give you honesty instead....i'm really tired.

Peace and love

Thursday, 29 March 2012

I feel offended that i should have to prove i'm not a robot....just saying...

I feel like a better person just because i watched that Blake Bliss video Summer :) xx

I wrote an essay on sunday, monday, yesterday and again today....-_-' huuuuuuuuuuuffffff

'School seems to get in the way of life' - something said offhand to mr. bramwells that has actually found itself into my report xD ahahaha
So, I gotta make some coursework edits tonight, wrote a crappy history 5th period and did peer evaluation in englishes...but do you knwo what? none of that matters. i got in from school, had some oreos *rupert, they're only 49p in tesco :D* and some coffee and rewatched the episode of napoleon dynamite that i'd seen this tuesday....toomuchcool

I really like that song although the ending's really lazy...

Also, so much love right now for:

and seriously, self-hatred for liking this one :(


:D okayze, have probably bombarded you with as much cheesey chart stuffs as you can take right now, i promise you arty, abstracty stuff to make it up at some point in the future :D

btw, if you think i'm teemy, i've grown :D 5ft 5" hellz yeah...not my fault if you're freakishly tall...

Peace and love
p.s if you get time give a listen to The Wonder Villains :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

I'm fragging tired of writing essays :(

Got in from school today to find there wasn't a dot of sunshine in my back garden :( so i headed down to the river instead...i took my history work so i don't feel too lazy. I even read on in the text book just to spite mr. bond, can't wait to never see him again. *forrealsface*
Gosh I loe the sunshine, it's like everything's kinda...better...
You know that gnoring, tight-dread feeling that clings around your heart and chokes you from your core? Sunshine melts it away. I'm feeling good for the first time in a week but it's still not the same. I can smile and be happy and life is...good but i still don't feel comfortable and effortless like i did before and i can't help but feel like i'm just not going to for quite a while. but it's okay because i can see an end to this. and one day it'll be alright. it'll never be quite perfect again. it'll never be a fairytale again. maybe it never was to begin with but i believed it and now it's gone. and that hurts. but when something is truly destroyed you can either let the rubble fester away, scarring the landscape with a memory that'll never quite fade into the sepia tone of sweet nostalgia OR you can begin rebuilding. you can create something more beautiful and better than was ever there before. and with the sunshine it will grow and blossom and you will feel better.

well, that's the hope anyway.
wow, i feel as though i've been mute all this time and am finally finding my tongue, just now after tears of veritable silence.
A toast to tomorrow.

Peace and love
p.s Congratulations Rupert ;)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Everything I knew was fake.
Everything I trusted was a lie.
Everything's in these pills I take.
Counting the hours til I die.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ah, today was freaking sweet :D

RAG week: Your favourite fictional character...

Lady Dracula :P

Hellz Yair

We looked so badass, c'mon Corpse Bride, Two Face, Sweeny Todd and RupertInASuit.

I love dressing up, i'm not gonna lie, it's one of my all time favourite things :P we need more charity days at school :)

I'm not really sure what we'll end up doing exactly but i really want a lady gaga theme for my 18th b'day party :) i'm thinking full on costumes, loads of her music and a dance routine *Summer you're in charge of that!!* i think telephone has a really great routine and it'd be cool to do a take on that methinks but you're official choreographer

wooo, i think my dinner's finally done :D wahey!! i'm so fragging hungry, i could eat an entire....mcdonald's...bricks, employees, window panes...oh and the food too :D
could actually seriously go for burger...might take martin on sunday, makes me feel less guilty about pigging out if i make it a hanging out with mart thing :P

This weekend, i need to do homework, fix coursework and FILE MY FREAKING PAPERS!!! gargh.

Peace and love

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Summer already knows

about my horrible dream last night :/ i woke up crying and for a good five minutes, i didn't realise it was a dream. i was completely distraught. so today i just really wanted a cuddle.

today was a good day, chilled 'n' comfy...pj's need to be more acceptable in public, they're the absolute best.

today really was a good day...

Peace and love

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I hate history

:( i feel so alienated from school, i just can't get on with it right now at all :s i'm not progressing with mr. bond at all, i just get the same freaking mark every single time i write an essay for him and it's no good, i do everything he tells me to do and my mark stays the same. and he says it's a good essay so how the fuck am i losing 1/3 of the marks...i just feel crap. sorry. i'm more annoyed about not improving than the actual mark itself because i convince myself that i've done a good job and that maybe this time it'll be better but it's just as shite as ever.
i'm so tired...physically but also just in general really...i just need a break from every little nothing. friday, saturday and sunday were feck-awesom and this week has just been the biggest crash ever.
i have an essay for lit tomorrow...urgh...i don't wanna....

i'm in a really dumb miserable mood, ignore me, please, i'm spouting utter rubbish to use emotion-focused coping strategy: venting. it makes me feel momentarily better but considering what i have to do i still feel a bit crap and should proabably do something useful at some point in the near future...

Peace and love

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Birthday Summer :)

Hope you had a really lovely day babes :P

I found the song i like from easy a :) can't believe it's by natasha bedingfield!!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Major Love For This Song

Peace and love
p.s Hampton Court was awesome yesterday :P

Thursday, 1 March 2012

useful site

has commentary on every poem in skirrid hill :)

Peace and love

Monday, 20 February 2012

Disappointed this doesn't have a proper video :s

Heard this on the radio 1 introducing thing last night sometime after midnight and it just kinda struck me...i dunno really, but i quite like it at the moment :)

Rehearsals were long and tiring today....we didn't end up going til 6 as was scheduled but it was still a long day :/ managed to hand in my psychology work and my english lit essay and even get some feedback on my entertaining coursework...i sure am one productive motherhubbard. *smug face*
watched New Girl and an episode of fresh meat when i got in... i deserved it. also made myself a tiny jam mom bought teeny loaves from M&S *so cute* xD had to make another to fill the gap though...

ah wells

Peace and love
p.s I took my vows today...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

One my new laptop :D

So yeah... :P i can't lie, i'm really pleased with it, there's even a smug-dance to accompany the smug-face...

currently avoiding doing psychology work which is due tomorrow...
...hello laptop, goodbye a-levels

Peace and love

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Evangelical Pasta

I'm so tired. and my tongue is nothing more than a needle stuck on a record...

If we have another rehearsal after school tomorrow, i really think i'll cry.

But let's keep positive :) My jacket arrived today!! and i really like it :D *yayze*

I will be going grocery shopping on friday, thought you oughta know.

Peace and love

Monday, 6 February 2012

Why is today STILL happening??

So my driving license application got messed up so i have to run around and try to fix everything tomorrow. GREAT. and i have Guys and Dolls after school tomorrow and wednesday. and i have to write a history essay tonight.

i just wanna go to sleep... :(

In other news, I won the bid on a jacket on ebay :) hopefully it'll look nice on...i wanna team it with boho dresses and summery lovely things (can you tell i'm tired of winter?) Yeah, i really hope it won't be massively disappointing and shite.

In yet more news, i did well on my psychology mock :) thought i'd majorly fecked it up so that was a relief...even though i still only got 3/12 on the big question. hmmm.

Okay, i'm gonna go have food now, speak soon

Peace and love

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Photo Booths are Bitches

I look like a serial killer. not even kidding. but i need it for my yeah...

Got a hair clip and moisturiser in town and then spent two hours making a bracelet because i'm just too hipster to buy one. my hands freaking hurt.

Last night was good after work :) and actually work wasn't too bad either but i had a really ncie evening with adam, we walked back in the snow, watched some telly, he tickled me so much, i shreiked with laughter and begged him to stop...seriously, how old was i last time i had a tickle fight? xD
it was a relief after friday...i think everyone knows what i'm talking about...
Hopefully I'll get better soon, i've finished this lot of Yasmin so I'm gonna try out a different pill and if it continues to fuck with my head i'm giving it up. so you have any idea what it's like to break down in tears over NOTHING at least once a day? hmmm :/ lately stuff has actually been up but the pill really doesn't help any of it. how sad is it that i started looking forward to my period just because it was a week when i didn't have to take the pill and my head space was unclouded. you know like when you're dreaming sometimes you have moments of lucidity where there's absolute control over your surroundings? that's how life became but not in an airy floaty dreamy way but more a nightmarish loss of control. hopefully, it'll be over soon and i'll be 'normal' again.

Gonna watch Kick-Ass...oh yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah

Peace and love

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just Giving

My Page

Please, please, please spread this around, post on facebook, donate whatever you can, I'd be really grateful :) massive hugs for anyone who donates, also, if you donate then you get to watch me make a fool of myself when i ABSEIL DOWN THE CATHEDRAL ON JULY 14TH

so please, please, please spread this link around and beg people to donate on my behalf?

Peace and love

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I'm loving this song so much right now!!

I think it's reminiscent of The Police and it's about the best thing that's been in the chart for a while. Something mainstrean that isn't about Da Club or whatever other shallow crap they often come up with...anyways, i really like this song, like a freaking lot :P It's not often that music genuinely excites me and i find something I love :D

Ooooh and this is a really great video for the first song from I'm With You by he Red Hot Chili much love :D but please anthony, shave the tash???

or not, still gorgeous :D

Peace and love
p.s pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase snow!! i know it's inconvenient but i LOVE snow so much...

Friday, 27 January 2012

I think this is the mp3/4 player i wanna get....

LinkThis One!!

I thought that was vital stuffs for sharing :P

I got new knickers, shaving foam, cleansing wipes, shorts and a skirt today :D That's the most i've bought for myself in one go for a while!!

Summer, I got the skirt that i hoisted up under my dress the other day xD and those cute black short shorts :D and i got the primark wipes so i'll tell you how good/bad they are when i get around to trying 'em out :)



It's the weeeeeeekkkkkkeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnndddddd
and i have work tomorrow... feck. actually, it'll be ok, i'll just sneak hot chocolates whilst i'm working again...heheheh

Peace and love
p.s at least it's not raining!

Monday, 23 January 2012


"I hate it when all i hear is you hanging up"


So yeah, today began, there was a middle and at some point later it will end...

I have not done my coursework...I'm a procratinating fool.

BUT good news...

I now do SOMETHING in Guys and's not exactly a line but in the middle of one of the songs, i kind of gasp and fake faint xD *yeah* you have no idea how pleased i am...honestly, simple things, simple minds 'n' all that jazzful stuff.

So glad italian isn't on tuesdays anymore, you have no idea!! a whole extra hour to do stuff...just stuff! that's awesome :D

my mittens were really nice to wear today btw :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Going home soon...

Today's been a really good day, it's pretty sad that it actually has to end :/ regret for something that's still yet to happen...hmmm.

i bought new mittens today, i will be shoving them in your face tomorrow...they are the warmest, snuggest thing ever *smug face*

Town Dwharf...i would say "i'll explain" but i hve no intention.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

There ain't nothing like your smile

I feel like i'm repeating myself, but there you go.

I agree with Summer, being ill sucks :( i feel tired and headachey and my throat hurts. GIVE ME SYMPATHY GODDAMMITT

trying and failing to do italian work which has been put off for about a month already...lord loves procrastination :P

I love DMCs with my gal pal :)

Peace and love

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dear Summer,

I hope you feel better soon, I missed you today :/ Lit was boring without you and tutor felt empty....apart from all the guys yelling 'chode' :P you didn't really miss anything major though so you don't have to worry about that, just focus on getting better so i can have a hug soon :D *selfishness* miss you xxxx

today was tiring. 6 lessons and quite a bit of writing...i'm so sleepy. urgh, guys and dolls lunch and after school tomorrow :O that's gonna be fun....hmmm

i reckon i'm going to go and rest my eyelids for a sec, not know, just a rest :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Avec mon beau


Chez Adam :P I am currently stealing his electricity and interwebs in order to reach my adoring public via das blog, ja?

French, english and German, I'm one multi-lingual mother hubbard xD

We've been chilling and atcually got some h/w done too, that's right, i can multi task, screw you society!!!
So yeah, today's been a pretty darn good day, i enjoyed cycling here and i do't really wanna leave but i got a good feeling about tonight seeing as my h/ws done and i'm very content. things is, this is actually working, we motivate each other more than we distract each other, we've acualy got work done *smug face*

called tommy this morning :) just a lil chat but it's always good to catch up :P i caught him in the middle of making a bagel :P

gotta get going :)
from a very happy kaytei,
Peace and love
p.s went jogging on friday for 40 minutes, felt awesome!!! :D

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Say Hello...

Like the make over?

Well tough because i do so it's staying :D I think they're sequins but it looks sorta like streetlights shining through rain on a wind screen when you're stuck in a traffic jamb at night...not to be overly specific or anything :P

I was dressed in Zumba-attire today although it wasn't on...i'm not complaining, i got to wear trackies 'n' trainers and then spent 5th chatting with peoples, vair productive :)

i've done some psychology today and i'll get on with my history essay soon :( i've put it off until the last minute, it can be avoided no longer...

Adam came round this morning and he was really early too...i really appreciate that :P we chatted and napped and it was a lovely lazy start to the day...reminded me of this song:

cheesey, i know...but i love it

well, roll on real return to school tomorrow when i have more than one lesson xD

Peace and love
p.s a while aog i asked for idea for a new sign out but i never got any suggestions and now it's been too long to change it...ah wells.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Okay so pretentious resolution here i come:

Make things happen.

I know it's vague, deliberately so...but i figured that i have 363 days left in which i can work on stopping waiting and starting making things happen instead. there's one thing i really want this year but i can't say because i don't want to jinx it. I'll tell you if it happens!!
I know if it's worth being a resolution maybe i should be doing it already but sometimes it's hard to get motivated and this is a nice excuse so don't be too cynical, eh? :P
Also, this year I'll be 18 *christ that's scary...i barely feel out of primary*
Oh and also the rapture's might wanna pick up a brolly, gonna be stormy! :P
In closer 2012 news, we're all back at school come wednesday and i've still got lots of work to's my own fault but really, i think it's worth it. Last holiday I felt knackered and shite when i got back to school because i was busy busy every day but this time round i've rested and taken some me time. I did another painting! I got an easel for christmas and set it up on boxing day! I hadn't a clue what I was going to paint but i had a blank canvas and remembered Rolf Harris saying to kill the white with colour, just get rid of all the blankness and work from there :P I'm actually really pleased with it :)

btw, have you ever thought of the honesty of a sneeze? most of the time people are in one way or another hiding parts of themselves but you can't really control a can't hid that. it's just this explosion of a kind of child-like'd never believe something so beautifully fragile could be found in a sneeze.

or maybe you think that's BS but whatever...

hmmm, looks like I just made a plan, see, i'm making things happen already! *smug face*

Peace and love