Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I was sort of bored a couple nights ago...

The boredom remark refers to my eight fantastic eggs...me in a sleeping bag is just...me in a sleeping bag... okay, i tell a lie, it was me discovering that you can unzip it from the bottom and therefore walk around...in a sleeping bag...whilst looking a lil like a caterpilla. that was over a month ago now, gee how time flies.

I hate Halifax. I am 16. I can get married. I can have kids. I can leave school. And home. But i can't withdraw money from my own fecking bank account without my parents' signature. WHAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?! That is very frustrating and it really slowed me down this morning. grrrrr. I hate it when I can't just GO!!
aw, another grating issue. Do i honestly look 14??!?!? SERIOUSLY??!?! Me and summer weren't allowed to see Easy A because we didn't have photo ID. Fecking Feck them the fecking FECKERS.
BUT....me and Summer did end up having a good time anyway though....BUT MY POINT REMAINS: AGE RESTRICTIONS ARE STUPID. FEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCKKK. >:[

We went to TKMaxx and Debenhams and all over really and we tried on a LOT of dresses :P There was one purple one which i might keep an eye on...but then again, i might not. I want something really unique :P
ahhahahah Summer!!! "It doesn't feel right...it's all floppy..." mwa ha ha ha

omgosh, I quiffed my hair today :P AND despite the wind and rain it stayed quiffy :P good hairspray!! i'm telling you, it's all cuz of the hairspray!!

Watched Year One last night :D pretty good! i'd give it about 3*. I enjoyed it but it's not timeless or a classic...one of the funniest parts was in the outtakes...:/ Michael Cera is VERY cute in it and he gives a good performance...i'm not completely shallow! I love that line from Juno where Ellen Page's character describes Michael Cera's character...and how he likes orange tic-tacs...and when she kissed him, 'his mouth tasted all tangy and delicious' i love that line :)
I also watched Surf's Up the other night :P Really enjoyed that!! I'm a big fan of cartoon films and i thought the plot was sweet and Shia LeBeuf gave a great voice to Cody and it had a lovely happy ending and it's documentary style was really clever!

Bought a new bag today. It's for school!! I needed it!! I took my science book into town to check that it would be big enough...must have looked a lil strange but ah wells, eh?

It had to be done.

^^that sounds really ominous. ah wells. I'm off to have a toasted tea-cake. omgosh!! I had pizza today *YUMMY* gosh.

might buy some trackies...or might not...who knows?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

who does know??

yeah, i'm bored of me too.

Peace and love


  1. Nice eggs. Ellen Page eats seaweed everyday because she lives in Halifax. Sounds like a plan to me.

  2. Hello :)
    Lovely to see a new reader!! Just had a peek at your blog, i really liked the four steps thingy...esp. the first thing:
    i reckon you just made my day :P