Saturday, 28 August 2010

I'm At SUMMER'S Diggs xD

We iz livvin it larrrrge xD

...we're being civilised...just about...

we might not be very lively in town tomorrow...we may be late also...please wait for us :D


Peace and love
p.s i can get what i want!!! xD St. Trinian's 2!!! xD waaaaaaaaaaay good!! David Tennant is a very naughty boy. tut tut. yes, i'm tired.
p.p.s i reeeeeaaaaally hope mum doesn't text me at 6am this time! for reals!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

I Metaphorically have no energy

I am completely zapped!! I reckon i earnt my pizza today xD *go me*
Harvey is such an awesome host and today was well fun. but yeah, i'm knackered so this post doesn't reflect the almighty brilliance of today's swimming expedition at all.


excuse me.

well, i tried and failed to swim under water today but i don't think it was that bad...OH and Harvey saved me when i drowned *not for reals, i know i can't really swim but i'm not completely awful*

"jesus did nothing for us"

crap, there were so many other fantastic quotes...

at one point i was being thrown between a couple of guys. i hear you ask 'why'? i have NO IDEA. I was the weapon...but tbh...i just got the feeling that i was that undesirable that they were fighting over which one of them didn't have to have me xD nah, not really :P i was just a weapon...of mass destruction...sorry, not funny...

aw man...we did something bad and now we can barely use the internet til next month *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo-....actually that's not so bad..i can deal with that...-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*

Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky:

*que music*

They're Pinky and The Brain, Pinky and The Brain,
One is a genius,
the other's insane,
They're laboratory mice,
whose genes have been spliced...
They're Pinky and The Brain...

Before each night is done,
Their plans will be unfurled,
but by the dawning of the sun,
they'll take over the world...

They're Pinky and The Brain,
Pinky and The Brain,
They're Pinky-
Pinky and The Brain,
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain...


Peace and love
p.s i just remembered something: "i'm not drowning, i'm just breathing underwater"

Thursday, 26 August 2010

F***'s a song :D

Okay, so Cee Lo Green, one half of Gnarls Barkley, has had massive viral success with the single F*** You *which rocks btw* He got over 1 million views in 48 hours and way more since then! the single's not even being released until 4th october!!
However, the first single heard from his new solo album, 'Cee Lo Green is The Lady Killer' was a cover of a Band of Horses song called 'No one's gonna love you'

I hadn't heard of Band of Horses, but naturally i wanted to hear what the original song sounded like so i youtubed it...i think I prefer it. I do love Cee Lo's new one and reckon it has a better video but check it out and see what you reckon

your choice!! xD i just think it's a brilliant song...
also...I love F*** You xD I can't wait to see what the official video's going to be! The radio edit sing's Forget You but the uncensored version is a little angrier xD it's such a feel good song though, really catchy!!

gosh, you getta check out Georgia too...i'm a bit of a fan xD this is old school awesome! his voice is just fantastic!!

Peace and love
p.s some of these lyrics are pretty bad...: O.o 'tis a good song though

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

i think i have concussion

...just saying...

have you heard of Mary Bale?!?! The massive cow who thought it would be funny to put a cat in wheelie bin?!?! jesus christ!!! she's reported to have said, 'i don't see what the big deal is- it was just a cat!'
er, what?!? WHAT did you just say??!?!?

anyways, dinner i a mo...

i am absolutely soaked. denim is not fun to be soaked in D: today was good though tommy! ta for the toast xD toast is always good!!
please come on friday?!?!?

Peace and love

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I watched it last night with my family and it was really, really good!

It's from 1975 and it starred Jack Nicholson, who is pure awesomness, and a host of familiar faces including Danny Devito. Although, Danny Devito was so convincing that it actually took a while for me to really acknowledge that it was him despite his distinctive appearance.
The film won 5 oscars and was a five star film.
It deserved all of it's acalade, whereas with some highly acclaimed films, I find myself feeling disappointed by the end of it.

It was pretty close to being a perfect film...the only thinkg I'd change would be to give it a happy ending but then i'd probably go and ruin it because it would just be like any other movie. This was beautiful and heartbreaking.

I really highly recommend it to everyone of my subscribers and anyone else who might just stumble upon this perchance.

I've not said anything about the plot at all because i'd probably give too much away but it's set in a mental asylum and Jack Nicholson plays a convict who's dodging his sentence in prison by claiming that he is mentally ill. You will want Nurse Ratched dead by the end of it, she's one of the most abhorrent characters ever written.

Hey summer...check it:

I haven't got a clue what some of those lyrics even mean and at one point near the beginning there's a reference to wanting to smoke a girl he thinks is hot...lil weird, but who am i to judge? xD

That's all folks!

Peace and love

Monday, 23 August 2010


That's right Bitches!!! xD

*ahem* please excuse my previous outburst...I was not in my right state of mind....

anyways, that's my latest word count novel.
there is no way that I can say 'my novel' without sounding pretentious, is there? So, do you know what? I'm just gonna go overboard and start calling myself an author-extraordinaire. ahahahaha!!

Anyways, The Author-Extradordinaire had a rather delightful town venture with Summer, Harvey, Jamie, Tommy and Jacob. *if i carry on referring to myself in 3rd person i might go insane...hmmmmm*

I quite like putting people into alphabetical order but in this instance I've put them in order of when people turned up!!

I was FIRST...first time in AGES that i've been first!! xD *smug...and now a lil sad that i just pointed that our...hmmmm*

OOOOHHHHH!!!! you know how Shakespeare came up with 'bubble'...amongst other words...WELL (!) Dr. Zeuss came up with 'nerd' ahahahaha. How fabby is that?

songs i want to download:
switch by will smith
that one the tommy and harvey always sing xD
white sky by vampire weekend *ty summer!!*
rock your body by MVP
a few various songs by Tenacious D and some others by Bombay Bicycle Club...
OH and that one by Chevvy Chase and that other guy.. xD

Today was really really good xD Weather could have been a bit better but I shan't be too picky cuz then I'll just piss you off :D
I love to punctuate with smilies O.o

Peace and love
p.s...i just thought...the title of this blogpost sounds a lil ominous doesn't it? ooooh.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

What Lies Beneath

Watched it last night.
Stars Michelle Pheifer *i don't know how to spell that* and Harrison Ford.
Had three stars.

Sounds okay?


I'm not gonna lie, it did scare me but it had an okay end because it was a thriller and not a horror.

ok, so it was scary when you allowed yourself to get suckered in but watching it from a critic's point of view it wasn't ground breaking.

the creepy stuff was cliché...(hearing whispers, photoframes smashing, writing in the mirror, doors opening and closing...ON THEIR OWN ¬_¬)

Harrison Ford can't act. I'm sorry, i'm not a fan. At one point, he's injured but still trying to do something and it looks SO fake it's unbelievable.
(deliberately vague cuz i don't want to give away the plot if you plan on watching this)

Too Long. There were adverts but it was on from 9-11.40 and it could have ended comfortably about 40 minutes just got really dragged out towards the end with laughable attempts at being creepy...

It's from 2000 so they used CGI for the sake of using CGI. For ten years ago it was actually pretty decent but i'm not a fan of directors who go 'I have money for special effects...look at my special affects...LOOK AT THEM'

errrrrm...worth watching, glad i can say i've seen it but don't think i'd bother watching it again and i wouldn't recommend that you bought it on blue ray or dvd but if there is NOTHING else on the telly *like we foud last night* give it a might like it more than me!

JAMIE'S BACK!! and yup, that vid was funny...ange came through and he was like 'that's dumb' but then he stayed to the end of the vid and found it i reckon 'don't knock it til you've tried it?'

ooooooooooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :D

Peace and love
p.s decent film on tonigh!! ANCHORMAN xD LOVE IT

Friday, 20 August 2010

Gosh, I am so tired.

Woke myself up when I knocked my alarm out of my bed this morning...i'm not sure what time since the clock wasn't there anymore....
I thought that it had gone down the back of my bed but it had actually landed on my desk *skillage*
Is that serendipity? When you have unexpected good fortune?hmmmm

I need to buy wr-happing paper :O

omgosh!! i'm in the library!! someone's reading the 'we're going on a bear hunt' story with all of the onomatopoeia for the mud and the storm and everything xD I love that story...i remember being told that story in year one :P


I need to get new ink cartridges...the pen that i'm using for my diary at the moment bleeds a lil :/ my ink pen wrote really nicely adn although the black ink fades after a while to a yellowish brown colour it stays where it's put and you can't see fuzzy lil lines of it going through the page's fibre.

I had so much chocolate this morning :s

Gosh, i really ought to get on with everything on my 'to do' list, mmm hmmm, i actually wrote a 'to do' list!

I watched Departed *or is it The Departed :S?*

It wasn't really my sort of film...really confusing for the first part and pretty morbid but it wasn't bad. i don't reckon i'll bother watching it again though.

I need to sand some more of the beads...

takes about ten minutes per bead...

I use five for each bracelet...

takes a while to teak oil them and then they take 24 hours to dry completely...then i thread them up and tie ten knots *11 if you count the one to link it up...but i don't cuz ten's my lucky number...i didn't tie ten knots on purpose..well i did, you can't accidentally tie a knot...well, you can but ANYWAY, i didn't count them as i went along, i just thought it was a pleasant surprise thatthere were ten when i was done.*

I've bored you enough, i bid you adieu *i think*

Peace and love
p.s i've just been reading over some old's a line that made me laugh...'an epic collision of face and tarmac'

Thursday, 19 August 2010


i just accidentally posted this on the wrong blog...smooth...

mwa ha ah aha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha
that was a fail...yeah, i'm cruddy at typing.

it smells like sausages in here...we haven't had sausages in ages...i'm actually really properly confused now o.O

ooooh, for everyone i've misinformed:
DON'T GO TO SCHOOL 24th.....

just for year 11 apparently...sorry :/
not long to wait til school now anyways :s

omgosh, Harvey!! love you :P He let us go round his house and swim in his pool it :D

well...i spent most of my time...NOT one point i was in the middle of a bully circle being splashed *grrrrr, pick on the one who can't swim!! you big ol' meanies*
anyways, today has been SO good!
thanks so much for the lift...and alibi louise!!
It's not like my parents wouldn't let me go but it's just SO MUCH easier to say that I'm at Louise's than face my dad's inquisition:
who is he?
how old is he?
how do you know him?
is he your boyfriend?

-_-' and ¬_ ¬

i don't like lying to my parents but leaving out large chunks of the truth is just far more convenient...sorry :/

mmm, popcorn is good :P

hmmm...i feeling like dancing and knwo that weird kind of restlessness when you're both really knackered but simultaneously feeling the urge to run and jump and do athletic stuff???!?!?
just me?


ahem...I started writing my diary and then i got distracted xD I'll get bakc to it in a mo...there is much that must be written. ahaaaaaaaaaa

knowing me and knowing you
there is nothing we can do


looliage. oh yes, i went there...and do you know what else went there? foot...

i wish that i could show you the facial expression which accompanies the phrase, 'my foot' dang, harvey, you crack me up :P

does anyone even say 'crack me up' anymore??

evidently, yes. you just did. see?

right, i'm hyper...i need to leave before i start scaring small children :D

Peace and love

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

10 Things I Hate About You

I think I mentioned that I loved this film...anyways, I particularly like this bit.

If you haven't seen the film, you oughtn't really watch that because it's from the end...
I just wish I could cry on demand like that. dang.

ooooh, I might have already mentioned this but I watched Good Will Hunting the other night and it was amazing. I fell in love with Matt Damon just a lil bit and I strongly recommend that you watch it. It's pretty intense in parts but generally feel good. Robin Williams is also amazing.

Peace and love

Daniel Sloss....

om fecking god!! i just wrote a really long post and blogger fecking well deleted it. bastard!!! that's so unfair!!! it was a proper decent one as well...
i bought new shoes, i talked about the pool party, words, somwthing taht happened when i was really little...and Daniel Sloss who is my new celeb crush. dang...i'm pissed off...

how come it deleted everything else but kept the title? that is absolute b*llsh*t

Peace and love

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Ah, Time goes so quickly when you're not keeping an eye on him. :/

'twas Martin's birthday yesterday :D we had a good time!!
and, the cake that i baked for him turned out really well :P
it's always nice when things go right...even when it's just chocolate sponge, eh?

i ought to start painting later....

I've finally begun Lord of the's far i'm not pverly keen on the narrative or style of whatever you'd call it, both Ralph and Jack seem like arrogant bastards and Piggy is annoying but i feel pretty bad for him :/ but then again, i've yet to even finish the first chapter so I shouldn't be judging all that early, eh?

i've seen the film of it so i know the ending but it's still worth reading the book to get an insight into how the author atually intended for his audience to receive it...since he never wrote it as a screenplay.

ah wells.

Tommy's gone to Topsham for a week. grrrrr. xD nah, have a nice time, babes! *told you i'd bring it back, babes!*

mwa ha ha

i always have been a lil bit evil.

i want to walk.

i'm gonna get going

Peace and love

Saturday, 14 August 2010

STORYTIME...gather round children...


Before we met Charlotte we got read to by a bunny in the White Lion Walk, it was AWESOME!!

weather was shite again today :/ BUT then we went back to Matty's house and 'twas grand xD we sat on the trampoline and bounced on it too and screwed about with Matt's camera :D
such a laugh!!

I bought jeans and a top from TKMaxx this morning, very pleased wih them :P

I'm so sick of Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle now :( I REALLY loved that song when it first came out but now it's ALWAYS on the radio and it's just died...:(

i want FLUFF and i really want to try a fluffernutter sandwich :D ftr...Fluff is marshmallow spread from america that they sell in TKMaxx mmmmmmm

wahey! i got a Nora mini shake free in town. tasty :P and Tom, who was giving them out, told us about the time he won superhero powers and flew for the day xD but he was a lil worried about them running out so he hovered just a ocuple feet above the ground xD i love the randomers of Guildford.

whoa, i was the second person in tkmaxx this morning. SO WEIRD. being in a big shop with that few people is just eerie...although it did mean that i could browse through the rails on my own in peace without having to worry about showing courtesy to other shoppers *bliss*
BUt i did have to rush to meet matt at 10am...MATT, 10 is too early for socialising!! although it was cool to be out for like 8 hours xD

aw man, i think i've told some of you...i was trying to go all the way through my ipod on shuffle..i was at song 223 and my brother changed it and you can't just go back to the same shuffle cuz it reshuffles it :S so now i'm having to start all over again...but i've downloaded some new ones...including one by Sugarcult *ty Summer!!* but it's not's called Pretty Girl (the way) it's SO good :D
i'm not sure about the name of the group...sounds a lil girlie but maybe they're just being ironic...irony is cool.

Gosh I had a miserable dream last night. Really awful. I wanted to tell people about it cuz it was just so shocking but I thought it would probably bring the mood down and it was matt's b'day gathering even though it's not his b'day til the 18th but anyways....
I dreampt that I watched Someone commit suicide...I gave Someone a capital by accident but it seems appropriate because i don't know who he was. I didn't recognise him...i just made him up :s H ejumped from a builing but he looked so at peace when he was falling. His face was so untroubled that for a moment i really believed he'd be okay but then he crumpled against the concrete like cracked porcelain.

well, that was cheerful wasn't it? i need to go bakc to when i didn't remember my dreams :s

ANYWAYS!!! thanks Charlotte, Elin, Matt and Summer *i alphabetized you, get me!!* for today, it was awesome xD

Peace and love
p.s do you knwo Superman by a group called Goldfinger? xD I only know it frm a skateboarding game I played with my brothers on the N64 when I was WAAAAY younger xD still love the song though!

Friday, 13 August 2010


Fuming. Absolutely flaming well fuming.
So It's Martin's birthday on Monday...i's the 16th whatever day that is :P He's gonna be 14 xD i shaved his tash off the other day. so weird that he's getting older. I found it weird when my big brother got facial hair but my little brother??? TOO weird xD So I was shopping for him earlier. I bought him a t-shirt from topman and a pair of shoes from TKMAXX but i didn't get a shoe box *gutted* and since they're a present they ned to come in a shoe box so right next to tkmaxx is superdry so i asked if they had any spare shoeboxes. Nope. but the guy was really helpful and polite *appreciated* then i went upwards and asked at Jack Wills * i should have known better really* I asked some guy who was perfectly well mannered and then he went and asked his supervisor woman faced person-like and she was just like "NOOOOOO" and she gave me a filthy look...made me feel about this big ----->kaytei

NOT Appreciated.

grrrrrrrr. I'm not ever so keen on snobs.

anyways, then i went into Russel and Bromley and asked a lady in there. she came back with THREE boxes for me to choose from and put them in a lovely big paper bag for me. I give Russel and Bromley and all of their staff major kudos and thankyous. Russel and Bromley ROCK whilst Jack Wills SUCK. swines. the snobby girl in jack wills had terrible hair.

right, town later...i need to grab some lunch before i head out :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 12 August 2010


hmmm...been a lil busy lately :P good busy though!! sawed up some wood...and my finger *but only a tiny bit so it's fine xD* yesterday and today I walked to tommy's and back. I stayed at his house inbetween...i didn't just walk there and back, that would be pointless xD
He shoved his remote in my mouth!!
...that's NOT a euphemism...

Peace and lovexxxx

p.s for anyone who hasn't of won't be seeing the google sign today:
71st anniversary of the wizard of oz, which as everyone knows, is one of my favourite films of all time :D


p.p.s i'm learning to sing a very well known romanian song xD

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I Keep Dancing On My Own

^^That song's stuck in my head right now...
I've had Minky for nine years!!'s hard to believe that this time next year i'll be saying i've had her for a decade. I remember when I first got her i'd take her everywhere...until i thought i'd lost her at the train station when in actuality *is that a real word?* i'd left her on the sofa at home...she stayed in bed for a while after that...

mmmmmm pink vaseline is really nice :P

tg...none of the pics are up on fb yet!! i reckon that once louise puts them up i'll untag myself in most of them...xD

gonna bake a cake later...and have a go at chopping up some wood, you know, the usual...

went up to bed early last night...around 9...i read for a bit and then feel asleep, not sure what time :S felt better this morning. felt raelly cruddy last know when you've had a great time and then you return to ordinary life and it's just a little...dull? hmmmmmm. not the best.

sorry but...
that's all folks

Peace and lovexxxx

Monday, 9 August 2010



I was going for a really fierce strong female, gaga inspired look...i looked like a man in drag D':!!!
still, 'twas a laugh and i reckon today went better!! I have...a week and a bit to get myself into shape for harvey's pool party!! xD FAIL.
i really feel like talkign to people but i can't get into my typing stride tonight, i'm sorry :s i'm gonna go get some more cake. so mucg for losing weight, eh? ;)
it is good though :) pineapple upside mama made it :D

Peace and love
p.s Summer and Louise rock my stripey socks!!
p.p.s Someone in AMERICA tried to sign in as me on fb last night at i had to change my password... now i'm really scared i'll forget it :s I have the same password for everything cuz it's just more convenient really. So, who's in america and who knows my password?? the only person i can think of right now is PloddyStapleFace...and he's in the middle of nowhere so wouldn't really have access to fb. hmmmmm.
p.p.p.s remind me to write down my password in my diary please? THANK YOU :D

Friday, 6 August 2010

Like Toy Soldiers in The Sand...

Junk mail SUCKS!!! i remember feeling happy about getting my first email trying to sell me viagra like a couple months ago because everyone talked about it but i'd never got one like that but now i just get loads of crud sent to my junk folder and then i got to thinking that if it's specifically being sent to my junk folder, hotmail KNOWS that it's junk but STILL sends it to me. I DON'T WANT IT. SEND IT BACK.

right, i'm off for tea!

thanks Summer for yesterday and today AND this funky hoody! xD i'm so looking forward to the fashion shoot with louise now, i reckon we have some EPIC ideas xD I tried to sketch out the 80's power-dressing thing against a graffiti bakcground...i only drew one person cuz i couldn't really be bothered with doing three and it's only like a 5-minute sketch but i reckon that the concept's pretty cool...i'm LOVING the whole BRIGHTS and fairy lights thing and the monochrome idea too...contrasting with the background could be so cool! i'm thining evening gowns up in the swing park...kinda balancing on the swings and draping our arms around the swing chains...i dunno. i get really excited when i think about planning stuff liek this xD

right, i'm REALLY off for tea now :D
...didn't even bother with a title...OOOOH just thought of something...
sounds kinda deep or profounf but it's NOT's literal xD mwa ha ha
i have no idea HOW but i just opened a tab for msn today...hmmmmm.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Greetings all!
^^that's the link to Tommy's blog Summer :D
ah, today was rather pleasant in all :D I towned with Louise, her bf Matt *finally!!*, Matt's friend James, Jamie, Ben, Summer, Hattie and for an hour Tommy and Harvey :D
We didn't do a lot, save from ushing from the rain *although, to be fair...i wasn't there for a couple hours :s*

i just entered a competition to win a Buzz Lightyear doll...I reeeeeaaaaaally want it now!!

I'm trying to think of what I want for my's still a relatively stretched while away but i wanna have some answers prepared for when people ask me...i would quite like a boxset of Demetri Martin stuff...i'm obsessed...i'd like Sunnyside Down by Levni Yilmaz....errrrrrm....i'm not sure...i'll have a think about it :D

Peace and love
p.s I approve of you bf louise :) he seems really sweet! you guys are a fantastic couple *jealous!*
p.p.s BEACH TOMORROW with SUMMMMMMER...can't wait :) I'ma wear the dress i bought from river island yesterday, tomorrow...that could be confusing xD
p.p.p.s I yelled this at everyone in town but justin bieber's autobiography's gonna be out in october and there's gonna be a film of it!!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! WHYYYYYYY????!!?!?! It's so frustrating when such young people are precocious enough to assume that they've seen enough of life to go selling their life stories. but seriously, a film? isn't that a bit much?!?!? :O

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


well-pleased with that!!

...doubt charles dickens ever said THAT xD

I still haven't been likened to a girl!!!

Tommy! I'm still mad at you for saying that yesterday!! It is so NOT just girls that that would work on and i will prove it today, i will have my vengeance xD

ooooh, just got some wax strips...gonna try waxing my legs later :/ lil bit scared. summer, how was it when you did it?

yeterday with madams elin and caz was great xD

hmmmmmmm, i don't have a whole lot else to say...i feel like i'm forgetting something that might prove to be important. god i hate that feeling. i though i'd left something at tommy's but i've checked and double checked my bag so i can't have done.

omgosh, you know yesterday's first pic was my bottom? *to show the bruise!!!* i told my mum afterwards and she was literally like, "ass-face, your FACE!!!" in the strangest voice.

seriously, my mum said that xD i was crying with laughter :P i love my mum!!

I really want to watch Napoleon Dynamite again...

Peace and love

Monday, 2 August 2010


 can see my jump but you can't see the top of the wall...look at last year's vid for that....then you can see my almighty's actually started to fade a bit :) whereas it was blue-purple there it's not more purple-pink :P then there's me on a hill by the sea...then my grandpa, me, my grandma, my mum, ange and martin *dad took the pic!* OH and Wilfie!! xD

dang the sea hit me hard...

i might upload some more tomorrow...who knows?

i'm going out to see elin later :) haven't seen her in aaaaaaaagggggeeeeeeeeessssss so it'll be great to catch up :D

tommy, i'm wearing the hoodie! i can't see ever taking it off, 'tis well comfy.

oooh, MG found an interesting site...i can't vouch for how true it is but various parts of my writing have found me to be like J. D Salinger, Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk :D and if anyone reads this but not poetry arty's the link :P

Peace and love

p.s I just put in a random blog post and got someone called Arthur Clarke...i have yet to be compared to a woman....
p.p.s i don't know how i made that last sentence link to a photo... :s
p.p.p.s i just realised that the first you saw of this post in the dashboard was my bottom... :S how embarrassing. those are my pj shorts though so it's not really indecent!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I was trying really hard to upload some of my holiday pics and it won't fecking work so now i'm really pissed off. yes, i'll put the bracelet on my other wrist!

cheers for the hoodie tommy, i'm TOASTY xD

Peace and love