Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tommy dipped his leopard in paint.

I was going to say that i intend on having an early night but the new series of desperate housewives begins tonight...that's not happening :P ah wells, i'll mask tomorrow's inevitable *i ALWAYS forgot that word...i once spent an entire week trying to remember it* tiredness with make-up, us women can do that, you know? ha ha smelly boys. *don't you find it funny that sexism towards men is absolutely fine?*
I bought a new blusher's quite's in a shade called pixie pink which i thought was quite cute...i want to buy some new gloves but doubt i'll have time til next sunday!! ah wells, at least it's almost half term!
thinking about next sunday...dunno :s hmm....
i'm not keen on salons...bit nervous...i mean, how would i even ask?

Tommy had a fish called Tony, a dog called Alan and as of last night, a cat called Larry.
Larry the cat...hahahahahaha...that still makes me laugh...
larry the cat!!!

got a bit of a head-ache. i blame a good way, you know, as a friend i'm saying that everything bad in the world is your fault. i stress, in a good way...:D love ya really xD

Again, I have a monkey on my head. How do you do?

Peace and love
p.s gotta get up early tomorrow...if you need me i'll be sat in the corner...crying...xD

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