Sunday, 10 October 2010

On my fecking scooter

Came home after work, washed my hair, changed out of my uniform and went to hattie's :D watched too many films and embarrassed myself across the internet...feck...that pic's still on facebook, isn't it?
omgosh, Hattie talked to Simon on FacebookChat *on the subject of facebook...i watched the trailer for The Social Network and I reckon it looks pretty good...* as me so you can imagine how that went down. oh lordi. bad images...i'll never be able to look at a tea-cup in the same way ever again. thing is, he didn't believe her at first but then she managed to convince him :/ downhill from there really. there were explicit references. and then i bumped into him today. On my fecking scooter.

I rode my scooter to hattie's last night cuz it's faster than walking and i'm not very good at cycling. We briefly went shopping this afternoon and coming out of TKMaxx *i carried my scooter around all the shops :D* i though 'meh, might as well have a lil ride.' and it was at that point that we see Horatio, Simon, George and Tom. -_-' Worst timing ever? AND then i remembered all of the facebook stuff and cringed even more.
my life...I wouldn't have it any other way...

So, we watched...SawII, Eclipse, Merlin *i fell asleep before the end :(...'twas 4am...* and HeartBreakers *again...i fell asleep...* and then this morning we watched an old fave, Just Like Heaven. Has Jon Heder in it...still got a bit of a thing for him :P RIGHTEOUS.

Hope the sunshine lasts. It looks gorgeous :P

I don't want to do homework. I want a cuddle :(
ooh, i broke my first glass yesterday. well disappointed...i didn't even drop it...a bottle rolled into it on my tray and shattered the edge.

I'm really pleased with my turned out just like i wanted it to and it doesn't even really hurt anymore. does a little if i put pressure on it so i can't sit with my feet under me really :/ vishka.
oh feck...simon's gonna be in school tomorrow, ain't he? perfect :/ ew...hattie just kept telling him that i want him inside me. D:!!! ¬_¬

I think I've maybe put this up before but it's just so fantastic:

I'm not really into Kelly Rowland but this performance was so flawless. and she's gorgeous :P

This man is a god:

:D I so would xD

Peace and love

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