Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rob's Golden Eyebrows

WHOA!!! :O i swear they literally blew my mind xD

What is Love? Does it even exist? Just a couple of things covered in school today xD

I reckon that 'being in love' can feel different every time you fall...and sometimes with hindsight you can find that you were mistaken about falling at all. I don't think you can really know when you're in love, you just know when something feels right...or wrong :/ hmmm...i guess what you really need is patience.

I've been so tired today :( think i'll have an early night actually. oooh!! New Apprentice starting tomorrow *yay*. xD

Anyone see the inbetweeners last night? xD out of the four of them i think simon's like 'the ordinary one' cuz jay's a 'player' Neil's a bit dumb and Will's a complete pratt. In this series Simon's just been embarrassed so much. honestly, watching last night's episode was REALLY cringe-worthy.

Probably ought to get going.


Peace and love


  1. Just caught up on the episode now and I do feel most sorry for Simon at the moment. The others seem to be acting like absolute dicks around him.

  2. i just can't believe that he brought his friends along for a romantic get away with his girlfriend. that was pretty bad.
    WHY WON'T YOU WORK?!!?!? xD