Thursday, 29 April 2010

My new favourite person is Justin Pierre

Lead singer and guitarist of Motion City Soundtrack...just started listening to them...really liking them so far :P
Peace and love

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Not so ill :D

"We see ya girls checkin' out our trunks
We see you girls checkin' out the front of our trunks
we see you girls lookin' at our junk, then checkin' out our rumps, then back to our sugalumps"

I'm feeling better today!!

Brett Mazckenzie and Jemaine Clement...I'd so tap that :P

btw....well...not really by the way...on a completely unrelated topic...did anyone hear about Gordon Brown calling that lady Bigoted?? ooooooooooooh. It just reinforces the whole thing about him being a bully...

On the note of bullies...WATERSTONES!!!! Why have desks all laid out for research and work upstairs when your snooty staff just chuck anyone doing work out??!?!?!?!?!?! from now on, i'll be buying my books elsewhere and I urge my followers to do the same.
suck on that Waterstones. WHSmith is better.

I've eaten 500 calories over the past two days...but i'm eating dinner in a moment :) so that's good!!!
My tummy looked so weirdly empty this morning...kinda freaked me out a bit actually. I weighed 8st 9.2lb when i got in from school today. if i had more will power i might be able to work on getting down to 8st but whenever i come close at all i get terrible cravings. ah wells...could be worse...i could be puking like i was yesterday :/

hahahaha gordon brown's on the news right now...hahahahaha. fooooooool. really think labour's gonna get in now??! eejit.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I can't remember ever feeling this bad before

i went to bed at four, got up at nine. cried.
mum washed my hair for me :)
I'm really, really very ill. i dunno whether i'll be in school tomorrow or not. I'm exhausted and even the though of food right now is making me feel sick. I threw up twice today *yay* and i haven't eaten anything. i feel and look like luke-warm death.
i need to get better. I haven't missed a day of school in fecking years and i can't miss the mock exam prep that we're doing; i really need it and there's not a chance in hell that i'm not going to see macbeth on friday...i've been looking forward to it for far too long now. and i've never been to the Globe before...i really want to go.

send up a prayer in my name
Peace and love

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Awesome, much???!!

whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sex is on fire...
We went a-swimming in the river and it was the bestest *loveitsomuchithurts*
i jumped off of the bridge and screamed as i got wet. sorry, couldn't help saying was fricking freezing and i shivered sooooo badly but it was SUCH a laugh!! can't wait til the summer when we can do it every day!!!
there was:
...i think that's everyone but if i've forgotten anyone, i'm very sorry, don't shoot me??


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Rob has hairy legs...

it's true; he does!!
untell the end of the week, i vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
i reserve the right to not answer anything i deem to be overly personal, upsetting or downright rude, sound fair?? starting tomorrow xD
i dare you to do the same xD
i can't edit emails :'(

Peace and love
p.s i keep having to tell martin to sing the radio friendly version of Riverside as opposed to the rather crude, "mofo" uncensored one...hmmm....
CRAP!!! i have PE tomorrow :( i don't like it very much at all...i'm praying that we're not starting athletics yet...however, i've come up with another reason as to why I don't like running, what's the point of racing through life? i'm not in a hurry. i'd rather take my time and appreciate the view...
I'll tell you if that works on any of my PE teachers when they're making me run laps...
how do teachers expect us to revise properly when they're still setting us loads of h/w??! grrrrrrrr. makes me blood boil. gross. boiled blood...plah.
p.p.s. the title of this blog is actually written on each of my last twenty posts as white so as it's are hidden :P

Monday, 19 April 2010

lalalaLAST day :/

Dang! It's been a good run though, eh? :P

Have you seen that episode of Black Books in which Bernard wants a girlfriend for the Spring....yeah... :S

Golly gosh. the sun's so pretty perching amongst the fluffy white clouds in the deep, bright sky...sometimes looking up there, i think i could drown in its blue, so still; so tranquil.

and i ave REVISION to do. NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo *watch as i fall to my knees in a dramatic fashion whilst clawing the air...* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *look at me go* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *i deserve an oscar for this* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I watched Open Season with Martin and my folks last night...I LOVE cartoon movies, they's the bestest man.
I love Urban Nature. GORGEOUS shop...i want to live in it :P

I have no idea how i'm going to furnish my house when I live alone...dunnno why i'm even thinking about this but there you go...thing'd probably be easiest to furnish it in the kind of minimalist, monochrome, clean-cut style. Think plastic and glass and geometric shapes...but i'd prefer an eclectic selection of dated kind of retro pieces...think your nan's house minus the smell of soap and potpourri which forever seems to hang in the air. old fire place, crackling up some logs and a Persian rug strewn across the old wooden floor boards *there'd be marks in the wood from where women had danced in high strappy sandals and where they'd dropped bits and pieces but it'd still be gorgeous. and there'd be old tapestries and paintings hung on the wallpapered walls and there'd be huge squashey sofas dominating the entire room into snug submission...
each room would be heavy with the aroma of ginger bread men baking in the agar

yeah...don't know why i'm thinking about that :S maybe i'll end up with every room of my house looking different from the'd be a nightmare to sell like that though xD what if i never sold it? it could be passed down from one generation to the next :D

ooooh and there'd be window boxes growing herbs and flower beds full of wild flowers and the back garden would be full of blueberry bushes and gooseberry bushes and red and black currant bushes...and we'd have an ancient old apple tree which heaved to and fro in the wind...
and a royal blue front door...step outside and there'd be the smell of freshly cut grass and the ground would smell as though it had just rained. and the light would always be that warm orangey glow of sunset when you get that peaceful feeling that things will be alright...

that's hardly likely now is it? :S I'll probably live in a two up, two down place in a smog-ridden city :/

I need to do some more revision...i did more history then latin and a touch of physics yesterday but i need to get on with a tidbit more today :S

Enjoy the sunshine...we'll all be locked up in classrooms this time tomorrow..well...actually...pernickety as i am...this time tomorrow we'll be as weird as ever, squishing onto'll be lunch time.

Peace and love

Saturday, 17 April 2010

i missed so much

I woke up really late and wasted many hours of precious Sunny :(
I'm gonna take some books outside and do some revision on the grass...there's no way i'm gonna lock myself in my room on a day like this. I shall take out my exercise mat too...not for exercise...i just want somewhere comfy to sit is all xD I may even take some incense sticks out, shove 'em in the ground 'n' light 'em up....I could take my iPod and speaker dock too...yeah, there's no reason why I can't go some way to making revision bearable, is there, now?
I'm stuffed, I just had a massive lunch and I didn't getbup all that long ago so it wasn't long since i'd had breakfast either...ah wells.
two thousand years i've been awake...

I <3 Taylor Momsen xD

Peace and love darlin'

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Jacob got a little too excited around the AFRODUCK!!! Although...AFRODUCK is pretty immense xD
Today there was SUNSHINE so we sat by the river and chatted and cucked water at each other...well...some people did...others dodged out of the way... :D
Hattie went shopping.... -_-' take forever... she bought awesome jeggings from new look and a t-shirt from Superdry...I won't say anything...
I got to see Louise today! First time in eons!!! xD
oooh and I bought some new body spray today :D I was intending on buying the natural collection *at boots* vanilla which is £1.99 for 150ml but then i saw that all the fcuk stuff was a third off so I checked that out and ended up buying a 150ml thingy for just 99p. i was pleased:)
I wore red war stripes today. why? because i'm at war with conformities xD
I haven't worn proper make-up *as in anything but face paint* in 9 days...I'm quite proud of myself actually! I got so used to hiding behind all that crap but now i'm going au natural :) ooooooooooooooop :) besides 'tis good to get some sunny, right?? as long as you screen-up man :P

Peace and love

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today has been so very wonderful

I got up at about ten this morning, ate soup with bread and then had a banana and two digestive biscuits and drank a glass of peach squash. Then I headed out to meet Elin *at 12* and we walked to Tommy's house *about 1.10* where we PAINTED his room :) I wrecked my shorts; i got paint on my bum somehow :S Also wrecked my tights...and got paint on the sleeve of my jumper too...I'm clever.
Tommy fired a paint-dipped leopard at the wall and it splashed paint on me xD
and I signed his wall with a snail doing a wheelie....and there was a moment with The Secret Spoon xDDD
There were so many "that's what she said"'s mwahahahahaha
Then me 'n' elin made a quick stop by her house and she leant me some jeans and a belt and she got a sandwich since she hadn't eaten's about 4.30 ish at this time and I also raided her cupboards and nicked some crunchy nut clusters *DANG THEY'RE SO GOOD*
We walked back to town about half five and she went to Matt's place and I had to get home :/

my feet kinda ache now :S
I developed a head ache mid afternoon and it's being pretty persistant in pissing me off but Richard just kissed it better over MSN so it's not too bad :D

Peace and LOVE

Saturday, 10 April 2010

"What's a 'man bag'"?

"Well, it's sort of like a satchel..."
"Yeah and you can put your wallet and your keys and your blueberry in it."
"'s called a blackberry not a blueberry..."

I love my mum...she's so charmingly naive when it comes ot technology :)


There is actual sun actually shining. omgosh!!! This hasn't happened properly in what certainly feels like forever!!! :D I love the sunshine. I need to get going for lunch soon though, so as I can get to town for one...meeting Elin and Tommy...haven't seen them in EONS. love it.

hello hello baby, you called i can't hear a thing, i have got no service in this club you see see, what what what did you say, are you breaking up on me, sorry I can not hear you, i'm kinda busy. k-kinda busy. sorry i can not hear you i'm kinda busy.
STOP calling stop calling i don't wanna think anymore, i left my head and my heart on the dancefloor....
stop telephoning me-eheheheheheheheh

soooooooooooooooooooooooo darn catchey :)


Couples do not have to stick to each other like limpets on rocks...just saying.

Enjoy the sunshine; this is Britain, you know it won't last :S
Peace and love

Friday, 9 April 2010

"I'd rather be dead than drive on the M25...never again!"

Oh yes, there were profanities in copious abundance on our journey home...
We were supposed to be on the m25 for 18 minutes...instead we were there for 2 fecking hours. The whole trip was near on seven hours and we didn't stop for the toilet and we were running out of petrol so to conserve what little we did have left we couldn't use the air conditioning so we baked in the fecking car on the fecking M twenty-fecking-five. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
but i'm back in Guildford now!
I put my awesome shell on my desk's gorgeous; it's a half of a massive scollap shell xD love it
hahahaha dad climbed up onto the ruins at Penrhos with me 'n' ange and when he was almost at the top *camera still in hand* he suddenly realised that his position was ever so slightly precarious...
"...what the f**k am i doing?!" it...

errrrrrrm, coursework and revision to be done but wednesday shall be a day of great cheer and fun.

good times

I reckon I'm a head on over to youtube now...I fancy watching some junk right about now.

Peace and love and all that jazz


I need sleep and no one else is up so i reckon that i'm gonna get off to bed right about now...
nighty night folks
love you lots and lots like jelly tots that have been dipped in chocolate and topped with whipped cream....mmmm...whipped cream. love it so much.
*a toast to that odd light feeling-the most pecualiar and lovely of sensations*

Thursday, 8 April 2010


I haven't lost all respect for the convention of conforming to the standardised days of the week. DO NOT FEAR! I'm merely thinking of Monday...
I've eaten chocolate bar after cereal bar after chocolate bar after cereal bar after crisps and biscuits and pizza and...allsorts. Beginning Monday, I plan on being just a tidbit healthier :) I'm gonna start on Monday's the start of a new week and it just seems appropriate...

I need to dig out joggers or jeans that I don't mind wrecking...Tommy knows why...shouldn't be too hard anyways.
Thanks Elin!!! I'm sooooo glad you replied to my email last night :DDDD I'm useless at maps, honestly; useless.

i really want my hair to grow longer :/

mwahahahahahaha. I ought to get a shower in a mo, really so ta-ta 'n' ATJ!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Guess what's on the telly!

That's right, The Land Before Time

I went to Morrison's for the first time today. It's better than Tesco. AND I redeemed my Milka coupon and got a free bar of chocolate. good times.

so we went down to the beach :) love it!! barnicles really kill your hands when you're climbing over all the rocks though :/


Monday, 5 April 2010

Cymru!! Mark Two!!

I got up at eight this morning; we left at about nine and arrived here in Holyhead at about 2 this afternoon!! I'm smug. Best time we've ever gotten; we used a new route this time and it was great and despite the bank holiday threat of traffic; the roads were really clear. i was bursting when we arrived though...didn't stop for a loo break like we usually do :S
We've already had dinner so I'll probably be really hungry later...o:
It sucks about the reason. "sucks" being the best effort I can offer at expressing what i feel right now since i'm an emotionally empty teenager...BUT it's good to be home. I step outside and I can smell the sea and I can take a walk down there in two it.
My grandparents have sky and I swear that one of those channels plays The Land Before Time *cartoon dinosaur dudes* on a loop...seriously. It's on all of the time!!

Blades of Glory's on tonight...I'm so watching that...I LOVE Jon Heder xDD
Hope everyone has fun in town tomorrow!

"When the moon stops shining
and the sun stops rising,
and the truth keeps lying,
I'll still be waiting here for you
because together we'll pull through"

DID YOU KNOW??!?!?! Banananananananas don't actually contain Seratonin...they really contain some kinf of protein called terafin or something and your body turns that into Seratonin when you eat it. cool, eh?
not really?

I'll see you on the other side

Peace and love
p.s oh no!!! i just's only going to be definitely open for another year...then it might get shut down :O

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Penny for your thoughts?

I'm feeling generous; I'll give you mine for free (:
Yup, so Matt Smith as Dr. Who debuted on the Big British Castle last night and I reckon he's pretty darn good and his new side kick Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan seems to be holding her own too :D He's shambolic and marvellous and she's sassy and centred. love it. I reckon that one of my favey parts from last night was Dr. Who re-tasting all of the foods he once loved when he wore his tenth face but discovering that apples were now far from being amongst his favourite things. However, I think that his liking of something so kooky as fish fingers in custard was a little predictable and a preference of something a little more mundane would have been more entertaining. Plus, any lil kids watching him eating broccoli with gusto way be more likely to eat his/her greens when next sat at the dining table. just a thought.

I'm aiming to finish reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment from the Twilight saga, this afternoon. I'm rather enjoying the book and think that this final *official* episode could be the best of the bunch, however, I really don't think that it deserves the attention it's been getting.
J. K. Rowling fans don't shoot me, please, but I'd liken the fame of Twilight to that of the Harry Potter series. It's over commercialised and in my eyes undeserving. I've given Harry Potter a go and the books are pretty good but I got half way through the fifth one and gave up because i got so bored of her writing style. Sorry. Just my opinion. Anyway, back to Twilight...It is pretty good, I'm quite engrossed in the plot line at this present moment in time, however, I don't think it's the sort of book I'd bother to read a second time around. The films are not amazing, they're mediocre at best; if you really want to understand the craze you need to read the books.
So, although I don't condone the ridiculous amount of publicity this latest fad has; I guess I'd have never read it unless I'd have heard about it due to all of the hype it's been given.

My iPod's working!! It froze on the Dave Gorman *love him* podcast and I had to look at the troubleshooting guide online to fix it but everything appears to be rather ticketyboo at the moment. hurrah.

I had chicken chow mein for dinner last night *love it so much*

Hattie texts odd things...

errrrrrrrrm...I had a dream in which I had many, many clothes and they were glorious and wonderful...but i couldn't decide what to wear so I ended up in a jumper and old jeans. Choice can cloud good judgment I suppose. However, I'm wearing that jumper and old jeans now. comfy :)

Ooooh, it's Easter!!! very nearly, but not completely forget to say Happy Easter! Eat chocolate but not too much!
I gave up biscuits for lent and hadn't eaten any in 46 days but then I ate them for breakfast this morning. I had a rich tea *LOVE those* a malted milk *meh* a custard cream *those are pretty good* a bourbon *they don't actually taste like chocolate!* and an Oreo *mmmmm* oh and a ginger nut *xD*

...and then I felt sick...

Maybe I won't eat biscuits again for a long time.

My body's finally thought up a way of making me stop eating unhealthily, junk food gives my mouth a claggy, uncomfortable feeling and it hurts my throat. how peculiar.

On Thursday I had real chips from a chippy *aptly named Fish & Chips xD* and they were gooooooooood :D For me, nothing makes me feel more British than when I shun cruddy McDonald's *BLEURGH* fries in favour of the humble chip.

Even after watching Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds I asked for vinegar on my chips...all of those lovely vinegar eels. yummy. :S I usually hate vinegar but it tastes different at the chippy doesn't it??

This has been a long one without much of a point so if you've actually been bothered to read this far then you deserve a gold star...unfortunately I have no gold stars so you'll have to go and buy your own if you're really that set on getting one....
ANYWAY, thank you for reading, lovely people!!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday
Peace and love

Saturday, 3 April 2010

This, That and The Other

So much keeps happening that I sometimes wonder whether it's accidental. There's no way destiny had any role in this chaos.
bleurgh. i looked in the mirror this morning and then looked away.
I've brushed my hair. I have plaited it.

I have eaten.

I cut some hair.

I walked around town.

I've read that Bella's daughter's called Renesmee Carlie Cullen. It's okay I suppose.

yeah, not a lot is happening. at least i know who i can count on. I've got some amazing friends. and some who don't give a damn :P but i'm me. yup. I. Am. Me. I'm not where i want be right now and I'm not exactly happy but in two days I'll be home; really home. I miss my family. They're so much of everything. I miss them. Just two days and I'll be home again.
We're not staying all that long...I should be back by 11th or something...but i don't know!

ah wells. I'll meet some one at uni in Bangor and they won't mind coming along with me to hunt out some family of mine from Australia and it won't matter to him that I'm short and kinda squat or that my hair doens't really have a style and he won't care that I don't know where I'm going with this. and i...
I'm rambling again. You've got to stop me when I do that.
I'm going to see Steven!!! He hasn't seen me since I was a baby! My lovely cousin Steven. and Vicky too and her SON!!! Is he my second cousin? I've never been too sure of all of that. which is a pity. but not pitiful.

Peace and love i so want what caroline and harvey have got

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm so glad I have my friends; you guys are a second family to me :)