Sunday, 30 May 2010

a 16th monkey

He's called Stephen...I bought him from a carboot sale this morning for 10p xD
...i've called him stephen because he looks remarkably like Stephen Fry...

URGH. this is so gross :*( <---ha, frozen tear!
My sunburn's pealing and my shoulders are so dry that they look practically reptilian. delightful.
ever gotten to that late orange hour when the sun's about to say goodbye and not had a clue as to where you should actually be going?
nah, me neither...

it would have been nice to have been invited but don't worry about it; you're happy, that's all that matters.

Peace and love

Friday, 28 May 2010

A castle of sleep you say? very peculiar...
I'm off out.
my head hurts.
more another time.

Peace and love

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shiver for me now...

My skin smells like aftersun cream *nice...that was sarcasm btw...*
Our electric kettle went CAPUT *is that a real word and if so, have i spelt it right? hmmm* last night so we had to revert to boiling our gas one on the hob...I'll never get over how awesome that whistling sound is when it reaches the right temperature!!
brothers and sister put this record down, take my advice cuz WE ARE BAD NEWS xD

errrrrrrm...what to say, what to say, what to say about this day...hmmmmmm...history practice paper 5th period today...kinda sucked...i s'pose that the practice is useful though.
aw crud...physics on the morrow...EXAM!!! ergle.

Jonathan Ross *swoon 'n' sigh :P* I like him more than Robert Pattinson...he's a good actor but he's kind of a jerk, you know?

...watching all the bad shows...drinking all of my beer.
i just put my ipod off...ange just got in and he's ill and not in the best of moods and he's complaining about my music and i can't be bothered to here we are, no ipod SHUFFFFling xD
ah wells.
mmmm spaghetti bolognaise....i LOVE spaghetti xD
what to say, what to say?
my sun burn's feeling a tidbit better and he's not quite so red chest's still stinging though. When I was...7 or 8...i think...I had a cold so I had olbas oil on my shirt and it went through onto my skin and burned it real bad, it sort of feels like that.
it must have just been an allergic reaction because it's supposed to be fine on your skin.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

One foot in your bedroom and one foot out the door...

'til tonight do us part

hum hallelujah...what i'm listening to right now :P i have my ipod on SHUFFLE!! i loev the word shuffle xD
you know those two books i mentioned getting from the booksale? one of them is an encyclopeodia *?* of things that teenagers may or may not worry about...pretty interesting actually...and really rather funny also.

"Stop throwing things at my GODDAMN head!!!" told you i'd put it up if i remembered!!

ergle...had a meltdown in physics this morning :S over nothing and everything and every cliché of the average teenage girl's mind :/

...Cryyyyyyyyyyyyy on my shoulder; i'm a friend.
ipod SHUFFFLE!!!

my mum has made piiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee. smells good, ja? what's that from?? think it might have been from an old pc game...if not it may be from an ancient N64 game...hmmmmmm. i'll get back to you on that...or more likely not actually..

I have a big fat crush on Jonathan Ross...there's something about slightly portly middle aged men with terrible hair cuts that just gets me...

not really. geeez. i know i have somewhat questionable taste in the opposite gender but really, give me some credit.
aw feck...i meant to do half the history paper last night but i couldn't be bothered *great excuse* and now i've got it all to do tonight ready for tomorrow. crudmuffins'n'dross. DRAT&BLAST in tremendous abundance :D

I'm off for ma deeeeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now-ble.

how-bl be-ble you-ble dearies?

Peace and love
p.s man you've made a killer of your unborn son...ipod SHUFFFFFLE xD

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Alan Sugar

I've been meaning to post this for about...9 days now as it just came to my attention that Sir Alan Sugar is infact now, Lord Alan Sugar.
Lord Sugar...
doesn't that sound like the ultimate pimp name? xD

OWWW!!! My bra straps keep slipping onto my sunburn :( It's reeeeaaaally stings around my shoulders. my legs feel a teeny but better though :P Let it be known the Rachel is the bestest for providing me with Aloe Vera gel...i love her :)

I've not really got a great deal to say :/
chicken chow mein for tea...always a delight :D

I tied robert's laces together in science but i thought that if he tripped up when he got up then he might fall on me and crush my sunburn. so it was pure selfishness that made me untye *?* them...i tried to stick sticky weed to his hairy didn't work :/

I'm burnt all across my chest as well :( it really stings. is it cruel that i'm glad i'm not alone in my suffering? yes, yes it is.
ergle...history practice paper to get on with tonight and tomorrow. oh joy. oh rapture.
HOWEVER!!! Gok's fashion fix is on tonight!! he customises high street labels and puts his creations up against big name designer versions and has an audience vote which is best. It proves that there's not all that much in a name. fabulous. I don't care what anyone says about Gok Wan...I'd love to go shopping with him :P
dinner in about 1/2 and hour.
I had a SANDWICH for LUNCH today xD love it *cue harvey's love it face...haven't said that in ages!*
HA!!! Cazzawwwwww finally, FINALLY...FECKING FINALLY gave me my book and my dvdvdvdvdvdvd back today...after SEVEN months xD ...thank you :)

Math was hilarious with Eloise...

I got a blister from making mayonaise in chemistry :/ really hurt!!!

Peace and love

Monday, 24 May 2010


My arms and legs are on fire :( I so sunburnt this isn't even funny...although I look quite a lot like rhubarb and custard when I stand sideways *pink on the front, yellowy/white on the back*
RICHARD!!! You wonderful bloke xD that was the most delicious thing!!
Ooooooooooooh, do you remember when you asked me what i'd like for my b'day even though it's forever away?? I'd really, really, really rather like it if you'd make me some of those truffles from before. they were gooooooooooood :D
Jamie!!!! you're pale and ginger, how come i've burnt more than you?? i've caked myself in factor 40 and 30 :( woe is me.
bought a couple of random books in the booksale at school today...30p for the two of them...rather please with that :P
went up town after school and bought a new teeshirt and a BRRRRRAZIA too xD

...thought i'd share that cuz i'm generous...

it's orange btw...i rather like it xD

I'm gonna go eat cheesecake.

hey, guess what??!?!?! I had a ploughman's sarni at lunchtime!! SOOOOOOOO good to eat something other than fecking shreddies!!! eeeeeeeeeep

Peace and love

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 14

I'll update stats tomorrow but I'm in a bit of a rush for that right now.
My weight at the end of this is 8st. 5lb. i only lost a pound this week but i could probably have done better if i'd have been stricter about snacking :/
Will i EVER do this diet again?
SO boring and horrid :(
I'm so burnt...this is really bad :( and i have PE tomorrow so everyone's goingt o see how awful by burn lines are in the changing room tomorrow!
Had a dip in the river today :P
my skin feels so hot!!
my legs like sausages!!! I'm just really hoping that this will go brown and won't just stay lobster-ish.
I hope Mark wasn't really eaten by a shark.Oh Zaros!!! What if you've gone and tempted fate and he really does get eaten now?'ll feel sooooo guilty, you know?
anyways, what was up with that post? are you trying to take over our blogs or what?? :S hmmmmmmmm
after my short-lived time as a prep yesterday, i reckon i'm back to bohemian-me xD

leftover bbq stuffle from yesterday.cornettoes have 180 calories in them...SO WORTH IT xD actually, it may have been 190...or 195... :S

I cut my foot again...other one this time...seriously, there is sharp stuff at the bottom of the river!! lots of nasty stones 'n' skin smells like suncream :o
HA!! -----> preppy me! i actually quite like this pic :)Peace and love

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 13

Tomorrow's the last day xD

Today was so fabby :P
I took a long, long, LONG walk down by the river this morning, got in and did a bunch of revision, headed out with my folks and then bumped into mine matey mates dearest and had the best day ever!!!
I met three awesome guys; Charlie, Casey and Andre....I like Andre ;)
I had a ride in their dingy thingy xD down the river and got all their numbers and Andre asked me to facebook him xD
Caz and Hattie Prep-ified me...I think it looks alright but Ange told me it looked trés terrible D:
I didn't put on any sun cream today *face-palm* hopefully i won't be paying for it tomorrow...
I didn't wear any make-up today :P and i met some cute guys xD
I LOVE meeting new people :)
Today really has been the fabbiest!!
I love all you guys so much!!
AND dr. who's on in less that a half hour!!
AND I'm having bbq for dinner xD
hahahaha...steve's hair :P
aw man, i don't even care if i haven't lost weight this week. I feel amazing.
My last weigh-in's tomorrow...then on Monday I'm going to have a SANDWICH :D You have no idea how much I've missed sandwiches, seriously!!
Today really took my mind off of someone xD
oooh and i know i said, "I'm the ugly one" but do you know what *cue ultra deep-fat-fried-cheese-with-nobs-on xD* we're all beautiful in our own way :)

When you learn to love yourself then you can stop worrying about all that's going on inside and start appreciating all that's around you.

I walked way down the river until I came to a road. When I have more time, I'll walk all the way to Godalming :)
I'm gonna buy a new pedometer...I've turned my room upside and I can't find my one *it'll be just my luck that i'll find it once i've bought a new one :P* I only want a cheap one to show me my step count and calorie's burnt and they sell them in argos for like £2.99...I might get time to head up and grab one tomorrow...if they have them in...they didn't have any at the top of town but i could try the other argos...if not then i could order one...i shouldn't take too long to turn up.
mmmmm, lying back on the grass and then lying on my tummy trying to dry my bum in the sun *dingy made me soggy :P* SO relaxing :D
I seriously haven't felt this good in such a long time. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!
I love the sun too :) apparently we're gonna have rain next week so i'm making the most of it :D
Dang today's been fabulous.
Steve's right, the wind sounds beautiful suspiring softly through the leaves of the trees.

What have you done today?

Peace and love

Friday, 21 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 12

My head hurts :(
dinner in a mo.
snacked last night :/
back on wagon today.

not gonna cry over literal spilt milk.

Peace and love
p.s that's funky xD
p.p.s open mic night tonight xD
p.p.p.s my hair's dripping :/

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 11

There's really not a lot left to say; i'm glad it'll all be over very soon...dang...that sounded morbid :/

I'm gonna go on a very long walk on saturday. i don't know where. I just feel like walking.

I have math h/w to do. oh joy. oh rapture.

bis bis

Peace and love

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 10

It really hurts when your friends take the piss out of something you were pleased with.

I'm so fecking fed up with this fecking diet. I feel hungry a lot and I can't eat all the things i like and I don't see any fecking difference to my body.

I'm gonna be an angel in Halo :P


i hate my body.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 9

...The novelty of cereal ALL THE TIME is kinda wearing off now...especially since my friends are eating delicious, wonderful things at lunchtime and all I can think of is how much I want a sandwich...or some toast...or noodles :/

JAMIE!!! can you please teach me to salsa tomorrow?? I must learn tomorrow as you're busy on Thursday and i'll have forgotten to ask by Friday :S A pickle, you see?
pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase teach me? xD

i have physics, English and history h/w to do...we get so much history h/w :( the English doesn't look too bad and the physics is more of a theory thing without written junk so that seems fine but STILL! grrr I'm a hungry woman, I'm allowed to complain!
errrrrm...I like my new jumpty xD 'tis toasty and BLUE not BLACK although it ruffles my shirt a little which is just a tidbit vexing :/
I'm having pizza for tea ten minutes...mmmmmmm :P
errrrrm...I'm trying to think of everything :S
SO annoyed...2 marks off of an A in math mock and 1 mark away from A* in real Chemistry ISA :( SOOOOO annoyed!
I'm turning green and ripping my shirt as i type *HULK REFERENCE FTW*
is it awfully bad that i'm getting rather into using the abbreviation "ftw" when I don't actually like to really say "For the win" in real life?? hmmmmm
moral dilemma.
I used a deep conditioner in my hair last was soooooo soft this morning :) still needs a trim though :/ I'm trying to grow it so I'll cut about an inch and a half or so off at the beginning of June.

What have you done today?

Peace and love

Monday, 17 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 8

This is getting pretty tough going into the second week. Not hunger wise...just sort of boredom wise :S The only kind of variation I have from shreddies is at dinner time and then I don't choose what I have, I just eat whatever mum makes *which btw is always awesome* but it's lovely to be able to make the kind of sandwich that you fancy or fix yourself some toast :D
I miss toast :/
Still, this diet's working well and i don't have too much longer to go *hazaaaaaar*

Trying to repair it anyway i can...

TOMMMYYY!!! If i gain a stone, i'm blaming you!!! xD

Peace and love

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 7

Arm: 10 inches
Thigh: 21
Waist: 23 1/4
Bum: 38
Bust: 31 1/2

So...everything seems to be about the same as last week...apart from my bust...i reckon that's just me being generous with the tape measure though :/
My weight is 8st 6.4lb.
This means that I've lost 3lb in my first week; rather good i'd say.
btw...ange's carrot cake...the best cake ever xD

TOMMMMYYY! today was fab again :P thank you soooooooo much :D
I swear that if you ever bite me again though....>.< grrrrr

errrrrrrm...that's all folks :P

Peace and love

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 6

Had lunch at about 1.25 today once i'd gotten home from my shift in a charity shop up town. Gill wasn't in today but it was nice to catch up with Elizabeth :)
As you can imagine, i was reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally hungry.
I woke up at the ridiculous time of 6.18 for some unbeknownst reason...listened to my iPod for about an hour and then just got up cuz I was completely awake. I could do with some more water right abut now but Ange is occupying the kitchen and he seems more than a little wound up about his carrot cake not being how he planned it to be...i'll fetch some later...actually...I could get some from the bathroom...the downstairs one has drinking water.
ANYWAY. I missed the rest of my family eating lunch which made it easier for me and then I had some pineapple instead of an apple or a tangerine so that was pretty fly *i'm trying to bring back "fly"...i know it's kinda 90's but i still like it xD* I really like pineapple...though i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous.
I bought a new pair of shorts today...tell you more about them another time xD
errrrrrrm...after six days of reporting about my diet there's not a lot left to say...i'll be updating my stats and weight tomorrow...I haven't weighed or measured myself since last week which i'm actually pretty proud of :)
I can go for weeks signing in on here and not having anything to read but I had loads of stuff to go through today xD lovely :D
My brother's such a pain when he's all huffety...I swear he has PMS...

Peace and love
p.s i smell good today but i can't remember what perfume this is :S

Friday, 14 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 5

I'm uber psyched over my drama grade...was NOT expecting that :P's been fine today. Felt completely satisfied at lunch 'n' all. I reckon that my body;s adapting to it cuz i don't feel all that hungry anymore :D
Tomorrow's going to be hard though; a house full of delicious food without the distraction of lessons :/ PLUS all of my family will be eating proper lunch and then there'll be me with my silly winnie the pooh bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk munching away...i might have a pear tomorrow.
I've eaten dinner already tonight. Today's calorie count is way less than yesterday's :S Today i'm at 1145. :O hmmmmmm. but i'm feeling full. I had dessert 'n' all.

hahahaha BENCH OF AWESOMOSITY xD we're gonna break it...i swear it'll just snap under the weight soon...i almost wrote wait...silly me :s
Gosh...I should think before i answer any of david's questions but heck that was fecking funny xD

Peace and love
p.s you have no idea how much I'd love a sandwich...cheese lettuce and tomato in granary bread...i'm full but i WANT a sandwich :/

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 4

These posts are gonan get real boring, real quick xD
Although...after my lunch shreddies I had a tangerine rather than an apple today meaning that so far today; my calorie count is a mere 470 :( I really praying for some carbs at dinner...seriously...I could murder a plate of spaghetti...honestly; just plain spaghetti and the stuff that my mum never know the one that's not tastes better :P

ergle...mama just reminded me; we're having leek and potato soup for dinner and yoghurt for's going to be a really hard day.

Thign about this diet is that for me, I'm really not depriving lunch is half the calories of an ordinary lunch...and I'm cutting out my unhealthy addiction to snackage BUT I'm still eating 3 meals a day plus dessert and two of those meals are just the same as always :P

errrrrrrrrm...GOSH!!! 10 people of our bench at lunchtime...that was certainly interesting...sitting on each other's actually a really good way to keep warm and as long as there aren't five people on top of you it's pretty comfy too :D
wow...i'm well please with how i did in latin :P
ergle...I'm gonna find out how i did in drama tomorrow...the drama paper was the one that I found most challenging and i haven't had much practice at drama essays yet so i'm nervous. aw feck! just remembered!!! Drama h/w DANG!! g2g do my h/w bye di bye

Peace and love
p.s EDIT!!!! didn't have soup after all...real food and real calories and it tasted goooooooooooooooood xD

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 3

Hey there,
I'm finding this almost enjoyable since I reeeeaaaally like shreddies xD
I had a dream that i wrecked my diet by eating chili con carni and a cheese toastie after dinner....xD
yeah, this is fine, i reckon i'll be able to keep it up for the rest of the two weeks!

Let it be known that Jamie made my day today xD *lovehimsomuchithurtsnotreallythatwouldbeweirdandcreepybuthe'sstilluberawesome*

Wow...David Cameron's prime minister...

I've only gone and sorted out my work experience, ain't I?? I'm really looking forward to it actually and once it's over I may be able to continue working in various places on a volunteer type basis *love it*

"Look back in Anger" tonight...really looking forward to it actually but i do need to go and find myself some clothes soon :P

errrrrrrm...OH! I was dreading my math exams since I found out that I'd be having them but I don't think that they were that bad! Hope I'm not jinxing it :S
AND I didn't wear my lucky necklace once throughout these exams...SUCK ON THAT xD
I bloody hate tasselation. WHY didn't our math teacher tell us what it blinking well meant?!?! He KNEW what was going in the paper!! Three easy marks and because I didn't know what that one flaming word meant, I couldn't get them!!!! GARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH

and i'm kinda bugged that I did the intermediate paper rather than higher paper since I found it pretty fine and i'd have liked to have had some practice at the kind of questions that i'll actually be answering in the real exam come next year. ah wells. it's all over now :P
...until the real ones *gulp* :/

Peace and love
p.s I almost wrote "Peace and 'glove'"...thought i'd share that with you cuz I'm generous xD

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 2

Today I've eaten 90g shreddies with 250ml milk...same calorie count as yesterday...obv.
I'm getting really hungry between breakfast and lunch but that's no different to's just because there are five hours between those two meals. I'm pretty hungry right now but my dinner's almost ready so that's awesome :P we're having cauliflower cheeeeeeeese xD mmmm and rhubarb crumble for dessert *tasty!!*
The brain often confuses thirst signals for hunger signals so I could just be dehydrated...i really need to drink more water. My calcium intake's up though since i'm having more milk, that's goooood :D
I can see my tummy shrinking already so this does work but that's just because it's the same concept as any other calorie control diet plan. So, not only is "Special K" not actually any better than any other don't even have to do it with cereal! If you had the will power you could have three custard cream biscuits for lunch.
Cereal does help you to stay full though :)

oooh and I didn't epic fail at physics like i though i had!! and i'm rather pleased with A's in both of the english mocks and I'm pretty pleased with my latin mock too :D the real exam, there'll be a forty mark translation tagged on the end as well...hmmm :/

Hopefully theatre tomorrow night so that'll be awesome...actually, i'm a look up the synopsis of the piece's called "look back in anger"

I'm really loving Hello Helicopter and Hold Me Down down Motion City Soundtrack right now :D

Bye di bye darlings

Peace and love

Monday, 10 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 1

I've eaten 90g of shreddies with 250ml of skimmed milk over breakfast and an apple...which is about...480 calories...i think :S
I'm SOOO hungry! BUT Dinner's being dished up as I type...I understand that some people have dinner at rather later times but we always have it arounf 5 or six, which is awesome!!
I weighed myself when I got in from school today: 8st. 9.6lb I'm not going to weigh myself again until one week has passed and even then I'm going to remind myself that there is VERY little to be learnt about the state of one's health from the number on the scale.
Anyone concerned about my weight loss...I can healthily lose a stone...which btw i don't plan on doing but yeah, just so as you know, I would still be a healthy weight even if I did lose a feck load of weight. I have done a bit of research..I'm not a total numpty :P
Oh and as the Special K diet allows for two of its own branded snacks in the diet plan as well *which btw are full of additives* so I'm allowing myself two healthy snack which will be fruit. This means that it'll be easy for me to continue getting my five a day!! xD
hmmm...I'm feeling optimistic right now but if you want a decent view on how this diet goes, check back with me in about a week.

Stats and weight to be updated next week.

Peace and love

Sunday, 9 May 2010

In prep for tomorrow

I'm beginning my "diet" tomorrow...i prefer to think of it as more of an experiment if the truth be told...
So here are my stats:Upper arm: 10 inches
Thigh: 21 inches
Bum: 38 inches
Bust: 31 inches
Waist: 23 inches
As far as I'm aware I still weigh about 8st 11lb but i can't be bothered to weigh myself right about now.

I'll update my stats at the end of the first week and then again once the fortnight's over. mock my stats and you will pay. :) It's okay for me to make jokes about the size of my bum but not you!!! xD
To mark the beginning of the two weeks I'm eating one last lovely sweet thing tonight...a doughnut xD

I need to do some math revision so I dunno whether I'll get time to do the youtube videos but it would be kinda cool, eh?
hmmm, no promises :S
I hope that everybody who ventured into town today had a laugh :P I got some music by Motion City Soundtrack...I'm gonna play it on a loop in the lounge tomorrow and see which member of my family goes insane first...mwahahahaha
nah...i'm kidding...i'm only a lil bit evil...I'll play it all the way through once.Hey Tommy, i burned you a copy of what i downloaded, remind me to give it to you otherwise i'll forget...and pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase bring the script!!! I've got mine somewhere but I can't for the life of me remember where and I'd love to see it again xD
You're not gonna get a chance to remind me before tomorrow are you? hmmm...should have thought about that already really, shouldn't i? hmm I'll go and put it in my school bag in uno momento.

JUSTIN PIERRE ROCKS MY WORLD XD ftr...any guy asleep beneath a powerpuff girls blanket is ultimately cool.... AWWwwwwwww, ain't he sweet???! bless. with his thumb in his mouth 'n' all. there's something endearing about a guy when he's sleeping.

Peace and love

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Thanks for today, Tommy! Really had the bestest time :P


Friday, 7 May 2010

Special K sucks ****

From Monday I'm going to begin the Special K plan of two meals, two bowls, two weeks with the healthy snacks allowed by the programme.
I'm still going to have an ordinary meal each evening followed by desert :P
I'm not going to do it with Special K...I fail to see what is actually so fecking special about Special K. I'm going to eat 45g of shreddies with 125ml of skimmed milk for each meal and the healthy snacks will be portions of fruit. I'll record my weight loss *hopefully* across the course of the next fortnight on this blog as well as my measurements since it's supposed to help me to drop a jean size...
this blog shall be accompanied by videos on username's cybermink64 if anyone's interested.

I just want to prove that Special K is not better than any other cereal and its manufacturers have no right to charge OTT prices for its products.

I have my black tye event tonight, been looking forward to this for weeks, can't wait!!!
My face is caked in moisturiser right now and i had a bath earlier and I sprayed LOTS of perfume...kinda filled the bathroom with it actually *oops*

"I wasn't even playing your game...why are they picking on me??"
mm hmmmm. certain drawings and frustrating annotations in Chemistry. grrrrrrr.

Have a lovely weekend darlings!

Peace and love

Thursday, 6 May 2010


I watched Up with my family last night. AMAZING! I'm really into cartoon films right now but this isn't your oridinary, every day, run of the mill cartoon film. This is so lovely. I honestly recommend this to everyone, I genuinely think it's fantastic.

Hey, remember my Dad, "NEVER AGAIN" about the M25? :) He's going up it tomorrow to fetch. We won the bid on ebay and so we're FINALLY getting a new fire..I think it's been 8 months that my folks have been ging on abou it for.

okay, history...i got 40/50...which is one mark off of an i got a B but it's only the mock and now that i'm comfortable with the exam, I should be able to revise and do quite a bit better.

Latin...i dunno...i don't wanna call it either way :S and errrmm....DRAMA...that's it...yeah, i'm not too sure abut how i've done with that, I found it really hard to try and finish in the time and my hand killed afterwards. I don't hold my pen right so it's a right biatch after a while. Apparently the real exam will actually be a half hour longer than this mock was so that's a pretty comforting though :P
WAHEY...we got our bench back at 'n' caz were lifting it but in caz's words, "we look like douches" then caz asked Simon and he carried it all by himself for us :D *yay*
now Simon...he's a real man...xD tummy does love to gurgle. ha, i made a rhyme *smug*

ooooh, anyone hear the Parsons on Radio Surrey from the Big British Castle last night?? :)
mmm hmmm, the politicians are hiding stuff from us...
I thought it was a pretty decent interview actually, I hope they appreciate that I had to tune my analogue radio to 104 and then get it back to 98 for Radio one. yeah, I'm not really with the digital revolution stereo plays cassettes and I've got bunches of old cassettes that i still like to listen to from time to time so I don't want to get a new digital radio yet :/
my folks need to get a new record player...the band thingy warped on ours so it won't play right...and we've got bunches of old funky records. Music sounds so good on vinyl; there's something really raw about it :P

I'm feeling better today, yesterday was an off day.

Peace and love

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I was gonna write something here but i can't be bothered now :/ what a pity...

I'm crap at physics and i messed up my history exam. great.

yeah, i'm not feeling great about today actually. didn't go very well.
my new year's resolution was to be more positive and to help me to do that, i'm picking out one highlight from my day, every day. recently I've been finding it hard to think of one. for me, this isn't feeling like life right now, i just feel as though i'm drifting.

well, this was cheery.

Peace and love
p.s i'm looking forward to Friday.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May the fourth be with you...

It's from the Chris Moyles breakfast show xD love it but not as much as JUSTIN PIERRE. No kidding, i will marry him xDDDD
ok...maybe not...he's 33...and i've never met him...huffle-sigh...but i will survive and all that jazz.
Im drawing him at the moment...well you know, not right now but yeah, i plan on finishing i tonight :P I reckon it's going okay but his hair is impossible!!! It's all sticky-uppy and crazy.

"not atrociously bad..."

Gosh I'm stuffed...

ergle. english mocks today...went okay i suppose :S
i think i'll go shopping this weekend maybe...and then to Tommy's xD ...hope you're still okay with that...OH and thank you for texting me!!!! I got it when i put my phone on this morning when i was doing my hair and it kinda made me jump but i smiled all the same xD how do you think you did in the mock? :S

simpsons is on...i ought to go really, dad doesn't liek the telly and the computer to be on at the same time.

science and history mocks tomorrow. feck.

Peace and love

Monday, 3 May 2010

My favourite song right now...

The acoustic version of I Fell In Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack
Last night I fell in love without you.
I waved goodbye to that heart of mine
Beating solo on your lawn

Every aching wound will cauterize and bruise
In memory of what we used to call in love
And only time will tell if violins will swell
In memory of what we used to call in love
Used to call it love

Last night I fell in love without you
The coup de grâce that set me off
Would've made for decent fiction

Every aching wound will cauterize and bruise
In memory of what we used to call in love
And only time will tell if violins will swell
In memory of what we used to call in love
Used to call it...

Last night I fell in love without you
The stars at night aren't as big and bright
As you make them out to be

Every aching wound will cauterize and bruise
In memory of what we used to call in love
And only time will tell if violins will swell
In memory of what we used to call in love
In memory of when we used to call it love

The guy who looks like Jesus in the video is Justin Pierre.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits but only before noon :D

ooooooooooooohheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD
Macbeth really was rather tremendous last night; I did love it very much and Summer can vouch that I was VERY tired on the way back....
Got to bed at about ten to one last night...i didn't get back THAT late but I was up chatting with my folks about randomosity for a while which was really nice actually :)
ooooooooooh i'm gonna watch the lake house tonight with my fmialy...i've seen it before but i really love it and the actors are awesome as well....I'M shopping and getting a little tired of it...I'm trying to get a dress and i've been around about a miollion shops and i cna't make up my mind and it's REALLY annoying xDDDD!!! i don't like shopping but i need a dress for the black tie event at my youth group next week!!!!!!! bleurgh!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA you know when someone's outfit is a pure and simple FAIL when even the teachers snigger...not naming any names...Summer knows what I does Harvey but he doesn't read this :/
awwwwwwww....harvey looks so sweet when he blushes...seriously, bless :)

Peace and love, wish me luck...dress-finding...