Thursday, 28 November 2013

I've officially started Christmas shopping!

I'm not as organised as I have been in past years and I also don't have as much money but yeah....trying!! I've bought a present for my older brother so far, know what i'm getting the rest of my family and my boyfriend's family but only have ideas on what to get for my boyfriend. I have a few tiny things for him but I need to get him some special main bits and pieces.
Also, stats assignment is hard!! :/

Peace and love

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Procrastination of the Second Assignment

Up until now, I've been researching and planning my essay which is due on Monday. Three days away. I am now about halfway through writing it and am feeling immensely uninspired. So here I am; procrastinating! It's going quite well, I was quite stuck until I began writing but now I'm getting into it, I know more of where I want to go with it.
 I'm really grateful that the first year of university is a learning curve rather than an  actual part of your degree (I don't know whether this is the same everywhere) because I feel like I'm doing a lot of independent learning through trial and error rather than being told what's expected of me.

Wish me luck :)

Peace and love

Monday, 11 November 2013

It's all systems go

So I haven't been that great at keeping you posted about daily life...
Here's a catch up :)
I turned 19...I feel no change. At all. Turns out that most people I know at uni are older than 18, my two closest friends are both twenty and there are also a bunch of lovely mature students; Sophia is a hoot! She's 37 (looks no older than 30!!) and is absolutely lovely, she was a lawyer for 13 years and decided she wanted a change...that's pretty nifty- she just said "life's too short" I agree.
And yeah, kinda touched on it already but uni is gooooood! I am BUSY. I have lots of lectures and then I make lecture notes and then I do the set readings...and notes on those readings...and then I make time for my assignments :D
I completely loathed my first day. I felt really scared/shy/out of place :( and it really dawned on me that I'm going to be here for the next four years (sandwich course so I'll be on placement too but yeah, 4 YEARS!!) I got home and went to bed, had a little sniffle and ate some chocolate. It was uphill from there though, you just need to stick with it, I spose.
"Uphill" isn't to say I'm not finding it hard, Stats is haaaaaaaaaaaard but in the moments I get it, that sense of accomplishment is second to none! Got my mark for my first assignment today- 62! That's a 2:1 and for my first assignment, I am pretty darned pleased with myself...just need to get it together for the next three before Christmas and then the January exams...*ahem*...:s
Also! Got the Chancellor's Scholarship :D I don't get free tuition but I am being given a monetary prize. i worked very, Very, VERY hard and am so pleased and proud of myself. It might sound a lil conceited to say I'm proud of myself but I figured that I put myself down all the time, when I've actually acheived something great I should be able to be nice to myself :)
And lastly, my new job! I am loving it. Everyone is super nice, it is so cheesy but honestly does feel like a lil family unit :) Only thing is...I get paid in cash because it's a super small independent business. On saturday night I was rushing to get off work to go to a party and shoved my £40 in my pocket...halfway down the highstreet it wasn't in my pocket. Kind of a crap night. just a bit, eh? :( I've had a few days to make my peace with it now so I do feel better and you know, it really is only money, I have a job, I can make more. It's upsetting but I had a £40 lesson in "Don't be a careless fool with your money."
All in all, life is really pretty good, even if I'm busy and down £40, swings 'n' roundabouts and all systems go!

Peace and love