Friday, 25 February 2011


Every. Part. Of. Me. Aches.


urgh, so you know how i complain about what the customers call me in work (love, darling, angel)?


Today took the biscuit. I actually got winked at. What the heck??!? That's really inappropriate!! and seriously, it's not even as though I'm dressed remotely provocatively...and my hair's a mess and i'm not wearing any make-up.

Some days i can be bothered with a full mask but other days, you're lucky if i bind my hair up with a band. that is how little i care.

My hands are so dry :( I've had my hands drenched in chemicals for far too many days now.

Full day tomorrow. 10-6. :( Today was 10.30-5.30 which wasn't so bad.
Thursday was supposed to be 9.30 til 3.30....I had to work until 5...:/

I have no idea when I'm going to get time for anything...

I really whacked my knee on a table leg today...fecking hurt.

Good films I've seen this half term:

School For Scoundrels
Get Him To The Greek


Last night my mum was saying that it'd be good if i got a bunch of hours over the summer holidays to earn some money and my dad was like
'yeah, you can save some or buy a laptop or something.'
and my mum was like
'or some Jimmy Choo's'




I'm going for dinner...see y'all round

Peace and love

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ah, just read Zaros' blogs...

now i really want some chicken caesar salad...DAMNIT xD

wahey...just got the annoying thing out from between my two front teeth xD *go me*

this song is so awesome.

dang, i just love adele so much.

aw man...had the most terrible dream last night :'( woke up with tears all over my pillow.

work was...pretty feet ache xD off tomorrow *yay* but then three days in a row!!! :O if i don't lose any weight, i'm gonna be so frigging pissed.

btw, anyone listen to radio 1 at about 9.15 this morning?? i looked up that pic....i will never think of comedy dave in the same way again...DANG :P

larv it xD gaga when she was gaga not a madonna sound-alike...

dang...just looked at the comedy dave pic again...O.o

aha, Gok's on toinght :P love love love.

Peace and love

Monday, 21 February 2011

I swear the past few days have been way too full...

Surely it must have been like a week or something??

anyways, back to the grind today.

I had work and again tomorrow, thursday, friday and ofc saturday -_-' so much for getting some rest...xD

I'm gonna take my book to work tomorrow...the paper sucks...
plus i'm almost finished reading it and it's really good :D i told you rosaleen was she's gone all psycho-biatch.

i like.
'won the race but lost your mind'

aha, Glee's on tonight --------> yeah boi!! xD i don't care what your gotta say about that aha xD

mmmm....had meatballs and pasta for tea...V good.
had the mexicana panini, a cookie and a cereal bar in work...ribena light and orange juuiiiiice :D

mmm, gotta love that juice...

saw Paul yesterday :P very good!!! RECOMMEND.

btw...does anyone know how on earth i got my boots so damn muddy on saturday night?!?!?

what was i doing?!?!?

losing every last shred of dignity-that's what you were doing!!

anyways...i reckon i'm gonna go get some pudding and do some reading :) good times.

Peace and love

Friday, 18 February 2011

my eyes hurt :(

I'm so tired in every sense. I don't think I've ever deserved a rest as much as i do now.

today was long.

Peace and love
p.s Godalming College's production of Spring Awakening was amazing.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it...

say what you will but that song is damn catchy and has been in my head ALL DAY which is a lil bad considering i only know the lines,
sticks and stones may break my bones
but chains and whips excited me


omgosh, harvey told me about this


i wish i knew someone else who loved motion city soundtrack as much as i do but not many people really know about them. i don't know anyone who really loves cee lo green either :(

i hate that i have to play my music so fecking quietly when andrew's in the house but he plays whatever he likes, as loud as he likes whenever he liked. grrrrrr

urgh, i hate youtube's copyright shizzzz. :( i can't find one of my fave songs now :( at least not a decent version anyways...:/

yay, Gok Wan's on tonight...:D

ah, i just watched the 3rd leo and satan...dude...:(

okay, gonna get going, have a great evening, don't do anything i wouldn't do xD

Peace and love

Monday, 14 February 2011 was awesome...

Jamie, you're amazing :P thank you so much xxxx

In other news...
rowed 8011m in PE today * OH YEAH*

and i've sorted out my banking *get me*

Martin made a necklace for me at his college thing :) so perty, it's a lil pussycat. I'm a wear it always.

Jamie, this struck when i got in but today i got an owl and a pussycat!! like in the poem...:P

Peace and love

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I found what I was looking for!!

I needed a strapless bra for prom and i managed to get one :D hazaaaaaaaar. usually, things don't go to plan for me when i need them to!! I'm on page 123 (!) of my book so i've made a fairly good dent into it and it's starting to get interesting...i like the sound of Marcus...:P *oh come on, it's a girly book, of course there's going to be a mysterious love interest!!* the thing i'm really liking about it is that Ceceilia Ahern's written it from the point of view of a 16 year old and she's getting it right :) i think everything else i've read by her has been about people roughly middle aged, so this is a nice difference, and it's good that she hasn't stereotyped teens. I'm really enjoying it.
Sister Ignatius seems nice, if a lil strange but Rosaleen is just plain weird...

mmmm, mum's making roast dinner :D her roast potatoes are a-maz-ing :D

started writing my big diary properly again :D i always feel guilty when i neglect that diary because i miss out massive chunks of important detail...things i like to look back at :s
like, i was reading over my entry from my job interview and how nervous i was and now, i've had that job for four months!! wowzars. time flies.

GET ON TOP the red hot chili's one of their older songs...lil bit naughty xD oooo-errrr.

i'm realy lookign forward to going to wales this's not for ages but i really really really can't wait. i'm gonna plunge myself into freezing salty water and lose my breath. it's going to be brilliant. I can watch the sunset across the sea whilst sitting on a sea-weed wrapped rock. wowzars. plus, this time around, i have my phone with an ok-ish camera so i can take pics of EVERYTHING!!
i really hope i'm not away on tommy's birthday AGAIN but it always seem to be that i am :( darn.
need to buy a cable. DAMNIT. not's fine...

still waiting for my skin to arrive...they did say it'd be a long time. It's coming from hong kong and for long distances like that, they tend to wait until they get a bunch of orders before dispatching...makes sense...

i carry a lighter in my handbag. now if i get attacked i can set that mofo on fire.

Peace and love

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm so lame...

I feel really proud when Kevin tells me I've worked really well :P

Today was the first time I'd seen him in a fortnight...and I actually missed him a lil bit xD

Got up about 8...had some coffee, a banana and a digestive biscuit. brushed my teeth. got changed, did my hair. wrote my BIG diary. read my book *shall have to tell you about it, remind me!*. Then went out at roughly a quarter to 10. started work at 10. first break at 11. ate the toasted club sandwich *triple slice white bread BLT and chicken mayo with a Ribena light xD* worked. ass off. worked. 2nd break at 3. ate a chocolate/caramel tray bake, downed a glass of milk and then had a bottle of apple juice. *I hadn't had milk in a while...just fancied it....'twas really nice :)* Worked. worked worked. lots of working. quite busy.

saw richard and lloyd?? why did they come to the café? and why did lloyd have a copy of the financial times with him :P?? he's what, 12 or something?? why on earth would he need the financial times...
ok, i'll stop being condescending, he's probably far more cultured than i am.


Well, I bought it last weekend in Oxfam for £1.99 and i'm really pleased because you can't even tell that it's been flicked through at all :D. It's called The Book of Tomorrow and it's by Ceceilia Ahern *probs my fave author* I've only read the first few chapters *which are quite short* but this weekend, there are only three little things i need to do so i'm going to get plenty of time to snuggle with ma booook and some hot chocolate and c h i l l *SCORE*
and it's only a week to go until half term...which i'm sorta sad about but also grateful for the break.

once again, i was going to say more but I got distracted....and now i must bid you farewell...

Peace and love

Thursday, 10 February 2011


just something my folks showed me :P

Peace and love

'I shall not raise my slippers to the ceiling...'

GOSH. Last night's play was FANTASTIC!!! xD The acting was a little bit awful *only some, others were actually really very good*
The innuendo was delicious and the not so subtle chasing with a dildo was pretty fabulous too xD
It was good to finally see a piece of theatre for a laugh without having to worry about analysing the heart out of it.
The train journey was pretty fun too :P I love our lil Latin crew...I'm gonna miss this.

Gosh, I was goin got write more but then i got side-tracked and now i have to go and eat dinner...

toodle-pip and what not

Peace and love

Monday, 7 February 2011


I should probably explain that title before too many rumours start...
Well, I'm HORMONAL and really pissed off at myself.
I was in such a bad mood this morning, got up late and had to rush my toast *which isn't easy when it's covered in peanut butter* and then i couldn't find my school uniform and i've lost my proper jumper and so ms. parry's gonna freak at me at some point...¬_¬
and then souble PE. GREAT. -_-'
anyways...I hate being a girl...the monthly thing really doesn't help but i thought i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous.

i've just lost all my male readers, haven't i? xD

Hmmm, probably ought to quit complaining really...far more pressing issues in the world. dang.

I'm trying to get into A Day To Remember, Caz, Summer and Adam really like them and listening to them on y'tube, they're actuially *that was the 3rd time i tried to type ACTUALLY so i gave up* pretty good, i just never really heard anything from them before!
Their gig sounds amazing. summer crowd-surfed!!...unconscious...xD she's fine, it's ok to laugh about it now!
omgosh, they've done a cover of over my head cable car!! V cool. I <3 this song.

they sorta remind me of fall out boy but quite a biit heavier

aw hell!! tried to make an ebay account, gotta be at least 18 :( probably shouldn't make up a fake age for it incase i get my card suspended...that would be bad. stupid that i can have an amazon account but not an ebay one. DAMNIT

mmmm, had roast chicken for dinner...'twas good :D

Peace and love

Saturday, 5 February 2011

I lost my phone...

But David found it for me!!! :D *yayayayayyayay*!!!
tommy, do you realise that if i hadn't gone to buy chips, i wouldn't even have realised my phone was gone?? CHIPS=GOODSTUFF

Last night was too awesome for words. There was a pretty safe ratio of drunk people to sober people and I didn't get completely off my face, I was just REALLY happy :D

Work was tiring today but it was fine :P Walking home, i found a handful of money in the road xD I found like £4.18...really pleased xD I know it's not much, but it was just sorta shining in the streetlight and I got that same zing that i used to get when i was like 4 and i did the whole 'find a penny, pick it up, for the rest of the day, you'll have good luck' malarkey
I also got a 1.11 tip and a love the number's good.
i sounds weird...i know, i know...xD
My legs really ache.
I was putting on my socks for work this morning and i realised that I had bruises on the backs of my legs and i was like 'wtfrooble?!' and then i remembered than in all, i must have been piggy backed around for over an hour and i had people holding me up quite tightly so i didn't fall... *face-palm*
so fecking funny though. I got piggy backed by adam for ages but he'd sprayed his hair dark so i ended up with it ON MY FACE xD
Simon was majorly out of it, you can ask him about it but you probably won't get much out of him, i doubt he remembers it xD aw, last night was soooooo good!! :P

i wanna do it again!!! i wish it was tonight xD

Peace and love
p.s!! got shown this in tutorial...totally addictive!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I first heard this song on the Butlins advert with the green dinosaur...

That doesn't make it any less awesome.
Going for dinner

Peace and love
p.s I <3 being able to order things on amazon now :) I made myself an account YAYZORS :D

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Saw these and thought of you!
what do you think? :P

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A few songs I really like right now...

does anyone know where i can get a leotard atm?? They used to be sold everywhere but they're not especially in fashion now so i haven't seen them anywhere...I'm gonna have to end up ordering one from some funny dance-supplier on the interweb, aren't i?? ah wells.
i also need brown cotton tights. not nylon. cotton.

that is all.
actually, before i go, you should know, my hands are COLD!!!

Peace and love