Thursday, 14 October 2010

When I'm Dreaming of You....

Didn't know that was by the coral :P Love it!! i'm just burning the CD cuz i need to give it back to Eloise tomorrow...she leant it to me like a week ago or something...dang... anyhooble....

3/4 through history...HAZAAAAR<---LOVE that :P I was so freaking stressed about it but now i'm pretty chilled...i don't actually care what i get...well, actually, yes i do care, a lot. esp. since we can't exactly retake it :s i'm stressed again. GREAT, i juts talked myself into being stressed.

So, I'm a tad nervous about Work Experience next week, I'm going to be looking after people with Dementia and Schizophrenia and a history of alcohol abuse...pretty intense O.o should be interesting though...certainly more so than triple sciene and the likes. I had WRL just before lunch and we were discussing how we need to approach work experience...:

Open Mind-positive attitude
Dress Code-ensure it's appropriae to your work place
Confident-hand shake :P
PUNCTUALITY-5-10 minutes early (kinda goes without saying really)
Know what's expected of you

OOOH, erm...hang on, what was i going to say??

OH YEAH! we did a role play exercise about monday morning on work experience * as in, getting started on your first day* which was probably more nerve wracking than actually meeting my people *i've taken to calling the people organising my work experience, 'my people'*since EVERYONE was watching in class...and i had to shake mrs. marchant's hand....:/ plus, my hands were freezing and i feel a bit self-conscious about touching people with my freakishly cold hands *honestly, it's like i'm dead, they're THAT cold*

I think that I might start signing off from emails 'n' such with:
Barbra Streisand.

It's an AMAZING SONG. crap, granted but amazing nonetheless :P like dragosta din tei by ozone, rather awful but beloved all the same.

everything is going wrong
but we're so happy :P

if you'll be my body guard i will be your long lost pal... :P GUESS what i just downloaded tommy!!!! :D <------SMUG

I didn't get a beak or lunch today :'( history stuffle at break 'n' latin at lunch. ooo-hoo-hoo.

forgot how much i love that song :D shame i couldn't embed the proper video... :/

anyways...stuff to do...

Peace and love
p.s Barbra Streisand.


  1. *Gasp.* Can it be true?

    Horaay! Finally! OMG next time you've got your iPod you've GOT to let me listen to it! :D It's the best! Plleeeaassseee? I'll be your best friend! (If you'll be my bodyguard, ofc.)

  2. I didn't know the details about your Work Experience. It sounds fascinating. Hope you have a good time!