Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good Evening...Katie on Site KVT 201010


my hands are CHILLY!!

omgosh, i don't know whether i mentioned this way back when but i was meaning to buy some new jammies? that was in AUGUST and i finally got some after work today!! i got home at 5.15 which was really, yesterday we were held up at the office til 5.30 and then we were stuck in traffic so i only got back about 6.00...

i'm gonna go watch simpsons and microwave my feet are really cold :( DANG sister.

OOOOH apprentice on tonight :DDDD!!! YAY!!

'if you can't do a good turn, don't do a bad one'

Peace and love


  1. Is it safe to microwave slippers?

  2. they're special microwavable ones that my folks got for me for my birthday cuz they know i get chilly :P