Saturday, 16 October 2010


I've been working for 5 weeks now!! can't believe how qiuickly it's gone :P
i've grown accustomed to my hands smellings like coffee and cream when i come home...could be worse!!
i'm cream crackered *and i will never grow bored of that expession!*
gonna chill tomorrow...i need a rest!
I don't think my WEX is gonna be as bad as some people's cuz i'm not going to have a boss per se...Sheila Buntin is going to be looking after me and i'm gonna be working with her...and she's really lovely :)

mmmm, had potato wedges on my first break and then in my second break i had macaroni cheese and then a piece of rocky road *it's not as good as Summer's* :P i had apple juice and a lemon ice tea. 'twas good.

i need eggs!! EGGS!! i have a craving for eeeeeeeeeggggggggggggsssssssss :D

I'm just wasting mine and your time now...
Hope Thorpe Park's the bestest everyone :D love you all

Peace and love
p.s AGAIN, this week a boy of about three said to his sister of about five, 'look, the statue has a willy' snigger.
p.p.s i've got to admit, every time i walk past the statue i do feel a lil's thing is right at my eye-level!! xD

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  1. I feel like I recognise the name Sheila Buntin. I might be thinking of something entirely different, though.