Sunday, 29 November 2009

towntowntowntowntowntowntowntowntown...what was that agin? Town you say?!...goodness...

I'm off to have tea now just but I had to say that today was a lovely escape from the monotony of this delightful British weather of ours...sorry i can't stop writing in bold :S
anyways, cottage pie.

Pie and love

Peace and love

Saturday, 28 November 2009


I've have Bad Romance by Lady Gaga stuck in my head...the video is so very, very peculiar...


I'm iiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll which SUCKS. A LOT. Hrumph. I didn't change out of my pyjamas until about half one this after noon. I'm in the library now but i was lazing around the house reading my book for ages earleier. It is a fantastic book though and i'm almost finished reading it. It's called The Personal Shopper by Carmen Reid and is actually surprisingly deep. Certainly a whole lot deeper than theShoperholic series. The main character Annie Valentine was a clothes consultant 'n' all that jazz but when she dressed people it wasn't so much to do with the clothes; it was more of the characters which she was able to express through dressing and I just read a plot twist in it which almost made me cry but that would have made me look ever so silly as I was sitting in the Rom-Fic section corner of the library upstairs. ergle. I've got Latin, History, drama and chemistry homework to do which must be done today as i'm going out for lovely Harvey's birthday tomorrow. Really not looking forward to the blasted homework but town with mine matey mates dearest is certainly an attractive prospect.

Ga-Ga Oooh la-la
Want your bad romance

I want your ugly I want you disease...

yup, very odd.

I had every intention of sharing something but now i don't feel like it; not so generous afte all.

Right, I'm off, wish me luck.

Peace and love
p.s "I dream about leaving but wake up with regrets"

i've just painted my nails :D they're now a colour called mercury which i lurv cuz it's lurvly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Friday, 27 November 2009

i'm so sick of being a teenager

get it?
does it matter?
A hypocrit for calling you on your hypocrisy.
Confused more than i care to say.
If i had more time then i'd only waste it.
I'll break my promise and your heart.
Don't try and say...
oh what does it matter? really, what does any of it mean?
Sometimes i'll be so sure of what i want.
then i won't have clue.

Monday, 23 November 2009

stop spitting paper at me!!!

blooming cruddy printer >:[

i loved my IT cover teacher today, what a lovely, lovely woman :) she lent me and hattie her jacket cuz we were cold and she was so sweet to louise when dom was being naught but an effing eejit. lovely woman...wish i'd have caught her name :S oh well, i see her around a lot, i can always ask another time.
2nd hpv jab this friday, CAN'T WAIT xD yayayayayayayay

lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
and i will try
to fix you

^^sweet song, chris martin wrote it when his wife's dad died.

Peace and love
p.s see you when i see you. cheers duckie.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

you know those annoyin verficiation codes that you have to type to prove you're not a robot when you want to leave a comment or something??

I just wrote one that said "phecu".
...I thought it was funny...
I guess it just proves my supreme maturity and sophistication 'n' all that jazzin' lark, eh?

gotta go pack my bag and brush my teeth.

Nighty-night lovelies sweet dreams
Peace and love

Who's gonna save my soul

some things do get better
some things dont.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

I've just painted my nails...

thought i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous like that xD
it's a colour called Summer Sands which is a nice contrast to Winter Woes which have recently set in :S although mum said that it looks like autumn leaves as well... hmmmmmmmm


i reckon that i shall now depart and stuff

oooooooh before i go!! i've finished Second chance by jane green and if anyone wants to borrow it i'm happy to lend it but you'll hav eot be careful cuz i'm borrowing it from my lovely grandma :) it's a fantastic book and i can't believe i'd never heard of the author tbh.

i'm off tarah!!

Peace and love
p.s things honestly do get better. thank you.
p.p.s pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase read the next part of my story on my other blog!!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

It's good to be home

Gosh, it does feel good to once again be offering dear readers of mine Tea and Toast in copious abundance.

Things over the past...month and a bit...have been fairly good on the whole but then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid...not quite like, "i love you"....

did anyone get that? or was it a lead balloon? :S

it's just like the time when somebody did something rather odd and then claimed that they simply had to because they had the "urge"...and i said, "got the urge? get to burger king!" in the commercial...but no one got it...I was simply greeted by some rather curious expressions. ah wells. xD

ooooop!!! I had a practical drama assessment today *just a practice to help with our written pieces but still assessed as though it was an actual exam* and my group got A's!!! SO happy with that xD and it was a right laugh as well, i've kept my war-stripes on all day and if they weren't so smudged up right now i'd be considering wearing them tomorrow as well but they're an absolute mess and my face can't go without a wash :o


hmmm, everything gets worse before it gets better but here's to hoping, eh? early morning tomorrow...i don't have the energy to explain why right now.

my legs have been a little achey today and i couldn't think why until i remembered that on...sunday....and wednesday *i think* I was really busting some moves, cutting some shapes and shaking my thang...I was dancing...badly...for a long The Black Eyed Peas and any other random songs that could be danced to on my iPod...yup. that's how i spend my free time. i think i'll go and hide in a corner now. *ooooop 'n' ergle*

my mate rachey reckons that i should be annoyed at another of my friends right now and i was to start with but it wasn't really her fault and she's a lovely person and over the...three and a bit years that i've known her this is the first thing she's done to really bother me and that's not worth losing someone over. no sirree. i don't believe so. lovely person.

Peace and love
p.s it's been a while, eh?