Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Low point:
Thought I'd lost an amazing friend forever.

High Point:
Something that I wanted to happen for ages actually happened.

So, sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind but I always find myself back here on sterdy middle-ground :) somewhere between the uber highs and crap lows :P

This has been a really good year, and of course i'm nervous about 2011 but it's going to come, no matter what I do so I might as well sit back and take it, i guess.

I've always liked the idea of getting out what you put in, so if I really apply myself and embrace this coming year I reckon it'll go well. I really hope it does for all of you as well.

Goodbye 2010

Have the most fantastic new year. Really.

Peace and love
p.s i love you so much

Thursday, 30 December 2010

All we want to do is eat your brains

With a title like that, i hope i get time to write tomorrow...i wouldn't like that to be the last title i write this year xD


today was so brilliant, thank you jamie :) i had an amazing day with you and emily is so lovely!!xxxx

ahaha, GIANT MONKEY and that massage chair...i was so embarrassed xD dang.
aw man, i told you way too much on the train, i mean, you knew i was weird but i had hoped you didn't think i was a complete nutter....ah wells. who doesn't do that when they see a car? that's a fairly ordinary thing, isn't it? maybe? no?

and my parents didn't kill me!! YAY. that's always a bonus methinks.

ooh, and waiting for me on the sofa was a new toy monkey!! mom named him spike cuz he has tufty hair, he's a right cutie, he has red fuzz :P

I hope this link works...if it does then Spike looks like the medium sized red one on the left :)

In that pic, you see the big red one at the back?? that means, they're made in three, i have lots of tiny ones, two medium ones, i REALLY want a big one of the minky-type monkeys that i collect.

i don't know why i'm obsessed with monkeys....omgosh, that one in selfridges!!! jamie, wasn't the giant monkey EPIC?!?! :P I made him cuddle the lion :) <----i'm so smug about that.

That's all folks

Peace and love
p.s It was deodourant not a knife!!! omgosh!! *cringe*

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 in Lyrics

I'm afraid to love you
You would not believe your eyes
What the hell is heaven?
I'm so fly I feel like I'm sky-diving
Nothing's gonna bring me down
How ever do you need me?
I melt slowly to the ground
It's like you hit me with lightning
I can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life
All I had was a dream
The world don't love you anymore
Please just run away with me
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
I'm a little bit lost without you
I just can't get no relief
All these things I hate
I pray that something picks me up
In memory of what we used to call in love
The bright ideas always get lost along the way
I'm on fire
One day we'll get the best of them
I try to hold myself together
My judgement's getting kinda hazy
Love until we bleed
Dance, fucker, dance
You're what I wanted for so long
I'm so heavy in your arms
Break my fall
The world needs one of me
I like the way it hurts
You and I go shopping and fall asleep inside a mattress store
I'm not your babe
There's always something to cry about
I am ready to owe you anything
No one's going to love you more than I do
Every time I close my eyes
It's all we got
If you love me, let me go
There's not a single thing I'd change
There is nothing that I wouldn't do
You're the best thing that's ever been mine
The weight of the world is a burden I can't bear
Are you ready?
You never say, 'hey' or remember my name
I've acquired a taste for silence
Avoid the obvious
Like a waterfall in slow motion
I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan
The pinnacle of being alive
I'll pray for change
I can feel the static
I feel like a shadow.

Well, there you go, that's 2010 in lyrics :)
Not all of the songs are from 2010 but that's not the point :P

I know there's still a couple of days to go and I'll probably write again before then but Happy New Year everyone :) Let's hope it's a good one!

Peace and love

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Every Part of me aches.

I'm not even kidding.
I just had a hot water bottle on my back to try and stop it hurting and my left knee's playing up again, gosh, it makes me feel so old!!!

I got time and a half today and yesterday that's 6.25x7=43.75x2=87.50
in two days :) not bad.
then i'm doing normal pay tomorrow but only from 10-5 *YAY, an hour earlier than usual, i can't wait to sleeeep...actually, might do a spot of shopping for the*
so that's 4.25x6=25.50 **
i think.
plus a couple pounds in tips :)
omgosh, i think i'll have enough to get my camera. i reeeeeeeeaaaaaally want a camera...and i can get a cute case and a tripod for it....:)
...also want an exercise bike but that can wait.

then, i do also want trackies...and i need new work trousers....these ones are way too baggy.
i swear they used to fit and i haven't shrunk. i don't actually understanf weightloss...i mean, i weight less than i did but i look the same...except *shock horror* i think i'm a little, tiny, itty-bitty-bit taller!!!
i think i'm now 5ft 5" rather than 5ft 4 &1/4
...i'm serious about that quarter btw.

ooooh, got a nice surprise in work today :) thank you xxxx

...although kevin was a bit know....:/
hmmm, as far as bosses go he could be worse but...that was a really silly rule, i reckon.
i need the loo.
i needed it 26 minutes ago and then i forgot...i stilll need the loo.
also need to wash my hair.
i swear these blog entries ar just me complaining or talking about what i need to do.


no more mondays this year!!! so, i'll be posting up my 2010 in lyrics soon. if anyone knows al the songs then i'll get them a gold star.
i've written different lines from the same songs a couple of times and i might have repeated some lines by mistake.

i'm really liking this song atm Undertow by Warpaint

it's played on radio one at night a lot :P

this one too Shadows by Warpaint

they're sorta trancey *some say droney*

i dunno if anyone reading this will like those songs and they're not liike anything else that i really like actually but i think they're sorta cool.

gotta get going.

up at 8.30 again tomorrow 10-5 working....might have a flapjack tomorrow...
oh, martin's getting blood taken at the hospital tomorrow so spare a thought....cuz, it's really not fun :'/

Peace and love

Sunday, 26 December 2010

MERRY...boxing day?

Well, not sure it has quite the same holiday ring but i sure as hell couldn't be bothered to write yesterday. *didn't even write my diary...shock horror xD*

'dear neighbours,
please keep the f**king noise down you inconsiderate bunch of stupid c**ts'

thank you jamie :P xxx

hmm, well, the end is nigh and all that lark and every year *every DAMN year* i get a lil upset...can't really explain why...maybe it's a common thing but whilst everyone else seems to be enjoying ringing in the new year i just think about everything i haven't managed to do this year and all the stress that's coming next year and that next year i'm going to be 17 *DANG* and eventually i'm gonna have to do some growing up, especially since i don't even know what A-levels i wan to do. and january and february last for ages, and they're so very cold and at least in november/december there's christmas to look forward to but jan/feb, what is there?? EXAMS. that's what. this holiday i need to revise for triple and core and learn lines for drama and do latin and physics homework and i just don't have time to breathe.

well, indeed.

but, it's fine. I cope every year, why should this one be any different? leavers hoodie's coming after christmas, isn't it? i'm very muhc looking forward to getting that hoodie...i shall wear it often.

when i go to wales i'm going to draw faces on the pebbles. :)

if i'm away on your birthday again, tommy, i will be very pissed off at my folks for their awful planning but we'll have a four hour convo to make up for it in some small way.

ah, i love to think of going home. the air is so fresh :) i don't care what joke people may make for me being welsh *which btw, is RACIST xD* I love going home. it rains, and it's cold...the wind is viscious feels right...home's more a feeling than a location...

bought a new dress today!! how i love the sales :) it's from new look and will be wonderful for summertime...i'm hoping to go to guilfest next year, though i don't know who's playing, i want to dance and sing and get lost in the atmosphere. hope it's sunny...i'll get wellies just in case though

I do not want to drink.

dear lord, no i do not.

is it naive of me to say that i've already learnt my lesson, at this tender age? xD ah wells...let me be naive whilst it's still socially acceptable.

oh, btw, i'm not pescatarian any more. sorry about that. i would explain...but i really can't be bothered.

oooh, and congratz to Louise and Harvey! what a stunning pair they make :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I don't care if Robert throws up...

....I like this song.

I think it's decent that someone actually bothered to make a Christmas song for Christmas. on this subject, how on earth is Matt Cardle Christmas number one?!?!? I don't know anyone who likes his cover of Many of Horror and btw, does it annoy anyone else that his cover's called When We Collide??!

I'm an angry teen.

Went to Tommy's today :) got beeped at on the way, and they waved but i couldn't make it who it was....and i didn't recognise the car was pretty small...and black....don't know the make or model...sorry :/
we watched Dorian Gray *have you seeeeeen it?!?* :O i really enjoyed it and thought that Ben Barnes and Colin Firth were fantastic...even though i HATED their characters....but it was horrible! great film, recommend! but it's a bit weird...just a warning...although i laughed at a supposedly scary part of it xD
Then we watched Zoolander...great film :)

'There's gotta be more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking...'

then i got a lift home and asked if i could go to the theatre *get me* and my folks were cool for ONCE and let me go :D we watched aladdin :P his lil bro, james was in it and was MARVELOUS! can't believe they managed that in four days! it was brilliant!

and i got a hot chocolate :P
then tommy walked me back home cuz i can't walk two minutes in the dark on my own....:P
some drunken eejit rawred at me, lil frightening since it was too dark to see his face :O

well, i'm off to see the Two Ronnies christmas special :D

Peace and love

p.s, you wouldn't believe that after writing that so many times, i almost wrote love and peace instead. what a fool.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ok, so internet sensation Fred has his own movie. Internet sensation Fred has millions of views.
how come i haven't seen him before?!?!

so i youtubed him.


HE has his own movie.


i think that's one internet sensation i can live without.

watched The Santa Clause on VHS this afternoon-yeah bitches. :)

VHS FTW....i stil stand bye FTW meaning For The Wolf. Booya Tommy, i went there.

My WHAT-subject line- is also of my distaste for robert's post....honestly, why?!?! what you did is worse than the Grinch. He took presents. You took innocence. how very dare you???

last ever ugly betty tonight! i don't care for it as much as i did esp. since betty now conform's to the boring idea of 'pretty'...wouldn't surprise me if they wrote to make her wear contact lenses...she's had her braces off....:( but then, i'm weird, i LOVE braces, i think they look frciking awesome!!!

you know in Catch me if you can *tom hanks and leo dicaprio??-awesome film, if you haven't seen it, you should have done!* the girl that frank almost marries? she looked SO hot with her braces!!! am i right???

...ok, fine, some people will never get it...ah wells...

i'm off for dinner...
btw, TIGF's last night ROCKED and my tongue was working so i could taste everything :) the other night i couldn' taste the difference between carrots and brocolli *which i still can't spell and can't be bothered to spellcheck but can be bothered to write an explanation about...get me :P*

throat really hurts when i swallow and i look half dead but hey ho and on with the show.

Peace and love

Monday, 20 December 2010

Just where do you start when you've abandoned all dignity?


It was an interesting night...full of fun times and massive regrets.

We drank white russians...well, we made our own version of it and added golden syrup ---->so good!

but yeah, we drank white can probably guess the rest....

So, in a haze of phone calls, bad music, laughing over nothing and deliberate memory blanks (!) I think i got to sleep about 5.30....maybe.... :s and then i kept on waking up every half hour or so....'twas really bad....
felt like crap when i got up but to be perfectly honest, i think that's more my cold's fault than anything else...

walked from summer's to town :D awesome! lovely scenery...although there was a very real chance of us ending up in the river :P

and then onto meeting LOUISE the BIRTHDAY GIRRRRRL :P *YAY*
so, today, this morning, yesterday, last night......were really good :D

All I've had to eat today is half a slice of toast and fries from know things are bad when you're buying crap from mcdonalds....

anyways, dinner now....gotta try and forget about the horrors of last night.

Peace and love

Sunday, 19 December 2010


...lil early i know but I was feeling festive last night...

I was aware of the last two shots but my dad decided to take Santa Egg out this morning and take some pics of him...i found them just now when uploading :P 3rd one down, he's in an iglu :D

btw, my hair's messy because it's still drying in that

Great night planned tonight...i'm gonna miss the apprentice final though...and a muppets film that's on this afternoon....i love the muppets :P but anyways, this is gonna be AWESOME!!! can't remember the last time i slept over with caz and elin....summer wasn't that long ago i don't think...anyhooo....i need to pack up and get everything sorted so i shan't stay too long...

hmm, turns out 'nth' is in the dictionary...who'd have thunk it, eh?

Peace and love

Saturday, 18 December 2010




christmas this time next week and h to G i honestly can't's one time in the year when no one can tut at my giddy childlike glee :P My house looks like a tacky santa's grotto! there's tinsel over EVERYTHING :P and it looks gorrrrrrgeous....:)
there's a service prvided where people will set up your tree and do all the decorating...why would you want anyone else to do it, that's so sad, isn't it??
hmmm...guess people have their needs...

i'm having a day off work...they called my mobile when i was almost there and told me it'd be pretty dead so don't bother coming in....wouldn't have gone a miss if they'd have called earlier...just saying...i still had to get up early, dressed, do my hair for work and get covered in snow before they told me. i have a right to feel pissed off....BUT I'M NOT because i'm listening to Stop The Cavalry by Jona Lewie :D
plus, i'm ill so it's nice to have a rest :)

chatted to tommy in the phone earlier :P you egg my house and i swear to god i'll break you...0:)

wild horse couldn't drag me away

goodness, i've done 50 weeks of 2010...just another two to go....this has been a great year. 10 really is my lucky number :)

good film 4.30 pm channel four TODAY... trust rocks...just, TRUST me :)

i'm happier now than i have been for ages.

Peace and love

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mocks are DONE

TGeebles, ja?? Goodness...had two Latin papers, each an hour long today...didn't find them too taxing but some of the vocab was impossible :/ much guesswork! anyways, everyone finished well within the time limit so Matt ammused himself by kicking my chair and laughing at me when i got a shiver and i took to drawing on the back of my paper...i drew a pig, a duck, a dancing flower and my water bottle....i think...

listening to a cover of bye bye bye by Nsync...too cool, right??

omgosh, mrs. bednarczyk's idea of a nice last history lesson!!! i explained it to eloise and her response was thus:
"if i freeze, promise you won't eat me"

the video don't show anything but the description was pretty explicit and actually rather disturbing...

gosh, 'tis snowing and it's sooo pretty but I don't want to miss school tomorrow...I love shouting the 12 days of's one of my all time favourite memories from school, it's a great tradition.

now i'm listening to wonderful world by johnny nash :P
oooh, does anyone know adele's new song?? Rolling in the deep. I love it SO much, she has such a soulful voice and to be able to write so well, so young is incredible!! i has much love for adele.
oooh and i'm feeling better than i was this morning :P 'twas such an effort to get out of bed! i felt sick, my head was pounding and everything ached and i couldn't eat breakfast...but anyways, feeling wuite a bit better now...

bye di bye one and all...see you another time

Peace and love

Wednesday, 15 December 2010



Peace and love

Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Well, tonight was an eventful and HILARIOUS evening...with marvelous outcomes all round, i'd say :D Summer, Louise, Caroline, my darlings, I love you all...:P

Louise shoved a digestive biscuit in my mouth...i didn't even want it...i knew it was coming, so i just took it :P aw, SO HAPPY babes :))) <----- that's supposed to be a very smiley smilie but he just looks like he has many chins...chubby smilie.

I got mocked today...but excuse me for being SANE (debatably) Kilt and bag pipes IS a good look...

Robert is a sore loser. The History boys & Alfie & Kate ROCK FOREVER :D *we won a lil quiz in english...*
btw, did you know that on average, a little smarties tube contains 48 smarties?? :)

was going to write more but now can't...i'm...yeah

Peace and love

Monday, 13 December 2010


i'm not sure what to say...i've a lot on my plate and i'm completely full already...

that's a cute song.

just printed the mark scheme for's to hoping i do better in drama on wednesday than i did in triple today. aw dang.


Peace and love

Sunday, 12 December 2010



Shopping is complete after HOURS!! I went at about 1/2 11 and got back at 20 to 4 and then once i was finished wrapping it was 5.15 so there hardly seems any point in having lunch now... :/ mum's dishing up dinner in about 5 minutes no worries... i got a toffee in town :P saw tom parsons with a couple of guys i didn't recognise.


one of my fave christmas songs :) i heard it on the radio this morning :)

didn't get to sleep until about 4am so i didn't end up getting up until 10.30 :/

i'm going to watch elf soon...i've seen it about 6 times before but it's less that two weeks til christmas....

which also means that my year in lyrics shall be posted soon :) you can see my motion city soundtrack phase and my obsession with various songs....

Peace and love
p.s sorry...not 20 to 4...twenty to 5...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas rush tomorrow...

So, tomorrow, with less than two weeks to spare, i'm FINALLY going to get my shopping hell, the shop's will be PACKED...I HATE it when there are loads of when everyone's in the locker room at school...
gosh, party last night was awesome :D hung out with Summer, Elin and Matt and also met some awesome new people :P
Matt's gonna upload pics :D hahaha

work was...fine.

oh god. shopping. i HATE shopping when i actually need to buy things....wandering aimlessly is fine and dandy but honestly, EURGH.

i burnt my tongue today...feels funny...

worth it though...that hot chocolate was feck awesome.

...something else?

face mask...maybe????
i was going to do that when i got home and then i forgot :/
should got to bed soon...
need to brush my teeth...i haven't eaten since about 7 so now my mouth tastes're welcome

might do our tree tomorrow...might not...i'm a be busy...ange is seeing deborah...hmmm
listening to jimmy eat world ...'tis alright...

watched 1/2 of This is JLS earlier tonight...:P don't judge me.

my hair's still wet. i does smell nice though....used a really god conditioner so i shouldn't look like Stig of the dump's to hoping anyways.
shops don't open til 11 so i'll revise before i go out and then after too.
oh god...i gonan have to straighten my fringe tomorrow...i hATE using my straighteners

Peace and love

Friday, 10 December 2010

Again, Harvey told me to look at this...

actually a really cool video :P

Whip My Hair by Willow Smith

aw, she's only ten!! how sweet :D and she's a right cutie, isn't she?? check out the grin at the end!! awwww!! :P

gosh, will smith has talented kids!!

appaz, this sunday, the number one is between her and BEP and have you heard the black eyed peas new song?!?!? it's dire! DIRE. if this isn't number one and BEP is i'm a be so bugged-like. :D

doesn't matter if it's long or short, do it, do it, whip your hair....

mmmm, drama was good today :D had a right laugh.

gonna go bathe momentarily...or so... mebbee not.

Peace and love

work tomorrow. :/

BUT tonight is the christmas party in DA club xD
oooh yeaaaaaah :D needa a drag on my glad-rags and donn the heals, paint my face 'n' spritz the smellies. oh yes. parties are goooooood. it's only a lil affair, but i suppose that suits me best...i can never seemyself being a part of the whole club vibe.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Martin's been excluded from school :( it's only for tomorrow but god, this sucks!!

i need the loo.

i'm now a goalsetter ** and i'm drinking more water as one of the far today i've had about 1.7 litres and i still feel thirsty...but i REALLY need a're welcome.
Math was dire yesterday...think i really need to revise for the real thing. gosh, i wish i got it. some people just see things so easily but when i look at math papers it's like a foreign language. isosceles triange in a circle means NOTHING to me. and i can't rearrange formulae which is apparently so easy.


my one redeeming feature is that i'm decent at english. hell, do you know what? if i can acknowledge my failings, i'm going to be proud of my accomplishments. I like english and i enjoy writing and as much as i don't find it easy it's a darn sight easier than math and science for me.

dang...still need the loo.

gosh, reading my script with mom is a right laugh xD she read geoffrey as a muppet...'twas hilarious...
i love my mammy.

...REAALLLLY need the looo....i'm sorry i gotta go....

*about a minute or so later...*
i'm baa-ack :) i only went about half an hour ago as well...gosh, drinking more water, is it worth it?

god, martin really needs to learn to control his temper...he's my brother and i love him but he's not making things easy for himself, is he??? jayze.

Peace and love

Monday, 6 December 2010

I am NOT Tupac!!!!

I wear a head scarf for one day and get so much abuse xD
...'twas quite funny though.

omgosh, me and eloise did 9000m between us in PE on the rowing machines!! each did 500 and then switched every thousand until it was done *AIR FIVE* next time we'll do 10. oh yes. oh yes we will.

honestly though, WHY must they play such crap music?!?!? NOW 77...just mainstream drivel...given, some of the songs are pretty catchey *like the plague* but i reckon there was one on the whole album that i really liked.

omgosh...yelled out 'POO' in front of miss evans...and sang "just gonna stand there and hear me roar, well that's alright because i am a dinosaur" in front of her too. goodness. she's gona think i'm odd.

my arms felt like jelly after PE!! legs were fine....arms were jelly.'s the thing!! awesome thing! tremendous, marvelous THING:
I have lost weight....without even trying!! I have been eating what i want, when i want and not counting calories and i'm happier and healthier than i have been in a while. I think i've actually lost more weight through stopping caring than i did over my two weeks of torture a while ago...i still haven't been able to face a bowl of shreddies without tears welling in my eyes...well, not really but i've been avoiding them like the plague.

Two plague references in one post *go me*

ooh, listening to

(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

by Weezer on the tube...i's a liking it.

exams begin tomorrow. oh joy.

...Credo Elvem Etiam Vivere...


ooh eloise is lending me only revolutions :) thing is...awful, CRAP thing is that my disk drive won't open. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

gonna go grab some dinner

Peace and love

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Germans have a word for it... Britts never came up with one...
and now I can't remember it...weltschmerz?


I need to sleep for a long time.

I got up at 10.05 today and then i didn't get dressed until 11.10

I hate it when i'm not a morning person...there are days when i can jump out of bed and run around and do things and then there are sloth days...when i eat and sit...and sleep...FUN.

hmmm, i've movie-watched and town-trekked today. monday tomorrow.
double pe.


so BORED. the sky is grey and it's cold and pulling back my curtains is the same every day and argh i need a holiday.

two weeks til christmas hols....near enough. TG i need a break...
I need mom's christmas pudding and cake...i need crackers and tinsel and smelly candles...I need tacky snow globes and a creepy fake santa...

actually, i really need to finish writing my christmas cards...dang.

mmmmm cheese toasties are GOOD.

what on earth was the point of this post, exactly? it's nought but a mish-mash of my mind's decay *just though that sounded cool....although a bit gross...*

i really don't want to dye my hair pink.
that mean nothing to anyone, does it?
my hair's wet...

need to put up the tree...andrew's day off's on friday...might do it then...

need to pack my bag. *sigh* hate packing my bag.

urgh, hate how i sound right now.

ooooooh!!! my zebra pen!! i'm a bring it to schoool tomorrow :)
maybe with my ridiculously tiny notebook too :) it's got perforated pages...useful for if i need to write something down for someone.

should probably go soon...

might have shortbread for breakfast....

i've made a couple positive steps and i feel more mature for it. gosh, in 20 years i'm gonna be middle-aged!! ARGH xD that's an odd thought.

Goodnight world, i'm off to slumber.

Peace and love

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I thought today would never end...

Not in a bad way, necessarily, but I started work at 10 and got off at 6 and it's freezing outside and even walking is hard when the ground's covered in slush *uhuh, no more lovely fresh, cushety snow...greyish brownish sludgey slush...tastey*
I had the milano wrap...pesto, mushrooms and mozzerella and cheddar and then potato wedges with the bbq dip *mmmmmmm* with apple juice, hot chocolate and water.

gotta go
Peace and love

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

An Ode to Jack Charles Nicole

Oh Jack, you two-faced swine.
You man of many colours, how you perplex and intrigue me.
A young one with such composure, aggravating or amazing?
Untroubled words tumble through untroubled lips,
you grip a mic, guitar, trombone and effortlessly,
effortlessly, you appease an awe-struck audience,
sitting back, ready to judge. Judge.
A snapshot of the performer Jack Nicole.
Arrogant? Self-obsessed? Glory-hog?
Really? Who doesn't at least try to appear confident on a stage in front of a couple hundred people who are just waiting for the moment that you slip. Forget your success, you'll be known for one grave mistake.
Alas, I digress.
For just a second, ignore the all-singing, all-dancing presence that is Jack Nicole.
How many people have met Jack?
Jack. No surname. No reputation, expectation.
He's not perfect. Remember, Jack's just another person.
He does and says silly, immature things. He is flawed.
Like all of us.
He is human.
Like all of us.
It's this vulnerability that says,'hey, come backstage...behind the glamour'
Meet the Jack who argues with his little brother, who doesn't do as well as he'd sometimes like on tests.
The Jack who's funny and kind and thoughtful.
...this Jack asks you what's wrong when you're sad...
To which you may reply, 'nothing'.
and life carries on.

I doubt i'll know another talent such as Jack Nicole, but I think I'd rather know Jack,
Woolly hair, sweat-vests, table-tapping 'n' all.

That was so much easier to do out of the English class... :P We were working on descriptive work and as a joke i thought i'd do Jack...this actually turned into something semi-serious *as in, all of the above*
anyhooble, he knows i'm writing this but who knows whether he'll actually read it?? for now, i'm safe...when he reads it, he might think i'm just a tad stranger than he already does. ah wells, 'twas worth it me reckons.

i'll email popshot another day...this could take a while.

see you on the otherside.

Peace and love