Thursday, 31 May 2012

Seeing Hayley

I'm seeing my old friend Hayley today and I've gotta say, I am mighty nervous :/ I always get like this when I'm seeing someone I haven't sseen for a while. It always ends up being great but I ALWAYS panic nonetheless because it's been almost a year AGAIN since I last saw her. :( She's probably my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with. It's not all the time but it's good to know that we can. things always seem pretty comfortable which is amazing considering we don't know a lot to talk about concerning each of our everyday lives. ah wells. It will be good to catch up and I need to stop worrying.

Just in general.

When everything's great I find something  to worry about, not a fun nature to have but I will sort it eventually.

I want to make a top.

That's all folks!

Peace and love

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Last exam today

Pretty nervous.

I have revised loads but i still don't feel prepared :/ I think I'll just be really glad when it's all done with tbh :P

remind me to take a couple pain killers before i come to school, my tummy's giving me hell :'(

Sun Cream arrived today :D it smells like aftershave...guess that's what you get for buying men's suncream aha xD uhuh, gender specific UV protection...who'd have thunk it?

How do i keep being distracted by Facebook....grrr

So, 4 hours exactly til psychology, I've done an hour more revision today, may do some more in a bit but right now i just feel like being a lazy ho :D smugness.

Bought hair mousse yesterday, super bargain xD gotta love that. I'm just kinda rambling crap right now, i haven't got a lot to talk about. I'm looking forward to seeing Summer and her awesome purple hair *since i have yet to see it!!!! :O* so that's something good about going in for an exam anyway ;)

Right, i'll stop wasting your time!

Peace and love

Monday, 28 May 2012

I just bought new suncream...

And the sun's gone and disappeared :O

where is the justice?


Ok, i have mind mapped Stress and Social Influence but i have to do Abnormality today AND I'M TIRED. gargh.

Surprised adam yesterday, decided to go and visit, we did some revision, watched Futurama and Shaun of the dead :P had a bbq  and chilled out :)  I left mine at 20 past 9 and got there and twenty to ten :) pretty good eh? it's the same amount of time as the bus because the bus goes all around everywhere which is really annoying... i asked him to cycle home with me because i didn't wanna go alone. i was only really kidding but he said yes! :) It was a lovely evening for a cycle as well because it was warm but kinda cool with the sun's head lolling to sleep over the trees. good day.

Watched Desperate housewives last night when i got home :) can't believe it's the last season EVER.

anyways, i might watch a lil tv or summat then begin revising, adios amigos *btw, there's a spannish guy at the café now and his name is José...coolest. name. ever.*

Have a great day, One exam left!!!

Peace and love

Friday, 25 May 2012

Running low on battery...

Not in a deep way, just laptop dying on me so this is just a quickie *teehee*

Had an early start and revised, tidied my room AND hoovered :) now i'm relaxing...all i need is a glass of wine :P

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yo dawg, heard you like sunshine :)

Had a lie-in til ten...although i was awoken by a fly buzzing over my head :/
Made myself scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and then headed off to school for a revision session for psychology; it was pretty good, we went over a past paper together and that was pretty reassuring if nothing else because i got the majority of it which was nice :) Apparently anyone with a phone in their bag in the gym yesterday is being reviewed as they may have to have their papers cancelled which is pretty scary but tbh, everyone knows not to have their phone in there. even though they weren't in their pockets or anything, the main thing that everyone drones on about in the exam period is NOT to have your phone in there.  Hopefully nothing too serious will come of it because really it's just an accident but anyways; there's an update :)
Then I wandered back, lazy in the sunshine dressed very blue-ly *shoes, dress and belt all blue...hmmm* hopefully with a grey bag and brown sunnies i didn't look too uniform, eh? had some lunch and now i'm here :) I plan on catching up with some russel howard, having a wander in town and doing a spot more revision. I love days like this where I can organise my own time and it isn't manipulated by school, deadlines or bad weather....freedom.


Peace and love

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One exam left!!

wa hoo :) FIVE DONE one to go, that's a nice feeling. I reckon today was alright (1st psychology) apart from someone's freaking phone, all the desks being dragged around (?) and mr selley coming in and out about a million times GARGH >:(
Usually I have plenty time left over in psychology but this time I had to use all that because of all thedistractions. and i did the 2nd question wrong, i'd outlined a paragraph's worth of the multi store model before realising it was supposed to be working memory :O gargh....

anyways, today is a gorgeous sunny day so forgive me for leaving so early but i don't want to waste the warmth indoors on my laptop :)

Peace and love

Monday, 21 May 2012

So yeah...

got to sleep at 5 this you do.
worried sick about exam tomorrow.

i'm just not feeling great in general as is reflected in how i look right now: trackie bottoms, slippers, oversized t shirt, oversized hoodie, hair pulled up (unwashed) and yesterday's mascara smudges.
I sure is one sexy mutha-fucker.
I think that my mood is reflected by how much or how little of myself i'm showing, if i'm wearing something skimpy i'm generally happy but if i'm hiding in clothes that could fit two or three of me, chances are: things aren't great.

i can't wait for this year to be over, 2012 has sucked. and i don't wanna sound unpatriotic but i couldn't care less about the jubilee or the olympics. the great british 2012 really isn't so freaking great.

Having said all of this, there's sunshine and on wednesday it's supposed to be 25 degrees. that is something at least.

Peace and love

Friday, 18 May 2012

Living for yesterday :)

Such a sweet day.
Went to see avengers assemble...actually amazing xD i freaking love robert downey jr. possibly the smoothest guy in hollywood? then got some food from the bamboo basket and had it al fresco at the castle :) went home and opened our presents :D i got adam pokemon cards, lego starwars and a new guitar strap :) he got me a dress, a monkey and a dvd. :) we chilled eating cookies and watching southpark/ricky gervais, 'twas really nice.

and all of that made me realise something that should have been way more obvious to me: exams can go sodomise themselves. i really don't care. life will go on regardless of how these go.


Peace and love

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woop woop

I've finally managed to get this right:

Dear Miss Katherine Thomas Thank you very much for contacting us to book an appointment. We can confirm the details as: GUILDFORD, UNITED REFORMED CHURCH HALL 83 PORTSMOUTH ROAD, GUILDFORD, SURREY. GU2 4BS 20 July 2012 10:50

ahahaha :D

i booked plenty in advance to make sure there were places and selected 'any time' and now i'm gonna be giving blood in a couple months' time. tis cool, i have plenty to go around :D they're gonna have to measure and weigh me and stuff...GARGH xD make sure i have enough blood...i'm pretty sure i'm fine.
definitely dragging adam along to keep me distracted though xD then i'll keep the blood-donation-member card in my purse...that's the only reason i'm doing....another card to fill up my purse aha :)

Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Peace and love

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One Down Five To Go

:D wahooo!! so, Italy/Germany's out of the way :) just fiev more to go...
hmmm, today was alright i s'pose... it's done anywyas, no point worrying now.....
The fenix will rize again. oh yes.

gotta do some hardcore lit revisions later. gonna re-read sheers and go pver my wider reading logs 'n' ting, you know the score :D

Peace and love

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I've written 4 essays in the past 2 days :/ more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...
I know everyone's in the same boat but complaining about it makes me feel better :)
I got my mark for the italy/germany mock i did last week...A! :D JUST. i was only one mark over but this has given me the confidence to revise and hopefully that improved knowledge will be enough to edge up my grade and make it secure.  I'm so happy with it, I really thought i'd done really yeah, that's a thing :D just a psychology mock to try not to die in tomorrow...ugh.

hmmm, i really like some songs by lana del rey but i'm debating whether or not to buy the album because i really don't like some of the others...ah wells.

Peace and love