Saturday, 2 October 2010

When's the world supposed to be ending?

something of december 2012? or something?
i dunno...just some stuff i wanna do first. i think that if the world's ending at least we'll all go together...i'd hate to grow really, really old and have to watch everyone i've ever loved die around me.


i'm feck-tired. yes, that's a word, hyphonated but still a word. feck-tired. i hope i get an excuse to write that in an exam xD

i've written, 'saucey wench' in english coursework before *smug*

dang, work was hard today :( doesn't help when everyone else is shirking their duties. right, i actually hate myself for just saying that since it makes me sound so utterly pretentious and up myself.
kevin made me clean the table legs!! the table-legs. jayz. it was almost the end of the day and there weren't many customers out in the dining area so we were just getting everything clean but honestly, i was on my hands and knees scrubbing. i'd been working since 10 *it's about 5.15 by this time* and i'm made to clean the table legs! who even LOOKS at the table legs?!?!? no one's going to eat off the table legs!!! argh. right, i'm gonna starts breathing again now. and not being so hett-up and crazy-mad. dang, loads o' h/w tomorrow. nooooooooooooo.

omgosh, i don't know whether it was my mind playing tricks on me cuz i was so tired but i swear that every other man eating at the café today sounded just like mr. bean. GUFFAW.

so, h/w tomorrow, plus wanna buy summat and meeting matt at 1. i should manage to get everything done with time to spare. if on monday morning you see me pulling out my hair you'll know that i didn't manage to get anything done.

i hope i get my english essay back on monday :) i handed it in a week early so i thought that i'd gte it back a week early...unfortunately this was not the case. it was the jane eyre one btw...hope i've done alright...i think i found this one the hardest. although the prep that mrs. gibbs did with us was really good.
I miss having mrs. doar but i love mrs. gibbs too :P i think that the english department at county's really good, seriously, we have great teachers!!

awwwwww, cutest kids at the café today :P one little blonde boy who had the cutest curls and a lil ginger girl with chubby cheeks and chocolate sauce around her mouth xD

even though i'm just doing my job, it means a lot when people say 'thank you' HOWEVER when men say, 'thankyou, darling'...lil uncomfortable. >:[ i'm not their 'darling' grrr.

SO, i watched The Boat That Rocked last night. fecking AWESOME film with SOOOOOOOo many brilliant people in it...recommended :D
and then i watched The Bucket List which starrs two of my favey actors for they are pure brilliance, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman :D i liked this film...sort of fell asleep through a bit in the middle *i was tired!!!* but i'd liek to see it again, very good :D

I feel like i'm forgetting something that might be important. hmmmm....

anyways, I reckon i'm gonna go and finish my dinner now :P oooh, Merlin's on in twenty minutes.

i hope the world doesn't end too soon, it's just getting to the good bit :)

Peace and love
p.s rob really reminds me of the lead singer of The Wombats...

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