Friday, 29 July 2011

Every fight is a foodfight...

....if you're a cannibal...

This guy is amazing. Sorry about the lack of video for this but he's sooooo funny :D

Peace and love

Thursday, 28 July 2011

To Live Is The Same As To Dream....

Let's dream big.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....

How about no one throws stones? That's just bad behaviour....

Unless you're trapped in a glass house....

Then, only people in glass houses should throw stones. As long as they're trapped.

Great day with Matt today :D The woman in the art shop must have hated us...but it's such a cute lil shop and they sell everything arty!! much love for that shop :D

Adam, they sell glow in the dark fabric paint there....pretty cool eh?? :P

Peace and love

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Lovely Bones

Finally saw this film!! Everyone's been talking about it for ages so I watched it when it came on the telly box last night. I welled up a few times because it is just that sad...I kept trying to remind myself that this was fiction, but that just made it worse because horrific things like this really do happen. Saoirse Ronan *apologies if I've spelt that reeeeeeeaaaally badly* was incredible. I can't believe that she's so darn young. She played Susie Salmon, the victim of a serial killer, on her journey to the Otherside. Whilst being stuck in the, 'Inbetween' she finds out the truth of her killer and relives the barbaric assaults upon herself and also the killer's other victims. Ultimately, Susie must decide between vengeance and allowing her family to heal.
Stanley Tucci plays the chilling killer, hats off to this man. It takes a pretty talented actor to be able to play such a cold, unrelatable character, especially to play him to such a high standard.
It's directed by Peter Jackson, the only other PJ film I know of is the new King Kong which came out around 2005. Pardon my ignorance. However, I couldn't see any similarities between the two pieces. Obviously, I don't have a trained critic's eye, nor do the films themselves really share any similarity in plot or there could lie the reason for not immediately sussing that this was Peter Jackson. In fact, if I were really to be so bold, I would even suggest that the style in The Lovely Bones was more reminiscent of Michel Gondry....but I digress...
This film is a visually stunning, beautifully shot work of cinematic brilliance. It's touching and heart-breaking. I'd give this a 4* but honestly, prepare to cry!

So, not too much happened after coming home yesterday...I planned on falling asleep...but couldn't until about midnight *which is too late for me* So I'm still pretty tired this morning, however, I've only been up an hour and I've had 2 portions of fruit *3 to go xD* and I'm currently in the library, as I'm out and about :P
Have you ever been into the garden just to the right of the Guildford Library? It's very beautiful. rather quiet, peaceful, a good place for contemplation and reflection. If you're around the Guildford area, I recommend this spot...perfect for escaping the hubub of modern living.
Adam's coming to mine in a few hours....if he's awake...:P x

Have a wonderful day!

Peace and love

Sunday, 24 July 2011

At Adam's :P

So, i came here around 10 ish...i walked cuz buses are ridiculous on sundays and so had to get up around 8 ARGH.

He better bleeding well appreciate that. aha.

argh....dunno what to write :s pimms tastes like crap....i'll write properly later.....maybe....i'm quite tired actually meh. ah wells. it'll last til whenever i sleep i suppose.

Peace and love

Saturday, 23 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

No matter what happened in her private life or towards the end of her career, her incredible talent was unquestionable and she brought so much to British music. She will be missed.

That's one of my favourite songs...I'm so sad she's gone.

Peace and love

Friday, 22 July 2011

Went to Christel's!!

For the first time in way too long!
I hadn't realised how much i missed her :s Thing is...when you've shared so much with someone and been around them for so long, you never completely lose it. So, when I called her last night....things were just cool, we were chatting and giggling and reminiscing as though I'd been chatting to her just last week.

We just hung out with Jess, Gina and Ellie today and it was really cool :) Watched a horror called White Noise: The Light *it's a sequel and i haven't seen the first one....but i still liked it* It did make me jump but I jump at jackets falling off hooks....
I'd give it three stars, watchable, very watchable but not that great. I rate horror films by the lack of sleep I get after watching them and honestly, I reckon I'll get a good 40 winks tonight :P

Today was good *contented sigh*

frack. i has work tomorrow...that is total bum.


ok, i'm quoting this from facebook but you don't choose where you find beautiful things :s

Live without pretending.
Love without depending.
Listen without defending.
Speak without offending

You know when you've been on the computer too long when you start liking everything on facebook....

I'ma call it quits now otherwise my eyes will become's tru, my mama told me so!

Peace and love

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Good Movies

So I've seen several good films recently:

The Green Hornet
Keeping Mum

Okay, so...
Elizabethtown, out a few years ago, I'd say around ****
Stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom, two of my most favourite actors :) It's a really sweet, touching film, definitely aimed more towards women than men but that's fine!! The score's lovely and there are some truly hilarious moments....good for a girly night in.

The Green Hornet. *****
I fragging loved this film.
Stars Seth Rogan one of my all time favourite PEOPLE, not just of the acting world: EVER!
Also got some great acting skillage from the gorgeous Cameron Diaz.
Very funny, some fantastic action sequences, i think it was rated 12a or summat so it can pretty much be enjoyed by everyone. I'd recommend this for a great date movie.

Keeping Mum ***
Offbeat Comdey. As a lot of you know, I'm really not a fan of offbeat comedy's as generally they're just NOT all....this one? Actually, pretty darn good :P
The paper only gave this ** but it's definitely better than that. Stars the marvelous Liz Smith and late, great Patrick Swayze. There's some has the potential of being dark but it's just a very fun film actually...not sure what certificate this was given but i watched it with my family and enjoyed it very much. There's some partial not for a younger audience!

Bridesmaids ****
Chris O'Dowd as the romantic lead....i'm SO happy this finally happened!! I've loved him since the first episode of The IT Crowd!! This film was HILARIOUS and I saw it with a guy who found it pretty darn funny as well. So any preconceptions of this being a chick-flick can be thrown to the curb. There are some but it's a blooming good film. I would say that everyone should see this film but I know not everyone will like, teens and up. It's a 15 so that makes sense. I think this would work as a date movie but also, just chilling with a bunch of friends or whatever :P

Finished reading I Love You Beth to watch the film and compare xD

Today was a really great day :)

Peace and love

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ma Painting est finis :D

Why the French?

why not?


Well...i thought it was done yesterday but I've added some varnish....gotta love that :P
Varnish makes everything better :)

smells awesome.

maybe that's why i dig painting some much....getting wired on the fumes xD

i keeeed, i keeeeed :)

trying and failing to take pic to upload...i fecking hate this's the worst piece of @!??>@>":


Have finally seen The Apprentice Final :D I'm glad he won :)

Not much else to say....

Peace and love
Pizza and lager

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Adventures of Raindance Maggie

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are back with a brand new guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, and this fantastic new single, following the 2006 release of their last album, 'Stadium Arcadium'.
Their tenth album, 'I'm With You' is due to be released at the end of August and I can't wait to go out and buy the CD. When the music's this epic, you just want to be able to hold it in your hands as well as your heart :P


Feedback welcomed, I know this isn't everyone's cuppa but I digg xD I'm just replaying after replay atm :)

Peace and love


Today I finished a painting which I started about a year and a half ago and have been talking about doing ever since...I've called it 'The Perfect Day'. I'm so up myself I name my artwork....oh yes...also signed it xD Ya never know :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Had a menage á trois....


This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got home and went to that never happened xD

Epic bbq and bonfire/ sleepover with Louise, Harvey, Tilly, SUMMER, Adam, Pete and Daniel :D

Just so epic.

too. much. awesome.

So, in order to regain universal balance today was crap. :) I know i keep going on about this but i's because i want sympathy....


my hours today :'( It was busy and boring and everything aches. I'm so fragging tired.

Tomorrow is going to rock my world :'D That's all i carried on for today :P Working today paid for my guilfest tomorrow and i can't wait!!!

Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Deborah *neither of whom actually read this but still....*

Four years today!!! :D Ange actually made a necklace for Deborah!!! How sweet is that?? Gosh, my big brother is really thoughtful :) He also got Lush stuff for her....'nawwwwww :P
He bought beads for it in the Aluissa Bead Shop *name drop* in town.
btw, i recommend this shop if you're into crafty/textiley stuff...there's so muhc variety and it genuinely is awesome and actually pretty good value for a unique and personal gift....ok, advertising over :D

i can't think of anything interesting to say....

Peace and love

Friday, 15 July 2011



BBQ and bonfire and sleepover avec mes amies Summer, Louise, Talitha, Harvey, Daniel, Pete and Adam :D

I loves yaz all very much....esp. Summer because this is your party and it's epic and you made me coffee so that i could stay awake through all of this :D *so much better than lying on the sofa....or curling up in the couch*

esp. when there is talk of cattle prodding me and sticking me in chimney...?!?!?! reverse santa...ahahahahaha

Not sure how much I've eaten today but i'm feeling pretty good :) I's had much salady stuffle 'n' junk so it balances....ahaha.....

Nicki Minaj *neé Leighton* SUPERBASS

this post makes little to no sense....but that's okay, it is a quarter to 4 in das morgan....

ah, mixing languages...because i'm cultured... :D

nyan cat dubstep. i dare you. not even kidding....



keyboard smash

breaking face with aching smush fest maga wotsit mush ling dooga da

i should probably sleep but i don't want to...i just don't want know like that woman in The Invention of Lying who's standing outside of her office block just dithering and saying 'i don't wanna go in....i just don't....'

call me woman one more time. say it one more time and your head is going up his ass.....


'jizz everywhere....bam headshot...'

i've found tonight that i'm a rather gullible person..feck a frag a lacka


everyone told me that there was a hot air balloon and i believed them....mean people ...cruel really

Peace and love

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WHOA!!! over 5000 views :D

Why thank you, thank you very much...

Gosh, this is all so sudden, i didn't really have a speech prepared or anything....

watch this watch this watch this watch this watch this:

pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase? :D I love lev :P

Did some reading at the library today :P i've almost finished my book now....i almost fell asleep in the really comfy chair which they've moved from one window to another window on the opposite side of the's a great seat, i recommend's big enough and squashy enough to curl up on and read a book very comfortably.... :D


i've eaten quite a lot of junk today but i also had homemade tomato soup *which is da bomb* so that balances it a single apple after a whole night of snacking *it's true, honestly, it counterbalances all of the bad calories....maybe...*

Okay, I'm done, I'll leave y'all to it now! adios til next time :P

Peace and love

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just read an article on MSN

About sleeping positions and their health benefits/detriments for women...

My favourite sleeping position is on my front....and that's the worst one....oops :/ Apparently it makes you snore *which i don't that's ok....* and it gievs you back and neck problems, which could explain why my back's been aching so much :s

okay, fine, sleeping on my back from now on, i will dutifully obey whatever I'm told on the internet....

Another song from Glen Hansard :D

couldn't geta decent you're stuck with a picture of britney :S but Glen actually makes these lyrics mean something...

Need to get new flip-flops....-_-'

Peace and love

Monday, 11 July 2011

Feel So Close

^^ Liking this song by Calvin Harris....chooooooooon :D
Could definitely see bopping to this *yes, i use the word 'bopping'....problem??* xD


note how i didn't use the word 'loving' though?? mmm, not crazy about it but if it came on at a party, i'd be first to hit the dancefloor. Literally hit it. face first.

Cuz that's how i roll.

Ha, have you seen the sushi bar in town??? It's got a new sign now and it says, 'see how we roll'


cuz it's like the saying but then you also roll sushi??? ahahahahahaha

*contented sigh*

And Today's Song From, 'Once'

So sad and beautiful. I'm going to drive you crazy with my love of this film, aren't i?

'you have broken me all the way down' O.o you know when there's a song or artist which just strikes a chord with you and it inecplicably captures you so completely?? Right now, I'm loving Glen Hansard and The Swell Season *his band*

Every song just amazes me and i know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's really fantastic to me.

I grazed my back at the water fight...i hope it gets better soon, it stings a lil but more than that it just looks so horrible :/

'maybe i was born to hold you in these arms' ahhhhhhh such sweet lyrics :)
you know when you hear something heartbreakingly beautiful?? Glen sings like every word is being forced from his heart.

anyways, i've been rambling for a while here...why did no one stop me?!?!? xD

Adam, today was awesome :D

Peace and love

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I love my life :D

I went to town this morning and bought new straighteners from TKMaxx *not the pretty mini ones Summer....:(....after about 10 minutes of eeni meeni minii mo I went for a pair of practical Nicky Clarke things :P Apparently they'd been mis-labelled and weren't supposed to be on sale but that's their problem so they still sold them to me on sale price :P Yayzors* I LOVES THEM

But that's not the interesting part....

My flip flop decided to the middle of River Island :'( There was no fixing it and it was impossible to walk with a brave face and flip flops in hand I walked home bare-foot.
OH the class....

It could have been worse....I could have bumped into Mr. Taylor....oh wait....

YES. I bumped into Mr. Taylor. Bare-foot. In town.

I looked mad.

hopefully he didn't see me...but i saw him...:s

It actually could have been worse though, you see, the weather was quite nice today....had it been cold and rainy I really would have looked entirely mad bare foot.

'but kaytei, surely you wouldn't have been wearing flip flops in cold and rainy weather??'

Well. Actually, I had to wear flip flops because anything else would have been excruciating on my poor heals... :(

Ah, my wonderful life. I wouldn't have it any other way :P

Spent my afternoon doing facials with mom and then watching movies with Martin :)

Good day. Very good day. :)

Btw, Skylarks were busking in town today. Vair good :D

Peace and love
p.s had pineapple today. It was total yummers.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Another song from my favourite movie of the moment...


Couldn't find a good video for this *Sorry* but I hope you enjoy the song!!

Work was ridiculously busy today :/

Hope it won't be too bad next week *when i'm working from 9-6, that's right, frigging NINE to fracking SIX* It'll either be REALLY busy or dead because it's Guilfest.

There'll be more people in Guildford but they wont' necessarily some to the café so it could very easily be just fine :) I'm hoping it'll be the latter.

My back ACHES :s maow.

Peace and love

Thursday, 7 July 2011


I watched this film today and fell in love with the soundtrack.
I love this song:

Peace and love

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sleep Deprivation

Haven't slept one iota...still not tired....I'll be fecked tomorrow....

Well, last night was interesting if nothing else :P Dang Dang Dang :P

Louise and Summer, I love you both so very, very much :) I have needed girly company for way too long :) i LOVE chilling with you.

argh, brought tooth paste but forgot tooth brush....?? my mouth feels horrible :/

ha, whirlpooooool :D

10 black coffees with ten sugars so it doesn't taste like arse :P


'holy fuck nuggets'

this is far from being my most coherent post but it is 8.22 and i haven't slept in 25 hours....get me and my sleepifullness. i should probably put on real clothes and ditch the ruddy PJs. and moisturise with the most lush thing my skin's ever been treated with *thank you summer :)*

we were going to maybe to chocolate facials last night but they looked quite messy....and sticky and we'd have probably ended up eating the mixture *cocoa powder, butter, honey and cream....NOM* just being truthful :P wouldn't like a liar now, would y'all? so we settled for eating chocolate...and maoam and skittles....cookies....everything in sight...we drank TEA.

Come on, we are British afterall :D Wouldn't want to rock our stereotype boat :D

Which reminds me...I'm off to wales in a few weeks :) very much looking forward to it...and of course i'll be eating leeks, picking daffodils, getting muddy and getting up to no good with sheep.

....because i'm welsh :D oh yes. STEREOTYPES FTW.

May or may not jump off the jetty again this year considering what it did to me last year *i couldn't sit down for a week :P* i exxagerate but hurt....i had massive bruises to prove it :/ DANG

Happy Wednesday Everyone


...not really sure it that's a thing yet...just trying it out for size, you know?


aha...references :P

I reckon I'll bid you farewell right about now....i love y'all out there in Cyberspace, for reals ja??



Peace and love

Monday, 4 July 2011

Today was fragging great.

That's as much as I'm going to say...

I'm so happy :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Was dressed nicely....

Now I am not.

Full of burger and fries *and cookie-type snackage :s* so I decided to slip into something more comfortable and not the suggestive, sassy comfortable. I'm talking trackies and oversized tee.


obviously :)

nawwww, me and mart had fun today, we went and played on the games in HMV and Game...good times....:P Also went Primark shopping :P

Today's been pretty nice, I finished 'Love Nest' last night....pretty much everyone got a happy ending...even Nick the bastard who didn't deserve one.

I feel quite bad for Karen though...she's in love with Max but she's staying with her husband Phil, who's perfectly amiable but Karen's never been in love with him :s It's best for their kids I suppose...maybe when they're older they'll be able to understand a divorce....who knows, that's a pretty big decision. part of me's glad she ended her affair but then I can't help but think she'd have been so happy with Max.

Anyways, today I began a new book, Matchbreaker, by Chris Manby...quite good but I hate the main character atm. Lindsey looks down on absolutely everyone and can't accept that her dad's happy with his new fiancé so she's going to interfer and break them up. Cow. And she was a bully at Uni...just saying....

Gonna go watch the end of the men's tennis finals...I want Nadal to win but atm that doens't look very likey :s

Peace and love

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Mark Kermode off of the Big British Castle gave Larry Crowne a bad review >:[
grrrrrrr I haven't seen it, so i has no real opinion BUT

It is produced by, directed by, co-written by and starring Tom Hanks.

Tom Freaking Hanks :O

...also has Julia Roberts....

They are my two favourite actors EVER. I like a lot of actresses and actors but I LOVE these two.
Furthermore, in all of the promo interviews I've read/heard Tom Hanks doing, he's so fricking passionate about it; as though he hasn't spent hours already talking about the film before....

Anyways....what I'm trying to convey is that I would quite like to see this film...

Buttery Biscuit Base


Martin and me are going to Burger King tomorrow :D

we do very Surrey....

I love saying that we 'do lunch'....I feel so grown up....even if it is only burgers xD

Work was fairly dull today....did some sweeping...and some wiping....stacking...cling-filming...
had a prawn mayo sandwich...and some apple juice...and a fruit shoot...

Basically, today came and went without anything really memorable occuring, but I can live with that. If I had stuff to remember every single day then I'd forget more than I already do...

Maybe I'll read through my 2007 diary tomorrow...I found it when I was clearing my room ready for my new bed the other week. I'd like to review the me of 4 years ago, see how much I've changed :P
Almost finished my book :)

Hope you had a great day, it was lovely and sunny!!

Peace and love

Friday, 1 July 2011





Hattie, so glad you called, had a great time with you and Fei-Fei...even though we didn't get that far...but as we agreed, that was only due to not wanting to hit the ducks, curteously allowing other river users to pass and enjoying the scenery. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with lack of skill *shifty eyes* :P

Should probably go get dressed....PJs again :) I got up at like 8....51/2 hours later I'm still not ready for the day....OOPs...

Might do some yoga in the garden...nude....

Peace and love