Monday, 20 February 2012

Disappointed this doesn't have a proper video :s

Heard this on the radio 1 introducing thing last night sometime after midnight and it just kinda struck me...i dunno really, but i quite like it at the moment :)

Rehearsals were long and tiring today....we didn't end up going til 6 as was scheduled but it was still a long day :/ managed to hand in my psychology work and my english lit essay and even get some feedback on my entertaining coursework...i sure am one productive motherhubbard. *smug face*
watched New Girl and an episode of fresh meat when i got in... i deserved it. also made myself a tiny jam mom bought teeny loaves from M&S *so cute* xD had to make another to fill the gap though...

ah wells

Peace and love
p.s I took my vows today...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

One my new laptop :D

So yeah... :P i can't lie, i'm really pleased with it, there's even a smug-dance to accompany the smug-face...

currently avoiding doing psychology work which is due tomorrow...
...hello laptop, goodbye a-levels

Peace and love

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Evangelical Pasta

I'm so tired. and my tongue is nothing more than a needle stuck on a record...

If we have another rehearsal after school tomorrow, i really think i'll cry.

But let's keep positive :) My jacket arrived today!! and i really like it :D *yayze*

I will be going grocery shopping on friday, thought you oughta know.

Peace and love

Monday, 6 February 2012

Why is today STILL happening??

So my driving license application got messed up so i have to run around and try to fix everything tomorrow. GREAT. and i have Guys and Dolls after school tomorrow and wednesday. and i have to write a history essay tonight.

i just wanna go to sleep... :(

In other news, I won the bid on a jacket on ebay :) hopefully it'll look nice on...i wanna team it with boho dresses and summery lovely things (can you tell i'm tired of winter?) Yeah, i really hope it won't be massively disappointing and shite.

In yet more news, i did well on my psychology mock :) thought i'd majorly fecked it up so that was a relief...even though i still only got 3/12 on the big question. hmmm.

Okay, i'm gonna go have food now, speak soon

Peace and love

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Photo Booths are Bitches

I look like a serial killer. not even kidding. but i need it for my yeah...

Got a hair clip and moisturiser in town and then spent two hours making a bracelet because i'm just too hipster to buy one. my hands freaking hurt.

Last night was good after work :) and actually work wasn't too bad either but i had a really ncie evening with adam, we walked back in the snow, watched some telly, he tickled me so much, i shreiked with laughter and begged him to stop...seriously, how old was i last time i had a tickle fight? xD
it was a relief after friday...i think everyone knows what i'm talking about...
Hopefully I'll get better soon, i've finished this lot of Yasmin so I'm gonna try out a different pill and if it continues to fuck with my head i'm giving it up. so you have any idea what it's like to break down in tears over NOTHING at least once a day? hmmm :/ lately stuff has actually been up but the pill really doesn't help any of it. how sad is it that i started looking forward to my period just because it was a week when i didn't have to take the pill and my head space was unclouded. you know like when you're dreaming sometimes you have moments of lucidity where there's absolute control over your surroundings? that's how life became but not in an airy floaty dreamy way but more a nightmarish loss of control. hopefully, it'll be over soon and i'll be 'normal' again.

Gonna watch Kick-Ass...oh yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah

Peace and love

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just Giving

My Page

Please, please, please spread this around, post on facebook, donate whatever you can, I'd be really grateful :) massive hugs for anyone who donates, also, if you donate then you get to watch me make a fool of myself when i ABSEIL DOWN THE CATHEDRAL ON JULY 14TH

so please, please, please spread this link around and beg people to donate on my behalf?

Peace and love