Thursday, 30 June 2011



and also, my leggings are NOT see through from behind unless you really stare. So bugger the hell off you prattish wanker.

A Thirty-something *i kid you not* guy said to me 'word of warning, your leggings are see-through from behind'

I was totally dumbfounded I just sorta stopped and stared , trying to comprehend how insulted I felt when He turned around and said, 'not being pervy, just saying'
oh my goodness.


Smothered myself in sun cream and got to chairs out in the garden, one for my bum, one to rest my feet on, sat to read my book 'love nest' by julia llewellyn *oh slushy girly chic-flicks, how I've missed you!!!* and THEN the sun chose to hide away. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH

My book is pretty good though, with exams and revision and life getting in the way of living I've been too busy to really read and enjoy a book for a while so this is nice, just chilling in pyjamas with an easy read. I haven't read anything by this author before but she's best selling and it's a safe genre. I'm about halfway through and very into it atm.
One character Nick Crex is a butthead...his method of breaking up with girls is to stop taking their calls and replying to their texts, basically ignoring them all the time...until they get the message....nice.
I feel really bad for Grace, everyone's kinda treated her like crap her whole life and now she's 34 and hasn't relaly got anything to call her own...but some guy's asked her ouit to dinner :)
Gemma's sister Bridget is going to be an egg donor so that Gemma can have a baby with her husband Alex....

anyway, I can hear you falling asleep so i'll stop...I should probably go put some clothes on, brush my hair....and teeth...I've been up for like 5 hours and I'm not awake yet O.o

Summer, can't wait for sleepover, i love you so much :D

Peace and love
p.s likey the new background? :P

Monday, 27 June 2011

Dear Male Population

Get the fuck over yourselves.

Peace and love

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Never learnt how to spell that word, why bother now?

Just looked through a disk of photos from years ago....:P so many things I don't even remember doing....such awful night clothes....a centre parting?!?!? dang, my hair was short as well!! It was just over my shoulders, so it must have been from about year 7/8 because I remember wanting a change...I wanted my hair REALLY folks didn't...we met in the middle :) There were pictures of my old house too, it was a bungalow with gorgeous bay windows and a porch and we had a massive hanging basket over it, and flower beds bursting with colour. The grass looked so lush and green, i can almost remember the smell and feel of it when I used to lie in it reading...I'm sooo gutted I can't go back there. Ever. I love living in guildford but I spent the first 12 years of my life there...and then some developer knocked it down :/ They cut down our beautiful magnolia tree and everything...the flowers were soooo stunning in full bloom and I remember hiding behind it, having water fights with my brothers :P we'd go on our trampoline and get real hot bouncing and shoving each other and then we'd jump into our lil paddling pool to cool off....dang...those were good days...

Today's beautiful. I hope this sunshine's here to stay...if only for a lil while, i'm covered in sun cream so I'm definitely gonna be strolling round later...mmmmm. maybe i'll do some cooking, haven't done any in a while.
HECK i know what i wanna do....I'm going to finish a painting I started about a year ago xD I got distracted and then I just didn't get any time...

ha, just told my mom I was gonna geta boob job after having kids and she said not to bother cuz they grow when you have kids anyway but i said they'd be all floppy and she said that's fine, just fling them over your shoulders....*cringe* I love ma moomin xD

Happy Day

Peace and love

Saturday, 25 June 2011

:'D I'm so happy


The past few days have been the best so, maybe not ever but right now i'm putting them right up there on the *Feck-Awesome* shelf :D

Hattie was amazing to invite me :) and her b'day plans were soooo good, i LOVED madame Tussaurds and our evening the night before :P and i love you hattie :D

Then sleeping over with a bunch or rank teenage guys....I have boy germs :'(
*kidding* I had such a frack-brilliant time...even though i was the butt of a lot of sexist jokes...but that's fine :P I like making sandwiches xD EAT THAT YOU MOTHER HUBBARDS.
I'm shamefully bad at shooting zombies though....i'll go sit in the corner...anyone got a Dunce hat?



can't believe, i almost forgot to say this, it's really important...something big's happening on 19th September *one week prior to another incredibly important date...ahem...*


Oh. Yes.

It's true!!! My mama told me so, I haven't googled it to make sure but i have no reason to doubt moomin's words of wisdom :D

Working inside again today....'twas alright....had to clean the loos again...and mop....they're so picking on me....xD *i'm such a victim, i need attention, LOVE ME* fecked up an order today :s sean was bugged....but then he fecked up too....everyone makes mistakes :s

I think I'm about done, love you guys, honest i do :P you make my life like 100 *million* times better.

adam, we need to have another sleepover!! i'll see you on tuesday?? xxx

Peace and love

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


about killing a metaphorical elephant....??....

Anyways, I was of course referring to EXAMS!!! In search of some small source of solace *alliteration ftw* I've been avoiding mentioning them on here or in either of my diaries until that blessed day when they end. Today is that day.
Hallelujah :P

Odd being in the hall on my own.....maow....don't like being alone....

but it's all over.


Tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, the next day...all gonna be amazing.

I love this.

...apparently issues with latin paper 3....damnit...the exam boards' cock-ups were annoying when they weren't affecting me, but now that they are?? very dare they?


anyways :D this literally made me laugh out loud * i avoided using the abbreviation...get then!*

ahahahahahahahahahaha :D

Going to bathe, VALE

Peace and love
p.s for anyone who read the post of a couple days ago regarding a bangle made by martin, i used the present tense of fucere rather than the perfect here goes....second shot:
Martin mihi bangle fucerat.

or whatever 'bangle' is in latin...i tried a came up with 'bangle'....i doubt that...
p.p.s adam's lost his dummy, please can someone buy him a new one? he can't sleep without it....bless...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well, according to google it's the first day of Summer!!

and children, you know what that means for us Britts, right?


we don't care what the weather actually looks like, as long as it's officially summer, that's enough for us to strip to the bare essentials and Rock this Mother Hubbard. I went there, oh yes i did.

I'm a little bit hyper.

I'm off out to withdraw my life's savings and buy a ticket for the soonest flight. Anywhere. I'm not taking any luggage. I figure, cash and cards could get stolen, baggage gets lost and mobile cost a fortune abroad so I'll live out of bins for my first evening but try to entice a wealthy gentleman caller with my womanly ways into paying for my accomodation as well as my clothes and food. For the record, by 'womanly ways' I'm referring to making him a sandwich as I will have of course secured a steady, but low, income working in a grotty sandwich bar. Of course, wealthy gentleman callers aren't famous for being interested in grotty sandwich bars, but he will catch my eye through the window and gallop in upon a noble steed. Yes, my wealthy gentleman caller is skilled in riding a horse, what's unusual about that?? and horses are allowed in the grotty sandwich bar...

do you know what? I've changed my mind...I reckon I might just stay home today...

Peace and love

Monday, 20 June 2011

Martin made a bangle for me

Well, he made a bangle...and i comandeered it...xD he said it's that's fine :P
it's totally cool, really like it :D

Martin mihi bangle fucit.

TOO MUCH LATIN. btw, the above sentence is probably wrong but it's supposed to say the same as my subject. My brain is fried.

I'm digging this song right now:

:S Wish i'd heard it sooner :P

briefly caught up with my girls before Latin :P love you!!!

Peace and love

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Streeking in the park

Skinny dipping in the dark


Dang....that's gonna be in my head for the forseeable *?* future....xD

dude i'm tired....THANKS realise it was like 4 1/2 hours or summat....feck xD

three more days. feck it.

Peace and love

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I really, really, really wanna

see a new film called 'Life in a day'
looks so interesting :P

gotta go. i had to clean the loos in work today >:( *stoicism stoicism stoicism breeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaathe*

Peace and love

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hotmail's being a BINT

garrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh xD Fair dos, most of them are just from facebook but still, the sentiment remains the same: garrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh xD
Btw, I slept reeeeeaaaaally well last night and for the first time in a while my room's actually looking pretty darn good :P I still need to move my books, monkeys, electricals and exercise stuff back into my room....and a whole bunch of stuff into the attic....
OH and also organise my wardrobe...I'm gonna put my shoes, scarves and bags in boxes under my bed with the other things i mentioned above *apart from monkeys and books...Dad's going to put up shelves for me :)*

Feeling pretty good today...SIX DAYS TO GO :D

Peace and love

Wednesday, 15 June 2011



my room is ready for my new bed. Thank Goodness. I hope I can deconstruct this bed tonight and move the new one in so that I can sleep'll be odd sleeping in a new bed...but a good kind of odd. The bed I've had for the last five years has been the most uncomfortable, impractical, ugly, cumbersome BEAST of a bed. It blocks half of the window!!! That's mainly because my room is tiny but still! I haven't been able to pull my curtains open properly for FIVE YEARS. I have to climb a ladder to get up there!! I've had to climb down that ladder *rather hastily* when I've been ill. That's not fun. I'm SO relieved that i can finally sleep properly. not only the bed, but the mattress. my old mattress was lumpy and bumpy and really hard. it's lucky I'm a heavy sleeper really....anways....i'm happy i have a new bed....that's about it really :P

Peace and love
p.s SUMMER Have you stopped following me?!?!?! :O whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? xD xx

Well...looks like nothing's changing...

Ah, I guess i knew it really, but you can't stop a girl from hoping.

Guess I'm gonna be stuck here forever. Doesn't matter. Just don't look, stop bothering and making me care about all this. That's really not fair, you know? but fine. whatever. there's no use getting upset, no one cares anyway. But fine. It doesn't matter. Nothing does.

Lets all just live passively and watch oppurtunities flit past us because we're all too afraid to creep out from our horrid hidey-holes. Yep, that sounds about right. What a fanciful philosophy.

I'm way too pissed off to explain this right now. but does anyone remember what happened around about this time last year? He always does this.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's been a while...

I don't know why I've found myself so far away from this blog recently. I'm not sure if I'll keep this blogging lark up forever after all :P
Well, big things are happening in my life atm but then again, they might not be :s it's the uncertainty i can't stand but that's just life i guess. If i knew what was around every corner that would just be boring...or frightening...depends what was there really...
:D Going around town with my folks earlier and there was a load of traffic held up and people just standing in the road and i wondered 'what on earth is the meaning of this?' and then I saw what it was all about! A mummy duck, along with her ducklings were crossing the road!!! They even used the traffic island :P It was the cutest thing :)

Peace and love

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bought a new dress today :P

It's all cute 'n' Boho, ja? Bought mom's birthday present as well :D I got her some body shop STUFF and some chocolates...what's not to love? :P

i'm so boring today, i have nothing to talk about. sorry. have a great day though :)

Peace and love

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Analyse This

I dreampt that I had rectangular scars on my ankles, wrists and one massive one along my pelvis. I'd always known the scars so they didn't bother me but then I found a box of keys that opened up the scars as though they were little doors...and my mum had never mentioned that they opened. So I asked her about it and she told me that I had some rare condition called a 'featherline' as a baby and I needed them to fix me...
But I was still annoyed that she'd never told me so I opened up all of the scars and kept them open and blood slipped out.
I had to cross over a very thin, high up platform to get to where i was going...everyone was there and they were calling me across but i was afraid of falling and I was still bleeding and I couldn't do I sat on the other side from them. On my own. Bleeding from those little scars. They all looked really happy :s

That's not the first time I've dreampt of things like that...which is peculiar...anyone have a clue what it might mean??

Bought a couple of tops today, nice and simple for the summertime :) Also got fish and chips with martin :P that was gooooooooood!

Peace and love