Friday, 15 October 2010


I know I've only had a three day week but i'm righteously cream -crackered. indeed.
Hattie and worked in my dream but i dunno...a lot of things worl in my dreams...I was underneath a giant skate board with a sail with a REALLY cute guy who smelt like lemons...he was wearing grey and someone was pissed off cuz i was with him and then i was hiding in a restaurant kitchen with a butter prying the door open with a crow-bar :O
Smack to the GOB

my hand aches...i must hold my pen wrong or something cuz my hand kills after writing loads...
omgosh, my handwriting by the end of that essay :/ ridiculously bad!!

hey summer, i reckon this would be perfect for a girlie outing...i think it's coming out 22nd october or summat...i don't know what day that is but it could be good:

that trailer looks quite funny :D

i like non-taxing films, so JUDGE me.

The social network looks really good....i'd quite like to see that...

gonna say something but can't remember...

Thorpe Park Lot!! Think of me when you scream ;P

Peace and love
p.s adam told steve in science: 'by 16 you'll be desperate for sex'
er...WHAT?!?! excuse me?!?!? O.o

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