Thursday, 7 October 2010

Will you take me away?

I love Hello Helicopter by Motion City Soundtrack :)

my ankle hurts...i wonder why...DOING!!

Missed half of 1st latin *yay* fell asleep in history *nay* IT was a dossing doss and last latin wasn't any better. I don't really like Thursdays. as a rule. sometimes there are exceptions :P

For anyone who didn't gather yesterday, i've tattooed myself. yup. ftr, i don't recommend it...feck painful. if you're serious about a tattoo get it done professionally xD
I'm quite pleased with it though :P i went over it for the third time this hurts more every time :'(
Hope it wasn't a mistake xD

I feel like yelling and jumping around but i can't think of anything to say :( what a pity.

i read that it'll take 2 weeks to heal completely, during which time i'm not allowed to submerge it but must keep it very, very clean. cleansing 3x daily. it's all pretty obvious really.

yeah, that's pretty much everything from me...

Peace and love

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