Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 in Lyrics

I'm not a monster
I need you now
There's only one way of life & that's your own
How can I possibly be inconspicuous?!
Never mind, I'll find someone like you
Let's grow old together and die at the same time
I don't ever want to wake up
You are perfect to me
Playing for an audience of one
All I know is I'm falling
Love you maybe
Keep your head down low
I have no one else
Watch it burn
Save me
I don't want to care anymore
I know I'm not your favourite record
When I'm in need
More than you know
I just feel complete when you're by my side
All my goodness
Crash against my skin
Be a part of this
It's all that matters
It was never here
We won't get far
I'm not one for letting go
We've still got time
My eyes were bleeding
The road to hell is paved with your indiscretions
Raise me up to the almighty
I just want to light up the world
Stepped of a building to find some concrete evidence
Dreaming about those dreamy eyes
I'm so high on misery
You know I'm almost dead
If this ain't love then how do we get out?
I thought you oughtna know
I can never love you more
You burn in my darkness
Run away with my heart
Someone who's loving you
I'm not the answer
I wish upon a shooting star
Some kind of revolution
You are the water in my lungs
Drown me with emptiness
It's only true if we believe
All I see is you
It feels like falling in love
15 minutes late
I'll hold the gun, you place the bet
Stepped of a building to find some concrete evidence

Peace and love

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas


Don't know if anyone will be reading this today but whenever you do find yourself a-stumbling over this blog, think of me smiling and wishing you all the cheesey stuff that comes along with today :P

"No meaure of time with you could ever be enough, but let's start with forever"
"...did you just quote twilight?"

and that my dear friends, is the true meaning of christmas (paraphrased: no one really knows for sure so just live and enjoy, eh?)

pretty soon my 2011 lyrics will be posted :) tomorrow's the last monday of the year to write a line...hope i find a good one! for anyone who doesn't know, my year of lyrics don't particularly, necessarily mean a lot to me, they just stuck out at the time....and i write one a week throughout the year

anyways, i got off topic, i hope today brought you everything you wanted...i'm missing one thing right now...:s

Peace and love

Thursday, 15 December 2011

POST 600

Don't you just love it when you hear a song that you forgot you loved?


Everyone just about ready for christmas? yeah...i can't wait to sleep and watch bad movies and eat way too much :D i can't stand how some people complain about the commercialisation of christmas. for feck's sake, it's 2011...a LOT of things are commercialised...get over it. it's like how you and your friends are really happy on yours and each others birthdays...accept EVERYONE shares in it. and btw, why do people think being cynical is cool? it's not, being miserably about EVERYTHING is just bloody annoying. you are allowed to like things, even if it's mainstream -_-' ARGH
ok, i'm done ranting, i'm not very good at maintaining anger...doesn't really suit me...

Peace and love

Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm feeling quite good right now...

It's a peculiar thing, to be contented...things aren't perfect *when are they?* but it's a realisation that the imperfections don't really matter...
I've finished Christmas shopping, my dress for the Christmas Ball arrived *LATE!!!* but it is rather pretty... :) i still complained though...that's an important lesson kids, complain your way to victory! and i might be going to a life-drawing class tomorrow evening...who knows where life will take you if you're willing to put yourself out there. i'm gonna do it, get ready to face-palm, ok i'm saying it : "SAY YES" just take oppurtunities because the good ones are all too often few and far between but you're not likely to find them if you say no to everything...
I'm being annoyingly optimistic now...
and i'll piss everyone off just a bit more by saying i've finished my lit essay...i just sat down and got some serious thinking done on friday, hopefully it's not just a pile of twaddle...hmmmm... I asked mrs. doar to mark my pre-draft draft...i hope that's not too cheeky.
Gosh, tommy told my history class that i wanted to marry mr. garside...*cringe* ah wells, i can't get mad at him cuz we're seeing Santa together. oh yes, i'm 17 and most definitely excited about Christmas and Santa :D Watched Elf last's really nearly Christmas, i can't wait!!
i has ein warm 'n' soft 'n' floofy cardigan...v happy :D maow :) it might be a size 18 but i larvs it so yeah!

Peace and love
p.s noodles are brilliant.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

let's go back to when time was young
and not everything was going wrong
you've gotta admit sometimes it's hard to try
but too soon, i'm learning how to say goodbye

Stewarding course is pretty interesting and not too taxing (!) but seriously, 2 1/2 HOURS of writing in one go is tiring...and i feel a yawn coming on....
ahh, very satisfying. good yawn, i'll rate it a 3/5

So, carol service tomorrow, that's ...something...
dazzling fucknuts *my god she swore...-_-'* totally not ready for senior songs...don't know ANY of the words :'(


i'm gonna dance the blues in my red suade shoes.

Peace and love

Sunday, 4 December 2011

*almost* Finished Christmas shopping :P

ya-ha!! Majorly pleased and I've done a load of wrapping so everything looks so pretty :D One of the best parts of Christmas is coming downstairs in the morning to find glossy parcels embellised with ribbons beneath a spangle-adorned yeah, i like to conritbute to that :D

...really should start on my h/w slash coursework today...btw, i wrote 'slash' because i'd already put h/w instead of homework and thought 'h/w /coursework' would have looked silly... yeah...

Had a great Friday night with Louise, Summer and Harvey, my three fave girls :P Loads of junk 'n' giggles= good night in.

Burnt my finger in work yesterday :( really hurt!! so now i have a lovely blister which totally isn't in the way or anything ¬_¬

Peace and love