Monday, 4 October 2010


Really rather pleased with how i did on my english essay :D Ha, Ange told me that i didn't really need to read all of Jane Eyre...and I didn't and I did pretty darn good :D *hammy grammar*
perfect weather to fly

I don't really like leaving books's like leaving a cupboard a-jar...feels wrong, you know?

SO, i have to do math h/w for tomorrow, i only have one question left but it looks REALLY hard :/
I also need to do the history sheet which i have yet to even look at. go me. ¬_¬

The Inbetweeners is on tonight :) i'm not a fan of reeeeeeeaaally crude comedy but i reckon that this has teen angst and awkward-ness down to a t. *i've never understood that expression* One of my fave moments in this series was when Simon had a massive hissy fit at his parents who watched him practicing his model walk xD

I properly love that song now:) there's nothing that i wouldn't do to make you feel my love.
I really love Cold Shoulder by Adele as line 'whenever you look at me, i wish i was her...' yeah, that gets me :P

Hey summer, i think i sort of get the fish tail plait...sort of :o
i do it with two pieces and then take a section from one side to the other, sorta like a french plait...

I put my hair in two fish-tail plaits last night *which btw took FECK-ages!! the curse of long hair...* so when i took them out this morning my hair was so frizzy xD not helped by the rain either. GUFFAW.

goodness, i can't stand the rain.

I properly love this song:

Makes me smile a lot :D
it's the kinda song you can just sorta bob along to :P

Ange isn't home from work yet :/ blurgh. i haven't seen him all day and i barely saw him yesterday. it's really gonan suck when he buggers off to uni next year. actually, he might not end up going...he says that it's just not really for him. Thing is, I get that but Ange is really clever and if he just worked at getting a degree then he could chill out and do other stuff and have some decent qualification to fall back on.

I don't like science.

i wasnt to do english lit and language
psychology and summat else at A-level but i haven't a clue what i could do with that.

I chose triple science and then realised somewhere along the line that actually, I REALLY don't like it. very foolish.

one line i like from a song by katy're so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal xD

LOVE that song

Sorry, I should really stop putting so many vids in these why i've started doing that recently actually.

i oughta get going really....

Peace and love


  1. On an entirely random note, do you do anything in particular to make your videos that size when you embed them? Or is it automatic?

  2. you know on youtube when you click 'embed' there's a choice of sizes? i go custom and do the minimum width (200) and then youtube does the height, some are 175, some are summat like 137... just found that they fit nicely in my blog-space :D

  3. Thanks.

    Liking the Johnny Nash song.