Wednesday, 31 August 2011

BCLC, Pinky and The Brain, Santa, Nigella Lawson, Can I Butter Your Baguette?

I honestly have no idea anymore...I think i left my mind in bed this morning.

ah, tommy, tried to inquire about the frame but i couldn't get an answer....might just take's been there FIVE days!! Now, stop punching toddlers...remember, next time you get The Urge, get to bURGEr King. Ahhh, product placement in blogging, much loves :P

The nights are long but the years are short when you're alive....

This song really strikes me somewhere deep in here *prods own chest :s* O.o

Met David, Tingda and Tommy *appreciate that I alphabetized you....* in town for House Drama-ish stuff. Such a laugh and i'm really, really glad I came because I'm now part of it :P gutted i missed the first one!

AND THEN SHE JOGGED. found this one really tiring :s should get a pedometer to see how far i go...
or not.

oooh, did more painting....looking more like a painting, less like a blob now :P

mmmm, today i've nurtured my mind, body and soul, i'm a total guru xD


Peace and love

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I'm With You

I love this album.

I've listened to it three times today and i just think it's fantastic. Stand out track for me:

Met with tommy...met some awesome people at the castle. got coke. monkey tiny bag...
made offensively loud noises. awesome.

tried to paint...disappointed so far...:/

Peace and love

Monday, 29 August 2011

Just living is not enough

I must have sunshine and freedom

Quoting FatFace ftw xD

And as i breathe a final breath, please press your lips to mine, I'll love you now and for the next eternity, we're nowhere near the end just breaking past one more line.
I'm leaving.
Don't follow.
I can/'t promise you, it's for the best, i swear. Remember, with each new breath i breathe, your name will fill a world without air.
It's fun to love the lie, it's more to give up. Let's call it quits when the rain comes anddoesdoesdoesn't stoppp. I throw you a jacket. I'll throw you a ring. I'll throw myself overboard. I'm glad i dododon't swim. I'll pray I'm drowning and you can wait if you like, i won't be too long now. I guess i must be moving but you're moving too. Good. My lights are fading.
Cue silence.
Enter gloom.
Stage right. They're staring.
Stage Left. Still staring.
Everyone that remains... Scarring a world you created, I'll miss you.
Wash me away, slit my parachute, snap the wire. Who knows, maybe I'll be taken too. Maybe I'll be fine/ i'll fly.
It's fun to love a lie.

For now, I'm just trying to learn how to say goodbye.

Wake me up, unshackle my bones, tip my axis. I need a remix. I'm....losing. I'm so sorry. I forgot.

Today was a great day :) Infact, it was MOST TRIUMPHANT. :P gosh, it was cold coming home...should have worn my clothes....should have listened to my folks xD see you tomorrow?

have a glorious tomorrow
Peace and love

Friday, 26 August 2011

It's been almost a week!

Dearest Blogisphere,
I apologise deeply for my absence, although inexcusable, I offer a reason for my lacking in posts of late....



Quick catch up

Had epic sleepover with Summer and Hattie *I love you guys :')* We made two straight guys kiss....:D with brilliant persuasion *is that how it's spelt...looks wrong :S* Had one massive jelly shot xD Got asked out....?!
Hattie fraped me. >:[

'if i get All A's i will strip in the courtyard ;)'

8 people liked it and no one seemed to realise that i hadn't posted it -_-' argh


I was in denial that results day was approaching but somewhere between Hattie's and school it dawned on me and my heart was beating so fast, i swear i thought it would just give out xD
I'm very pleased with my results, I don't think i could personally have done better than I did and considering some of the waffle wrote about fairies and pixies *seriously-not kidding* in english I'm ecstatic with my grade :D

Then onwards to Harvey's pool party :P The day began with bleek greyness and seemingly endless rain, however, the sky's leaky tap was mended and thus the sun raised his smiling face :D yayayayyayayayayayay
We were so lucky with the weather, and being british, I really appreciate the sunshine :) It was so good to catch up with everyone as well and no one was too down about their grades so it was just an awesome celebration :D Many thanks to Harvey for hosting it and just being bloody brilliant in general!! Rock band was hilarious....ah, such good times. I loved the pool too...and our acoustic tent xD
Gosh, I just don't want it to end.

Then I slept over at Adam's :) Fisrt time seeing him in a week and a half :'(!!! We had an indian takeaway *my first ever takeaway xD* and a bottle of champagne :P embarrassed to admit that one glass made me feel a lil light headed *i know, i know, i'm ridiculously light weight....BUT the bubbles in champagne make it go to your head faster so it's not totally my fault.....:P*
Lovely night :) He gave me a bracelet and a lil amethyst tree, they're so pretty and i love them :)
Randomly woke up about 4am so i went downstairs to get a drink and also retrieved david's hipflask from the fire place :P ahahahaha Then went back to bed and accidentally kicked adam awake...sorry...Went back to sleep and got up about 7, got ready and then went back to sleep til about 8.30 when i left to get to mine to change for work, got soaked walking from the bus stop to my house :( maow. ah wells, lil smattering of hydration won't kill me...yet. I just like saying 'yet'
don't ask me why xD

Work was...busy. I was on till as well :( Kevin's determined to train me up inside and it was major stressful :/ I forgot to ask for the table number 3 times and that pissed Shaun off :( Shaun's usually a proper decent *innit* guy but when he's angry he is intimidating :s maow...
Woek again tomorrow, the only thing that's keeping me going is knowing that i'll soon be able to afford my netbook :)

In other EPIC news:
It is 1 month til my birthday :P The countdown has begun. Expect constant updates.

Anyways, I've probably bored you far too much, Hope your days shine with smiles of the soul.

Peace and love

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Thank You Summer and Hattie :)

They came to visit me at work today and even though I only saw them for a ridiculously short time, it was a lovely break in the monotony of my day!

Should have enough money to buy my netbook by next week...although it won't get put into my account until the week after *hrumph* but still, the aim was to have ma netbook by the time i return to County and that seems pretty acheivable *yayzors*

why do good girls fall in love with me? :P

Went for a jog when i got in from work today :) always feel awesome after my jog...and i actually really enjoy doing it to...listening to great music, appreciating the view, feeling blood raging through my veins, sweat prickling my skin, my mind running all over the place whilst my feet remain focused after each reminds me i'm alive...and that's never a bad thing!

reckon i'll go to oxfam tomorrow...i haven't been in ages and i love going round charity shops because there's so much stuff....loads of different style clothes and awesome books 'n' trinket-y-things that you just can't find in run of the mill retailers that only sell one season's worth of stuff at a time...i just love that the stock's forever changing...

so yeah :P

I hate making milkshakes...although i'm quite good at it after all this practice :P
really hate making flat whites -_-' they are the worst of drinks. stupid name as well.


I have pancakes! I'll bid you farewell

Hope you're feeling marvelous

Peace and love

Monday, 15 August 2011

Tangled tongues choke a change


Caught up with ma bud Tommy today :D been a while man!! :') great seeing you again. We watched The Notebook...and I almost cried :s Great film...I think a fell a lil in love with Noah that crazy SOB xD

We made a you do....

Tommy made me a bagel xD Bagels are goooooood

omgosh. A bumblebee flew into my head...that buzzled on my left arm for a lil while before flying away...i would have been able to waft it away before its kamakahzi *can't spell...sue me...not literally, i'm poor :)* attack but i was on meeee bike :P I'm totally loving my bike xD it's the bestest thing right now, i can go places, far moe efficiently than i could before...cycling in the rain is interesting. not unpleasant, rather refreshing but fairly cold in my lil puds :s woggle.

omgosh, chilis coming to london in november....i could die happy if i saw them live.

Peace and love

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I would write something interesting...

If i hadn't been so bored today and yesterday.

btw, summer, got your blog open in another window, listening to that song, as i'm writing's really nice :s

work sucks. it fucking sucks. i hate it. I need money. i love having money. wish i could get paid for nothing....but then i'd complain about my boredom...ah, this paradoxical nonsense.

a rest is as good as a change.

I'm finding jogging to be pretty freeing atm...i'll be bored of it in a week. just who i am.

adaaaaammmmm, can you design a tattoo for me please? :P

Praise The Damned.
Once day is done death depairs for his next plaything.
just wait quietly. listen closely, you'll be tested at the end.

i'll see you soon

Peace and love

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

With recent and ongoing riots...

it feels a lil trivial to be writing about anything else :/ Obviously the riots began for a reason *respectable or not, i won't deem* but now it's just spreading and seems as though it really is merely a greed driven celebration of violence and the insightment of hatred. It began in Tottenham and now it's all over Hackney, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool. What is this? The news is showing interviews with some people involved in the riots saying that the police are pushing them around, demanding respect, saying it should be earnt....they'll respect the police when the police respect them blah blah blah.... But, seriously, how can respect be expected by people burning cars, looting shops, destroying cities...simply for the sake of it?? IDEFK...I just hope it ends soon, if it gets to Guildford I'll be bloody pissed off.

In happier news...

Spent the afternoon with the rather marvelous Hayley :) It was just a fantastic, girly shopping trip :P It was as though we'd seen each other two weeks ago, instead of two years. We were barely talking about the past, just chatting generally and having a laugh in the here and now. I'm going to admit it, i was properly nervous about seeing her again...because people change and it's not unfounded to worry that someone you used to know so well could become someone you don't's happened so often before :s but anyways, she's still just as lovely as ever and today really was pretty brilliant :P
btw, Godalming College lot, she's going there!! so be nice :) i'm sure you'll love her, she's like a smarter, sweeter, politer version of it arrogant to be saying i see a lot of myself in her? i don't know...I just feel as though biology isn't everything when it comes to family and sometimes in life you can meet you sister. Cheesey. but true!

Hope you've had a beautiful day

Peace and love

Monday, 8 August 2011

when I whip out my big 10 inch...


mwa ha ha.

gotta love innuendo...and oldschool awesomeosity like Aerosmith

can't believe Steve Tyler is now a judge on American Idol....crying shame

i'm getting an urge to do some painting....actually, i'm totally gone do that right now....if i can find everything xD There's a movie on called Blade...mommy wants to watch it...might half watch it, whilst i'm painting :)

I'm catching up with Hayley tomorrow, she was my best friend from lil lil school and we barely ever see each other any more so it'll be awesome to hang out :D hoping it won't be awkward, also hoping it doesn't rain :/ rain's always a downer...

Rode my bike for the first time in eons. well, my mom's bike's better than mine but the lowest her seat goes is my waist height so it's a right pain to get on and off of O.o maow. didn't mean to flick the V at you, adam, but seriously, i wasn't being modest when i told you i'm crap at rising my was in fact an understatement...i got close to mowing down so many pedestrians :s and i didn't stop at any traffic lights....i'm just a terrible person really. sorry :/

come on come on come on come on TAKE IT. take another lil piece of my heart.....


Peace and love
p.s shine sing love sorrow sickness worry wonder delight delictation derision desperation

Sunday, 7 August 2011

This was amazing late last night....


Because, this time, it's not censored. Hells Yeah :D

Argh, I should NOT write when i'm in a bad mood because the next day I always feel loads better and then come across all bi-polar -_-'

I'm back in Guildford :P Got a lil stuck in traffic....massive crash :/ hope everyone's alright :/

but it didn't hold us up too much, got back about 20 to five...i think :P Guess I'm glad to be back, it'll be nice sleeping in my own bed in my own room again. And of course, i can catch up with everyone i haven't seen in way too long.

btw, i'm loving Parachutes by Charlie Simpson...just sorta in love with him actually xD aha


can't think of much to say....after a week away, i'm pretty zapped. I don't think i've ever used the word 'zapped' peculiar. meh.

I'm gonna end here before I ramble too much :P can't wait to see you all again. i miss you

Peace and love

Saturday, 6 August 2011

New Year Feeling....

I'm getting that down feeling i always get at new years....think it's cuz i'm going home tomorrow...

usually, coming here, to Wales I feel like I'm 'coming home' but this time just felt different....i enjoyed it, don't get me wrong...i just don't feel peaceful or rested or accomplished....which is how i feel at new years when i'm thinking about all of the resolutions i've failed at. I don't know why i feel like this...not even sure why i'm writing this. I'm so tired, it's only 11.17 but i feel as if i haven't slept in a while...

Peace and love

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I really Hope that everyone realised...

....That the last post wasn't actually me :P

Internet's been down for a couple of days here so this is the first time i've been on the internet in two days...which for a teenager is a pretty long time xD

Adam kindly posted for me. i say kindly in the loosest sense of the started with him transcribing but then he became creative with my choice of words xD

Btw, SUMMMMMMMMER, I just read your blog and the view count was on 1234....thought that was kinda cool :)

Walked along the sea shore with tide lapping at my ankles, toes sinking into the sand and I felt myself being washed away with that ebbing salted water. I couldn't help but think that it doesn't get much better than this.

Cheesey, i know....but sometimes clich├ęs walk into your life and it's a shame to ignore the sweet ones...

I really hope the drill won't shatter my stone.

Well, cyberspace, it's been lovely catching up :) if anyone's around later i may be on fb chat 'n' stuff...just saying :)

anyways. i stink. so i'm heading for the shower, laters biactches.

Peace and love

Monday, 1 August 2011

Cymru Mark 3

So we got up at a really gay time of day, I mean DOOOOOOOOOOOOOD the time was still single digit numbers. Like, who the f*** wakes up before 10? Or even 12 for that matter. (It was 5:30, f.y.i.). And I'm still awake 20 hours later. What a bumlord!

So I is chillin' in ma hood in da West side of Wales, and all you haterz better shut the f*** up y'all coz you iz goin' down ma friends. BIATCHES!!!

This shit is onnnnnnnnn.

Tomorrow I am going to go out into the town and smoke some weeeeeeeeed. There is a shop that I know that I can get it from. It's like EastWest only more welsh (meaning there is a sheep behind the till). But yeah. I am totally up for the ganga, man.

Let's be honest here, I am a massive hippy, you probably would expect me to do this kinda ting, because I am always so chillaxed and sh** and I'm always eating pies.

Peace and Love

P.S. I just did a fart in my room at the house, and my parents came in and asked if I was drilling.