Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why did the 30-something builder cross the road?

to creep me out apparently.

ok, i'm not gonna go into a feminist rant or anything and sometimes a whistle or beep or something can kind of boost your confidence-i take that as a compliment...but when a guy (a lot older than you) crosses (quite a busy) road to come and hit on you, it's a bit much.
*hint* if you have to ask a girl how old she means she's probably too young for you...

ok, that's done :P i know that all of my two readers have alrady heard that story in hd 4d but there you are again. You're welcome.

dang, i'm really pretty hungry :s

btw, apparently it's TAU day...math's's double Pi....and pi is wrong...that's what i've learned today.

Peace and love

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gosh, i haven't written for a while...

sorry about that :/

I amd now Chairperson of the Student Voice...probably sounds a lot grander than it really is but it does mean an earlier start than normal on thursday for an 8.15am meeting with mr. thompson...
why did i sign up for this again? xD nah, i'm actually kinda looking forward to it, see, i really quite like having responsibility and it means dad's got something to brag about to his sister whose daughter amy appears to have been born a genius or something... :/

Hmmm, i did have plans for friday but dad seems to have other ideas. great.

Seeing Dave Gorman at the G-Live this Saturday night after work. I really love him so it should be a good night :P and i've been wanting to see some live comedy for yeah...

Liking the past few sunny days...hoping for a couple more :)

Peace and love

Friday, 1 June 2012

I'm so tired

And today doesn't end for at least another 11 hours -.-

Today will be superfrickingawesomecool...'n'ting BUT i want sleeeeeeeeep :O maow.

Got some body oil, love that :)
and some vodka liquer chocs for mom *as well as fantastic mr. fox* for her birthday :D it's next wednesday!! my mooma's gonna be 45...and she will kill me for saying that. ah wells, i haven't got many plans this year anyways.

Gonna go have lunch right about now :) just spent 1/2 hour watching random youtube things i don't really care about, such is the life of someone with no more exams :D

Peace and love
p.s yesterday with hayley was brilliant :P it had been so long but it seemed like only a week had passed!