Saturday, 28 May 2011

I usually don't like this sorta thing...

But I'm LIVING for this track:

I'd forgotten how much i liked Calvin Harris!
It is the absolute funk to wake up to, esp when it's early and the sky's grey. The music waves penetrate the darkness and bring colour everywhere they seep. sexual.

sorry, that was inappropriate :P

Mom's making a that :D

and, guess who was on counter in work again?!?! OH YEAH.


Eat that motherhubbards....

sorry, inappropriate outbursts are rife on this blog now :P

I learnt how to make a flat white today :D and the café menu's having a reboot! we're trying out fruit salad and jelly and chips and pasta dishes over the half term and if they're popular they'll be added as permanent features. I could totally dig some pasta...gotta love that.



argggggghhhhhhh, it's just sooooo wowowoahahegerbvaougfoaebf9awpeubfgosaeubgfoaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh.

powerful stuff.

PIZZA'S DONE. Most amazing foodstuffs ever.

argh, i feel like screaming and jumping and waving around and running forever, i just want to do anything other than sit still.
i might get up at the crack of dawn and meditate then paint and read and recite poetry on the highstreet.....

or not... :P

spontaneity works in movies
...other places?'s embarrassing!

Finally, a celebration of all that is 80's and awesome:

can't argue with the classics!

oooh, in other news, watched a Robin Williams film from '87....'Goodmorning Vietnam'
Totally recommend it! look it up, i promise it's worth a watch. Robin Williams is just too awesome.

okay, i'm done. totally.

Nighty night everyone

Peace and love
p.s that's the first time i've ever put tags on a post...i wonder if it makes any difference? :P
p.p.s ray william johnson is such a cutie :P


Tuesday, 24 May 2011



^^ ah, controversey. sweet.
Check out the funky new gadget I has added over there---------->
MY smiling face. sweet.

I have All of the lights by Kanye West stuck in my head....could be worse...hence post title :P

aw, adam, you silly boy :( I hope you feel better soon you poor thing :/ *huggle*

In other news:
I got a minor part in the school play :)
Last time a auditioned I didn't get ANY yeah, hurrah for progress :P

errrrrrrrrm....oooh, Glee reminded me about this song


Peace and love

Saturday, 21 May 2011

POST 500 - I'm Alive

I appear to have survived the apocalypse. It wasn't easy but I'm here and very grateful to be alive.

Though I have no faith in Harold whathisface's prediction about the Earth ending...there have been a few natural disasters today...just saying...

PLUS...I burnt my hand :/ BECAUSE I was working INSIDE :D Swings 'n' Roundabouts 'n' all that :P I was isnide last week because a bunch of people were away but this week I was just inside because Sean asked me :P yayzors. I made lots of milkshakes and lattés and stuff :D
Burnt my hand on the milk-hot-bubble-steam-thing....smooth....

g2g dr who

Peace and love

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'm just really hoping for low grade boundaries...

I did a B3 past paer and got 38/45....i was fairly pleased with that and i looked up the grade boundaries and a* was 29/45!! So I'm just really hoping that tomorrow's will go okay. It's fair to say i'm more than a lil nervous....i'm quite well prepared though...
gosh, i'm having my own lil arguement here aren't i?
i can't do it
yeah you can, you've revised and practised, you're ready.
but i'm scared
grow up!


anyways, i'm looking forward to The Apprentice tonight :P should be a laugh

Peace and love


I have DO IT LIKE A DUDE by JESSIE J stick in mein head space.

darnit. lucnh was good...should get going soon. blarg.

see you later

Peace and love

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Prom and Afterprom lived up to every expectation and then suppassed them all. It was a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic night xD

...just gotta get a couple GCSEs first...minor thing....

Peace and love
p.s left to right :
caz, ruth, zoe, jess, fei fei, me, hattie, summer, louise :D

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

'Study Plus'

I have never felt more inadequate than i did in today's confirmation that i know crap all about maths and i'm going to fail this GCSE. fun times.

Peace and love
p.s I will write properly soon, I'm just saving such a time for when i have lots to write :P

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Still Waiting For Tomorrow

Dang life is tiring and it just seems to get in the way of living...
anyway, i need to wash my hair now

Peace and love

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Welcome to the month of May.

You hold so tightly to your chest the whispers of another day. Hushed tones. Sugary lipped kisses lap water virtue grace and hold close a dear change. Jagged embrace, bones break, hurt pain a dawning, adoring daylight spatters in cold eyes. Close up. Eflorescence withdrawing. Husky coughs and dusty dreams. Taken away with the morning posty. Poser. Watch the hori-horizon. It's coming. Get Ready.

Peace and love