Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I ate a calculator today -_-'

Eloise is vengeful.

Thing is, it was her calculator that she shoved into my mouth so joke's on her really xD

So, i did actually get my coursework finished in the end but i didn't feel it. I flet no personal connection to it, which probably sounds silly, but with most things I write I'm sort of protective about changes people may wanna make or whatever and i feel some kinda link to the characters. this just felt like a piece of coursework to me. no heart. no emotion.
Tommy, you're taking your infatuation with the muppets too far.

I'm really not digging on the history h/w

OMGOSH¬!!!!! Tim Minchin will be on friday night with jonathan ross this week xD!!!
Please watch, it will be an epic interview and tim's bound to perform and that will be a a real treat!

^^ that's the first performance i ever watched of his, love it!'re a fish.
"drama rehearsal" dossed about on david's trampoline -_-' yeah it was a laugh but we have to perform next week :/

Peace and love
p.s i fell out of a hammock today. smooth.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Can you imagine disecting someone only to find that they were actually a pie?

No, neither can I...

Eloise ate a calculator in math. :)

My coursework is utter shite. as i'm writing it, i'm just thinking, "this sucks" and it's due in tomorrow. feck feck feck feck feck feck feck feck feck feck. i think that was ten.

Watched Stranger than Fiction again last night...great film :P

Peace and love
some t-shirt slogans are the bestest.
p.p.s OI! Robert and Richard! stop dragging people away when i'm in mid conversation with them. it's ever so rude, you know?

Monday, 28 June 2010

I'm am hella tired

I'm really into saying hella now :)

It's a fez...fezzes are cool.

I LOVE Matt Smith, was that not the single best delivery of a line EVER?!

Gosh, I'm just so knackered from the heat! All i have any inclination to do right now is sleep/

oooh, do you remember when I was kidding about moving like just a week ago or something? well, my folks have found a house they like, we all just went to see it and it's really nice so we've put in an offer of the full asking price! I might be moving afterall.

Gosh, I know that you guys would miss me all so much but no's only 20 minutes walk from where i live right now xD

I'm not very pleased with how my chemistry mod went but i think i did alright on the physics. I hate to jinx it though incase i've gone and failed the both of them completely :/

Please place a rang around the applicable answer:
Male_______Female_______Toilet Monster

mmm hmmm, there is now a third gender which can be abbreviated rather nicely to TM which also fits fairly eloquently into "I'm a be" by the black eyed peas..."I'm a Tm, I'm a TM, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a TM!"


does anyone know what's number 1? i missed the chart yesterday but it'd be hella funny if it was still Shout since England were pwned so badly by Germany.
Lampard's goal should have been counted but Germany was still waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

Doctor Who was epic. Tommy, I'm a fight you.
seriously, i owe you a rugby tackle xD btw, i've never rugby tackled anyone before so this oculd end badly :P

Peace and love
p.s.: Ellie told me about the elephants on Friday...hadn't heard of it before so maybe you haven't either. looks amazing.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Just remember that it's all in your head.

got 30/36 in my last physics practice..thhat's an a...realy want a star...doing more revision and practice now. i made many stupid mistakes from not reading properly so let's try again.

p.s i'm baking practice cookies late xD
p.p.s i counted seven gold fish in the pond at the castle this morning.
p.p.s just got 33/36

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth...

I only downloaded it yesterday and I've listened to Hide and Seek near on thirty times. maaaaaaaan.
...i also downloaded Teenage Dirtbag xD
Rachel and I were singing it in tutorial the other day and it was a right laugh.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby,
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe,
Cuz I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby,
like you. oooooooh ooooh ooh

xD love it!! It's terriffically terrible.


I stink. of perfume. but i sprayed loads. so it stinks.

ahahahahahaha, IT crowd..."Shithead of the year award" dang, that needs to be a real award!

I'm really dreading the mods in monday. i sucks so badly at physics, i can't stand it. still, i have those mods, my drama performance and THAT'S IT! ...asides from my english coursework but i'm enjoying writing that so it doesn't count as work. it's my orginal piece :D I may or may not post it up here....depends on whether or not I get a decent grade for it.

aw man, i was painting last night and i got paint on my school blouse and all up my arm...i still have some there now. I can't paint the fecking sun. and i can't study the sun to get a better look :/ still, i have an idea and i may try it out after dr. who tonight :D

am i the only person that doesn't like River Song? she's so annoying!! I so want a happy ending for Amy and Rory, they should get married like they were going to before the Doctor landed...
do you reckon the dream lord's gonna make another appearance?? :S hmmmm

I was woken up rather early this morning :/ i remember looking at the clock at 6.49 am :/ That's earlier than a school day for me. It's not right, i tell you! Not right to be awoken so very early on a saturday :(

I'm gonna be revising and working all afternoon and tomorrow. fun times. -__-'

Peace and love
p.s there's an odd noise coming from outside of the's like a lorry yawning :S

Friday, 25 June 2010

iTunes, thou stinketh not so great upon this day!

Managed to download Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap :D we're doing it for acapella. I'll send it to you, if like! it's really good. i love the lyrics. it's all synthed, but imagine how epic it'll sound when we're actually doing it live and raw xD

I missed my geography friends today :/ it was soooo quiet at lunchtime!

Till the morrow darlings

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 June 2010

mmmmmmmmmmmm, whatcha say?

urgh. I'm in one of those moods today. Did less than I wanted to do but have no motivation to do more. Today wasn't a bad day but i'm in a bad mood. Teen angst, perhaps?

iTunes smells. really bad.


I'm dang thirsty, i'm a swig down some tea in a mo :P

I should probably finish Philosophia for Latin and then maybe do some more revision for the science mods.
I think that "science mods" sounds far cooler than exams. :D

eeeeeeep Michael Schulte is ma friend on facebook xD love him so much!!!
he is so talented and his songs really...speak to me


I'm real hungry but the din dins be not ready til the time of 5.30. rah.

Ha, tommy, still got yer ten o' hearts. mwa hahhahahahhahaha

Right, Blogger sucks, i can't turn of bold....

I know what to paint now :P inspiration hit me like a frying pan.
I swam onto a rock yesterday xD

go me.

the dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet...


Peace and love

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hattie's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday if ya readin' dis, darlin'!! xD

I've sucha fabby day!

-accidentally *on purpose...nah not really* flashed Eloise in physics...
-Bared all *in a bikini* in the river with Cazzi xD
-got many huggleseseseseses
-louise...i'm going to break you :/

love you really^^

omgosh, Summer!!! I love you so much for rescuing my clothes from talitha!!! you are very fabby xD


You will pay the ultimate price.

*i'm not gonna say anymore...i think i'll just leave it all like whoa and just wing it from there really...but seriously, i'm gonna break you and wahey! I just ...what was it, jamie? "jamoned" *?* you with your own put down. ooooooooooh.*

Gotta do Latin work...I've been putting it off for as long as possible but now it's time to face the music...well...that textbook anyhooble *haven't said that in ages!*

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea...

Peace and LOVE *such a good day*

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Now dance, fucker, dance, man I never had a chance and no one ever knew that it was really only you....

"You're gonna go far good" by The Offspring

love it xD

'tis one miss green's birthday on the morrow. we're going to head up to the rooooof :D Gap or Virgin Media or summat. I love rooves. *that is right isn't it? things with f's go to V when plural, right? hmmmmm...looks wrong :/*

You probably know The Offspring better for Pretty Fly (For a white guy)

Have you seen that new ad about designating a driver on a night out from budweiser?? i like it xD

I'm really liking "Not Afraid" by Eminem right now...

Rehearsing for drama was such a fail after school. NO ONE could be bothered. I still have to revise and I still need to do that fecking ridiculous latin h/w :/

btw, has anyone seen the new video from Gaga, Alejandro
she really has outdone herself this time. MESSED UP!
There's explicit dancing, interesting costume change and a rather strange ending...her face like...melts or disintergrates or summat.
I recckon that the way her make-up and head gear and costume *and also the way the pieces have all been edited together for that matter..just the general kinda theme* have been styled in this vid are kinda reminiscent of Marilyn Manson...take a look at the vid for one of my fave Marilyn Manson tracks, "The Nobodies"

Know what, telling a girl that her hair looks "sorta f**ked up" really doesn't do anything for said girl's self esteem but no worries, karma 'n' all might just understand one day.

we're dead but know just who we are...

i need to go and wash my hair, it's full of hair spray.

I've drunk 3 cups of tea today, i'll have another a little later.

thing is...drinking so much means that I need the loooooooooo :/
*thought i'd share cuz i'm generous*

SO looking forward to Thorpe Park, 'tis gonna be fantastiche methinkles xD

Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Solstice

Did you know that? Heard it on the weather forecast just now :/ aw heck, it's gonna be getting up to some crazy number like 26 this week. I'm really hoping that it won't be this hot when we're doing the chemistry and physics modules come monday! I'm gonna need to slap on the sun screen again. hmmm. Actually, i quite like my sun smells really sweet like chocolate and orange :) still a hassle every morning though :/
Now Everyone, let's MARMALISE!

I stared vacantly out from frozen eyes at the shards of shattered glass that now lay strewn across the tiles of my kitchen floor. My hands quivered feverishly at my sides as the acrid stench of the jar's contents caught at the back of my throat. I had been so certain that the jar I'd pulled from the fridge was jam. I had been so certain, so utterly convinced that this would compliment my toast so perfectly. I felt violated by the truth. Mum had bought marmalade. Again.
I was horrified.

Right, Jamie? xD



OMGOSH!!! I can't believe that I forgot for so long to tell you guys!

Nah, not really, just wanted to see the look n your face...actually i can't see you...once again the joke has been negated by this dratted blog.

Anyways, what I was really going to say was that I walked into the kitchen the other night and greeted my dear mama thus, "I have arrived."
My mum looked at me in a manner that suggested I had evoked a wondrous sense of profound thought within her...she replied, "That's odd. That's exactly what you said when you were born!"

She then proceeded to impersonate Baby Kate -_-'

OOOOOOOOOOH Caroline, honey, sweetie, darling! You do not have internet at this present moment in time but when you get it, I hope you read this. LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU xD I think that audition went quite well, I hope we get in! thank you thank you thank you for performing with me! YOU ROCK!!!

urgh, my husband Morgan was one of the sixth formers judging the auditions. goodness.

:O *gasp!* Andre Michaels-Carter is now SINGLE ladies and gentlemen. Just read so on facebook. Do I care, I hear you ask...nah, not really. :D

Right, I'm being serious, follow the fecking blog thank you :)

Hey, tommy, you told me that you sucked at science. YOU LIEEEEEEE! I saw your class register, you got a B!! so hush the treachery of your lips!

Peace and love

p.s PANGAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D Very awesome word to say. very awesome. fills me with great try-umf-ant happiness :D
p.p.s I heat up, i cooooool down. xD

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My 272nd Post

Have I nothing better to do?

Peace and love

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The words are all I have so I'll write them and we need them just to get by.....


My shoes are squeaking again...they do this from time to time and I can't just oil them to make it better. It's alright as long as there are loads of other people around but if you're browsing around a shop that's pretty darn quiet and it's just you and the shop keeper....well..little bit awkward when oyur going SQUEEEEEEEk-SQUEEEEEEEEEEk on every other step. grrrr.

I think I've gained about a stone in the past month. I've just been eating everything with blatant disregard for the calorie content :/

I blame you Tommy.

nah, not really...just wanted to see your face when i said that...althought I can't actually see your face right now, can i? gosh darn it.

I bought a new bikini :) It's pink and orange and black and white and a myriad of spots and blocks of each colour. Hattie can't accuse me of having a see through bikini now. Thing is, at a quick glance, in photographs, my yellow bikini does actually look sorta flesh coloured :/ which is a shame because I really like it D: grrr.


Matt floored me. I was not ammused.
Well, actually, technically...he "sofa-ed" me since i fell back onto the couch. hmmmm.

All of the eejits were fighting at club last night. just play fighting. eejits.

I can't think of a whole lot else to say other than me and my folks et mes fréres *?!* may or may not be watching Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight...I remember seeing the trails and thinking, "this looks cool" *i should have just written that for my film review for english...imagine Mrs. Gibbs' face!* so i'm looking forward to it.

Did I mention my new bikini? yes. yes i did.

I'm gonna start drinking green tea. It's full of good stuff and it tastes nice.

I need to make Hattie's brithday card today...I'm not entirely sure of what i should put on the front. ooh hoo hoo. *owls ROCK*

Peace and LOVE
and hugs and kisses too
only for tactile people.
others will not appreciate such a gesture.

p.s I fell inlove with Al Green last night. amazing man. amazing musician.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Just checking out the email post thing...

This is such a weird track but i like it...i like listening to it in bed :)


Get a free e-mail account with Hotmail. Sign-up now.

My school report had a bird go and plop on it D:

Still, it could be worse...I could be Tony Hayward.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooh xD
Did anyone catch any of that hearing yesterday? I saw bits and pieces and he just seemed completely unprepared and he kept saying "i can't recall" and his tone of voice was frustratingly nonchalent.
For anyone who doesn't know, Tony Hayward is the guy whose ass Obama wants to kick. AKA the CEO of BP.
What a t**t how on Earth could he do something so high risk without having a bleeding back up plan. I have back up plans for outfits to wear *only to special occasion...i'm not that sad* but there wasn't a back up plan for if a MAHOOSIVE disaster like this happened. what the hell??!?!?
and though it's important to be getting someone to put their hands up and admit that they cut corneres and caused the problem so as people can start being paid compensation...I think it's more important-at this time- for them to be focusing upon the clean up...things with that are apparently working okay at the moment though, right? :S

i dunno.

I just think that right now, Tony Hayward's probably one of the most hated men around. Imagine how hard it is for his friends and family though. Having to look him in the eye and hide their disappointment, their resentment.

Right, my tutor said that I "don't form friendships easily" which I found rather insulting and asked him to change it so he is :D He apolagised and said that he hadn't intended to cause offense. that's cool. he's actually a really nice bloke to have as a tutor.

errrrrrm...OOOH! for drama, my group now has until july 7th to rehearse! SO HAPPY xD I've been freaking out maaaan!!! :D

in other news...Rachel and Kate's petition for early school closure next wednesday in order to watch the England vs. Algeria *?* match passed!!

so, will i be watching it?
Heck no. It's Hattie's birthday then so a bunch of us will be towning after school and having a top laugh.

I'm Luke, I'm five and my dad's bruce lee, drives me round in his JCB...


I love that song so muhc, i couldn't stand it when it first came out but that was five years ago and tastes change.

aw man, there's a robin who hangs around our garden and he's going bald :( his feathers are all straggly and his head's completely bare. I don't know a lot about animals but i think he must be ill :( I hope he'll be okay.

Hello Delilah xD

Have a gorgeous weekend
Peace and love

Thursday, 17 June 2010

As Told by Ginger

I was telling Tommy about this on the telly fone last night xD

It was a cartoon that I watched when I was younger and I always loved that theme tune :P
I never knew the full song...just the cartoon...i wondered whether anyone else had seen it...
I loved it so much but then it got really sad :( see, the main character, Ginger, had a best friend named Daryl and they always sorta loved each other and they finally got together in highschool *you know when cartoons do those kinda spin off carry on type things like when Rugrats did All Grown Up??* but then Daryl got his braces off and joined the football team and became really cool and cheated on Ginger with a cheer leader and I don't remember a happy ending, I just remember the series ending really abruptly. It either got axed or I stopped watching it. That was a crap way to take the plot I mean seriously, this is a kids' cartoon, primarily aimed at girls and they made it take a really horrid dark twist. poor Ginger...she was a sweet girl.

ra ra ra ah ah
roma ro-ma ma
ga ga ooh la la
want your bad romance

that was especially for all the Gaga haters out there xD
thing is, her overplayed, commercialised album stuff kinda sucks but listen to her acoustic stuff and tell me she's not talented! it may not be yer cup a tea but honestly...her acoustic stuff kinda rocks xD

and she who sat upon the sidelines and watched life sidle on by lost touch with the show as she melted into the crowd. no one noticed.

hey, you know that daniel bedingfield song that has that line, "if you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours?" i like that song, that line was always poignant to me. I heard somewhere that you can tell all you need to know about a relationship from the first kiss, now i don't believ that because a first kiss can be pretty horrendous xD
my first kiss was with a boy named daniel maynard when i was four...but my first "proper" kiss came a couple years ago...
it was awful! i actually wiped my mouth on the back of my hand cuz it was all sloppy.
i'm losing my point..hang on...where was i....
oh right, so i don't believe that thing about a first kiss but i think that you can probably tell a lot from how your hand fits in the hand of that one you like :P and how you feel when you hold his/her hand... :)

this entry's been really soppy.
Eloise would gag if she read it xD

how does the world change in an istant?

you should never play with a girl's feelings.
especially if you like her.

i'm not your toy, this isn't another girl meets boy.

we looked so young, wee looked so happy, don't really know if we ever were.
i was the only one standing for all i knew you could be.

omgosh, TOMMMMMMMY! today was EPIC!! i love the mount but next time we'll go up that road....i hit hills :( i was so out of breath when we got to the top!
damn!! they didn't have cake! cake always makes everything better. If i could eat cakes throughout the exams i reckon i'd do a lot better, you know? my work might get a bit sticky though...the examiner might find it difficult to read it through cake smears actually.
yeah, probably not a great idea after all.
NOT looking forward to drama tomorrow. STRESSS. so stressful that i gave STRESSS three S's at the end. oh yeah.

Harvey's Jesus btw, did anyone know that...he's also ginger now...

P e a c e and l o v e

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


...Eloise got 91% compatibilty with "a snail" on the love calculator xD

good times.

...i got 99% with Nicole Jackson's alias >:[ Eloise says that i need to ask him out now. that is so not happening. he's sorta narcissistic :/ bleurgh
Can i be somebody to you?
er...i really can't think of much to say :/

someone once told me the grass is much greener on the otherside, well i paid a vist and though it's possible i missed it, it seemed different but exactly the same. till further notice, till further notice, i'm inbetween, i'm in between, from where i'm standing, from where i'm standing, my grass is green.

does anyone know what that's from? xD

Peace and love

Monday, 14 June 2010

"Spot the rapist"....

mmm hmmmm.
basically, for our theatre studies taster lesson we got into pairs and interpretted a short section from the first scene of a play called "The Caretaker" by Harold Pinter...*i think*
Each of the seven groups did the scenes completely differently but all of the group ended up pointing out which of each pair was most sinister and thus; the rapist.
oh yes, A-levels...who's the rapist?
It could be the new "where's wally?"!
...or not...

Council was a fail. ten minutes of discussion and the the best part of an hour of doss.

English language was pretty awesome. I reckon that if i do do an english at a-level i'll probably end up doing english literature purely because i'm actually really into creative writing but then again the A2 course for language has a part on child development and how we actually learn to speak which would go well with my possible choice of psychology if i do end up wanting to be a doctor since i could do chemistry, biology, pschology and english language.
i'm confused.

thing is, i WANT to do something big and helpful like being a doctor but then....i'm only okay at the subjects where as i'm actually rather rather good at englishes and drama....i'm so confused. TG i have another year to contemplate my future.

At least if i do deciode that i dn't want t be a doctor after all, those subjects would put me in good sted for a bunch of other careers.
ftr, mr. houghton is an awesome teacher. i've never had him in a proper sit-down lesson, i had him when he was still a trainee and that was for drama so this was interesting.

Jamie's awakened my fascination with the peculiar, i've been watching bunches of BoC vids on youtube...strange.
I downloaded dayvan cowboy and hey saturday sun...i also intend on getting roybiv and sixtyten.
the video for everything you do is a balloon is seriously creepy. seriously.
it's taken from a cycling safety vid from the 60's. very strange.
i was listening to them in bed last night. weird stuff happens when you listen to BoC in the dark when you're sleepy. weird, weird things.

I have my medicine and treatment exam for history tomorrow. what a lot of the modern world lot don't realise is that our course actually requires practicals for the exams so that's why a lot of us looked quite so out of it when we left the surgery exam last week...amputating a patient's arm ain't easy, especially when you can't sedate him; let me tell you!
nervous nervous.

I did some revision in my free period today *get me* cuz EVERYONE ELSE had theirs either 4th of 5th :/

Peace and love

Sunday, 13 June 2010


made them into shorts xD
trimmed my hair last night.... no one actually noticed...feels a bunch shorter to me...much better condition though...still have yet to finish my latin h/w; 2 more sentences to translate. fun.
you know how people have taken to actually saying the word "lol" instead of laughing...I now intend to begin saying, "smiley face"
good times.
i love my new comb.
and also my new hairspray.
It's called "Stiff Enuff" and it's from a company called "Beyond the zone"
I'm just gonna give you a minute to ponder on that one...
made me and Ange laugh xD It's actually pretty good hairspray and it's an atomiser so it doesn't have all the gas of an aerosol and i can recycle the plastic bottle once i'm done with it :) good times.
my tummy space is so full :(
I need to stop eating so much!! Last night, I walked into my kitchen and ate EVERYTHING and as i discussed with cazzi and Summer, the toaster tasted awesome :P
right...really should get on with my latin work...

ooooh, on the timetable for sixth form taster day tomorrow, we've only been assigned three lessons so i've heard from people that we're getting two free periods. I will be wise and use one of said free periods to enrich my miond with knowledge of historical stuffle in prep for tuesday, oh, that will be fun...:o

Peace and love

Saturday, 12 June 2010

So, swings and roundabouts. Either way you're gonna get dizzy.

I like that xD

Okay, everyone who decided to post something LAST NIGHT and give me FECK LOADS to read THIS MORNING. It's YOUR FAULT if i FAIL my HISTORY EXAM on TUESDAY.

Okay, breathe, I'm done with the cyber shouting.
I bought a new comb this morning from the body shop. it's wooden. i love wooden stuff like figurines and beads 'n' stuffle.
I've got a wooden figurine of a girl standing in the wind, holding a water vase....her head came off when i was wayyyyy younger....she was once my mama's...anyways...her head's held on with blue-tack. oops. i don't think i was the one who broke her. maybe it was a mouse; it was up in the attic for a while and the mice find all of our things very tasty. They ate loads of our christmas decorations last year. We had those little fake robbins to stick on the tree and they just looked hideously and ange still put some on the tree for a laugh xD
it made me giigle just to think about it :P
Hey tommy MA BITCH, i started reading that book you leant me on thursday...i'm a couple stories in...I'm not really big on short stories and I HATED Sarsaparrilla...that bloke was creepy...but it's pretty good thusfar :) I love saying that.

ooooh, don't suppose you have...but has anyone heard of Michael Schulte. He's a youtube star and offers free downloads of his originals and covers. Anyways, I downloaded a couple a tracks from him last night and I've fallen in love with his cover of Zombie by the cranberries and his orignal, "Autumn means I'm falling" He's a talented guy and deserves a listen. I'll send you the mp3's if you like.

erm....I suppose that's actually pretty much all from me.
ooooh, there's a hedghog that lives under the shed in our front garden. My folks call him Munchie cuz he doesn't close his mouth when he's eating and he enjoys snails. a lot. thankfully, I can't hear him cuz my bedroom's in the back.

ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. I REALLY dislike my new neighbours! They have some fecking annoying fascination with DIY at 6am on saturdays!!! IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRRR >:[ My mom says that once they've finished doing their DIY we may just, per chance, stumble upon the requirement of a spot of our own DIY. we'll make it 5am. bastards.

COOLBEANS *anyone who's seen Hot Rod will get that reference...fecking awesome film...i'd liken it's style to Napoleon Dynamite but it's totally different when it comes to plot really...anyway, i love the COOLBEANS exchange that Rod has with his brother Kevin when they're making up after an argument! *

Right, I'm up to date with Dollar Jam *go me* and i'm one of just two followers. er, why??!?!?!?!? go and follow the fecking the blog!

Peace and love and hugs and kisses too

Friday, 11 June 2010


For some stupid reason I can't post comments on people's blogs at the moment. great.
I wanted to ask robert why he texted me:
I wanted to ask jamie what the name of his track of the week was and also tell him that i was gonna say hi but then he ran across the road and i didn't want to distract him and get him run over. and also, i like your blog's make over.

i don't actually really feel like going out tonight. I feel cold and tired and i want to tug my blanket around myself and snooze on the couch. blah blah blah blah blah.

"I'm just a guy who never tried,
I'm just a stupif f**k with brilliant luck
and sometimes a bright idea,
so shower me in compliments and verse I don't deserve.
I might run but i'll never hide."

that's from Hangman by Motion City Soundtrack.

Today was not terrible. I hate the weather. what i wouldn't do for some sunshine.

eurgh i've had the human centipede described to me over the past two days and i have to tell you that it makes me feel close to crying with just how repulsive it is.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

today was a fail

I have accomplished nought and ergo feel pretty darn cruddy.
that is all.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mrs. Casino

...ask tommy....
btw, is there a way i can make an emotion raising one eyebrow on here? hmmmmmmm


Ergle, I had my first history exam today! It was the surgery paper which we've been working towards most recently so it's still pretty darn fresh in my mind...NOT looking forward to the medicine one next week :/
I managed to finish in the time but i didn't get a chance to check it...i think i did ok...well, i'm really hoping that i did anyway because i can't hack the thought of having to retake this time next the moment, my only sustaining thought is that TG i'm 1/4 through the GCSE xD

hmmm...I KNOW there was SOMETHING i was going to tell you ABOUT but i can't think what so YOU'll have to wait...


I'm kidding but how many paranoid people reading this thought that I was talking about them for that dreaded second of icey blood and heart stopping, eh?!?!?!

ALLLLLLL that she wants is another baaaaaaaaaaby.
catchy song.

errrrrrrm...GOSH DARN IT STRAIGHT TO HECK *:)* I have to do Latin work tonight...I'll do it after dinner...I should have it done quite comfortably before the apprentice is on.
I heard about the series starting from a podcasr i was listening to but I forgot when it was starting so i got into this series two weeks late but i'm quite enjoying it...besides, it's hardly a drama that starts where its previous episode left off.
oooh, i AM making eloise facebook on friday...i don't care what she says... xD
If she seriously does hate me for it i'll get rid of it though. anyway, it's not like i'd put anything relaly mean up or anything...*evil grin-mwahahahahahaha*

Mr. Home-Cook made gun powder with his parents' coffee grinder when he was our age...told my group so in drama today. mmm hmmm.
yuppety yup.

oooooh, i just remembered what i wanted to tell you!!! *go me*
I FINALLY finished reading In The Woods by Tana French. I think that this was the first time in AGES that i'd read a novel without a happy ending and this, it has to be said, was the grimmest of the grim.
An evil bitch doesn't get proscuted, a charming (if somewhat roubled) man loses the love of his life, never remembers how his childhood friends disappeared and had he carreer as a detective ruined forever.
wow. that's a real summer read.
nah, it was a good book. very good, actually. It's well written and I was ble to get int0 the head of Rob Ryan really well...but maybe i could empathise with him because "he" wrote in a feminine manner, with a web of intricate feelings and underlying thoughts....
I recommend this books.
My grandma lends me all of the bestest books, love her :D

errrrrrrm....i reckon that's about all my pearly-wisdomy-things for today!
Peace and love

Monday, 7 June 2010


History exam come wednesday. oh lordi. i'm reeeeaaaaally not lookign forward to it!!
It's all analysis of sources which i'm crap at :'(

Peace and love

Sunday, 6 June 2010

C'est l'anniversaire de ma mére aujourd'hui!

Anyone doing French, feel free to harrass me on my grammar :D

Today's my mama's birthday though...she was being utterly foolish and i told her to act her age...she pouted and insisted, "I shall act my shoe size!!"
...she's a five.

I bought her presents yesterday...I'm not that awful, i knew what i wanted ot get her... i just hadn't gotten around to buying them yet is all...

I sliced my leg open about 20 minutes ago. that's a massive exageration. I have a little scrape around my ankle. Me and my brothers and our folks were taking a wander down by the river *doncha know?* and I sorta caught my leg on some sorta plant thing and it tugged at the skin of my leg. sorta stings a bit :/

We saw ginger swans...
I'm not sure whether it was natural or whether they'd just rubbed their heads onto the golden sand banks but heck, THEY WERE GINGER.
teehee, reminded me of dr. who last night Vincent VanGogh and Amy Pond's child, "The ultimate ginger"..."The ultimate Ginge"

ergle. My brown dye's washing out and that odd yellowish colour's coming back, soon I will be called ginger. fabby. I just really can't be bothered to re-dye it :/ bleurgh. i sorta like this colour anyway. if my roots get really bad then I will though.

only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger,
just like only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja...

I LOVE Tim Minchin...most awesome ginger ever...sorry Jamie :P

That's all folks!

Peace and love

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Finally finished my film review!!

yay :)
I found this waaaaaaaaay harder than the essays and i really really really hope i get a good grade on it. I'm pretty pleased with it and the film that i chose to do really was blooming fantastic!

here it is:

Nous Aimons Amelie!

Living in a postcard perfect vision of Paris in the mid-nineties, Amelie Poulain stumbles upon the hidden childhood mementoes of a man who once lived in her apartment. A fixation with returning this man’s treasures to him grows and the benefits of her selflessness are demonstrated at the end of the film. Amelie gets a taste for random acts of kindness and sets about tidying up the lives of those around her. She plays match-maker to regulars at the café where she shyly works as waitress as well as helping a blind man around the city; describing everything so vividly that this gentleman can “see” what she speaks of. The audience follows the pair as the camera trails their movement so as they too are being led around the city, seeing through new eyes the city which Amelie has loved her whole life.

When posed with the question of whether there was in fact a shadier side to the eccentric affection of the oddball characters in his film, director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet simply stated, “Seven million people in France went to see it and we received five hundred thousand letters and e-mails, and I can tell you they are happy.” The fanciful portrayal of Parisian people and their lives is delightfully reflected by the film’s warmly saturated lighting. As every smile, garden and ray of sun are swathed in rich colour; they appear a little more loving, a little more picturesque and just that tad brighter and warmer. However, Amelie’s lonely apartment is often shown in rather dull light, perhaps mirroring the lack of positivity that she has from being alone. Similarly, traditional French music played on an accordion is used throughout, always of a dainty, melodic nature, save from when Amelie is secluded in her apartment when a rather more solemn leitmotif is used. By manipulating the lighting and sound in such a way, Jean-Pierre Jeunet ensures that the audience are aware and understanding of the matter that Amelie’s contentment is feigned and she would prefer to be sharing her time with people, if only she could curry up enough self-belief to do so. The use of French music also contributes to the authenticity of this Paris-set French film.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet received criticism from French film reviewers for his fantastical interpretation of Paris. As many contemporary French directors favour gritty realism for the city of Paris, such a film style has become more fashionable and popular meaning that this portrayal was seen to be the work of a dreamer, misrepresenting Paris as being perfect rather than acknowledging the city’s flaws. However, when collaborating with co-writer Guillaume Laurant, Jean-Pierre Jeunet put a lot of himself and his quirks into both the character of Amelie and the film’s setting so as his dream vision of Paris was what Amelie saw her home city as in this film.

Having watched the hectic opening ten minutes through the eyes of Amelie the child, the audience have been acquainted with Amelie’s childlike demeanour. The audience are given literal snap-shot, sneak peeks into her childhood as images are tossed, juddering, over the screen as though photographs are being taken. This enables them to treat her kooks and quaint habits including the simple pleasure of turning around in a theatre, just to see the expressions of the members of the audience in a forgiving manner as an innocent affectation of her character. Audrey Tautou, Amelie, whispers her love of such a thing directly into the camera, immediately painting the secretive nature of Amelie and allowing her to engage intimately with her audience.

Amelie offers as many hilarious, mischievous antics as she does good deeds and such events are made all the more entertaining as the audience can see that her acts are far from spiteful having lived through her strained childhood with her. Amelie grew up with her overprotective father, who, convinced that his young daughter had a heart defect, withdrew her from school and educated her at home instead. Although her tragic childhood could have been shown as more horrific, the script-writers have maintained a carefree light-hearted essence to the film by including a fairly, for want of a better phrase; darkly comical way for her mother to be killed, escaping sadness by employing humour just as Amelie has throughout her life. So many years of isolation left her with, somewhat endearingly; the naivety of a child when it came to putting her own life together. Amelie keeps the audience onside as she seeks revenge through naughty practical jokes, especially on her judgemental green grocer.

The magic realism created in this film was envisaged by the director and then lived through his protagonist, Amelie, who had retreated into her imagination to cope with the pressures she faced when growing up. As she held onto her childish defences, the audience are shown her mind’s ramblings through the use of CGI. This allows for the cartoony and enchanting childlike daydreams of Amelie to be shown very clearly to her audience. When faced with one particularly stressful moment, Amelie sees herself dissolve into nothing more than a puddle of water upon the floor, creating a visual metaphor for her emotions; depicting just how fragile Amelie is as she falls apart so easily.

To accentuate her untainted vulnerability a narrative voice is employed to fondly speak Amelie’s life aloud; almost as though reading a bed time story, especially since this film does hold a spark of fairytale magic, turning Amelie into the princess locked up in the tower away from most life. It is easy to fall in love with someone who bears an artless, optimism for life and who can gain pleasure from such simple indulgences; this is exactly what Nino does when he first spies Amelie at a train station whilst pandering to his own pass time of piecing together torn and discarded passport photographs. In the real world, would a damsel in distress really been found by Prince Charming so easily? Nope, but thankfully, this is not real life! Magic realism suits this fantastical love story so completely.

So, can Nino lend Amelie a hand in neatening up her current situation a little?

Of course he can; this is a romantic comedy after all and such a genre is not famous for its harrowing depiction of loves lived and then lost. Forgetting its slight predictability, this charming piece of cinematography does offer cute exchanges between some of the more minor characters which contribute to intricate subplots; notably to green-grocer’s assistant, Lucien, and “The Glass Man”. These subplots mean that the audience are really able to feel as Amelie feels for those she decides to help out.

Although Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s day-dream’s weren’t kindly welcomed by French film buffs, the style struck a chord with an incredible amount of independent viewers and even had a strong influence on the ABC comedy drama Pushing Daisies which has been a massive hit. I dare anyone watching this film to not smile! This is a film about living life in the moment and as fully and vibrantly as you can. It is engaging, uplifting and so inspiring; you can’t help but feel the need to grab life and just live it, brightening the lives of some others along the way.

After all, who doesn’t want to find their very own fairytale happy ending?

any good?

Peace and love

Friday, 4 June 2010

Don't be a BETCH...


BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH yesterday and Harvey's today with Louise, Simon, Steve, George, Daniel and Jacob...and of course Harvey....duh.
THANK YOU awesome people for making my day TWELVE out of ten!! that's the grade i give to all of my bestest days xD
I got a line on my thigh from climbing on simon.....
he gave me a piggy back...geeze....
took forever to get onto him...he's fecking tall!!! xD
I actually jumped in!!! :)
louise undid my bikini top >:[
...i undid hers...hahahahaha
did it back up though :)

I really have to get down to some hard graft now though. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

oh hell, i was tired last night/this morning and i think i may have sent some stupid emails. dang.
ah wells, i'm still alive and i've had the most amazingzingzing-a-ling day. ooooh jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P

I've already been to heaven
I've already been to heaven
and after like five minutes I was like

Squidge and POUT

Peace and love

Hate to jinx it but...

Tommy may not kill me after all since i don't think he's read that other post...yet...

I never really reckoned as to what jamie might have to say about it, however, since he has only ever struck me once, and not by choice....he wasused as a battering ram against me *much to his own displeasure* so i think i'm safe on that front.

Besides, if you two were truly comfortable with your sexuality then yo'd be able to cope with a little friendly gay propaganda, right lads? xD
i love you guys :P

I'm at Louise's right now :D Today has been so fecking epic, love love love!

errrrrrrrrrm...harvey's tomorrow...can't wait :P

I'm in love with a fariytale even though it hurts.
*quoting a eurovision song= uber cool*

Peace and love

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'm still here too, you know?!

Aw dang, I'm not living up to a promise i made to Tommy...well...actually I didn't promise but nevertheless, I gave my word!!! And my word is the golden lie *been listing to marina and the diamonds a lot :/*
here goes...

"Jamie....PHWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR" suspired Tommy lustily as he finally allowed himself to deny the pretence that he saw Jamie as a friend and nothing more.

maybe i should write that up properly some day? ahahahaha.
for now, it shall remain a teeny snippet of how things could be.
Tommy, don't kill me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase? xD

I just listened to Baby by Justin beiber as part of a mash up and i didn't hate it...what is the world comign to when such a terrible song can sound good???!?!?!
actually, this girl's amazing, giver her a listen XD

Don't have a lot else to and hugs?

Peace and love