Friday, 30 September 2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Have the last few days really happened?

This week has really flown by, not entirely sure why but I'm sure the sun probably wasn't exactly a hindrance :P Me and summer spent all of 4th period lazing in the sunshine....'twas good :P and i'm not burnt *bonus*

So, didn't have history today-yay!
English presentation was fine-yay!
English essay was made bearable by mild innuendo-yay!

Went to see Top Girls last night as we're studying it in English lit. It's always a bit of a bummer when you step outside of the theatre and realise you didn't get a word of that...Feeling dumb really doesn't do a lot for the self esteem xD
Had a really great evening with Summer, Tommy, Harvey, David and Rupert though :D We got macdonalds!! ahaha. Mr. Garside wasn't kidding, if you eat the actual burger part on its own, it tastes of cardboard...crikey *yes, I just used the word 'crikey'....DEAL* I wouldn't be surprised if they were suitable for vegetarians. FACT. O.o
I'm really glad i'm friends with rupert now :) i've sort of known of him for like five years without ever really speaking to him, so i think it's really good that i'm now actually properly getting on with him and having a he always seems to have yummy food that he doesn't mind sharing...but mainly the bit about him being a laugh....of course....

Bought a new dress, fulfilled the female stereotype, GOOD TIMES.

It's the same as the one I wore today but BLUE :D much love for bluuuuuuue :P also got a vest top but that's less interesting...
Do you know what else is less interesting?? fracking open evening-THAT'S WHAT....ARGH. RAGE. Hopefully I won't be giving non stop tours for hours...wanna chat with my fellow spreaders of awesome...'n' junk... :D

Wow, this was a long one ...*please no more innuendo, i've had my fair share today*

Good Luck on DofE Guys :P I'll be thinking about you marching whilst i'm eating pie :)

Peace and love

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Last Song

X Factor took this beautiful memory and made it so cheesey, depsite that, i still love it. It was the last song at prom and it's means a lot to me for a number or reasons...

Peace and love

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My costume's almost sorted :)


Dubstep on my face with the waaab waaaab waaab -_-'

Having a cold sucks :( I have shoes, stockings, suspenders, skirt, bralet....just need a blouse...or not xD aha. i keeeeed, i keeeeeeeed...depending on how much i drink ...again, i kid! This is going to be my first real party...i'd kind of like to remember it!

Also bought Ange's birthday present :) Hope he likes it!!

Peace and love

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I'm already falling

Someone made me smile today, I'm glad they're back. I hate it when you're not around.

I'm feeling so sorry for myself right now, which i begrudge. There's enough sadness in the world already and really...i only feel sorry for myself cuz i have a cold so that's a really crappy reason xD

my eyes do ache though :(

looking forward to tomorrow :D i bought biscuits!! let's do a sunshine dance *then hug some trees and braid each other's hair, eh kaytei?* ah, i just hope it's good weather :D

going to indulge in some sustainance of the edible variety....getting dinner :)

Peace and love

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Peace and love

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hey, Love

Quoting Summer's top :D
because: WHY NOT?!!?

hey kaytei, calm the feck down, yeah?

urrrm, buttons tricked me :( looking for snackage and mistook them for minstrels...even though i'd just bought them and they were still attached to cardboard backing....but anyway :P

"Between you and me, you're sexy"

i love you :)


Peace and love

Friday, 16 September 2011




Found them shoved at the back of my wardrobe after they failed...because i didn't realise that they were supposed to be worn around the waist....oops. so, shorts fail...or my fail? i wonder.

mmmm, shug.

Can't believ i hadn't heard this song til just now :s

i;d love than on the playlist please summer? :)
also, v. guilty pleasure:


jayze...i didn't realise quite how seizure-inducing that is O.o

dang-a-lang. ahhhhhh

got trackies i can ZUMBA :) wiggle das hips, jaaaaa? don't know why i used a german reference when talking about zumba...hmmmm, i guess it's because i'm awesome :)

anyways, i shall bid you farewell my honey-suckle darlings.

Peace and love
p.s adam, stop breast feeding me.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


is all around us :D
If you took your head out of your own arse for a moment you might notice that.

^^ that's not addressing anyone in the moment xD

anyways, i'm making the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts and filling up on my quota of vitamin D...btw, do they still sell sunny D here in Britain?...heard they stopped because of sugar content/additives or summat...
I loved that drink as a kid! dang, miss that :P

Fire drill encroached on my sun-loving antics :s
such. inconsiderate. timing.

However, in more uplifting news, my skirt arrived today :P yayze. part of my party you sometime!

Tommy, when did you say your mammmy was coming home? :s

Friday tomorrow :) i've missed those!

Peace and love

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

*Insert mild innuendo here*


I am so tired. I grow weary of time itself, i see no reason no logic for the passing of seconds in the daytime. I just wish the nights were longer. I need sleep. I need coffe and so, so, so much sleep. WHY AM I TIRED?!?!? oh cruel pillow, with your feathery goodness, why must i leave you each morning, why must i tear apart our dream-bound entangled hearts. let us slumber forever upon mattressy-majesty and never again step forward into grey-clad, downcast drudgery, kindest friend.

i don't even know anymore. seriously. not a fecking clue. i'm sorry.

Peace and love

Monday, 12 September 2011


Soon as i get my netbook/laptop/technilogical-confusion-inducer...i need to start vlogging xD watched rob's of them....and got inspired :P aha.
geeze, i would watch all his videos but one of them was like 10 minutes....and there are much as i love rob, i don't have 40 minutes to watch him wheeling his chair against a wall, nomming a banana and playing a harmonica....

did like his hat though.

sprinkled sun-speckles a scattering of less than mattering into a dispersion of sensory defeat.

that is all.


Peace and love

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I had a crazy idea...

that I should get up early, jog, bathe, eat well, be organised, finish homework....I've done nothing.

Have started watching Love Actually with much better than i remember it :P Done a little reading...plucked my eyebrows...wrote my big diary for the first time in nine days, i'm seriously neglecting that thing :s

just won a bid on ebay, ah, gotta love ebay :P

Deborah's staying round tonight :) ange and her are leaving ridiculously early tomorrow morning to go to edinburgh, they're gonna have an awesome time but i'm really going to miss ange :S

Mushrooms : Don't drink and drive... EAT AND FLY

gonna go finish watching love actually :)

Peace and love

Friday, 9 September 2011

For the first time...

...this week I've actually had the feeling that sixth form maybe won't be too bad after all.

I'm really enjoying english language
Plus, double psychology, which was previously most dreaded, has now been found to be just generally epic.

did that sentence make a lot of sense? doubtful....

So, summer's should be epic tonight :P much love for this get together, i loves hanging out with all you guys.

genuinely was asked if my hair had ever been on fire today...tommy, you really are ever so special :)

lovely surprise visits from hattie and louise you xxx

Peace and love

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ah, much love

Ed Sheeran- Traktor

gosh, love this cover!!

Summer, summer, summer, I can't get over everything you're doing to help me with the party, it's awesome :P i feel so un-stressed atm...just praying it'll work out :P aha

was going to write lots and lots....promise....but i got distracted :s

Peace and love

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

POST 555

Return To The Land of Nod...except it's all different. It's the same place I've been going for half a decade but suddenly everything's brand new and confusing...but ok. I had history today and it was good. I love my tutor group, party planning's looking good....after the minor oversight of scheduling it for a void in time's existence. hmm.

BTW, Adam's Blog.

gosh, i don't want to overplan and worry, but you know what i'm like xD just once, i'd love a real party. a proper, all singing, all dancing, fucking-shit-up party.

just need to do some reading and my homework's finished....yay :P

reallly like this song:

and summer: lyrics :P

Peace and love