Friday, 8 October 2010

Hushed, but intense...

How I love Gospel Choir :P flexing my vocal chords :D Always good. always.

I'll be there to comfort you, build my world of dreams around you, i'm so glad i found you.

mwa ha ha.

Smells like toast...

You know that Nirvana song, 'smells like teen spirit'? apparently Teen Spirit was a deodourant that was around at the time of the song xD GUFFAW.

Harvey star-jumped at me!!! grrrrr. xDHOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN?!
I don't know why lloyd was loitering on my path home...little disconcerting...i don't think i've seen him walk my way before...i have the awful feeling i'm not safe to be at home now...

am i taking this too far?


BLURGH. not looking forwad to resitting B1a :/ we did that LAST YEAR and i'm gonna have to re-learn it all...gosh i hate science. but i got 38 on it :/ wanna get an A or hopefully an A*...should start revision soon.

Work tomorrow. THEN SLEEPOVER :D me 'n' hattie are gonan watch SawII *the one that opens with the Venus Fly Trap...oh yes.* but then we'll balance it out with Eclipse *from the Twighlight Saga...don't judge me xD* so that we can get to sleep :P
I've got quite a bit of h/w to get i looking forward to starting? not in the slightest. but will i get it done? of course. I am a geek after all.


Need to buy new pj's tomorrow...

ha...i made rachel make this face------> O.o in afternoon registration today...mmm hmm, her face literally grew a capital O, a full stop and a lower case o....:D

I've been pesci for almost 2 weeks *go me* i like shortening Pescitarian *which i still can't spell btw* to Pesci cuz it sounds just like Pesky...i like that word :P it's playfully annoying :D

I get the feeling i may have hampered Lloyd and Tommy rehearsing...Harvey and Danny also...
i'm really hungry. i shouldn't be...i ate about 15 biscuits last night *not literally....*

aw man, Summer, i promise i will NEVER give you peanut butter. EVER. I'm really sorry :'(

i'm gonna have a lie-in tomorrow :P get up about hour to get ready for work is plenty methinks. Methinks is an AMAZING word. i don't care who doesn't like it...

aw, jamie, i looked at Will's pics of you...gutted...xD what on earth possessed him?!?!

hey tommy, 'are you a twat?" xD GUFFAW.

Reckon i'm gonna go apply a second coat of varnish now...GRRRREEEEEEEEEEN...

ha, just call me Kaytei Green...seems Emily and I are married being tired..never a good combination xD

I've got married a lot recently.

Peace and love
p.s Jamie, I got him again!! that chuck bloke xD i put in my post from 6/10/09...just re-reading old stuff...


  1. About the picture, there is a person who looks quite a lot like me, and someone tagged my name in some pictures of him as a kid. Then my face started being put into those pictures, and from that point things just went weird...

  2. oh yeah, jean luc... i've met him...once...:P